Greetings and welcome

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Greetings and welcome

jan 30, 3:20pm

Hello, I've recently taken on the Admin position for this group as LT changed some of their policies and wanted a "currently active" poster for each active group. This isn't a hugely active group, but all of us Pratchett fans like to know there is somewhere to go and share our love of the Discworld.

I want to welcome anyone who stumbles by here, don't worry if you've forgotten your luggage, I'm sure it will catch up eventually.

Please feel free to introduce yourself, share a bit of your fandom with us, or anything else you want to share about Discworld.

I'm trying to think of something lovely from the series to offer you for food, but all that comes to mind at the moment is Rat on a Stick...

jan 30, 3:32pm

>1 MrsLee: Hmm, rat on a stick or dwarf bread or cabbages from the plains? I'll have whatever Nanny Ogg's having.

jan 30, 3:41pm

>2 spiralsheep: LOL, I will toast to that!

jan 30, 3:53pm

Allow me to raise my pint of Winkles Old Peculiar to you and suggest a Shepherd's Crown Pie.

jan 30, 7:30pm

>4 igorken: With Wow-Wow sauce on it?

Redigerat: jan 30, 7:39pm

I've got to talk to Sam Vimes to find who offers the best boots...

jan 30, 8:30pm

>4 igorken: Perfect, I clearly need to read in Discworld again to refresh my food memory. :)

jan 30, 8:48pm

>7 MrsLee: Might a suggest a look through Nanny Ogg's Cookbook? You'll find recipes for slumpie, Dwarf bread, dried frog pills, C.M.O.T. Dibbler's Sausage Inna Bun, and Nanny Ogg's Perfectly Innocent Porridge with Completely Inoffensive Honey Mixture Which Shouldn't Make Anyone's Wife Laugh.

jan 31, 2:16am

>8 amanda4242: I have that cookbook! Been awhile since I read it though.

feb 6, 12:58pm

A special welcome to TheTolkienist and Bookworm_Mel, who joined us in January!

feb 7, 11:00am

Oh wonderful, an excuse to revisit discworld! Actually I did that this summer but still interested in chatting about them, and about the author. I first discovered Pratchett when I found Good Omens and was hooked (and hooked on Gaiman). Took me a while to find the books, not realizing they were publised first in the UK. Found a treasure trove of titles whle I was there.

I love the witches, and any book that includes Death, Commander Vimes, and Lord Vetanari. Still frequently reread Small Gods, Soul Music, Lords and Ladies, and The Truth, which would certainly be a good read again right about now

feb 28, 1:15am

Welcome Petroglyph! I hope I spelled that right. Way past my bedtime, but I wanted to welcome you to the group!

mar 20, 11:49pm

>12 MrsLee:
Thanks! I'd been "watching" this group for years; I thought it was finally time to join for real.

mar 21, 5:06am

hey so what am I chopped liver? (a new special from Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibble) :) Oh and I just found another rabbit hole that I really don't need but am sucked in nonetheless:

mar 21, 9:41am

>14 cindydavid4: I think Petroglyph got a special welcome from our admin because they just joined as a new member. :-)

My personal rabbit hole is:

I'm planning to join the group re-read of the Watch part of PTerry's Discworld series for Jingo, The Fifth Elephant, and Nightwatch.

mar 21, 11:25pm

>14 cindydavid4: What you are is a Very Valued Member since 2016! :) I will have to fall down that rabbit hole another night though. Can't keep my eyes open tonight.

>15 spiralsheep: Thanks, your rabbit trail will have to wait too, but thank you for sharing it!

mar 28, 5:04pm

I'm rereading the Watch sub-series of Discworld after watching the BBC's attempt at it. I knew it wasn't matching what I was remembering, but thought that reading Guards! Guards! again would clear it up. Not so, they seem to have used parts of at least the first 3 books and then wandered off in a random direction. I decided to come check out this group for other readers comparisons.

Redigerat: mar 28, 10:16pm

>17 SF_fan_mae: Welcome! There is a thread started about the TV series, The Watch, and I just finished rereading Guards! Guards! For the same reason you did. It also has a dedicated thread. I hope you will feel free to wander around and leave comments as you see fit. :)

apr 23, 3:21pm

Hello. So I've decided to re-read my way through the Discworld this year, in publication order. I've just finished Guards! Guards! and am heading in to Eric next.

apr 24, 9:33am

>19 Tane: Welcome! Glad you are here. Please feel free to start a dedicated thread if you wish on books we haven't done as yet. If you don't wish, feel free to post any comments or observations where you see fit. :)

I'm doing a lot of rereading this year, sort of alternating between some of my favorite authors. At the moment I'm focused on Tolkien, but Pratchett might jump in there at any time when I need something a bit lighter.

maj 8, 12:47am

Welcome to dogwizard!

We seem to be adding one member a month here. Can we keep it up and have an even dozen at the end of the year?

jun 19, 12:53am

Welcome ScottTalbotEvans! Hope you enjoy the conversations here.

jun 25, 9:16am

Hello to noonanlm! Thank you for joining us. :)

jul 18, 3:53pm

Nice to have you, CarltonC!

jul 23, 5:48pm

Welcome Northernstar! We look forward to hearing from you. :)

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