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Those who have passed on!

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Stella Stevens, 1938-2023

Clay Risen. NYT, 02/17/2023: Stella Stevens, Hollywood Bombshell Who Yearned for More, Dies at 84.

"She starred alongside the likes of Elvis Presley and Jerry Lewis. But she wanted to direct and write, and she felt held back by industry sexism."

Most noteworthy film I recall was the Sam Peckinpah film Ballad of Cable Hogue (1970).

"Stella Stevens was born Estelle Caro Eggleston on Oct. 1, 1938, in Yazoo City, Miss., though she often told interviewers she was from Hot Coffee, a nearby community. Her agent said anything sounded better than “Yazoo.”"

Matt Schudel. WaPo, 02/17/2023: Stella Stevens, who brought glamour and comic touch to films, dies at 84. She was in the original Nutty Professor and Poseidon Adventure.

feb 28, 9:07 am

Walter Mirisch, 1921-2023

Harrison Smith. WaPo, 02/27/2023: Walter Mirisch, Oscar-winning producer from a bygone era, dies at 101.

Co-founder of the Mirisch Co., "responsible for three Oscar winners for best picture: “The Apartment” (1960), Billy Wilder’s poignant romantic comedy about work and adultery; “West Side Story” (1961), Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins’s adaptation of the hit Broadway musical; and “In the Heat of the Night” (1967), a landmark crime drama that earned Mr. Mirisch his only competitive Oscar as a producer."

mar 1, 12:41 pm

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Wayne Shorter, 1933-2023. He had some involvement with film scores, including The Fugitive, but overall a tremendously influential musician.

Nate Chinen. NYT, 03/02/2023: Wayne Shorter, Innovator During an Era of Change in Jazz, Dies at 89.

Giovanni Russanello. NYT, 03/2-3/2023: Wayne Shorter, a Jazz Hero Whose Goal Was ‘to Fear Nothing’.

Gene Seymour. WaPo, 03/2/2023: Wayne Shorter, jazz musician of innovation and introspection, dies at 89.

Chris Richards. WaPo, 03/02/2023: Wayne Shorter’s jazz offered a glimpse at the meaning of life.

Richard Brody. New Yorker, 03/02/2023: The Heaven-Longing Saxophone of Wayne Shorter.

mar 4, 8:20 pm

Tom Sizemore, 1961-2023

Richard Sandomir. NYT, 03/03/2023: Tom Sizemore, Intense Actor With a Troubled Life, Dies at 61.

"He earned praise for his work in films like “Saving Private Ryan” and “Black Hawk Down.” He also served prison time for drug possession and domestic abuse."

mar 9, 11:56 am

mar 9, 12:07 pm

Bert I. Gordon, 1922-2023

Robert D. McFadden. NYT, 03/08/2023: Bert I. Gordon, Auteur of Mutant Monster Movies, Dies at 100.

"In “Beginning of the End” (1957), a scientist (Peter Graves) uses radiation to make giant fruits and vegetables to end world hunger, but a plague of giant grasshoppers that has eaten the food invades Chicago and starts feasting on people. Lured into Lake Michigan with an electronic mating call, the grasshoppers drown. Mr. Gordon did the special effects in his garage, filming 200 grasshoppers jumping and crawling on photos of the city. Reviewers called the special effects absurdly obvious and the screenplay ludicrous.

"Elements of the beach-party genre were combined with Mr. Gordon’s usual themes in “Village of the Giants” (1965). A substance called “goo,” produced with a boy’s chemistry set, causes gigantism in a gang of rocking teenagers, who become 30-foot delinquents running amok in a California town. More chemistry-set magic produces an antidote, and all returns to normal. The Los Angeles Times’s reviewer liked the special effects and the “endless views of healthy young torsos gyrating to the rhythms.”"

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Robert Blake, 1933-2023

Douglas Martin. NYT, 03/09/2023: Robert Blake, ‘Baretta’ Star Acquitted in Wife’s Murder, Dies at 89.

"One of Mr. Blake’s most acclaimed roles was as the mass murderer Perry Smith in “In Cold Blood,” the 1967 film adaptation of Truman Capote’s true-crime book. In an interview with Playboy in 1977, Mr. Blake explained that he had sought the part to explore a question that nagged him.

“Everybody knows what a murderer is a millionth of a second after he pulls the trigger,” he said. “But what is he a millionth of a second before he pulls the trigger?”

A jury — and a transfixed American public — pondered whether he could answer that question during his trial, from late 2004 to March 2005, in the shooting death of his wife, Bonny Lee Bakley."

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Lance Reddick, 1962-2023

Michael Levenson & McKenna Oxenden. NYT 03/17/2023: Lance Reddick, Star of ‘The Wire’ and ‘John Wick,’ Dies at 60.

mar 17, 7:15 pm

Such a fine actor. I was always happy to see his name pop up in the cast list. It was a guarantee that there would be something worthwhile in what I was watching. Reddick made everything he was a little bit better.

mar 20, 11:32 am

Ricou Browning
Stuntman from the Creature From the Black Lagoon


apr 12, 4:47 pm

Anne Perry, 1938-2023 (b. Juliet Marion Hulme)

Anita Gates, 04/12/2023: Anne Perry, Crime Writer With Her Own Dark Tale, Dies at 84. The inspiration for the Peter Jackson film Heavenly Creatures. "Ms. Perry’s books, including the Thomas Pitt and William Monk series of historical mysteries, have sold more than 26 million copies, according to her website."

apr 13, 12:12 pm

>16 featherbear: What a shame!

apr 24, 11:25 am

apr 25, 12:03 pm

Harry Belafonte, 1927-2023

Peter Keepnews. NYT, 04/25/2023: Harry Belafonte, 96, Dies; Barrier-Breaking Singer, Actor and Activist.

Very thorough bio in the NYT article.

apr 25, 12:10 pm

Barry Humphries, aka Dame Edna Everage, 1934-2023

Margalit Fox. NYT, 04/22/2023: Barry Humphries (Dame Edna to You, Possums) Is Dead at 89.

His act now illegal in some parts of the U.S. & Uganda.

apr 27, 11:01 am

Jerry Springer, 1943-2023

Remy Tumin. NYT, 04/27/2023: Jerry Springer, Host of Unapologetically Brash Talk Show, Dies at 79.

maj 2, 1:13 pm

Gordon Lightfoot, 1938-2083

William Grimes. NYT, 05/01-02/2023: Gordon Lightfoot, Hitmaking Singer-Songwriter, Is Dead at 84. Didn't know he wrote Sundown, an echo from my past.

maj 6, 1:52 pm

Bruce McCall, 1935-2023

William Grimes. NYT, 05/05/2023: Bruce McCall, Satirical Artist Who Conjured a ‘Retrofuture,’ Dies at 87.

maj 6, 2:30 pm

Newton Minow, 1926-2023

Adam Bernstein. WaPo, 05/06/2023: Newton Minow, FCC chairman who assailed ‘vast wasteland’ of TV, dies at 97.

“When television is good, nothing — not the theater, not the magazines or newspapers — nothing is better,” he said. “But when television is bad, nothing is worse. I invite each of you to sit down in front of your television set when your station goes on the air and stay there, for a day, without a book, without a magazine, without a newspaper, without a profit and loss sheet or a rating book to distract you. . . . I can assure you that what you will observe is a vast wasteland.

"“You will see a procession of game shows, formula comedies about totally unbelievable families, blood and thunder, mayhem, violence, sadism, murder, western bad men, western good men, private eyes, gangsters, more violence, and cartoons. And endlessly, commercials — many screaming, cajoling, and offending. And most of all, boredom.”

Footnote from WaPo, 07/12/2023: Sherwood Schwartz, creator of ‘Gilligan’s Island’ and ‘The Brady Bunch,’ dies at 94.

maj 6, 2:58 pm

Judith Miller, 1951-2023

Penelope Green. NYT, 05/06/2023: Judith Miller, ‘Antiques Roadshow’ Mainstay, Is Dead at 71.

Note: the UK version of Antiques RS, not the U.S. version: "Known for her many guidebooks, she helped determine what was trash and what was treasure on the BBC series that inspired the American show."

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Cindy Williams
Actress best known for being on Laverne and Shirley. She died in January but I never saw a obit for her.

maj 18, 8:28 pm

>26 JulieLill: see RIP 3, item 295, but it lacks the cnn link

maj 19, 11:29 am

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Jim Brown, 1936-2023

Via ESPN on Twitter: "Jim Brown, an all-time great running back as well as an actor and social activist, has died at the age of 87, his family announced on Friday." Outstanding college player in football & lacrosse, Hall of Fame running back for the Cleveland Browns, perhaps best known for his cameo in The Dirty Dozen, he starred in a lot of blaxploitation films after retiring from sports.

Richard Goldstein. NYT, 05/19/2023: Jim Brown, Football Great and Civil Rights Champion, Dies at 87. "After a Hall of Fame career in the N.F.L., he pursued social activism and Hollywood stardom, but his image was stained by accusations of abuse toward women."

maj 24, 3:35 pm

Tina Turner, 1939-2023

William Grimes. NYT, 05/24/2023: Tina Turner, Singer of Explosive Power, Is Dead at 83.

"First hailed in the 1960s for her dynamic performances with her husband, Ike, she went on to become one of the most successful recording artists of all time."

maj 25, 3:46 pm

maj 25, 3:46 pm

>31 featherbear: So sad but what a life force she was!

maj 29, 1:51 pm

George Maharis, 1928-2023

Anita Gates and Alex Traub. NYT, 05/29/2023: George Maharis, TV Heartthrob of ‘Route 66,’ Is Dead at 94.

All these years I've confused him with George Chakiris, Bernardo in the movie West Side Story, so now I know.

jun 3, 3:29 pm

Cynthia Weil, 1940-2023

Alex Williams. NYT, 06/02/2023: Cynthia Weil, Who Put Words to That ‘Lovin’ Feeling,’ Dies at 82.

Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil were rivals of contemporary song writing duo Gerry Goffin & Carole King. Mann/Weill hits included: You've Lost that Lovin' Feeling & (You're My) Soul & Inspiration, associated with The Righteous Brothers -- We Gotta Get Out of This Place, associated with Eric Burdon & The Animals -- Just a Little Lovin' (Early in the Mornin'), associated with Dusty Springfield -- Here You Come Again, associated with Dolly Parton -- He's So Shy, associated with The Pointer Sisters. She wrote the lyrics for On Broadway: "They say the neon lights are bright on Broadway," associated with The Drifters & later George Benson.

jun 6, 1:43 pm

Astrud Gilberto, 1940-2023

Jim Farber. NYT, 06/06/2023: Astrud Gilberto, 83, Dies; Shot to Fame With ‘The Girl From Ipanema.’

"It was the first song she ever recorded. And it played a key role in making the Brazilian sound known as bossa nova a phenomenon in the United States. ... “The Girl From Ipanema” reportedly became the second-most-covered song in pop history, after the Beatles’ “Yesterday.” It has been featured in more than 50 films, many of them using the original Getz-Gilberto version."

jun 13, 10:55 am

Treat Williams, 1951-2023

Mike Ives. NYT, 06/12-13/2023: Treat Williams, Actor Known for ‘Hair’ and ‘Everwood,’ Dies at 71. And for Prince of the City.

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Cormac McCarthy, 1933-2023

Dwight Garner. NYT, 06/13/2023: Cormac McCarthy, Novelist of a Darker America, Is Dead at 89. Author of No Country for Old Men, basis for the academy award motion picture by the Coen brothers.

jun 14, 7:13 am

>39 featherbear: My mother loved his books. I took her to see "The Road" when it was made into a movie. She loved it but it was the most confusing and boring hour and a half I have ever spent. I didn't mind...I'm sure she was confused and bored by things I liked most of my life.

Redigerat: jun 16, 12:06 pm

Glenda Jackson, 1936-2023

"She walked away from a successful acting career to enter the British Parliament, before returning to the stage as the title character in an acclaimed “King Lear.”" Knocked me out in her feral performance in the Ken Russell Tchaikovsky film The Music Lovers; another notable movie performance was as Charlotte Corday in Marat/Sade, a film that affected me in high school but haven't seen since (seems to have disappeared). I haven't seen her in Sunday Bloody Sunday, but that made her name back in the day.

Benedict Nightengale. 06/15/2023: Glenda Jackson, Oscar-Winning Actress Turned Politician, Dies at 87.

"Throughout her career, Ms. Jackson displayed an emotional power that sometimes became terrifying and a voice that could rise from a purr to a rasp of fury or contempt, although her slight physique suggested both an inner and outer vulnerability."

Greg Whitmore. Guardian, 06/15/2023: Glenda Jackson: a life in pictures.

jun 17, 12:31 pm

Carol Higgins Clark, 1956-2023

"She had a modest career as an actress but was best known for following in the footsteps of her mother, the best-selling author Mary Higgins Clark."

Neil Genzlinger. NYT, 06/16/2023: Carol Higgins Clark, Mystery Writer, Is Dead at 66.

jun 19, 11:48 am

Roger Payne
Scientist Who Discovered That Whales Could Sing

Not a celebrity but thought this was an interesting obituary.

jun 28, 10:10 am

Julian Sands, 1958-2023

Richard Sandomir. NYT, 06/27/2023: Julian Sands Dies at 65; Actor Played Shelley, a Warlock and a King.

"Julian Sands, a versatile British actor whose film roles included the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, Louis XIV, a warlock, Superman’s father and a Latvian pimp, was pronounced dead on Tuesday, more than five months after disappearing while hiking alone on a trail on Mount Baldy in the San Gabriel Mountains in Southern California. He was 65."

jun 30, 12:09 pm

Alan Arkin, 1934-2023

Robert Berkvist and Peter Keepnews. NYT, 06/30/2023: Alan Arkin, Comic Actor With a Serious Side, Dies at 89. Hard to summarize a career with so many different roles.

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Tony Bennett, 1926-2023

"Tony Bennett, a singer whose melodic clarity, jazz-influenced phrasing, audience-embracing persona and warm, deceptively simple interpretations of musical standards helped spread the American songbook around the world and won him generations of fans, died on Friday in New York City. He was 96."

Bruce Weber. NYT, 07/21/2023: Tony Bennett, Champion of the Great American Songbook, Is Dead at 96.

Ben Beaumont-Thomas. Guardian, 07/21/2023: Tony Bennett – a life in pictures.

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Sinead O'Connor, 1966-2023

Joe Coscarelli and Ben Sisario. NYT, 07/26/2023: Sinead O’Connor, Evocative and Outspoken: Singer, Is Dead at 56.

Harrison Smith. WaPo, 07/26/2023: Sinéad O’Connor, Irish singer of ‘Nothing Compares 2 U,’ dies at 56.

Some links to The Guardian (not paywalled):

Michael Williams. 07/26/2023: Sinéad O’Connor: a life in pictures.

Rory Carroll. 07/26/2023: Sinéad O’Connor dies aged 56.

Caroline Sullivan. 07/26/2023: Sinéad O’Connor obituary.

Annie Zaleski. 07/26/2023: ‘Nothing Compares 2 U is perfect’: Sinéad O’Connor’s 10 greatest songs.

jul 26, 4:51 pm

Bo Goldman, 1932-2023

Neil Genzlinger. NYT, 07/26/2023: Bo Goldman, Oscar-Winning Screenwriter, Dies at 90.

"He was a struggling writer when he won an Academy Award for “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.” He won another for “Melvin and Howard.”

jul 27, 11:50 am

>47 featherbear: Any cause of death for O'Connor?

jul 27, 6:31 pm

>49 JulieLill: NYT (see above): "On Thursday, the police in London said that Ms. O’Connor’s body had been found on Wednesday at a private home in the city. “The death is not being treated as suspicious,” the police said in a statement." Opus Dei not implicated at this time.

jul 28, 11:36 am

>50 featherbear: Thanks for the info on Sinead!

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Paul Rubens, 1952-2023

Jesus Jiménez. NYT, 07/31/2023: Paul Reubens, Creator of Pee-wee Herman, Is Dead at 70.

"Paul Reubens, the comic actor whose childlike alter-ego Pee-wee Herman became a movie and television sensation in the 1980s, and whose career was briefly derailed by a sex scandal in the early 1990s, died on Sunday. He was 70.

His death was confirmed on Monday by his longtime representative Kelly Bush Novak, who said he had “privately fought cancer for years with his trademark tenacity and wit.” She did not say where he died."

Guardian Staff. Guardian, 07/31/2023: Paul Reubens, actor best known for playing Pee-wee Herman, dies aged 70.

Redigerat: aug 9, 7:54 pm

William Friedkin, 1935-2023

Stephen Galloway. Hollywood Reporter, 08/07/2023: William Friedkin, Acclaimed Director of ‘The French Connection’ and ‘The Exorcist,’ Dies at 87.

Greg Whitmore. Guardian, 08/07/2023: The Exorcist and French Connection director William Friedkin – a life in pictures.

Benjamin Lee. Guardian, 08/07/2023: William Friedkin, director of The Exorcist and The French Connection, dies at 87.

Ryan Gilbey. Guardian, 08/09/2023: William Friedkin obituary.

Peter Bradshaw. Guardian, 08/07/2023: William Friedkin created unforgettable horror and pleasure with equal brilliance.

William Grimes. NYT, 08/07/2023: William Friedkin, Director of ‘French Connection’ and ‘Exorcist,’ Dies at 87. "He made his name with two of the biggest box-office hits of the 1970s. But despite some later successes, he never regained his early acclaim."

Adam Bernstein. WaPo, 08/07/2023: William Friedkin, director and pacesetter of 1970s American film, dies at 87.

Redigerat: aug 9, 7:47 pm

Robbie Robertson, 1943-2023

Jim Farber. NYT, 08/09/2023: Robbie Robertson, 80, Dies; Canadian Songwriter Captured American Spirit. "As the chief songwriter and guitarist for The Band, he offered a rustic vision of his adopted country that helped inspire the genre that came to be known as Americana."

Martin Scorsese directed the documentary The Last Waltz (1978), that featured Robertson and The Band.

John Seabrook. New Yorker, 03/09/2020: The Band, Disbanded. "Discussing the documentary “Once Were Brothers,” Robbie Robertson talks about writing the “movie songs” that, along with cocaine, money squabbles, Martin Scorsese, and Big Pink, made the Band what it is."

Adrian Horton. Guardian, 08/09/2023: Robbie Robertson, member of the Band, dies at age 80.

Redigerat: aug 16, 4:44 pm

Renata Scotto, 1934-2023

Jonathan Kandell. NYT, 08/16/2023: Renata Scotto, Opera Diva Who Inhabited Roles, Dies at 89.

I didn't see much reaction on Twitter, but she was well-known & admired by New York audiences in her time. NYT has a fine tribute/obituary. I didn't know she was harassed by Maria Callas fans, who only dishonored Callas by their actions. She has a number of video performances listed on IMdb.

More tributes coming in on Twitter, & this link to the Metropolitan Opera's site and Opera News.

aug 26, 3:04 pm

Bob Barker, 1923-2023

Dan Heching, Michael Pearson and Todd Leopold, CNN. 08/26/2023: Bob Barker, former longtime host of ‘The Price Is Right,’ dead at 99.

aug 26, 3:11 pm

>56 featherbear: Get ready for a flurry of "close to a dollar without going over" jokes.

sep 2, 9:03 am

Jimmy Buffett, 1946-2023

Bill Friskics-Warren. Jimmy Buffett, Roguish Bard of Island Escapism, Is Dead at 76.

sep 25, 10:50 pm

David McCallum, 1933-2023.

Leslie Kaufman. NYT, 09/25/2023: David McCallum, Heartthrob Spy of ‘The Man From U.N.C.L.E.,’ Dies at 90. "Younger" viewers may remember him as Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard on the CBS series NCIS.

Guardian via AP, 09/25/2023: David McCallum of The Man from UNCLE and NCIS fame dies aged 90.

Redigerat: sep 28, 10:33 am

Michael Gambon, 1940-2023

Benedict Nightingale. NYT, 09/28/2023: Michael Gambon, Dumbledore in the ‘Harry Potter’ Films, Dies at 82.

Greg Whitmore. Guardian, 09/28/2023: Michael Gambon: a life in pictures.

Chris Wiegand. Guardian, 09/28/2023: Michael Gambon, star of Harry Potter and The Singing Detective, dies aged 82.

David Jays. Guardian, 09/28/2023: Michael Gambon: an actor who let his heart and soul crack open.

Ellen Francis & Adela Suliman. WaPo, 09/28/2023: Michael Gambon, who played Dumbledore in ‘Harry Potter’ films, dies at 82.

Redigerat: okt 10, 11:23 am

Redigerat: okt 16, 10:24 pm

Piper Laurie, 1932-2023

Adam Bernstein. WaPo, 10/14/2023: Piper Laurie, who excelled in roles fragile and fierce, dies at 91. "The actress played Paul Newman’s disabled girlfriend in ‘The Hustler’ and Sissy Spacek’s religiously fanatical mother in ‘Carrie.’ She also went incognito as a Japanese businessman on the TV series ‘Twin Peaks.’"

Mike Barnes. Hollywood Reporter, 10/14/2023: Piper Laurie, Actress in ‘The Hustler,’ ‘Carrie’ and ‘Twin Peaks,’ Dies at 91.

Anita Gates. NYT, 10/14/2023: Piper Laurie, Reluctant Starlet Turned Respected Actress, Dies at 91.

Ronald Bergan. Guardian, 10/15/2023: Piper Laurie obituary.

Greg Whitmore. Guardian, 10/16/2023: Piper Laurie: a life in pictures.

I saw The Hustler & was struck by her performance. I was pretty young when I saw it. When it came out in 1961 (I would have been 12)? On TV somewhat later? I remember I was a Jackie Gleason fan at the time, & probably why I watched it in the first place. And later Carrie's crazy mother, of course, videotape rental.

Redigerat: okt 18, 2:01 pm

Carla Bley, 1936-2023

Nate Chinen. NYT, 10/17/2023: Carla Bley, Jazz Composer, Arranger and Provocateur, Dies at 87.

Thought I'd sneak this one in; good coverage of her career in the obit. I listened to what I believe was an abridged version of Escalator Over the Hill when the recording came out; but I confess only recently I went back to her work after catching an 80s documentary of one of her concerts. Listening to her music on my Spotify playlist as I write. There is a biography, Carla Bley (American Composers) by Amy C. Beal. There appear to be many recordings of her work cataloged by LT members.

okt 18, 9:36 pm

Burt Young, 1940-2023

Alex Williams. NYT, 10/18/2023: Burt Young, ‘Rocky’ Actor Who Played Complex Tough Guys, Dies at 83. "Burt Young — he adopted that name as an actor; sources differ on his name at birth — was born on April 30, 1940, in Queens."

Redigerat: okt 26, 9:12 pm

Richard Roundtree, 1942-2023

Abené Clayton. Guardian, 10/24/2023: Richard Roundtree, star of Shaft and Roots, dies aged 81.

Guardian Film. 10/25/2023: Shaft and Roots star Richard Roundtree – a life in pictures.

Maham Javaid and Frances Vinall. WaPo, 10/25/2023: Richard Roundtree, who brought ‘Shaft’ to the big screen, dies at 81.

Anita Gates. NYT, 10/24/2023: Richard Roundtree, Star of ‘Shaft,’ Dies at 81.

Redigerat: okt 30, 10:14 am

Matthew Perry, 1969-2023

Orlando Mayorquin and Matt Stevens. NYT, 10/29/2023: Matthew Perry, Star of ‘Friends,’ Dies at 54.

Alex Traub & Matt Stevens. NYT, 10/29/2023: Matthew Perry, Star of ‘Friends,’ Is Dead at 54.

Guardian. 10/28/2023: Matthew Perry: a life in pictures.

Elle Hunt. Guardian, 10/29/2023: ‘An alcoholic from the age of 14’: Matthew Perry’s troubled life and foreshadowed death.

Dan Rosenzweig-Ziff, Kelly Kasulis Cho and Herb Scribner. WaPo, 10/29/2023: Matthew Perry, a star of ‘Friends,’ dies at 54.

okt 29, 4:49 pm

>67 featherbear: How devastating for his fans and family. I enjoyed his work!

Redigerat: nov 29, 10:31 am

Rosalynn Carter, 1927-2023

Katharine Q. Seelye. NYT, 11/19/2023: Rosalynn Carter, Politically Active First Lady, Dies at 96.

Rick Rojas. NYT, 11/29/2023: Rosalynn Carter’s Life in Photos.

nov 20, 12:04 pm

>69 featherbear: So sad but what an amazing woman!

nov 29, 10:49 pm

Frances Sternhagen, 1930-2023

Anita Gates. NYT, 11/29/2023: Frances Sternhagen, Actress Who Thrived in Mature Roles, Dies at 93.

Primarily a stage actress, she had numerous supporting roles in TV & film:

"On “ER,” she was Dr. John Carter’s aristocratic Chicago grandmother. On “Sex and the City,” she was Trey MacDougal’s rich but peculiar mom. Most recently she played the mother of Kyra Sedgwick’s Southern character on the police procedural “The Closer.” She received three Emmy Award nominations, two for “Cheers” and one for “Sex and the City.”

"Ms. Sternhagen was known to turn down movie roles because they would take her away from her family for too long, but over the years she did appear in some two dozen films. She was Burt Reynolds’s intensely caring sister-in-law in “Starting Over” (1979), a perfectionist magazine researcher in “Bright Lights, Big City” (1988), and the cookbook author Irma Rombauer in “Julie & Julia” (2009). Her other films included “The Hospital” (1971), “Independence Day” (1983) and “Misery” (1990)."

Redigerat: dec 6, 9:22 pm

Norman Lear, 1922-2023

Richard Severo & Peter Keepnews. NYT, 12/06/2023: Norman Lear, Whose Comedies Changed the Face of TV, Is Dead at 101. Creator of TV series All in the Family -- The Jeffersons -- Good Times -- Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman -- Maude -- Sanford and Son -- One Day at a Time. Whew! You can get a lot done in 100 years!

Louise Bayard. WaPo, 12/06/2023: Norman Lear, who brought social commentary to the sitcom, dies at 101.

Charles Bramesco. Guardian, 12/06/2023: Norman Lear changed sitcoms and America for the better.

dec 6, 1:26 pm

>72 featherbear: What a wonderful man - I read his book - Even This I Get to Experience. A definite must read!

Redigerat: dec 6, 3:55 pm

>72 featherbear: "You can get a lot done in 100 years!"

The astonishing thing is that all seven of the shows you list debuted within a span of only five years.

dec 6, 2:36 pm

>74 KeithChaffee: Amazing. Spent the other years collecting awards, I bet

Redigerat: dec 9, 11:15 am

Ryan O'Neal, 1941-2023

Aljean Harmetz. NYT, 12/08/2023: Ryan O’Neal, Who Became a Star With ‘Love Story,’ Dies at 82. Also in Barry Lyndon (personal favorite) -- Paper Moon (w/Tatum O'Neal) -- What's Up Doc? (w/Barbra Streisand)

PS: NYT had a link to this piece from 2020 on What's Up Doc?: Manohla Dargis & A.O. Scott: 12/19/202: When Barbra Streisand and Ryan O’Neal Went Screwball.

Jim Hedge. Guardian, 12/08/2023: Ryan O’Neal: a life in pictures. I did not know he starred with Mia Farrow in the 1964 soap opera Peyton Place.

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