I love my local public libraries!

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I love my local public libraries!

mar 16, 2020, 10:28pm

I'm a firm believer in public libraries. I like to get a book look through it, read some, and decide whether or not to purchase the book. If I decide against it I may read (or listen) then return it to the library.

I've never kept track, but I'd guess that I checkout 150 books a year (includes audio or CD books). The library is closed (COVID-19), but the electronic stuff is still available.

I just found out the library has some erotica audio books!

Redigerat: apr 27, 2020, 9:11pm

Hi Dave!
Can I ask you something, I'm part of a queer community library in my college, which we created due to how hard it is to find good queer stories in our country and even in libraries (unfortunately they always seem to categorize them in a lump "contemporary english fiction" which makes it impossible to know if they are queer).
I wanted to ask if there are any must-haves that we need for our collection. If you would be so kind, would you consider putting a small list of LGBTQ books you think every newcomer to college should have access to? Of course M/M romance but also all other sorts of stuff in the spectrum, if you happen to be familiar with it. Feel free to browse our library in this account to suggest stuff we don't yet have but totally should.

jan 19, 6:31pm

My library district uses a digital loan system that covers most of the state, so it has certainly has a coverage area of millions of people. A few M/M Romance novels were added in the past few months. I think there were none before!

We're allowed to make up to 10 recommendations for new books, and while I don't know if anyone will look at recommendations, I'm making a few for more M/M erotic and romantic ebooks.