What are we reading in September?

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What are we reading in September?

sep 3, 9:26am

I'm a couple days late this month, but happy September, everyone! What are you reading? I started the month with A Peculiar Combination by Ashley Weaver, which I enjoyed, and am now moving on to Royal Airs by Sharon Shinn. How about you?

sep 3, 9:44am

Today I hope to get stuck into Mr. Humble and Dr. Butcher, by Brandy Schillace. It's been renewed a couple of times without my being able to get to it (I keep having more "urgent" library books to read).

sep 3, 12:45pm

I finished The Round House by Louise Erdrich a few days late for August. I also still have An American Sunrise by Joy Harjo which I was reading for the August Genre. And I've started Home By Nightfall by Charles Finch.

sep 3, 12:48pm

Finished The Absolute Book which was dire and A WIzard's Guide to Defensive Baking wich was completely fabulous.

Next up is Over the River which will conclude the Forsyte read that I started in June 2018...

sep 3, 3:07pm

I've just started the final volume of Churchill's The Second World War: Triumph and Tragedy. It was written from his own notes and experiences so it's a personal point of view. After I read the first volume I was hooked. He's an excellent writer, able to explain complex events while maintaining a conversational tone. Obama used a similar style in his book, A Promised Land.

And I'm enjoying a cozy mystery set on the Isle of Man by Diana Xarissa for AlphaKIT.

sep 3, 8:36pm

Finally finished my current audiobook: Harvest of Time, by Alastair Reynolds. It's been on my phone for nearly 3 months!

Next up in audio will be Because Internet, written and read by Gretchen McCulloch. I've read the book in print and for some reason feel like a re-read, and the audio sounds like a delightful proposition.

sep 4, 11:29am

Finished The Plum Tree and Monkeewrench. Not sure if I’ll start Live Bait or The Turnout next.

sep 4, 11:36am

I’m enjoying Lightning Strike, a prequel to the Cork O’ Connor series.

sep 4, 11:47am

>8 lsh63: I might have to read that one.

sep 4, 12:23pm

>8 lsh63: - Is it really a prequel. Everything I see says it's book #18. Except LT which shows it as "prequel 18". That's odd.

sep 4, 12:48pm

I had a look at my library catalogue to see which of the books I have out is (a) due the soonest and (b) has the most holds. Project Hail Mary, with 396 holds on it, is the winner, so that's my next read!

sep 4, 1:59pm

I just finished Dark Days by Manel Loureiro and I am about to start Number One Chinese Restaurant by Lillian Li and Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn.

Redigerat: sep 4, 2:05pm

sep 4, 2:11pm

>13 VictoriaPL: I am excited to finally be getting to this one - it's been on my shelf for years!

Redigerat: sep 4, 2:52pm

>9 VictoriaPL: It’s good Victoria.
>10 dudes22: Hi Betty, the book focuses on an event that takes place when Cork is about 13. I was confused too because I kept seeing book #18 before seeing it on LT.

sep 4, 9:10pm

>15 lsh63: - Thanks for that info.

sep 6, 10:46pm

I'm starting Fly by Night by Frances Hardinge.

sep 7, 12:10am

>17 christina_reads: I am waiting for that from the library. Are you doing the readalong? I need the library to hurry up!

Currently I am finally starting The Bass Rock by Evie Wyld, after having it on my TBR forever.

sep 7, 9:11am

Stayed up late last night to finish Project Hail Mary, by Andy Weir. It was GREAT. If you liked The Martian, you'll probably like this one too -- they do have similar protagonists and narrative structure, but the plots are different and both are fun.

Now I'm reading Written in Bone, by Sue Black, which is due back at the library today. I thought I might have to return it and re-request it, but staying up late to finish Project Hail Mary has freed up my morning :D

sep 7, 1:43pm

>18 JayneCM: I didn't know there was a readalong! Is it in this group or elsewhere?

sep 11, 1:29pm

I read An Amish Schoolroom which consisted of three stories, all of which I liked (but then I am partial to teacher stories!) I also read part of The Cafe Between Pumpkin and Pie which was also a series of stories. I did not finish--do not like the graphic steamy sex. Too bad, as the setting and secondary characters were delightful. I also don't like the writing style comprised of short and choppy incomplete sentences.

sep 11, 1:31pm

I listened to Antony & Cleopatra and finished reading Over the River. That finished the Forsyte saga read that I started in summer 2018.

Next up is The Thursday Murder Club

sep 11, 8:43pm

Finished The Turnout. Probably starting a fantasy next and then a non-fiction. I'm trying to rotate my reading genres.

sep 12, 5:58am

I'm reading Echo by Pam Munoz Ryan and Across the River: Life, Death, and Football in an American City by Kent Babb.

sep 12, 9:41am

Yesterday I finished The Time Traveler's Guide to Medieval England, which was fine but I felt could have leaned into the "travel guide" format way more than it did.

Ariadne is due back at the library soon so I might read that, in between putting together boxes of clothes for donation. It was one thing that I'd intended to do on vacation but hadn't got around to it yet, and I'm back at work tomorrow :P

sep 14, 8:33am

I kept starting books that weren't holding my interest, so I finally settled on Henry Himself.

sep 14, 9:43am

I'm now re-reading It's Not Me, It's You by Mhairi McFarlane. I really enjoyed it the first time, so I'm hoping it will hold up this time around!

sep 14, 6:10pm

Finished Ariadne, which was great!

Next up will be Wild Fire, by Ann Cleeves. I am very much a library-due-date reader lately ;)

At the same time, I've started a re-read of The Hobbit.

sep 14, 9:20pm

>20 christina_reads: A Booktuber called Wilde Book Garden is doing a readalong of all the Frances Hardinge books - Fly By Night was the first one in September. So one book a month until June 2022 when her new book is released. Although we did just find out that the release date of Unraveller (the new book) has been pushed to September 2022 - cross that bridge when we get to it!
I have only read A Skinful of Shadows and I loved it. I have been meaning to read Deeplight since it came out.

sep 14, 10:10pm

I am currently reading Last Reminder by Stuart Pawson, this is the 4th book in the Charlie Priest Police Procedural series and is very good. I am also reading The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow, which is about DEA agents fighting the War on Drugs in Mexico in the 1970s and 80s. Quite violent but definitely holding my attention.

sep 15, 6:49am

For those of you who appreciate youth and children's books, I recommend A Long Way from Chicago by Richard Peck. I enjoyed it so much I've put two more of the author's books on hold at our local library.

sep 15, 7:50am

Finished The Thursday Murder Club which was good but not great.
Next up in hardcopy is Flesh and Bone and Water
Next up on audio is Shakespeare's Sonnets all 154 of them by a cast of voices.

sep 15, 9:51am

I finished Henry Himself and I am torn between Forgotten in Death, The Magician, and Beautiful World Where Are You. I'm also next for Harlem Shuffle, yikes!

sep 15, 10:15am

>29 JayneCM: Thanks for the info! I did not know about this but will check it out.

I'm now about to start All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai.

sep 15, 8:00pm

I was able to renew Wild Fire so gave myself a bit of breathing room. I keep picking up different books though! My latest addition to the book pile is Safety Differently, by Sidney Dekker.

sep 16, 5:13pm

I'm half-way through The Czar's Madman, and enjoying it. Also reading The History of Philosophy by A. C. Grayling, but have become bogged down in ancient Greeks.

sep 17, 12:49pm

I listened to Shakespeare's Sonnets as read by a cast of the great and good of theatre-land. Fabulous. I now want to find a scholarly edition and read them at a slower pace.

sep 17, 11:35pm

I finished Dragon in Chains and have started The Secret Life of Lobsters. One more “summer” book before the Seasons change. 🦞

sep 18, 10:50am

Just finished a Doctor Who comic: The Many Lives of Doctor Who, an introduction to the Thirteenth Doctor. Needed a quick read in between all of the books I have piled up.

sep 21, 10:29am

I'm reading Mary Balogh's The Arrangement, which is book 2 in her Survivors' Club series.

sep 21, 4:27pm

I just got Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead from the library and will be adding that to those I am already reading.

sep 21, 7:01pm

After having renewed it three times, I'm finally reading this Canadian-art book called Magnetic North.

sep 21, 7:23pm

>42 dudes22: I’m waiting patiently for that one. I’m next though!! Meanwhile I am enjoying the latest Eve Dallas Forgotten in Death.

sep 22, 4:06am

Finished Flesh and Bone and Water which was less good that it might have been. Now on The Quiet Gentleman which I am expecting to be better.

sep 22, 6:02am

>44 lsh63: - I waited a while and the list is now really long.

sep 22, 10:12am

I'm starting The Last Detective by Peter Lovesey.

sep 22, 10:39am

I'm still working on Forgotten in Death. A few minutes ago I received notice that 5 library holds were ready for me; Harlem Shuffle, Rock Paper Scissors, The Night She Disappeared and The Heron's Cry. See what happens when you're greedy? I have a lot of reading to do!

sep 25, 2:41pm

I am currently reading The Amish Quiltmaker's Unruly In-Law which is quite a mouthful for the title. It is certainly hilarious.

sep 25, 2:52pm

I just finished The Devil's Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea and was totally drawn into the book by his excellent writing. Currently I am reading The Fashion in Shrouds by Margery Allingham and I am finishing up my 9 month read of Romance of the Kingdom.

sep 26, 3:25pm

Finished The Quiet Gentleman which was reliably excellent. Next up is The Kingdoms to read and Public Library and Other Stories on audio

sep 27, 10:44am

Yesterday I read The Love Hypothesis by Ali Hazelwood, a fun contemporary romance that utilizes the fake-dating trope. Now I'm starting The Wolf and the Woodsman by Ava Reid.

sep 28, 12:05pm

Currently reading Death in Castle Dark which I am enjoying quite a bit. I did notice one error though--one of the characters stated she lived in Bloomington, Indiana and went to ISU (Indiana State U) because she was lazy and did not want to travel. Ooops--ISU is located in Terre Haute; IU is located in Bloomington.