Interviewer needed: Beth Ruffin (self help)

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Interviewer needed: Beth Ruffin (self help)

aug 31, 2020, 10:48 am

You Belong Here: Your Guide to Self-Inclusion by Beth Ruffin

Synopsis: When Beth Ruffin worked for a Fortune 500 Global company as a Diversity and Inclusion Program Manager, she noticed that she spent most of her time talking to middle-aged white men about how to include others. Working in the financial services industry for 20 years, she was no stranger to the hierarchy of Corporate America. Motivated by the desire to empower others, Beth created the concept of self-inclusion to help her diverse audience understand the authority they have within to include themselves. What you have experienced, what you think, what you believe – it matters. “Self-inclusion,” she writes, “is the act of including yourself at the table and in the conversation. I caution you not to wait around to be included – instead,” she continues, “meet people halfway by including yourself.” Available September 2020, You Belong Here recounts Ruffin’s own journey through bias, imposter syndrome, and entrepreneurship to teach the reader how to insist on their own success, stop apologizing for who they are, and embrace their uniqueness.

Genre: Self Help, Self Development, Motivational

Format: E-book

Country: USA