Holiday Book Additions - What did you get?

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Holiday Book Additions - What did you get?

Redigerat: dec 31, 2022, 3:14 pm

I received the following Second World War II books as Christmas gifts from various family members (Yes, I provided a list of potential titles to family members in advance of the holidays.)

Our Man in Tokyo by Steve Kemper

Mastering the Art of Command by Trent Hone

It will be interesting to compare the above title to the excellent and recent, Nimitz at War: Command Leadership from Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay by Craig L. Symonds.

Hitlers Navy: The Kriegsmarine in World War II by Gordon Williamson

Steel and Ice: The U-Boat Battle in the Arctic and Black Sea 1941-45 by Lawrence Paterson

One of my guilty pleasures is reading Paterson's various books on German submarine activities in various theatres Hitler's Grey Wolves: U-Boats in the Indian Ocean and U-Boats in the Mediterranean, 1941-1944.

Did you get any interesting titles?