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Science fiction inspired by Hebrew Bible

mar 23, 1:13am

I'm looking for interesting speculative fiction, especially stories, inspired by Bible stories, especially the Old Testament/Hebrew Scriptures. The religious content is not primary to me here, and I'm certainly not looking for the Left Behind novels.

I'm interested after my son and I recently read the Ted Chiang story "The Tower of Babylon" (appears in Stories of your Life and Others). If you don't know it, Wikipedia's explanation is fairly good.
"The story revisits the tower of Babel myth as a construction megaproject, in a setting where the principles of pre-scientific cosmology (the geocentric model, celestial spheres, etc.) are literally true. It is Chiang's first published work."
It's a weird, cool story with a lovely ambiance and a neat twist.* I'd love to find others like it.

I know (and love) the Space Trilogy by Lewis.

* In conception, it reminded me of Celestial Matters by Richard Garfinkle, which also imagines pre-scientific cosmogony (in this case Greek and Chinese) is true. But it's better in many ways.

Redigerat: mar 23, 6:05am

Well, just to start thing off in the proper order

Creation stories, not necessarily science fiction:

The Egg, Andy Weir
The Diaries of Adam and Eve, Twain
The Creation Memos, Geoffrey Atkinson
The Glitch in Sleep, John Hulme
How to Create a Flawless Universe in Just Eight Days

Oh, it was a craze for a short while to create videos of The Egg. Look for them on YouTube and have fun.

Redigerat: mar 23, 1:40pm

Most of C. S. Lewis, such as The Chronicles of Narnia; but I don't think it qualifies as science fiction.

mar 23, 11:29am

The Deathbird by Harlan Ellison immediately comes to mind.

mar 23, 12:19pm

I'm not quite sure how to answer this question, because most of the stories I can think of that are inspired by the Hebrew Bible wouldn't be at all similar to the Chiang. (James Morrow's stuff, for instance. You'd hate it, he's not exactly sympathetic toward Christianity.) You may want to try some of Chiang's other stories - there aren't many, he's not a fast writer, but they're very, very good. Hell is the Absence of God is set in a specifically theistic universe, and wrestles with the question of what religion means when the existence of God is as inarguably true as the existence of gravity. It's not exactly cheerful. That's the most specifically religiously oriented one I can think of of his, but frankly I don't think it's among his best.

Redigerat: mar 23, 1:48pm

Back in the depths of time, 1971, came an anthology called Other Worlds, Other Gods. Two stories are OT based.

The Cunning of the Beast, by Nelson Bond is Genesis 3 based.
Prometheus by Philip José Farmer is a Moses story.

mar 23, 11:01pm

>5 lorax: James Morrow's stuff, for instance. You'd hate it, he's not exactly sympathetic toward Christianity.

I don't know where you got the idea that's a requirement. I don't get the sense Chiang is either, but I haven't looked him up or anything.

Yes, I haven't read Hell is the Absence of God yet. At the moment I'm looking specifically for Bible take-offs.

>2 2wonderY:

I need to give Farmer another try.

Redigerat: mar 23, 11:51pm

>1 timspalding: Is that the story with the people living in the tower as they build it. I didn't know it was his first published story, cool.

Noodling through the Encyclopedia of Science Fiction might get you some references, there's certainly no shortage of Shaggy God stories, but finding stories inspired by other parts may be harder:

There's Many Waters, the least well known of the Wrinkle in Time sequels, which is a Noah story.

I would think you'd find James Morrow's stuff interesting, Tim.

mar 24, 11:43am

timspalding (#7):

I get that impression because every time we discuss hateful attacks on groups on LT the one example that you always bring up is anti-Catholic statements, which made me suspect it was a touchy subject for you.

apr 15, 9:30pm

Try this one by Asimov. One of my favorites.
"How it Happened" aka "Six Days"

He also wrote a nonfiction book on the Bible.