OT: Centipede Press Golem & Monk

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OT: Centipede Press Golem & Monk

jun 18, 8:32pm

Does anyone have either or both of these volumes? If so, what is your assessment of it/them?

jun 19, 5:24am

Reminds me, I have a copy (signed and numbered, in perfect condition) of The Monk for trade. If anyone is interested send me a message!

Redigerat: jun 19, 12:08pm

>1 ultrarightist:

I have the Golem (B+). I used to own the Monk (Illustrations and reproductions: B+, Text: C minus).

Production values on both are high especially considering how cheap CP books were at the time. Paper is....Mohawk Superfine, or something equivalent. Binding is the usual high quality modern materials, the kind that makes you temporarily forget about leather.

The illustrations for 'The Golem' are great. Adds a tinge of madness to the otherwise dreamy text.

Tried to read 'The Monk' and it was just too boring. Some nice offset reproductions of....I think it's Durer, Bosch and Bruegel? Don't quote me on that. Nice decorative in-text elements