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possible legacy libraries

maj 17, 2022, 1:36 pm

Edumud Waller
Col. John osgood
Col. James Frye
im not sure if they are considered legacies but it would be interesting to see what we could find on them.

nov 28, 2022, 11:13 am

Some of the library of the musician Marty Balin was donated to a No-kill animal charity near me. If anybody is a fan and wants to create his legacy library, I can go by and take a pic of the shelves. Lots of music related books there.

jul 9, 10:47 pm

The drummer from the Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts's book collection is going up for sale at Christie's. It isn't complete but it does have some great listings.


jul 10, 7:50 am

>3 genesisdiem: I will have to keep an eye on that--I'd love to have a copy of any Arabian horse literature which may be in the collection.

jul 15, 11:43 am

I see that multiple Occupy Wall Street groups cataloged their collections on LT. They even established a group:

Could those profiles be considered legacy?

There are a few Occupy profiles that did not make it to that Talk group.

jul 15, 11:47 am

>5 2wonderY:

I wouldn't consider them Legacy Libraries. LLs are described as "the personal libraries of famous readers". And in the wiki, it says "an individual's library".

jul 15, 12:17 pm

>6 lilithcat: True, but other exceptions have been made before.

jul 15, 1:44 pm

Yes, I think I helped catalog the Space Station library?

jul 15, 4:34 pm

The Occupy Libraries was a different project we helped with and promoted at the time - we didn't consider them LLs at that point, and I don't know that it makes particular sense to move them into LL status now.

(There are some collective and non-individual LLs, though).