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Anita's ( Figs) reading path in 2023 #6

Redigerat: aug 27, 2:27 pm

It's almost September so it's time to start a new thread. I love September mostly because my birthday falls on the 3rd :)

Redigerat: aug 27, 2:10 pm

My rating system is as follows:

1 = Very Very bad. Either I could not finish the novel, or the plot was ill-conceived

2= Still bad. I managed to finish the book. It was probably boring, unoriginal or poorly written (D)

3= Solid. There was character development, the pace was probably slow or parts of the book were well thought out. Still had the ability to make me think or at the very least want to continue reading, however, something was missing or could have been further developed. Slightly better than average. (C+ or B- or B+)

Subdivided into: Shaky ( barely got there), loose ( average) and solid ( just not quite there for a 3.5 or 4) ( B+)

4= Excellent read. I probably couldn't put the book down till it was finished. The Pace was spot on, complex characters, made me think in a different way and so on ( A -)

5= Absolutely perfect!

Redigerat: aug 27, 2:10 pm

Books Read in January

The last beekeeper was a great read. A good debut novel and is still memorable from all the reads this month.

Redigerat: aug 27, 2:11 pm

Books Read In February

Favorites: Foster and ghost music. Honourable mention: The sisters of auschwitz.

Redigerat: aug 27, 2:11 pm

Books Read in March

Best 3 in no particular order: Kaykeyi, Half of a yellow sun, Hester

Redigerat: aug 27, 2:12 pm

Books Read in April

Favorite of the Month: The White Hare

Redigerat: aug 27, 2:12 pm

Books Read In May

Redigerat: aug 27, 2:12 pm

Books Read In June

Books Read In July

Redigerat: aug 27, 2:13 pm

Books Read In August

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Books Read In September

Redigerat: aug 27, 2:33 pm

Favourite Read Of The Past

Barbara Kingsolver: Flight Behavior

Dellarobia is housewife living in a small spiritual centric town. Feeling suffocated by her surroundings she attempts to run away. However, in the depths of the forest, she sees something extraordinary that causes her to turn back and re-evaluate everything she believes in.

This was the first novel by Kingsolver that I read. I did not know what to expect and ended up enjoying it and reading more by this author. A great story about determination, challenge, and change. How each action has long-reaching effects and it is up to us to ensure that these effects are positive.

aug 27, 2:17 pm

“Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie.” -Jim Davis


aug 27, 2:54 pm

Happy new thread, Anita!

aug 27, 2:58 pm

Happy New thread, Anita.

>12 figsfromthistle:- So, have you made the zucchini bread yet? 😉

aug 27, 3:02 pm

Happy New 🧵, Anita!

aug 27, 3:06 pm

Happy new thread, Anita!

aug 27, 3:21 pm

>13 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita!

>14 jessibud2: Sadly I have not made it yet. Before the flare up with the knee, I had a flare up with my hands so I did not feel up to it. I really should make the zucchini bread soon as I have a lot of zucchini and your recipe sounds delicious!

>15 vancouverdeb: Thanks Deborah and >16 Kristelh: Kristel!

aug 27, 3:39 pm

Hi Anita. Some good reads up there, I like seeing the covers but woah, that's a lot of programming html, huh?

Did you like The Keeper of Hidden Books? I find the historical stories of the previous world wars difficult. The reviews seem unanimous in 4 and 5 star ratings.

aug 27, 3:47 pm

>18 SandyAMcPherson: I think for the most part, this book will be a hit for most people. It is a little more relaxed and less intense as far as WW2 historical fiction goes. So it may be less difficult for you....

It is interesting how in history various people in power always try to take literature away for different reasons. Even now, in the states, book bans continue.

aug 27, 5:35 pm

Happy new thread, Anita! Sending wishes for a quick recovery and reduction in your pain.

aug 27, 6:13 pm

Happy new thread Anita!

I do hope tomorrow sees you feeling much better - though this evening would be best, yes. I hope this evening is seeing you feel fine.

aug 27, 7:45 pm

>20 atozgrl: Thank you :)

>21 quondame: Thanks! It has improved a bit and I am able to navigate stairs better but it is still quite bad. I think I am just going to show up at the doctors office and see if he will see me.

aug 27, 8:59 pm

Happy new thread, Anita.

We do have plenty in common my fellow Virgoan. My birthday precedes yours by a single day.

aug 28, 12:03 am

Happy new thread, Anita! And early happy birthday. :)

aug 28, 12:48 am

Happy new thread, Anita! I hope the pain and swelling are starting to ease off.

Redigerat: aug 28, 8:24 am

>23 PaulCranswick: That's great! Another friend of mine has a birthday on the 2nd. A great month, indeed ;)

>24 PlatinumWarlock: Thanks!

>25 Familyhistorian: Today I am dropping in at the specialist. I hope she will see me. there has to be a different solution for flare ups like this.

Wordle 800 5/6


aug 28, 8:32 am

Good luck today, Anita. Just in case she won't, do you have a walk-in clinic near you? As a kind of last resort?

aug 28, 8:33 am

>27 jessibud2: there is a walk in clinic but last time I used one I got a nasty letter in the mail stating that if I should use one again I would lose my family physician.

aug 28, 8:59 am

>28 figsfromthistle: - WHAT??! I never heard of such a thing! What's a person to do if their family doctor is unavailable? Would they prefer you go to emergency? We are constantly being told NOT to do that, unless it's a real emergency. Sheesh. Does your family doctor know about this threatening letter?

aug 28, 11:17 am

>29 jessibud2: It happened a few years ago. I had tonsillitis from the weather change and my doctor could not see me for a few weeks so I had no other option. I told the doctor about the note and he seemed in agreement with it. What was I supposed to do? Wait two weeks for antibiotics? So now I am more careful.

I went to my specialist today and the secretary said that they are not a walk in clinic. I got really mad- there were no cars parked in the driveway so how can she be so busy that she can't see me for five minutes? the secretary took down what is ailing me and said she would pass it on and that she will call me. So far nothing. My dad is really mad and threatened to go in with me- he thinks that if he is present I will get in right away but I really want to avoid that because his methods are not "nice".

It is sad when you are truly ill but not ill for emergency or urgent care that you cannot get an emergency appointment. I suppose the healthcare system could be worse but it really needs improvements.

aug 28, 11:39 am

>11 figsfromthistle: I have had that book in the BlackHole forever. I really need to get it read. My first Kingsolver was The Poisonwood Bible at least 10 years ago. Have you read that one?

>30 figsfromthistle: "Needs improvements" sounds like an understatement! Geez louise.

Happy new thread, Anita!

aug 28, 1:11 pm

Happy new thread!

aug 28, 1:46 pm

>31 alcottacre: I have not read the poisonwood bible yet. It's been on my shelf for a very long time.

>32 foggidawn: Thanks :)

aug 28, 5:05 pm

Happy new one!

aug 28, 6:27 pm

>34 drneutron: Thanks, Doc!

aug 28, 7:50 pm

Happy new thread, Anita.

I am sorry for your health troubles. And doctors unavailable should not happen like that. Sending you healing vibes.

aug 28, 8:07 pm

>36 EllaTim: Hi Ella! Thanks. I can use all the healing vibes I can get :)

On the positive side, I have been able to catch up on rest and played my first connections game

Puzzle #78

Kinda fun :)

aug 28, 10:44 pm

So sorry about your doctor situation.That is unconscionable. Terrible! I’ve had to visit an urgent clinic for cellulitis and other than a follow call from my doctor’s nurse , it was no problem. Oh Anita! I might tend to be like your dad, but I also know how hard it is to find a family doctor . I’m just steamed up at your situation . I’m so sorry . Glad you did well at Connections . I’ve just started that .

aug 29, 7:51 am

>38 vancouverdeb: Hi Deborah. It is a tough situation. I also called my family doctor who never picks up the phone. It took me two hours to get through and she wanted to tell me to go to urgent care...needless to say I was upset and told her that there is a reason I have a doctor. I have to phone at 9 to see if there are appointments available for the end of the day. If I even get through. My specialist called two hours after her office hours so of course I missed the call just as I was having my supper. Now I have to phone her secretary back to schedule a time "sometime this week" to talk over the phone. It seems like they have all the time in the world to let people suffer in extreme pain and have no consideration that some people have other commitments and jobs where time off is not always an option *sigh*

At least today, I am feeling better. I can walk better and my fever has gone down. So I guess that's something good.

I tried connections today and totally failed at it. I should have waited for my brain to wake up ;)

Wordle 801 4/6


aug 29, 7:59 am

Happy Tuesday!

I am off work today because I called in. I hate doing that but there is no way I would have made it through the day.

My dad is having both knees replaced on Thursday so as you can imagine there are a lot of last minute things to take care of. So far I haven't been much help, being ill myself. I think he is a bit nervous and he is enjoying being outdoors while he can as his recovery will be a long one.

I have started reading a few books. the Invisible hour is a library loan that I really need to finish soon. Hopefully, I won't be too tired today. Yesterday I slept from 2-6 and then 8-7.

My mom was gracious and did all the canned peaches yesterday. I bought the peaches five days ago and they were at that perfect ripeness. I have been out of commission for a few days so I could not get to them. as a result, she can take as many as she needs for winter. I bought a lot anyway.

The garden is starting to look fall like. I have to braid the garlic and soon I will have to take all the onions out. I planted endive lettuce for fall/winter last week and it is already germinating. The beans are done and the cucumbers are slowing down. Lots of tomatoes though. I will have to make a tomato sauce for winter.

aug 29, 8:14 am

I have been having issues in Quebec, getting through to my mother's doctors. The system there is so broken. I hadn't realized it was just as bad here. I am lucky that I have a family doctor here and I can almost always get through to her secretary. I am seeing now how lucky that is. I really don't understand why the system is so screwed up. I get it that there is an issue of staff shortages everywhere but why don't the doctors at least stay loyal and available to the patients they already have? If their practices are filled, then don't take on new patients (which, of course, makes it difficult for those who don't have doctors but then, that's where the walk-in clinics can step up). I SOOOO understand your anger and frustration. I feel it every day as I attempt to navigate (from a distance) for my mum.

Deep breaths, and pain drugs.....for now. And don't give up. And I don't think it's a bad thing to express your disappointment (politely!). Even to ask, what would the doctor suggest as far as *next time* you need a medical opinion or intervention. They should at least have an obligation to answer you.


aug 29, 10:26 am

>41 jessibud2: It is unfortunate when a system is so broken. I feel for you with what you are going through with your mom. I work in healthcare but luckily all the people I work with go above and beyond find solutions for patients. The whole health care system is not bad it is just a few among many who give it a bad reputation.

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!

aug 30, 9:35 am

Happy Mid week!

My joints are feeling better and the swelling is down by 75% I am still exhausted. Minor tasks seem to wipe me out completely and I still have a high grade fever.

My dad's surgery was rescheduled for Friday ( a day later) because there are no hospital beds available. I think he's happy for this extra day.

Wordle 802 3/6


aug 30, 10:48 am

>43 figsfromthistle: Yay for the joints feeling better and the swelling going down! Sorry that the fever seems to be hanging around.

I hope your father's surgery goes well!

aug 30, 11:11 am

>44 alcottacre: Thanks!

I hope that the surgery will help him. Currently he is in a lot of pain and both knees will be replaced. I think he fears that he won't be able to walk and that perhaps he should keep the knees he has-even if they cause him pain, and give out on him. I told him that as long as he does the physio he will be ok and probably will in the long run be much happier.

aug 30, 11:20 am

>45 figsfromthistle: I am sure that he will be much happier with new knees! He just has to put the work in with the physiotherapist. My mother has had both of her hips replaced and the difference was immeasurable for her.

aug 30, 11:26 am

>46 alcottacre: thats good to hear! :)

aug 30, 6:04 pm

>43 figsfromthistle: Really glad to hear that the swelling has gone down and your joints are better, but very sorry to hear that the fever is still a problem. I hope you can get in to see the doctor soon!

Sending my best wishes as well for your father, and I hope the surgery goes well!

aug 30, 6:30 pm

I’m so happy to hear you are feeling better, Anita. I hope you soon can get to the bottom of things and know what is causing your pain and how best to manage it . My very best wishes to your dad on his surgery and a speedy recovery.

aug 30, 10:11 pm

Happy new thread, Anita. I love the photo at the top.

aug 31, 1:53 pm

>48 atozgrl: Yesterday at night was awful. I had a high fever, and severe pain with vomiting. Right now, I am feeling better ( enough that I was able to eat jello)

The doctor is going to call me in the afternoon

>49 vancouverdeb: Thanks regarding the good wishes for my dad's surgery. He is still waiting for a confirmation phone call about the time.

>50 BLBera: Thanks!

aug 31, 2:43 pm

Anita, I sure hope the doctor calls and can get to the bottom of what's going on.

Sips of Coca Cola may help with the stomach upset. And maybe lots of water will help flush out whatever nastiness is invading your body. Other than that, I have nothing. I am no Dr. Shelley... :-(

aug 31, 4:52 pm

>52 jessibud2: I just had the doctor call. Not the most helpful for the fever of over 100 but sent a prescription for the nausea. Thankfully, in my small community the pharmacist called to let me know that it's really expensive and they need to order it. they are willing to sell me 6 pills for 50.00 and see if it works. Apparently it's a 250.00 nausea medication!!

The ginger ale did not agree with me as when it came back up if was all foamy and irritated my stomach. I have been drinking plain tea which seems to be working and now I may be able to switch to apple juice.

I just hope that I get better by the end of the weekend.

aug 31, 5:14 pm

Yikes. Just out of curiosity, have you tested yourself for covid? have you had it at all before? I hear there is a new strain now and maybe that's what's hitting you. Just a thought.

Does your pharmacy deliver, at least? For that price, they ought to!

aug 31, 8:21 pm

Sending healing thoughts your way for both you and your dad.

aug 31, 9:48 pm

>51 figsfromthistle: Oh that's awful. I hope the fever and nausea are short lived.

sep 1, 6:52 am

>54 jessibud2: I have been fortunate not to have caught covid before. I did test myself each day and it was negative. I worked with the Pharmacy for a different solution. It may take a while to eat completely normal but with careful thought to what I am eating it seems to be staying down for now. Fever and pain are still there but it's getting better :)

>55 witchyrichy: Thank you :) My mom drove my dad to the hospital a half hour ago. Its funny because he's the one going to the hospital for a pretty major surgery and he told me to stay healthy!

>56 quondame: Thank you. The nausea is gone now ( thankfully)

Redigerat: sep 1, 7:21 am

It's Friday!

Looks to be a wonderful warm weekend so far. I am beginning to feel a bit better so that is nice as well. I just hope I can keep my birthday cake down on Sunday! ;)

Wordle 804 5/6


sep 1, 12:36 pm

I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling so bad. I hope the medication helps--I had no idea any nausea medication was so expensive!--and really hope you can keep some food down. Also sending good wishes for your father's surgery to go well.

Hang in there! and wishing you both to get well soon!

sep 1, 12:44 pm

Glad you seem to be on the mend, Anita! I hope your father's surgery goes well, too.

sep 1, 1:30 pm

I’m so sorry you’re going through this. Being in pain is bad enough without the way the “health” industry treats us. Yes, it’s that way everywhere. I’m glad the nausea is gone at least. If you ever need it again, you might try ginger tea. Ginger is good for nausea, plus it is anti inflammatory. Give your dad my best wishes for a speedy recovery. I hope to be following him with knee replacements—and a hip replacement—in the next year or two.

If I don’t get back here before Sunday, have a wonderful birthday! 🎉🎈🎁🎂💐

sep 1, 4:07 pm

>59 atozgrl: Thank you. For the most part I am able to keep solid food down now and am on the mend.

>60 curioussquared: I just heard the surgery went well. He will be in the hospital for a few days until he can walk 15M with a walker on his own.

>61 Storeetllr: I will have to try the ginger tea. I just assumed that ginger would not be soothing as it can be quite strong. I know that my dad will be a little impatient with recovery but he chose to do both knees at the same time so that he only has to go through PT once. It does make it harder/more painful but once he is able to get around I think that he will be much happier and will be able to do more of the things he wants to do.

Oh wow! you certainly have a lot ahead of you. Will you be replacing the knees first or the hip?

Thanks regarding my birthday. It will be a quiet one

sep 1, 4:22 pm

Stats For August

I did a bit better than the last two months.

Books Read:9
Male author:3
Female author:6
Total pages: 3209
Longest: 419
Shortest: 240
Average pages per book: 356
Average pages per day: 103.5

sep 1, 6:57 pm

I am sorry to hear that you are so sick, Anita, and hope that the very expensive nausea medication helps!

How is your father doing?

sep 1, 8:21 pm

>64 alcottacre: I just called him. He seems to be in great spirits and is surprised that he is able to bend his knee. I suspect the pain medication has not worn off yet. He is definitely in happy land and it's entertaining to hear him speak ;) Unfortunately, he cannot have visitors because his floor has Covid. He may be able to come home on Sunday or Monday. Tomorrow the physiotherapist will come in. I am happy that so far all went well.

sep 1, 9:59 pm

Hi Anita,

I'm sorry to read you've been feeling so lousy, with the whole thing compounded by unavailable doctors.

I'm glad to hear your father is doing well and hope that covid doesn't spread to others on the floor - especially him.

Happy birthday when it happens - I'm not regular enough here to post on the day.

sep 1, 11:16 pm

I hope you start and continue to feel better and that the doctors can figure out what is going on. I am glad that surgery went okay for your dad and now that he'll do all the exercises that are so important. And a hardy happy birthday to you.

sep 2, 9:19 am

>66 ArlieS: Thanks! He is only sharing the hospital room with one other person so the chances of contracting Covid should be minimal if the nurses follow correct PPE procedures.

>67 Kristelh: I think my father is going to be surprised at how much work is required for two knees. In the hospital it always seems to be easier because of the heavy pain meds. I know my dad is determined and will do whatever is necessary to be mobilized again. When he is released he will have a physiotherapist come to the home for the first month so that should make it a bit easier.

sep 2, 9:52 am

Good to hear about the successful surgery and wishing him strength for the road ahead!

Hope today brings you a better day, too!

sep 2, 10:35 am

>69 jessibud2: Thanks, Shelley. I though I was feeling better yesterday but today seems to be a different story. I shall see how the day progresses :)

sep 2, 10:53 am

90. Alice Hoffman: The Invisible Hour

I finished this one yesterday but have little energy left to write about it. I enjoyed the read about Mia, a baby born in a cult who grows up seeking escape through reading. Unfortunately for Mia, reading is strictly forbidden. She escapes to the local library and is particularly drawn to Hawthorne's book the scarlet letter. It is here where she travels back in time.

I really enjoyed the first half. The second part with Hawthorne was not my cuppa but could very well be yours.

Quick descriptive words: Cult, Fantasy, oppression, women's rights

3.5/5 ( B )

sep 2, 11:18 am

>65 figsfromthistle: I am happy that so far all went well. I just bet you are! I am happy to hear that things are going well so far for him.

>71 figsfromthistle: Anything with Alice Hoffman's name on it captures my attention. I will have to see if I can find a copy of that one. Thanks for the review, Anita.

I hope you are feeling much better today!

sep 2, 11:20 am

Today's connections puzzle was great. A Perfect score.
Puzzle #83

Wordle took a little longer to get there..

Wordle 805 4/6


sep 2, 11:21 am

>72 alcottacre: I do enjoy Hoffman's writing. Usually does not disappoint. I was lucky to be one of the first on the list at the library.

sep 2, 11:24 am

>74 figsfromthistle: Yeah, it is on the "new books" shelf at my local library. I am hoping it is still there when I head over there today.

sep 2, 11:29 am

>75 alcottacre: Hope no one snatched it up!

sep 2, 10:41 pm

Sorry to hear that you felt not so good the next day. I am struggling with those "connections" so congratulations on the perfect score. I also like books by Alice Hoffman.

sep 3, 3:39 am

Happy New Thread and Happy Birthday, Anita!
Sending you and your father healing vibes.

Redigerat: sep 3, 3:50 am

I’m so glad your dad’s surgery is behind him , and he is on the road to recovery, though I understand the physio will be challenging. But he’ll do great . I’m very sorry to hear about your nausea. That anti nausea medication is expensive, but very effective, as I understand. My dad took it years ago when he had chemotherapy, and fortunately his was covered by his employer, but I remember him remarking on the actual cost. My son was given it by IV at the hospital when he had a very bad bout of food poisoning and had to be rehydrated by IV . I sure hope the doctors can find out what is causing your illnesses. That has to be very hard .

sep 3, 7:12 am

Happy birthday, Anita. Wishing you a day of good health, so you can enjoy your cake! And a year ahead of better health, too!

sep 3, 7:38 am

Happy birthday, Anita!

sep 3, 7:48 am

>77 Kristelh: Some of those connections are really tricky!

>78 SirThomas: Thank you, Thomas! Nice to see you here :)

>79 vancouverdeb: I spoke with him yesterday and I think he was surprised that getting up with a walker he was only able to make a few very painful steps. The exercise in bed with the rubber band seems to be easier for him. I told him to relax-it's only the second day and his body needs time to adjust after surgery and before he knows it, he will be walking again.

>80 jessibud2: Thanks! I have to admit that I have rarely been so ill like I have this past week. I am the type of person that calls in sick to work once every 4 years. Ah well. Let's hope that this does not become a regular occurrence ;)

>81 FAMeulstee: Thanks, Anita!

sep 3, 8:04 am

Happy Sunday!

It's a long weekend here and the temperatures are mid summer like. I am feeling a bit better this morning and am finally able to handle coffee instead of tea. I will try to have muesli with some fresh fruit/raspberries from the garden.

I suspect I won't be doing much for my birthday on account that I am just getting better and also that my dad is in the hospital recovering from dual knee replacement. It will be nice to have a low key day.

Wordle 806 4/6


sep 3, 8:20 am

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Anita. Sorry you are not well enough to really enjoy celebration.

Grr re the medical services. Ours are far from great so I understand.

I hope your dad is skipping soon after his op. They rarely do both knees (or hips) at the same time here.

sep 3, 8:27 am

>84 Caroline_McElwee: Thanks! It's nice to see you :)

They usually only do one knee/hip at the same time here as well. They prefer to do both because it is cheaper on the healthcare system. Usually the go ahead is given based on how the surgeon thinks the person can handle it, their determination and attitude towards the rehab part. I am glad that my dad did both knees although his recovery may be less easy. I had a feeling that if he would do one, he would chicken out when the second one would be due. Then he would have to wait another year at least for the next surgery. This way it's all done and won't have to think about this again ( hopefully).

sep 4, 12:00 am

I hope you've had a Happy Birthday. Best wishes for your father's recovery. I've been an observer of my husband's knee replacement and shoulder surgery and the latter seems much more disabling and demanding after the first few days, but both knees is a big challenge.

Redigerat: sep 4, 1:59 pm

Wasn’t able to get on LT yesterday to wish you happy because of the hack attack (may the hackers’ conputers die savage deaths).

Hope you had a wonderful day!

>71 figsfromthistle: Got me with a BB on the Hoffman!

sep 4, 4:51 pm

Happy belated birthday, Anita! I hope you're feeling better. :)

sep 4, 10:50 pm

Happy birthday a day late! I hope you had a great day! I was also unable to get on LT yesterday, due to the horrid hackers, and couldn't send you birthday wishes on time.

I hope you are feeling much better now, and that your father is recovering well from his surgery.

sep 4, 11:04 pm

I hope you had a lovely birthday yesterday!

sep 5, 9:23 pm

>86 quondame: thanks! It was a quiet one. My dad checked himself out of the hospital yesterday because he was frustrated with the hospital conditions ( not a good idea to stay on a long weekend). He seems to be doing well and is quite determined.

>87 Storeetllr: Yes the hackers seem to have attacked today as well. So glad that LT is up and running. Kudos to the LT team that have been working on the problems these past days.

>88 PlatinumWarlock: thanks. Today is the first day where I feel a lot better. It seems to come in waves so I am crossing my fingers that tomorrow I will be closer to my normal self.

>89 atozgrl: Thank you :)

>90 Whisper1: Thanks! It wasn't a great birthday but it could have been worse.

sep 6, 1:13 am

Well, good for your dad checking himself out of the hospital. Sometimes you need to stay , but if you can safely leave, I think most people are happier at home. I know that is how I feel ( and my husband, my sister, my mom , my late dad.... ) Not much happens in the hospital on the weekend. I am glad you are feeling a lot better, and I hope it stays that way.

sep 6, 8:14 am

Hello, been missing everyone while LT has been under attack. I am glad you're feeling better and thoughts with Dad too. Will he be having some at home physical therapy or outpatient physical therapy?

sep 6, 10:13 am

>92 vancouverdeb: It seems that his recovery is going well at home. The hospital he was before was really disorganized, dirty and I hate to say it the staff were more interested in socializing than doing the job they are supposed to do. This is what happens when you get "temps". They even forgot to bring him breakfast after asking 3 times and claimed they ran out of pain's better that he is at home. He seems happier and more comfortable.

>93 Kristelh: That was quite an attack! I am glad that LT is up and running again.

I am feeling better today and just hope this trend continues. My dad will have a physiotherapist coming to the home starting mid September for 6 weeks and then it will be outpatient therapy after that.

sep 6, 10:23 am

91. Erin Bartels: The Words Between Us

A protagonist with a shady/troubled past seeks solitude and peace as a bookstore owner. Suddenly, books that were shared from her high school days with a particular man begin appearing. This brings up the memory of her past and uncertainty for her future.

Completely readable and light. A good in-between book to read where problems are easily and conveniently solved. Dual timelines worked well. Don't expect anything deep or profound here.

3/5 ( C+)

sep 6, 10:52 am

Happy Mid Week!

So glad that LT is up and running agin. It felt like it was forever.

Today's day will be taking it easy. I managed to keep down a small piece of birthday cake but still have a persistent fever. If I feel up to it I may cut the grass. It is quite long and it's supposed to rain later. It is also really hot outside!!

I really need to clean and air out my place today. After being ill for so long it will be good to get fresh linens and such.

Obviously not a great thinking day today......
Wordle 809 6/6

Puzzle #87

sep 6, 10:56 am

>76 figsfromthistle: Yeah, unfortunately I did not see it when I was at the library the other day.

>83 figsfromthistle: A belated Happy Birthday from me. I do hope both you and your father are on the road to recovery.

sep 6, 10:59 am

>97 alcottacre: Thanks! things are looking up and I am beginning to feel more of myself which is a good thing as there are many things that I need to take care of for my parents ( garden, lawn, cleaning) and my household as well.

sep 6, 11:18 am

>98 figsfromthistle: I am glad to hear that things are looking up!

sep 6, 12:29 pm

>99 alcottacre: Thanks! Me too :)

sep 6, 1:50 pm

92. Lupus Everything You need to know: Sasha Bernatsky

A good introduction to Lupus, and what it is. The chapters how it can affect organs and nervous system was concise. Still could use more information but is a great introduction. The final chapter has a great section listing further resources.

3.5/5 Written in a way that almost everyone can understand.

sep 6, 7:21 pm

Anita, have your doctors said you have lupus? I sure hope not but if so, you are very smart to be proactive and start learning about it and how to live with it. As with most things, though, different people react and respond differently. Hopefully, you are feeling on the mend these days.

sep 7, 7:43 am

>102 jessibud2: I just sent you a PM :)

sep 7, 7:53 am

Happy Thursday!

It is a cloudy and rainy day here. Perfect to continue cleaning my place a bit.

Puzzle #88

Wordle 810 4/6


Redigerat: sep 7, 7:59 am

I did not do well at Connections today. I am not a movie buff and so failed miserably. Happy cleaning. Weather here, 48 degrees F this morning and sunny.

sep 7, 8:02 am

>105 Kristelh: I have to admit that I am just getting the hang of connections. The past two weeks I failed twice.

Enjoy the sunny day!

Redigerat: sep 7, 8:15 am

I did quite well at Connections today . I haven’t posted it yet . Initially I was a bit confused, but once I caught on , all good . Like Shelly , I am wondering if you have lupus . I hope not , but if so I hope the doctors have finally sorted that out , and perhaps you have some effective medication for it . Best to you , Anita , and to your dad , recovering from the double knee surgery. I bombed out at Connections a couple of days ago . It is tricky.

sep 7, 8:20 am

>107 vancouverdeb: I am enjoying the connections game. I wonder what the next game is going to be that will make it into my morning routine :)

My dad is recovering well. HE is determined to push himself and do his exercises. His home physiotherapist does not come for another week or two. I find that strange as not everyone would be motivated to do the exercises on their own. I have noticed that my dad is getting faster at walking to the washroom, or to the bed or to the living room. He is doing great and even with pain he is making progress.

sep 7, 9:13 am

>108 figsfromthistle:, sounds like your dad is doing great. I agree with you that they should have had PT in home right away. Health care doesn’t make much sense anymore.

sep 7, 1:53 pm

>109 Kristelh: I suppose it is a matter of cost for the healthcare system. Apparently he has a phone appointment where I have to take pictures of his wounds and legs and send it via e mail before the appointment. Strange but we shall see how effective it is......

sep 7, 7:20 pm

>110 figsfromthistle: that is so strange, indeed.

sep 8, 7:13 am

>111 Kristelh: I would have thought that sending pictures was a huge no go due to security/ privacy issues. Ah well

sep 8, 7:23 am

Happy Friday!

Today is the last day before I head back to work. So far I was able to go grocery shopping yesterday but that took a lot out of me. Today I plan on cleaning/tidying my house a bit ( I was unable to do this yesterday). The weather has cooled down so I have opened the windows.

I have a lot of ripe tomatoes in the garden and will see that I pick them and perhaps stew them down for a sauce and put them in mason jars for the winter. I am also going to cook some chicken soup . I still have to be careful what I am eating and a soup seems like a great solution.

Wordle 811 4/6


sep 8, 7:36 am

Happy Friday, Anita. Chicken Soup should indeed be good for the soul! Take it easy, it sounds like a pretty ambitious day.

sep 8, 7:45 am

>114 Kristelh: I will listen to my body throughout the day. I do have to pace myself as I need the energy to work on the weekend.

sep 8, 9:18 am

Glad the weather has calmed down a bit, hope you and your dad are feeling better soon too. I am thinking of you.
In spite of all, I wish you all a wonderful weekend!

sep 8, 9:55 am

>116 SirThomas: Thank you Thomas!

sep 8, 10:26 am

Just remember to pace yourself at work, too!

And yay for that stinking hot humid weather on its way out! I'll take rain and gray skies any day over that!

sep 8, 2:08 pm

>118 jessibud2: It was quite the icky weather the last few days. Glad it's a cleaner/crisper air now.

sep 8, 2:17 pm

Have a fantastic Friday, Anita! I hope you and your father are both on an upward swing.

sep 8, 2:21 pm

>120 alcottacre: thanks! I am on the dad is doing well but naturally he wants things to move a bit faster ;)

sep 9, 2:17 am

Just saying hi, Anita. Glad you're better!

sep 9, 5:39 am

>122 PlatinumWarlock: Thanks! The true test will be today and tomorrow. I hope I am able to make it through the workday.

sep 9, 5:51 am

It's the weekend!

Back to work I go after a very long and difficult time being ill. I am crossing my fingers that everything will be back to normal.

Yesterday, I finished reading Learned By Heart it was a good read. Donoghue never disappoints. I am halfway into Ghost Cities of China which is proving to be interesting as well.

I managed to clean, do a load of laundry and make some tomato sauce yesterday. I also had some leftover soup which was just what I needed for the colder day.

Wordle 812 4/6


sep 9, 6:15 am

Anita, I hope work isn't too trying during this recovery period.

I'm thinking of you and hoping you can rest this weekend.

sep 9, 7:20 am

Thinking of you and your return to work. The best!

sep 9, 11:30 am

I’m assuming you’re going back on Monday. It was always hard for me going back, even after only just the weekend off. Good luck!

sep 9, 12:36 pm

Take it easy, Anita. I hope you continue to feel better.

The Hoffman book sounds interesting. Some of hers I have loved, while others not so much. I will check to see if my library has this one.

sep 9, 12:40 pm

>121 figsfromthistle: naturally he wants things to move a bit faster Don't we all?

Glad you are on the mend!

>124 figsfromthistle: I hope everything is back to normal for you, Anita, at work today.

sep 9, 7:11 pm

>125 Whisper1: Thank you. Work was touch and go around lunch but I was able to bounce back after.

>126 Kristelh: Thank you :)

>127 Storeetllr: Ah no I am back on the weekend. I work almost every weekend but I always have Monday off ;)

>128 BLBera: I hope you are able to secure it at the library.

>129 alcottacre: I hope tomorrow is ok as well. I just found out that someone called in which will make my tasks much more difficult and ultimately a more strenuous day.....we shall see how it goes.

sep 9, 7:41 pm

93. Wade Shepard: Ghost Cities

When I think of ghost cities, quickly built cities meant to serve the needs of those mining mineral resources come to mind. Cities that were never meant to be permanent and which are not overly large or are solidly built . Abandoned and neglected they eventually are forgotten. However, China seems to have numerous ghost cities that are modern, kept up and can house thousands of people. This book touches upon the reasons these cities exist.

Really was interesting for me. I had no idea!

sep 10, 4:45 am

Best wishes at work today, Anita. I’m glad your first day back went okay , and that you have Monday off . Ghost Cities sounds interesting. My best to your dad with his recovery . I should be back on my own thread tomorrow. We had Miles’s 3 rd birthday to celebrate today , and Friday I got my hair trimmed, and then I met a friend for dinner and we ended up gabbing for 5 hours , so I was home late . But we had a great catch up .

sep 10, 5:39 am

>132 vancouverdeb: Hi Deborah! Ghost Cities was an interesting read for me as it was something that I had no idea existed. Miles must have had a wonderful birthday! Glad you were able to catch up with a friend. I really need to start doing that as well with certain friends that I have not seen for a while. Life always gets busy and then the time just flies by.

Hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend!

sep 10, 5:57 am

Happy Sunday!

I am hoping that work goes well today. I feel a bit more refreshed after sleeping through most of the night.

Other news- I suspected that my cat is pregnant a while ago. She had one fat kitten yesterday. She is doing well and is relaxed and seems quite happy. My parents need a cat so this works out well. The only way that my cat could tolerate another is if it's her own and the proximity of our houses make it so that they would be together all the time. Now I don't want any more cats so when the time is right after she has weaned the little one, I am getting her fixed. One change in my cat now is that she seems to be a lot more gentile.

Wordle 813 4/6


sep 10, 4:18 pm

Hi Anita my dear, first of all, a belated Happy Birthday my dear, i do hope that you had a good day. And now, a belated Happy New Thread my dear friend, sending love and hugs.

sep 10, 6:40 pm

>134 figsfromthistle: Oh cool, the perfect litter size and all!

sep 10, 8:42 pm

>135 johnsimpson: Hi John it's nice to see you. Thank you :)

>136 quondame: It worked out perfectly :)

sep 10, 8:58 pm

>134 figsfromthistle: "gentile"?! Yours was previously a Jewish cat, Anita!?

Your typo made me smile, dear lady. xx

Have a lovely week.

sep 10, 9:08 pm

>138 PaulCranswick: Ha! I suppose I was still a little tired when I wrote the post and did not proof read. Oops!

Glad I was able to make you smile. Thanks for pointing it out as it made me laugh reading it back :)

sep 10, 9:14 pm

>139 figsfromthistle: The saving grace with it being a female cat, Anita, is that I didn't need to make an enquiry on circumcision!

sep 10, 9:16 pm

>140 PaulCranswick: Ha! Indeed. ;)

sep 11, 11:16 am

Happy Monday!

It's a sunny day here. I am hoping that I can cut the grass in the afternoon. It has to be dry or else I will slip on the hill. I want to get it done today because there is supposed to be more precipitation coming on Tuesday.

I survived the weekend at work and the second day went better than the first. I have to admit that I am quite tired though. Ah well these things will take time. The bonus side of being ill is that in total I lost 15 pounds. It will be interesting to see if they remain off or if they all come back.

Today I will also see if I can dig out the remaining potatoes and carrots from the garden. I already took off the spinach to make pasta with spinach, three cheeses and homemade Alfredo sauce. This will be my first "heavy" meal in a while so I will make a lighter alfredo sauce than normal.

Of course there are a thousand little things that I really need to do but I am going to pace myself and do things in little chunks. My chores won't magically walk away so I'm not worried ;)

Wordle 814 5/6


sep 11, 12:15 pm

94. Emma Donoghue: Learned By Heart

A coming of age story about two young women in a boarding school who fall in love.

Based off of the Journal Anne Lister kept.

A wonderful read.

3.5/5 ( A-)

sep 11, 5:44 pm

>94 figsfromthistle: I had a look at Learned By Heart, and it is on my TBR mental pile. I'm glad you enjoyed it!I know being unwell is not the way to lose weight, but Anita, I really need to lose 25 lbs. I'm getting very displeased with myself on that matter. I started on Weight Watchers in January, and instead of losing weight, I have managed to gain 10 lbs! It would help if I would stick to the diet!!!

sep 11, 7:26 pm

>144 vancouverdeb: I am sure that once you put your mind to it you will achieve your goal. Perhaps the weight gain is all muscle :) Either way, it is more important to focus on how you feel and that the weight loss can be easily maintained rather than the number on the scale ( hard to do, I know!).

sep 12, 7:11 am

Happy Tuesday!

I didn't get to cut the grass yesterday. Today is a rainy day so the grass won't get cut until tomorrow.

I have a relaxed work day today. I am teaching and so I will see if I can find my way to a bookstore.

Supper will be the same as yesterday. I have enough leftovers so thats a bonus that I don't have to cook :)

Puzzle #93

Wordle 815 5/6


sep 12, 8:15 am

Sounds like a better day. Connections was finally easier.

sep 12, 9:02 am

>147 Kristelh: I found connections easy today as well!

sep 12, 9:44 am

Morning, Anita! I somehow unstarred your last thread (it often happens when I'm scrolling/reading LT on my phone) and missed this new one. I'll just start from here and keep up :)

sep 12, 10:53 am

>149 katiekrug: Hi Katie! Glad you found me :)

sep 13, 7:38 am

It's mid week......!

Today I really need to cut the grass in the afternoon. I hope it is dry enough. Between the riding lawnmower and the push mower, trimming and clean up it's a task that usually takes 3 hours. Is it bad that although the grass is really long that secretly I am hoping it will rain so I don't have to do it ? I will also have to mow my parents lawn which will add to the time.

I am not sure about supper today. I think I will have something light as the last two days I've had a heavier meal.

The drywall and taping in my parents garage is done. I was a little nervous as it is a person that my parents found online but he did a great job and was very courteous and respectful of space/property. He did not leave trash laying around either. I had to supervise as my dad is unable to walk down the basement stairs. A month ago, we ripped all the drywall down and took out all the insulation ( that was quite a chore!) and then got someone to spray foam. My mom says that she can already tell the difference with sound and heating/cooling. The painting won't get done until my dad is back in form. I offered to paint it but I don't think he has the greatest confidence in my painting abilities. Although I did a great ob with my garage :)

I have a pile of clothes that need to be mended. The pile keeps on getting bigger so I will probably try and get a few done. I am not the fastest or best seamstress so it requires more effort and time on my part.

I am currently reading a few books at the same time. Lately, none of my reads have wowed me. Lots of great reads but nothing extraordinary.

Puzzle #94

sep 13, 8:12 am

I hear you about the mowing! Ours is looking very shaggy, but we haven't had a long enough string of days without rain for it to dry out, and I just have an electric push mower, so I hate doing it when it's damp. We have rain predicted for today so no mowing for me :)

sep 13, 9:48 am

>152 katiekrug: Lucky you that you don't have to do it today. Perhaps you can convince The Wayne to do it for you instead:)

The electric push mowers are tricky. Depending on size , you have to mow more often because it cannot handle taller grass. My cousin has a bigger one that is able to handle everything a gas powered one can do. It is a lot heavier though.

Hope you have a great Wednesday!

sep 14, 12:31 pm

Somehow I have managed to miss your thread for the past couple of weeks. The LT down time last week didn't help. I'm glad to hear that you are feeling much better, and that your dad is recovering so well from his surgery.

Have a great end-of-the week!

sep 14, 7:28 pm

>154 atozgrl: Nice to see you here :)

My dad is doing well and is able to get up and walk a bit easier.

Hope you have a great weekend!

sep 15, 11:50 am

>143 figsfromthistle: I need to get to that one. I am a fan of Donoghue's books.

>155 figsfromthistle: Glad to hear that you dad is well on the road to recovery - and you too :)

Have a fantastic Friday!

sep 15, 7:21 pm

>156 alcottacre: Thanks, Stasia. Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

sep 15, 7:38 pm

95. Robert Moor: On Trails

Paths are created, some neglected, forgotten or are destroyed. Trails are unique and evolve. Robert Moor takes the reader on a worldwide hike that explores various trails ( human, insect or animal created) and adds in a little bit of geographical, scientific and sociological history to go along with it.

I found it interesting. The balance between science and exploration is spot on. Surprisingly, a little philosophical as well.

3.5/5 (A-)

sep 15, 7:49 pm

Somehow I missed this while I was out of commission. The long list came out on Sept 6th. The Shortlist will be announced on October 11th.

The 2023 Scotiabank Giller Prize longlist includes

Away From The Dead by David Bergen
Study For Obedience by Sarah Bernstein
Birnam Wood by Eleanor Catton
The Double Life of Benson Yu by Kevin Chong
The Clarion by Nina Dunic
We Meant Well by Erum Shazia Hasan
The Islands by Dionne Irving
Wait Softly Brother by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer
The Rooftop Garden by Menaka Raman-Wilms
All The Colour In The World by CS Richardson
We Have Never Lived on Earth by Kasia Van Schaik
Girlfriend on Mars by Deborah Willis

Redigerat: sep 15, 9:55 pm

I’ve been meaning to post the Giller Longlist too, Anita. Thanks for posting it. I think the ones I am most interested in reading are Away from The Dead, since I have read several books by David Bergen that I enjoyed, and also Study For Obedience, since it is also on the Booker Long list . I confess many of the titles on the Giller Long List are unknowns to me .

sep 16, 5:46 am

>160 vancouverdeb: Past long and shortlist selections have always been good reads for me. I have only read one by Bergern ( the time in between). I was younger then and rushed through it so I cannot really remember it. Some time I will re read it.

Normally I've heard more about the authors or the works on this list as well. The selections are also less familiar to me. It will be interesting to explore.

sep 16, 9:14 am

On Trails sounds like a good one!

sep 16, 5:11 pm

>162 katiekrug: It was a good read for me. I learned a few things as well :)

sep 18, 7:39 am

Happy Monday!

After working the weekend I have the day off. Lots to do inside but I am going to try and get a few outdoor chores done as well.

I stayed up late last night reading Mad Honey. It was such a good read. I got the book from the library on a 7 day loan so I wanted to make sure I read it before the time expired.

Breakfast today will be poached eggs on homemade bread. I have leftover schnitzel for supper from yesterday's dinner.

sep 18, 9:10 am

I'm glad you're enjoying Mad honey, Anita. It was a good read for me, too.

sep 18, 9:23 am

>165 katiekrug: Yes it was an excellent read and a great BB I received from you :)

sep 18, 9:51 am

>166 figsfromthistle: - Oh, well, yay! Go me :)

sep 18, 10:57 am

I've seen Mad Honey around but haven't picked it up -- maybe your review will encourage me to look for it :)

Yummm, poached eggs on homemade bread. I never make poached eggs even though they're my favorite... I have morning meetings that will prevent me spending time cooking, but maybe I'll make some for lunch!

sep 18, 12:50 pm

>167 katiekrug: Well done ;)

>168 curioussquared: Eggs, any time of the day is delicious! I love soft boiled eggs in a cup but rarely have time to enjoy them. Poached is quick and easy for me for my 5 AM wake up and 5:15 breakfast.

sep 19, 5:56 am


Work day for me. Things are humming along nicely so far. I was able to get laundry done and clean the laundry tub yesterday. I cleaned the main floor and sorted the entryway cabinet that seemed to be a dumping ground for everything . I pulled all major appliances and furniture and cleaned behind them.

I did a bit of baking- some oatmeal raisin and Chocolate chip cookies. Also all of the stuffed peppers are done. All of them were eaten last season and were quite handy for a quick meal. The beef and rice filling took longer to prepare this time because I made 25 % more than last year.

sep 19, 8:36 am

>170 figsfromthistle:, what a productive day you had.

sep 19, 8:10 pm

>171 Kristelh: Yes, it was. Good to have one of those once in a while ;)

sep 19, 9:23 pm

Hi Anita, Just making rounds to catch up! I hope the difficulties over healthcare got resolved and that you are healthy.
Have you particularly enjoyed some good reading material this past couple months? I am scouting the threads for appealing BBs.

sep 19, 11:55 pm

Oh yum, those chocolate chip cookies sound good! Did you ever get that coffee /espresso machine you were considering earlier this year ? Glad you are feeling better., Anita!

sep 20, 7:28 am

>173 SandyAMcPherson: It's nice to see you back!

There are a few books these past two months that still stick out. Just depends on if you want to read fiction or non fiction. The Brightest Star delivered better than I thought as did historical fiction the Sister's tale. This month so far The invisible Hour by Hoffman was a great read as was Mad honey

>174 vancouverdeb: I did not get the machine yet. I am still trying to decide between two different kinds. I just have to see it in action and make sure that neither of the machines are too loud.

sep 20, 7:40 am

Hi Mid week!

The time just flies by! Today I am going out for lunch to catch up with a friend. After, we will peruse a bookstore ( I hope). Grocery shopping, trip to the library and few other appointments.

I started rearranging/ sorting my library in the music room. This was a mistake because just like a photo album the shelves have to look right. I moved my history section and then of course the next shelf below did not look right. Creates a domino effect. Ah well I will slowly pluck away at it when I am in the right mood.

Wordle 823 3/6


sep 20, 7:44 am

Sounds like a nice day ahead. Enjoy. I love “playing” with my books buy it does tend to cascade.

sep 20, 7:48 am

>177 Kristelh: Yes! It is a great pastime. The higher the stack the more dangerous but also more interesting! Like a big game of Jenga ;)

sep 20, 8:27 am

Happy Wednesday, Anita. We are back from our camping trip and slowly catching up around here. Enjoy your lunch today, along with your bookstore visit.

sep 20, 8:50 am

>179 msf59: Thanks! I hope you had a wonderful camping trip.

sep 20, 10:27 am

>159 figsfromthistle: Thanks for posting that, Anita. Interesting that Study for Obedience is on both the Booker and Giller Prize longlists.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

sep 20, 1:55 pm

Lol, I am loathe to ever totally rearrange books. It leads to the domino effect, as you say. Good luck with that!

sep 20, 7:55 pm

>181 alcottacre: I have reserved a few that are available from my library and look forward to reading some.

>182 The_Hibernator: Normally it would be a task that I love but not quite in the mood to see the organized chaos at the moment... *sigh*

sep 20, 8:22 pm

Short and sweet synopsis round

96. Jodi Picoult: Mad Honey

Olivia McAfee and her son, Asher start life away from a menacing and abusive influence over their lives. However, when Asher's girlfriend is found dead everything changes.

Great mystery. The twist was not shocking though and the ending was unlikely. There should have been consequences for the person who knew the whole truth

A good read and just what I needed

3.5/5 (A)

97. The guest House: Robin Morgan-Bentley

A married couple is ecstatic that after many failed rounds of therapy, they conceive a child naturally. They decide to go on one last weekend retread in a cute B and B in the country. However, things become sketchy when they find that they are locked in the house, keys and phones are all missing. Something happens there and the happy couple try their best to put the events behind them.

3/5 (B-)

sep 21, 5:53 am

Happy Thursday!

It feels like Friday. This will be an interesting day. Just have to remind myself that it's Thursday. After work I am going to a baby shower. I swear there are so many cute things out there for kids these days- right down to the bag.

Last night I watched an episode of Old house, new home hosted by George Clarke. I always enjoy his shows. Apparently he is involved with another new show amazing spaces .

I haven't figured dinner out yet but have a lot of random things in the fridge so it will probably be a leftover day.

Wordle 824 4/6


sep 23, 6:00 am

It's the weekend!

Of course I am working so nothing to get overly excited about. As a child I loved Saturdays. It meant language school in the morning, trip to the deli and market, a traditional late lunch with fresh bread, meats, cheese, pickles...etc. It also meant a lazy afternoon that was filled by reading newspapers, magazines and books. My dad would read out snippets of the news that he found interesting and it was a day where we could discuss anything under the sun but was a free pass from school work. Ah....memories :)

Yesterday I mowed the lawn. I did not do the trimming/edging though. I will do this today. I really need to tend to my flower gardens. I have been quite negligent the last 6 weeks and have noticed weeds and its beginning to look frumpy. I am also going to see what kind of bulbs I need. Every year I plant a lot but the tulips seems to disappear. Now I have more daffodils. I will have to keep o planting tulips and hope that 3/4 of them remain.

Redigerat: sep 23, 12:39 pm

Your childhood memory of Saturday sounds idyllic! My weekend will be spent inside, hiding from the rain and cold, probably starting to paint this year’s Christmas cards. Plus, regular household chores.

Have a lovely weekend!

My poor garden didn’t do well this year at all. My fault. I just wasn’t up to it.

sep 23, 8:50 pm

>187 Storeetllr: I am fortunate to have many good memories with my family.

Homemade Christmas cards are the best! Have fun painting :)

sep 25, 7:16 am

Happy Monday!

Wordle 828 3/6


sep 25, 7:58 am

Happy Monday to you!

Redigerat: sep 25, 9:01 am

>190 Kristelh: Thanks! It rained overnight and is taking a while to clear up this morning. Lots of phone calls to make this morning anyways.

sep 25, 9:15 am

>191 figsfromthistle:, I’ve been getting rain too so spent morning doing phone calls. We do need the rain so not complaining. Enjoy your Monday.

sep 25, 9:18 am

>192 Kristelh: Hope you have a stress free Monday :)

sep 25, 3:21 pm

Have a marvelous Monday, Anita!

sep 26, 5:51 am

>194 alcottacre: Thanks! it was a productive day but I was also able to relax. Today however, will be a different story. It's my extra long work day. I may visit the bookstore on my lunch break :)

sep 26, 6:05 am

Happy Tuesday!

It rained overnight again ( even though the weather forecaster said zero chance of rain). I have a lot of outdoor work to do this week and also have to get a patch of the garden ready for planting garlic.

My father ventured outside for the first time since surgery. He overdid it but was pleased that he could walk to the barn and the garden closest to the house. He also sat on the bench for a while ( a difficult task due to the height and the amount of knee bending). He is an outdoors person-so being confined indoors for three weeks was beginning to take a toll on him. He seems to be in better spirits now.

A friend of mine gave me a book that I really am having difficulty finishing.Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming: Bjørn Lomborg Ah well. I will muddle through it.

sep 26, 11:26 am

So glad to hear your dad is recovering so well—and fast—from his surgery! I hope your long day isn’t too strenuous.

sep 26, 1:05 pm

Glad to hear your dad is doing well!

sep 26, 8:10 pm

>197 Storeetllr: >198 curioussquared: He was at the hospital today with the physiotherapist and her was impressed with his progress. it's good to see him more chipper!

sep 28, 6:59 am

Happy Thursday!

This week has just flown by! Today in the afternoon I have to get my car undercoated. A delivery of wood is coming to my parents house and I will most likely be the one stacking it. This will be the first year they are buying wood rather than chopping and procuring from their forest. They no longer use wood for the whole house but still have a wood stove for the basement level.

Yesterday on my lunch break I went to the used bookstore. I had a longer lunch than usual because I combined two breaks. This allowed me to relax and for the first time in a while take my time in the bookstore.

1. Helene Berr: Journal of Helene Berr
2. Patricia Zavella: I'm Neither here nor there
3. William Seto Ping: Hollow Bamboo

I am 1/4 into hollow bamboo. So far it's ok and look forward to reading more today.

I have blue cabbage in my garden that needs to come out. Today's dinner will be blue cabbage ( sautéed and prepared with red wine), meatloaf and roasted parsley potatoes. I probably won't make a salad this time.

sep 28, 7:32 am

Sweet Thursday, Anita. Glad to hear your father is doing better. I hope the rain lets up so you can get to more of those outdoor chores. We have had quite a bit of rain too.

sep 28, 7:50 am

I used to love going to the used bookstore near my office on my lunch break! Such a nice interlude in the day...

sep 28, 10:21 am

When I was still working, I used to walk down the hill to the LA Central Library on my lunch breaks at least a couple times a week and trudge back up with my arms loaded with books. Ah, those were good times!

sep 28, 1:10 pm

Not being close to a used bookstore is one of the downsides of working from home 😂

sep 28, 3:27 pm

>200 figsfromthistle: I've never heard of blue cabbage. Is it the purple stuff? Or is it actually blue?

sep 28, 7:42 pm

>201 msf59: Hi Mark! All next week is supposed to be summer like weather so I will make sure to take advantage of it when it is here.

>202 katiekrug: It really is. I usually visit on my lunch break on a day that is the most stressful. It helps me decompress for the second half of the day.

>203 Storeetllr: Indeed, nothing beats a trip to the library or bookstore.

>204 curioussquared: You do have online shopping though.......which can be almost as satisfying :)

>205 The_Hibernator: Yes it is purple. I was translating in my head from another language. They call it blue cabbage.....I just wasn't thinking clearly enough in the morning to correct that.

sep 28, 8:49 pm

>203 Storeetllr: There was a pet store not too far and I would hang out in the puppy pit.

sep 28, 10:20 pm

>207 quondame: Awww what a great way to spend the lunch hour. It's hard to be in a bad mood when surrounded by adorable puppies!

sep 28, 10:29 pm

>208 figsfromthistle: Exactly what I thought. It's lucky I don't work any more, as pet stores aren't allowed to sell puppies or kittens.

Redigerat: sep 29, 5:44 am

>209 quondame: I did not know that pet stores are not allowed to sell puppies or kittens. Here in Canada, the cats in the store come from animal shelters.

sep 29, 6:06 am


Off to work I go. No worries though as this will be the first weekend since I am back from vacation that I will have off. It may not stay that way though.

Yesterday's supper turned out to be delicious except I under seasoned the meatloaf so it was bland. Cabbage was perfect . I will eat the leftovers today.

The little kitten is doing well. It's more alert but won't venture away from its sleeping area. It's mamma is super jealous of any attention it's little one gets and constantly makes herself annoying to get some.

I am still reading Hollow bamboo. I finished another book and also started something new. Now I can switch based on what mood I am in.

sep 29, 10:01 am

Have a wonderful weekend, Anita!

sep 29, 4:51 pm

>121 figsfromthistle: Thanks, Thomas! Hope your weekend is full of reading fun :)

sep 29, 10:20 pm

>210 figsfromthistle: I remember the old days when Pet Stores could still sell puppies, and cats. I admit I used to love to visit the puppies, but I realize how cruel it was. Supporting puppy mills and some of the pups would be 8 month of age and still not sold, and mainly living in an indoor cage. Our three successive dogs have some from a breeder, (border Terrier), an 8 year old dog from out local shelter, ( turned out she was a Bichon Friese that had been purchased from a puppy store originally ) and now our Poppy, a pup from a rescue dog from California who was in a shelter. We think Poppy is a mix of poodle and maltese ( that is what she looks like ) .

Happy Weekend!

sep 30, 4:42 am

>210 figsfromthistle: Pre-Covid, after the puppy/kitten ban, pet stores held adoption days on the weekends. That's how we got one of our dachshunds. A totally crazed creature, she was.

sep 30, 5:44 am

>185 figsfromthistle: I like George Clarkes programmes too Anita.

sep 30, 5:50 am

One thing I am looking forward to when I relocate to the UK is to get a family dog. I am thinking Basset Hound or Spaniel but Hani may have other ideas. A dog will get us out of doors for sure.

sep 30, 10:18 am

>214 vancouverdeb: Poppy is one cute puppy! She is lucky to have found a loving home.

>215 quondame: I do think that pet adoption days are are great idea. Glad you found a wonderful match through it!

>216 Caroline_McElwee: They are quite interesting. I also find that his voice is calming/soothing. If I am a little wound up, I watch a show and find that I relax a bit more.

>217 PaulCranswick: I hope you get to have a dog when you relocate. I never had one because I do not have enough time to give it the attention it deserves. One day, perhaps it will change.

sep 30, 12:10 pm

Every so often, I think about adopting a dog, then I come to my senses and realize I just don't have the wherewithal to properly care for a dog. It's sad, because I usually had a dog from childhood through retirement.

sep 30, 4:34 pm

>219 Storeetllr: Perhaps one day you will be able to get a dog again :) It's also interesting that throughout my childhood my parents never had a dog ( probably due to the fact we traveled a lot in the summer). My dad also grew up with dogs. His father used to train them for various specialized tasks ( service dogs).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

sep 30, 11:42 pm

>218 figsfromthistle: Oh no, that dog might have been a match for us, but wonderful she was not. She'd been very badly treated - her foreleg was healing from a break when we met her and she had to stay fostered with a vet technician until she was more fully healed. She really was crazy. Our other adoptions (5) were entirely online and we met the dog either at the foster person's home or at a park. Twice we've bought puppies from a breeder.

okt 1, 7:35 am

>221 quondame: Oh wow! It is amazing how resilient animals are. Even after suffering through abuse they are able to care and trust another.

Redigerat: okt 1, 10:42 am

98. Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist's Guide to Global Warming: Bjørn Lomborg

This book seems to focus a lot on the cost of fighting climate change. According to the author, the cost significantly outweighs the benefits. The author believes that other pressing matters should be focused on instead.

This was not really a book for me. I read it because I wanted to see where my friend comes up with her arguments against action to combat climate change. I can't say that I agree and there are many flawed arguments. Also climate change encompasses more than global heating and cooling.It becomes complicated when adding ethics into the mix. Definitely something to read for a different perspective but not as "groundbreaking" as the publisher would like you to believe.


okt 1, 1:59 pm

>223 figsfromthistle: I feel the need to read this one eventually, but I don't intend to purchase it. (Hurrah for public libraries.) It's good to have multiple sources of input on anything important.

okt 1, 3:49 pm

>224 ArlieS: I do recommend borrowing it from the library. It is always good to be exposed to different perspectives. The only way to make a well informed decision or opinion.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

okt 1, 6:31 pm

>222 figsfromthistle: Alas, Zette never trusted me at all. Nipped me a few times. She dearly loved my husband and got on OK with our daughter, though each of them was nipped at least once. But she really never did trust in the way Nutmeg does my daughter or Gertie did me. And with strangers she went into "You must love me" mode - which is how we got suckered in, TBH. Once we weren't strangers her displays became customized to what she expected of us.

okt 2, 7:16 am

>226 quondame: I had a stray cat that I adopted once the sounds exactly like your dog Zette. I always had to be careful of sudden movements so I would not get bitten. It took time but after a year she became less aggressive. It is interesting how animals cling to "one" person more than another.

okt 2, 7:31 am

Happy Monday!

It's summer like weather here again. Yesterday I dug out potatoes, trimmed some fruit tress and took down and folded all the fruit tree netting. I cleaned the barn and also mucked out the chicken coop. I think the chickens were quite happy.

I finished reading Behind closed doors: the life of a Swartzentruber Amish girl. I am still reading Hollow Bamboo.

Today for supper I am making hamburgers on the BBQ with homemade french fries. It's been a while so I am looking forward to it.

Today I will probably have to cut the grass. We shall see how my back holds up. I twisted it or something because every time I move it a certain way there is shooting pain. Either way, grass will be cut. It has to be done before the guy comes tomorrow to seal the driveway.

okt 2, 7:54 am

Morning, Anita. I hope you had a good weekend. It has been beautiful here and will continue that trend for a few more days. Colors are starting to change too. Enjoy those burgers on the BBQ.

okt 2, 8:36 am

>229 msf59: Hi Mark! My weekend was a good one. Colors on the leaves are changing here as well. Makes for beautiful scenery.

okt 2, 8:17 pm

Stats for September

Books read: 9
Non fiction:4
Fiction: 5
Male authors:4
Total number of pages: 2798
Shortest: 160
Average pages: 310
Pages per day: 93

okt 3, 5:51 am


Long day at work but I will muddle through somehow. My back still really hurts but I will see if a bath in the jet tub will help tonight.

Yesterday, I cut the grass, trimmed the edges of the driveway and began to cut some of the plants to the ground which have long stopped blooming.

Dinner is something easy-spaghetti

Wordle 836 3/6


okt 3, 11:42 am

Hi Anita, sending sympathy re the hurting back... but umm, "cut the grass, trimmed the edges of the driveway", that can't be good? I have chronic lumbar issues so you have much sympathy from me.

okt 4, 12:49 am

I hope that the jet tub helped with the back pain. I felt achey this morning, but it's now gone. Just an achey upper back and neck. Too much bending forward with reading and a jigsaw puzzle. 2 hours lying flat at the dentist seemed to cure that today. Frustratingly, I lost my car in the taxi that took me to the dentist, and discovered I was missing my keys on the way home in the taxi! Argh! So the taxi fellow dropped me at home , confirming that yes indeed, the taxi company had my keys and would deliver them in 30 minutes. 70 minutes later, as I sat on outside my front door , finally my keys arrived. Was a long day.

okt 4, 6:55 am

>233 SandyAMcPherson: I had to cut the grass because the driveway was being sealed yesterday and it takes a few days for it to dry. By that time, the grass would be far to long. Ouch! Lumbar issues are not fun. Have you received any lumbar steroid injections for the pain? Or is that treatment not as effective?

>234 vancouverdeb: Hi Deborah! It sounds like you had a stressful day. I hate that feeling of losing ones keys. My car keys also have all of my house keys and that of my parents house keys on them. If lost, I would have to change all the locks.
I am glad that they were found in the taxi cab. I hope your dentist appointment went well and that you are able to relax a bit today.
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