Arion Press On Certainty?

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Arion Press On Certainty?

Redigerat: nov 9, 2021, 3:31 pm

Can anyone who has the AP On Certainty comment on it? Looking to acquire some nonfiction AP works. I have the Freud Wolf-Man volume which I bought in fine condition on eBay of all places, and it is great - would highly recommend this volume if you can get it inexpensively (which you probably can). The Johannot paper is outstanding and has a great hand feel and the Jim Dine illustrations work well with the content.

nov 9, 2021, 3:36 pm

Can’t help with On Certainty but I agree that The Case of the Wolf-Man is fantastic. Did you happen to snag the copy for $395 last week? I couldn’t believe the price!

nov 9, 2021, 3:38 pm

>2 ChampagneSVP: Yes I got that copy! Bought it right away when I saw it. Book was in fine condition as described, there was a dent in the slipcase which was pictured (slipcase is pretty flimsy to begin with).

nov 9, 2021, 6:37 pm

So no one has On Certainty?

Redigerat: nov 9, 2021, 8:20 pm

>4 punkzip:

Au contraire!

The dlphcoracl sees all, knows all........ .

Here is what you need to know with regard to the Arion Press 'Über Gewissheit / On Certainty' :

1. The book and slipcase are beautifully designed with an elegant, clean precision befitting this seminal 20th century philosophical work. The binding is a very fine cloth and the colors of dark grey, light grey, black lettering and eight-part red square drawn with very thin red lines is quite attractive.

2. The book is bilingual and the text on each page is arranged in two columns with the original German language on the left-hand column and the English translation alongside it in the right-hand column.

3. The book contains 12 illustrations by noted conceptual artist Mel Bochner. Each illustration is full page and the illustrations are near identical - a square is drawn in the center of the page and divided into eight sections, all with thin red lines. Thick, black, seemingly handwritten numbers are then written along 1 or 2 of the thin red lines. Of course, as is typical with many (most?) Arion Press books, the illustrations have absolutely nothing to do with Wittgenstein's philosophical meanderings. That said, the illustrations also have a precision of their own and in a strange way they actually work well, especially because much of Wittgenstein's philosophical concerns centered around logic and mathematics.

As an aside, I have the same feeling with regard to the nonsensical photo-collages by John Baldessari in the Arion Press 'Tristram Shandy' and the Sidney Shiff LEC 'Song of the Open Road' illustrations with abstract photographs of tar lines on open highway pavement by noted Abstract Expressionist Aaron Siskind. Don't ask me why, but they all work exceptionally well. BWTFDIK.

4. The letterpress printing is flawless. Period.

5. The paper is Rives Heavyweight - a thick, French mould-made sheet. Luxurious.

Bottom line: Buy it.

nov 9, 2021, 8:29 pm

>5 dlphcoracl: thanks! I figured if anyone knew about it it would be you :)