Interviewer needed: Erin Pringle (fiction/circus/rural/suicide)

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Interviewer needed: Erin Pringle (fiction/circus/rural/suicide)

Redigerat: aug 18, 2020, 5:31 pm

Hezada! I Miss You by Erin Pringle

Synopsis: The last Midwestern traveling circus is due to arrive in a rural village it has visited for a century of summers. Like the village, the circus is on its last leg. It’s down to one elephant and a handful of acrobats. The circus boss’s sweetheart is dying. The former starring act is recovering from cancer. The assistant, Frank, plans to retire after this show. Meanwhile, twins Heza and Abe wander the hot fields and roads, waiting for the circus or anything better. Hezada! I Miss You is a novel that explores tradition, love, and suicide—set under the fading tents of small-town America and the circus.

Genre: Fiction, novel

Version: Hard copy

Publisher: Awst Press, Austin, Texas

Year: 2020

Country to be sent from: United States

Thanks in advance!

(8/18/20 - Still looking :)