Independently published is code for ?

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Independently published is code for ?

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mar 17, 2020, 9:29am

All of us have seen them - self-published works. When it comes to M/M already a sub-genre of a sub-genre what will we find? One hopes to find an up and coming writer that is tired of being rejected by publishers and wants to get a book out there. I'm new to this and so I'm skeptical of independently published works. One has a good write-up and some good reviews on LT. Has anyone read it?
Fluffers, Inc. by Hank Edwards
It sounds hilarious and full of sex - two of my primary primal urge hot spots.

mar 17, 2020, 9:54am

Are you familiar with E. Lynn Harris? He couldn't find a publisher for his first book, Invisible Life, so he self-published it and sold it out of the trunk of his car. Got picked up by Doubleday, and went on to write a slew of books that hit the New York Times Best Seller lists.

Of course, that was in the mid-90s when it wasn't as easy to self-publish, so I do think you need to be a bit warier today. But if the reviews you're seeing are favorable, and it sounds like your kind of book, give it a shot.

mar 17, 2020, 10:40am

I couldn't agree more.