Suggetions for Stats/Memes additions

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Suggetions for Stats/Memes additions

jun 14, 6:43pm

First let me say, Where have you been all my life?
I am so happy you are here.
The book stack graph is hysterical. Please add a Brachiosaurus at 43 feet.
It is a stretch between Stonehenge and Cleopatra's Needle. I have been so motivated to get the data entry done to see those stats.
Thanks for the nerd love.

jun 14, 7:24pm

I think I discovered that stats page months after joining and it also made my day. Personal fave is weight in adult badgers

jun 14, 9:01pm

>2 SandraArdnas: I want to know if they're British or North American badgers.

Redigerat: jun 15, 9:34am

My partner always asks what landmark we're nearing the top of. Stats/memes is such a great way to lose much too much time when I could actually be reading.

jun 15, 4:30pm

>1 AuntAbbysAttic: how do I find the book stack graph?

jun 15, 4:43pm

>5 toast_and_tea:

PS: Make sure that in, the checkbox in front of "Hide pagination, dimensions, weight and volume fields" is NOT clicked (basically if you do not see these, you do not have the physical stats :)

jun 16, 8:49am

>3 tardis: What if they are honey badgers?

jun 16, 10:06am

>7 gilroy: oooh, hadn't thought of that!

jun 16, 10:03pm

>3 tardis: >7 gilroy: Emrace the power of "and"?

>1 AuntAbbysAttic: Oooh, Brachiosaurus!

Welcome to LT!

There's a Group called Recommended Site Improvements. Start a topic over there (and maybe refer to this topic), and the LT staff will be sure to see it.

jun 17, 9:42am

karenb (#9):

There's a Group called Recommended Site Improvements. Start a topic over there (and maybe refer to this topic), and the LT staff will be sure to see it.

Oh, thanks. I needed a good laugh.

jun 18, 2:31am

I love seeing how tall my book collection would be although it is at times simultaneously terrifying. My total book collection is approaching the height of the Empire State Building - more worryingly my TBR pile is taller than the Taj Mahal - goal for the year is to get below the height of the TM!

jun 18, 2:51am

>11 Peace2: You might want to check your stats. is your copy of Carrie's War really 20" thick?

Redigerat: jun 18, 3:22am

(Since I couldn't get metric system to stick, I gave up on this feature long ago).

Redigerat: jun 18, 3:31am

>12 MarthaJeanne: Ha! No! I might be nearer achieving my goal than I thought. I've just taken a look at the two copies of Carrie's War and at a guess one had the thickness and height reversed and the other with the 20" thickness is definitely wrong - I've had to take a more realistic guess as I don't have the actual book any longer but the two copies were approximately the same size. This comes of trusting the data that's already in the system - I've never actually manually entered the physical size of my books. Shame they were in the completed pile already!

jun 18, 9:53am

Wait a minute. My copy of Carrie's War is 20' thick. Looks like you made a common error with the dimensions. Just like LT did with Stonehenge.

jun 18, 10:43pm

>10 lorax: (Well, I didn't say when it would happen, did I.)