karenmarie's reading in 2023 - part VIII - my lucky number!

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karenmarie's reading in 2023 - part VIII - my lucky number!

aug 29, 7:36 am

Welcome to my eighth thread of Two Thousand and Twenty-Three!

Bibliomaniac, bibliophile, lectiophiliac, bookworm. Four ways to describe me and books.

The Good: Family, friends, kitties, books, in constantly-rotating order. Jenna being home is wonderful although I know living at home chaffs her and she’d rather have her own apartment and a kitty or two. 5 ½ months post left knee replacement surgery. Coming along, am trying to get the last 3-5 degrees of extension by using a brace 3 times a day, 30 minutes each session. I’m not losing weight, but I’m not gaining weight. Trump et al. have been charged, booked, released on bail in Georgia. Will anything come of it? Who knows?

The Bad and the Sad: Will Trump still run/get the nomination for President? Who knows.

Covid seems to be on the uptick again. Ukraine is still fighting for its survival as an independent country. I’m distraught that there are so many state-sanctioned evil things going on in so many countries in the world, including ours. Women’s rights in the US are under continuing and escalating attack. Where do men come off trying to control women’s bodies? Racism is alive and well and able to easily organize on the Internet. Why has this poison not yet been eradicated? The haves keep wanting more and more and the have nots keep getting shafted more and more. Why don’t people here in the US vote with their pocketbooks and not extreme religious beliefs? We’re in a currently in a (fortunately so far) inactive hurricane season. Of course, California got hit with the first hurricane in 80 years. I’m still pretty much avoiding the news these days, frankly.

The Ugly: The Gang of Psychos infiltrating at every level of government, state and federal, to undermine rights, force their religious beliefs on others, and poison our republic.

Like everybody else who gets to 70, I think “How did I get to be old?” Not in a bad way, just a real way. I’ve re-scuppered the whole Hawaii trip. I might visit my aunt and uncle in northern California for 2-3 days and visit my friend Karen in Montana for 2-3 weeks in mid-late October.

Here’s what I still feel about being retired after 7 ½ years:
It’s Killer Diller! It’s the humdinger. It’s also dilly! It’s the Lollapalooza. It’s the lobster’s dress shirt! It's the snail's ankles. It’s bonaroo! It’s the berries! It’s aces, snazzy, hot, smooth, sweet, swell, keen, and cool. It’s also the fox’s socks, the cat’s pajamas, the bee’s knees, the eel’s hips, the monkey’s eyebrows, the sardine’s whiskers, the gnat’s whistle. It's the razzmatazz and the chipmunk's cheeks. It’s jake, and it’s hotsy-totsy.

I read and am a charter member of the Redbud and Beyond Book Club, started in 1997. We met in June to pick books for the next 11 months. No book in July, my book, Lessons in Chemistry, was in August. I loved it. Imagine, me reading a non-smut book! I happily turned over the reins of the Presidency of the Friends and am Immediate Past President. I’ll stay on the Board for however long the next President serves, then completely leave the Board and just stay on the Book Sale Team. The Book Sale Team meets on Tuesdays to sort donations for the spring and fall book sales. We’re ramping up for our September book sale, which is September 21-23.

I have been married to Bill for 32 years and am mother to Jenna, who turned 30 in early August. The three of us live in our own little corner of paradise on 8 acres in central North Carolina USA. We have someone who will start boarding her horses here on September 9th. First 2-3 months will be her getting the barns, pastures, paddock, and etc. back into good shape, then we’ll start getting lease fees. She’s quite nice, knowledgeable about her horses and how to manage a stable. We’re happy so far.

We have three kitties. Inara – 16, Zoe – 4 ½, Wash – 3 ½.

Me with Hershel III in Connecticut, 1979. He looked less than thrilled, but was a very sweet kitty with 6 toes on each paw.

My goal last year was 75 books, based on what I thought would be a tough reading year because of my health. Ha. I read over 300 books, mostly on my Kindle, mostly using Kindle Unlimited. They were, as my daughter calls them, smut, and my friend Karen in Montana calls porn. *shrugs* I really, really enjoy reading this subgenre of contemporary fiction/romance and will continue until it no longer interests me. This coming year’s goal is back to 100, but I’ve already read 256 books, am still enthralled with contemporary fiction/romance – smut - with no end in sight. I’m going to leave the 100 book goal as is.


New Year’s Resolutions – 2023 – I think I’ll just posting this all year and make sure I read and update it!

Lose a minimum of 20 pounds.
Work out for cardio health 3 times a week when appropriate given potential knee surgeries. Have restarted 3x per week treadmill.
Get knee replacement surgery (ies?) and assiduously follow through with all PT and other requirements. First one, left knee, done.
Reduce red meat consumption and increase salmon and other healthy fish consumption. More chicken more frequently, salmon about every week and a half.
Continue low-sodium lifestyle and gradually work to reduce sugared items to 2-3 times a week.
Read 5% nonfiction this year if continuing with startling numbers of contemporary fiction - i.e., romances, otherwise 10% if the romance trend tapers off.
Inventory all book shelves in house, ruthlessly cull that which I won’t read/re-read and which Jenna won’t want when I’m gone. ~123 shelves = 10/month.
Finish The Federalist Papers, Pilgrim, re-start and finish Run With the Horsemen, a gift from Peggy.
Read A Brief Introduction to the New Testament by Bart D. Ehrman with friend Karen in Montana. Read The Making of Biblical Womanhood with friend Karen and streamsong, both in Montana.

Maybe read Don Juan by George Gordon, Lord Byron, with Peggy.
Get the Parlour back under control by making a decision about each thing in the room and immediately following through properly: keep and store, toss, donate.
Be in better touch with family and friends. I tend to isolate when stressed.
As Judy says, pay attention.
Express gratitude for what I have - family, friends, intangibles and tangibles - every day.

2023. I have high hopes for familial stability with Jenna living at home and socking money away for the eventual move to an apartment of her own. The new normal for Covid will, I hope, be continued vigilance and an eventual regimen of yearly vaccines as we do with flu. With politics, who knows, but I hope the Democrats continue to keep the Gang of Psychos in check as much as possible and the world does not implode via Putin/nuclear/Ukraine, Kim Jung Un in North Korea ditto nuclear, and the Middle East with Israel and Iran ditto nuclear. See a potentially devastating theme here?

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Books Read - last year was 324

1. Glamorous by Romeo Alexander 12/31/22 1/1/23 202 pages Kindle
2. Commitment Issues by Ali Ryecart 1/1/23 1/2/23 372 pages Kindle
3. Take My Breath Away by Ali Ryecart 1/2/23 1/3/23 395 pages Kindle
4. Out of the Shadows by Ali Ryecart 1/3/23 1/4/23 364 pages Kindle
5. Loose Connection by Ali Ryecart 1/4/23 1/5/23 354 pages Kindle
6. Corporate Bodies by Ali Ryecart 1/5/23 1/6/23 318 pages Kindle
**abandoned Release by Ali Ryecart** 106 pages
**abandoned Time for Love by Laura N. Andrews** 84 pages
**abandoned Imperfect by Ali Ryecart** 52 pages
7. Hotline by Quinn Anderson 1/6/23 1/6/23 276 pages Kindle
8. Alaska by Cate Ashwood 1/6/23 1/7/23 182 pages Kindle
9. Bishop Ridge by Cate Ashwood 1/7/23 1/8/23 187 pages Kindle
10. Copper Creek by Cate Ashwood 1/8/23 1/8/23 198 pages Kindle
11. Bet on Love by A.F. Zoelle and Ariella Zoelle 1/9/23 1/10/23 178 pages 2020
**abandoned First Comes Marriage by Shira Anthony** 145 pages
12. Ex-Factor by CJ Bishop 1/10/23 1/10/23 22 pages Kindle 2022
13. Hot Boss by Scarlet Blackwell 1/10/23 1/11/23 110 pages Kindle 2021
14. The Mechanic and the Surgeon by Steve Milton 1/11/23 1/11/23 115 pages Kindle 2015
**abandoned Captured by Scarlet Blackwell** 82 pages
**abandoned Ironhearted by Cate Ashwood** 156 pages
15. The Best Man Problem by Jace Hadley 1/11/23 1/12/23 248 pages Kindle
16. Show Me Wonders by Riley Nash 1/13/23 1/14/23 327 pages Kindle
17. Hold me Under by Riley Nash 1/14/23 1/15/23 336 pages Kindle
18. Christmas Special by Riley Nash 1/15/23 1/16/23 261 pages Kindle
19. Gruff Touch by R. Cayden 1/16/23 1/17/23 170 pages Kindle
20. Off Limits by Riley Hart 1/18/23 1/18/23 265 pages Kindle
21. Trusting Tanner by Nicky James 1/19/23 1/20/23 197 pages Kindle
22. Not So Nice by Emma Lyon 1/20/23 1/21/23 215 pages Kindle
23. Reunion by Lynn Van Dorn 1/21/23 1/22/23 312 pages Kindle
24. Rebound by Lynn Van Dorn 1/23/23 1/23/23 381 pages Kindle
25. Be My Mistake by Lynn Van Dorn 1/23/23 1/23/23 92 pages Kindle
26. Wild By Nature by Lynn Van Dorn 1/23/23 1/23/23 134 pages Kindle
27. Damage Control by Lynn Van Dorn 1/24/23 1/24/23 426 pages Kindle
28. Delicious by Stella Starling 1/25/23 1/26/23 249 pages Kindle
**abandoned, 8 books** 693 pages
29. Sem by Cora Rose 1/27/23 1/28/23 276 pages Kindle
30. Whit by Cora Rose 1/28/23 1/29/23 290 pages Kindle
31. Emery by Cora Rose 1/29/23 1/29/23 294 pages Kindle
32. Luke by Cora Rose 1/30/23 1/30/23 276 pages Kindle
33. Lex by Cora Rose 1/30/23 1/31/23 233 pages Kindle
**abandoned Save Me by Beck Grey** 86 pages

34. Hard Target by Kelly Fox 2/1/23 2/1/23 246 pages Kindle
35. Full Contact by Kelly Fox 2/1/23 2/2/23 206 pages Kindle
36. Most Wanted by Kelly Fox 2/2/23 2/4/23 220 pages Kindle
37. Goodnight by Kelly Fox 2/4/23 2/5/23 264 pages Kindle
38. Heart of the Steal by Roan Parrish and Avon Gale 2/5/23 2/5/23 296 pages Kindle
39. In The Middle of Somewhere by Roan Parrish 2/5/23 2/6/22 428 pages Kindle
40. Out of Nowhere by Roan Parrish 2/6/23 2/7/23 316 pages Kindle
41. Straight to the Heart by Lynn van Dorn 2/8/23 2/8/23 302 pages Kindle
42. The Loner by Riley Hart 2/8/23 2/9/23 253 pages Kindle
43. The Husband Hoax by Saxon James 2/9/23 2/10/23 278 pages Kindle
44. The Ink Black Heart by Robert Galbraith 11/1/22 2/11/23 audiobook 32.75 hours
45. Pretty Obsessed by J.R. Gray 2/10/23 2/11/23 350 pages Kindle
46. Pretty Toxic by J.R. Gray 2/11/23 2/12/23 228 pages Kindle
**abandoned May the Best Man Win by J.R. Gray, Kate Hawthorne** 116 pages
47. Just Want More by Evelyn Jeannie Hall 2/13/23 2/13/23 203 pages Kindle
48. The New Hire by A.W. Scott 2/14/23 2/14/23 116 pages Kindle
**abandoned Ben's Boss by K.C. Wells** 231 pages
**abandoned Powder and Pavlova by Jay Hogan** 99 pages
**abandoned The Constant Rabbit by Jasper Fforde** 18 pages
**abandoned Sawyer by J.J. Harper
49. Gus by J.J. Harper 2/15/23 2/15/23 120 pages Kindle
50. Pushing the Limits by Riley Hart 2/16/23 2/16/23 322 pages Kindle
51. Giving Chase by Riley Hart 2/17/23 2/17/23 355 pages Kindle
52. Murphy's Law by Riley Hart 2/17/23 2/18/23 343 pages Kindle
53. Hard Knox by Riley Hart 2/18/23 2/18/23 358 pages Kindle
54. Griff's Place by Riley Hart 2/18/23 2/19/23 353 pages Kindle
55. Beautiful and Terrible Things by Riley Hart 2/19/23 2/19/23 386 pages Kindle
56. Snowed in With Benefits by Misha Horne 2/20/23 2/20/23 422 pages Kindle
57. Working Out the Kinks by Misha Horne 2/20/23 2/21/23 362 pages Kindle
58. Just a Bit Bossy by Alessandra Hazard 2/21/23 2/22/23 251 pages Kindle
59. So Into You by S.E. Harmon 2/22/23 2/23/23 312 pages Kindle
60. Stay With Me by S.E. Harmon 2/23/23 2/24/23 272 pages Kindle
61. Chrysalis by S.E. Harmon 2/24/23 2/24/23 238 pages Kindle
**abandoned Texas King by A.R King** 150 pages ugh. got weirdly kinky. I like kink, but not this kink.
62. Charming Him by Louisa Masters 2/25/23 2/26/23 183 pages Kindle
**abandoned The Last Favor by Meg Harding** 15 pages
**abandoned Until You Say Otherwise by Kate Hawthorne** 120 pages
63. Fake It 'Til You Make It by Louisa Masters 2/25/23 2/26/23 39 pages Kindle
64. Eurotour by Jaberona BL 2/26/23 2/26/23 95 pages Kindle
65. Proud by Tatum West 2/26/23 2/27/23 231 pages Kindle
**abandoned Not Used to Cute by Becca Seymour** 40
66. The Last Remains by Elly Griffiths 2/27/23 2/28/23 357 pages hardcover
67. 1066 by Professor Jennifer Paxton 2/14/23 2/28/23 audiobook 3 hours

68. Business As Usual by Alison Hendricks 2/28/23 3/1/23 219 pages Kindle
69. A Kind of Romance 3/1/23 3/2/23 by Lane Hayes 270 pages Kindle
70. Honeytrap by Aster Glenn Gray 3/2/23 3/3/23 336 pages Kindle
71. Honestly Yours by Jaime Reese 3/3/23 3/4/23 364 pages Kindle
72. The Marriage Contract by Aja Foxx 3/4/23 3/4/23 254 pages Kindle
**abandoned Out by Tatum West** 167 pages
**abandoned Forgotten:Luca by Sloan Kennedy** 116
73. Rare by Briar Prescott 3/5/23 3/5/23 302 pages Kindle
74. The Happy List by Briar Prescott 3/5/23 3/6/23 278 pages Kindle
75. The Dating Experiment by Briar Prescott 3/6/23 3/6/23 268 pages Kindle
**abandoned The Terror of History: Mystics, Heretics, and Witches in the Western Tradition** by Professor Teofilo F. Ruiz** .45 hours
**abandoned The Underdog by Briar Prescott** 22 pages
**abandoned Heal My Heart by HQ Kingsley** 24 pages
**abandoned The Long Game by Samantha Wayland** 14 pages
**abandoned Forgotten: Luca by Sloane Kennedy** 100 pages
76. The Inconvenient Love by Briar Prescott 3/7/23 258 pages Kindle
77. Dirty Forty by Mia Monroe 3/8/23 3/9/23 236 pages Kindle
78. His Touch by Elena London 3/18/23 3/18/23 55 pages Kindle
79. Redeem by Christina Lee 3/18/23 3/21/23 238 pages Kindle
80. Undone by Christina Lee 3/21/23 3/23/23 255 pages Kindle
81. Beautiful Chaos by Riley Hart and Devon McCormack 3/24/23 3/25/23 241 pages Kindle
82. Love Me Louder by Christina Lee 3/25/23 3/25/23 236 pages Kindle 2018
83. The Romantic by Riley Hart 3/26/23 3/27/23 270 pages Kindle
84. Destructive Relations by Hayden Hall 3/27/23 3/27/23 244 pages Kindle
85. Pretty Wreck by J.R. Gray 3/28/23 3/31/23 282 pages Kindle

86. Colin by Cora Rose 3/31/23 4/1/23 242 pages Kindle
87. Hard for Tristan by Brady Fox 4/1/23 4/2/23 86 pages Kindle
88. Roommate by Sarina Bowen 4/2/23 4/3/23 297 pages Kindle
89. Reaching Reed by Cora Rose and Nicole Dykes 4/3/23 4/4/23 264 pages Kindle
90. Filthy Sweet by R. Cayden 4/4/23 4/5/23 216 pages Kindle
91. Givers by Casey Cox 4/5/23 4/6/23 281 pages Kindle
92. The Unmasking of Kelly James by Belle Chapin 4/6/23 4/7/23 224 pages Kindle
**abandoned The Faker Rulebook by Baylin Crow** 77 pages
**abandoned Family Rules by Jacki James** 78 pages
**abandoned Moving On by Felice Stevens** 210 pages
**abandoned Filthy and the Beast by R. Cayden** 100 pages
**abandoned Thief of Hearts by K. Evan Coles** 17 pages
**abandoned Hired: Hadley by Nora Phoenix** 112 pages
93. Pretty Things by Devon McCormack 4/7/23 4/8/23 342 pages Kindle
94. The Night Screams by Devon McCormack 4/8/23 4/9/23 203 pages Kindle
95. #ROYAL by Devon McCormack 4/9/23 4/10/23 263 pages Kindle
96. Snowblind by Eli Easton 4/10/23 4/11/23 114 pages Kindle
97. The Trouble with Tony by Eli Easton 4/11/23 4/11/23 111 pages Kindle
98. Beyond the Sea by Keira Andrews 4/11/23 4/12/23 263 pages Kindle 2016
99. Honeymoon for One by Keira Andrews 4/12/13 4/13/2023 269 pages Kindle 2018
100. In Case of Emergency by Keira Andrews 4/13/23 4/13/23 155 pages Kindle 2017
101. Dearest Milton James by N.R. Walker 4/13/23 4/14/23 218 pages Kindle 2021
102. 2 Dead Fish Named Kevin by L.A. Witt 4/14/23 4/14/23 84 pages Kindle 2023
103. Surprise Groom by D.J. Jamison 4/14/23 4/15/23 312 pages Kindle 2019
104. To The Moon and Back by N.R. Walker 4/15/23 4/16/23 209 pages Kindle 2023
105. Prince of Lies by Lucy Lennox 4/16/23 4/16/23 298 pages Kindle 2023
106. IRL: In Real Life by Lucy Lennox and Molly Maddox 4/16/23 4/17/23 267 pages Kindle 2019
107. Say You'll Be Nine by Lucy Lennox 4/17/23 4/17/23 265 pages Kindle 2020
108. Virgin Flyer by Lucy Lennox 4/17/23 4/18/23 254 pages Kindle 2020
109. Facing West by 4/18/23 4/18/23 4/19/23 271 pages Kindle 2017
110. Hearts Colliding by Ali Ryecart 4/19/23 4/19/23 310 pages Kindle 2023
111. Gideon by RJ Scott and Meredith Russell 4/20/23 4/21/23 190 pages Kindle 2020
112. Cover Me by L.A. Witt 4/21/23 4/22/23 386 pages Kindle 2014
113. Hitman vs Hitman by Cari Z 4/22/23 4/22/23 272 pages Kindle 2020
**abandoned Attraction by Kelly Fox** 120 pages
114. Takeover by Anna Zabo 4/23/23 4/24/23 230 pages Kindle 2021
**abandoned Just Business by Anna Zabo** 130 pages
115. Hard for my Boss by Daryl Banner 4/24/23 4/24/23 380 pages Kindle 2017
**abandoned Jerk: An ABCs of Love by Daryl Banner** 140 pages
116. The Intern by Serena Akeroyd 4/25/23 4/25/23 270 pages Kindle 2020
117. Revenge is Sweet by Felice Stevens 4/25/23 4/26/23 273 pages Kindle 2023
118. Make Me Fall by Riley Nash 4/26/23 4/28/23 296 pages Kindle 2022
119. Deadly Lover: Special Edition by Jocelynn Drake 4/28/23 4/29/23 338 pages Kindle 2021
**abandoned The Marriage Runaway by Aja Foxx** 120 pages
120. And the Best Man Ran Away with the Groom by Isla Olsen 4/29/23 4/30/23 185 pages Kindle

121. List Me With Your Best Shot by Isla Olsen 4/30/23 5/1/23 205 pages Kindle 2023
122. Friendly Fire by Cari Z 5/1/23 5/2/23 228 pages Kindle
123. The Art of Possession by Cari Z 5/2/23 5/3/23 171 pages Kindle
124. The Intern by Ally Porter 5/3/23 5/3/23 59 pages Kindle 2021
125. Tate by D Alex 5/3/23 5/4/23 138 pages Kindle 2021
126. Soul to Keep by Garrett Leigh 5/4/23 5/5/23 238 pages Kindle 2018 Jamie and Marc
127. Christmas on Firefly Hill by Garrett Leigh 5/5/23 5/5/23 188 pages Kindle 2022
128. Angels in the City by Garrett Leigh 5/5/23 5/6/23 254 pages Kindle 2020
129. How to Catch a Prince by Ana Ashley 5/7/23 5/8/23 230 pages Kindle 2019
**abandoned No Good Mitchell by Riley Hart and Devon McCormack** 203 pages
130. Checking Him Out by Debbie McGowan 5/9/23 5/10/23 208 pages Kindle 2014
131. Up for the Challenge by Riley Hart and Devon McCormack 5/10/23 5/12/23 358 pages Kindle 2017
**abandoned Felix and the Prince by Lucy Lennox** 148 pages Why, oh why, did I think another Prince of a small European Country and an American would work?
132. The Cuckoo's Calling by Robert Galbraith 3/1/23 5/12/23 16 hours audio book
133. Addicted to Ellis D by S.E. Harmon 5/12/23 5/13/23 320 pages Kindle 2023
134. Misconduct by Lynn Van Dorn 5/13/23 5/14/23 198 pages Kindle 2023
135. Not That Complicated by Isabel Murray 5/14/23 5/15/23 283 pages Kindle 2022
136. The Trouble With Trying to Date a Murderer 5/15/23 5/16/23 167 pages Kindle 2022
137. Not So Fake by Emma Lyon 5/17/23 5/18/23 Kindle 187 pages 2021
**abandoned Midnight Ash by Ana Ashley** 183 pages
**abandoned Sugar and Sawdust by Debbie McGowan** 33 pages
138. Picking Up the Pieces by Frey Ortega 5/18/23 5/19/23 118 pages Kindle
139. The Boy in the Field by Margot Livesey 5/16/23 5/20/23 254 pages Kindle
140. The Realist by Riley Hart 5/19/23 5/19/23 235 pages Kindle 2023 Marcus and Kai
**abandoned His Personal Assistant by LJ Harris** 120 pages
141. Edge of Living by HL Day 5/20/23 5/21/23 250 pages Kindle 2018
142. Five Night Stand by HL Day 5/21/23 5/22/23 151 pages Kindle 2022
143. Taking Love's Lead by HL Day 5/22/23 5/22/23 248 pages Kindle 2018 Zack and Edgar
144. Gaycation in Paradise by Ariella Zoelle 5/23/23 5/24/23 236 pages Kindle 2021 Rook and Aldo
145. Cinderella in the Sheets by Reece Pine 5/24/23 5/24/23 131 pages Kindle Presley and Louis 2018
146. Always MJ by SJD Peterson 5/24/23 5/24/23 49 pages Kindle Matty and Jared 2012
**The Gift of Strength by M.A. Innes** 126 pages
147. Kept in the Dark by HL Day 5/25/23 5/26/23 202 pages Kindle Dean Justin 2018
148. A Temporary Situation by HL Day 5/26/23 5/26/23 249 pages Kindle 2018 Tristan and Dominic
149. Time for a Change by HL Day 5/26/23 5/27/23 249 pages Kindle Michael and Sam 2018
150. Temporary Insanity by HL Day 5/27/23 5/28/23 258 pages Kindle 2019 Paul and Indy
151. Christmas Riches by HL Day 5/28/23 5/28/23 156 pages Kindle 2019
**abandoned Shai by HL Night** 146 pages
152. Not So Silent Night by HL Day 5/29/23 5/29/23 222 pages Kindle Ferris and Xander 2021
153. Exposed by HL Day 5/29/23 5/30/23 370 pages Kindle Tate and X 2020

154. A Flighty Fake Boyfriend by Z.A. Maxfield 5/31/23 6/1/23 250 pages Kindle
155. A Much Younger Man by Z.A. Maxfield 6/1/23 6/1/23 254 pages Kindle 2020 Beck and Lindy
**abandoned The Office Nemesis Calamity by Hayden Hall** 186 pages
156. Trick Play by Eden Finley 6/2/23 6/3/23 316 pages Kindle Matt and Noah 2018
157. Beautifully Stolen by Charity Parkerson 6/3/23 6/4/23 146 pages Kindle Brett and Roman 2020
158. Sometimes You Just Know by Bill VanPatten 6/4/23 6/4/23 258 pages Kindle Arnie and Peter 2022
159. The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith 5/13/23 6/5/23 17.5 hours audiobook 2014
160. Forrest's #Win by Jennifer Cody 6/4/23 6/6/23 221 pages Kindle Forrest and Blake 2021
161. Poison Hearts by Jennifer Cody 6/6/23 6/7/23 85 pages Kindle Orlando and Shannon 2023
162. The Best Men by Lauren Blakely and Sarina Bowen 6/7/23 6/8/23 326 pages Kindle Asher and Mark 2022
**abandoned A Guy Walks Into My Bar by Lauren Blakely** 138 pages
163. Reckless Roulette by Alice Winters 6/8/23 6/9/23 147 pages Kindle Kade and Len 2023
164. Dealer of Secrets by Davidson King 6/9/23 6/10/23 143 pages Kindle Zaire and Carter 2023
165. Leave No Trace by Michelle Frost and Sammi Cee 6/10/23 6/10/23 79 pages Kindle Trace and Kol 2023
166. Atlas by Eden Finley 6/10/23 6/11/23 257 pages Kindle Atlas and Lemon 2023
167. Snow Falling by Davidson King 6/11/23 6/11/23 236 pages Kindle Snow and Christopher 2017
168. Bullets & Butterflies by Maz Maddox 6/11/23 6/12/23 147 pages Kindle Liam and Cisco 2023
169. Smash & Grab by Maz Maddox 6/12/23 6/13/23 180 pages Kindle Dalton and Simon 2020
170. Sink or Swim by Maz Maddox 6/13/23 6/14/23 220 pages Kindle Jackson and Baha 2021
171. King & Queen by Maz Maddox 6/14/23 6/15/23 219 Kindle Royal and Blaise 2021
172. Lost in Amber by Maz Maddox 6/15/23 6/16/23 219 pages Kindle Yu and Lance 2022
173. Love for the Reaper by Charlie Cochet 6/16/23 6/16/23 80 pages Kindle Dev and Remy 2023
174. Heart Thief by Skylar Sweeney 6/16/23 6/17/23 282 pages Kindle Mason and Rex Blood Brothers 1 2022
175. Power Plays by Tricia Owens 5/28/23 6/17/23 6/17/23 117 pages Kindle Max and Ethan 2018
176. The Bucket List by Tricia Owens 6/18/23 6/18/23 110 pages Kindle Gabriel and Quinn 2016
177. Not So Innocent by Emma Lyon 6/18/23 6/18/23 201 pages Kindle Ethan and Holden 2021 The Real Thing 2
178. Not So Perfect by Emma Lyon 6/18/23 6/19/23 192 pages Kindle Shane and Quinn 2021 The Real Thing 4
179. The Guardian by Tricia Owens 6/19/23 6/20/23 332 pages Kindle Hayden/Dorian and Thomas 2017
180. The Holiday Hookup by Baylin Crow 6/20/23 6/20/23 57 pages Kindle Finn and Hunter 2021
181. Sweetest Hate by Baylin Crow 6/21/23 6/21/23 216 pages Kindle Arsen and Kellan 2021 Guys Next Door 2
182. Booklover by J.E. Birk 6/21/23 6/21/23 240 pages Kindle Jamie and Briar Vino and Veritas 7 2021
183. Mastering the Muse by Peter Styles 6/22/23 6/23/23 137 pages Kindle Arlo and Walter The Billionaire's Consort 1 2019
184. The Date Mistake by Joelle Lynne 6/24/23 6/25/23 296 pages Kindle Trevor and Aaron 2023 standalone
185. Nerdy Talk by Joelle Lynne 6/25/23 6/25/23 236 pages Kindle Micah and Lucas 2022 standalone
186. Wish Me Home by Joelle Lynne 6/25/23 6/25/23 167 pages Kindle Emmett and Cody 2022 Home for the Holidays 2
187. Hired for the Holidays by Raquel Riley 6/25/23 6/26/23 134 pages Kindle Jones and Adam Hearts for Hire 5
188. Faking It by Ali Ryecart 6/26/23 6/26/23 288 pages Kindle Toby and Ben Rent Boys 2
**abandoned Love, Me by Quinn Ward** 57 pages
**abandoned Shared Custody by J.P. Oliver and Peter Styles** 45 pages
189. Ace in the Hole by J.P. Oliver and Peter Styles 6/28/23 6/28/23 178 pages Kindle Oliver and Leo 2018
190. Before You Go by S.J. Conner 6/28/23 6/29/23 139 pages Kindle Leo and Anthony 2022 Holiday MM Romance 1
191. Adam by Reese Winters 6/29/23 6/29/23 69 pages Kindle Adam and Ronin Cockpit Club 1 2020
192. The Billionaire's Proposal by Reese Winters 6/29/23 6/29/23 75 pages Kindle Sebastian and Jude 2020
193. Corporate Merger by Lance Abrusco 6/29/23 6/29/23 41 pages Kindle Jack and Cameron 2015
**abandoned Into the North by Amber Huxley** 200 pages
**abandoned Fighting For You by J.P. Oliver** 60 pages
**abandoned Paladin by Onley James** 262 pages

194. Captive Hearts by Ali Ryecart 6/30/23 7/1/23 296 pages Kindle Dashiell and Billy Deviant Hearts 1 2018
195. LOL by Lucy Lennox and Molly Maddox 7/1/23 7/2/23 277 pages Kindle Scotty and Roman After Oscar 2 2019
196. The Step Bro Situation by Jesse H Reign 7/2/23 7/3/23 321 pages Kindle Luke and Jessie The Situationship Series 1 2023
197. How to Say I Do by Tal Bauer 7/3/23 7/5/23 401 pages Kindle Noël and Wyatt 2023
198. Sainted by Jesse H Reign 7/5/23 7/6/23 277 pages Kindle Saint and Damon (Demon) 2023
199. The List by Felice Stevens 7/6/23 7/8/23 267 pages Kindle Win and Eliot Second Chances 1 2021
200. Stick to the Script by Lane Hayes 7/8/23 7/8/23 88 pages Kindle Wyatt and Jamie Ace's Wild 13 2019
201. The Real Baxter by Lane Hayes 7/8/23 7/9/23 344 pages Kindle Sebastian and Trent The Baxter Chronicles 1 2022
202. Spreadsheets by Jaclyn Quinn 7/9/23 7/9/23 88 pages Kindle Griffin and Jeremy Ace's Wild 8 2019
203. Baxter's Right Hand Man by Lane Hayes 7/9/23 7/10/23 269 pages Kindle Pierce and Lorenzo The Baxter Chronicles 2 2023
204. Up to No Good by Annabella Michaels 7/10/23 7/10/23 60 pages Kindle Miles and Cole Ace's Wild 11 2019
205. Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith 6/6/23 7/11/2023 18 hours audiobook 2015
206. Explicit Transactions by Hayden Hall 7/10/23 7/11/23 215 pages Kindle Luca and Austin Destined to Fail 3 2023
207. Rent Boy by Peter Styles and J.P. Oliver 7/11/23 7/12/23 126 pages Kindle Evan and Jacob 2018
208. The Right Wrong Number by Katie Warren 7/12/23 7/12/23 240 pages Kindle Julian and Liam 2023
**abandoned Up In Flames by Eden Finley and Saxon James ** 240 pages
209. The Jerk Next Door by Mia Monroe 7/13/23 7/14/23 190 pages Kindle Reign and Ace 2021
210. The Easy Way by May Archer 7/14/23 7/15/23 266 pages Kindle Cort and Cam 2017 The Way Home 1
211. I Do (Not) Anni Lee 7/15/23 7/15/23 244 pages Kindle Jake and Trevor 2023
212. See Me by CeCe Bennett 7/16/23 7/17/23 84 pages Kindle Ben and Oliver Requited 1 2023
213. Trained by the Boss by Charlotte Storm 7/17/23 7/18/23 184 pages Kindle Aiden and Griffin 2018
**abandoned Unfortunate by Nicole Dykes** 164 pages
214. Marry Me by Mia Monroe 7/18/23 7/19/23 230 pages Kindle Briar and Jude Tattoos and Temptation 1 2020
215. Not So Sincerely, Yours by A.M. Johnson 7/19/23 7/20/23 442 pages Kindle Ethan and Anders 2021
216. Laws of Attraction by Peter Styles 7/20/23 721 137 pages Kindle Tom and Jay 2016
217. Until You by Briar Prescott 7/20/23 7/22/23 320 pages Kindle Jude and Blake 2023
**abandoned Mr. Big Shot by Isla Olsen** 88 pages
218. My Boss With Benefits by Casey Cox 7/22/23 7/23/23 Kindle Miles and Kyler Elysian Escapades 2
219. The Long Way by May Archer 7/15/23 7/23/23 Kindle Damon and Cain 2017 The Way Home 2
220. Wrong Message, Right Valentine by Romeo Alexander 7/23/23 7/23/23 Kindle Sebastian and Trevor
221. Right-Hand Man by T.S. Ankney 7/23/23 7/23/23 Kindle Eli and Dante 2022 Hot Takes 1
222. Asking for a Friend by JJ Harper 7/23/23 7/24/23 Kindle Lando and Hesketh 2023
**abandoned Beau Pair by Rhys Everly** 128 pages
**abandoned The Unravelling of Julian Gray by Belle Chapin** 134 pages
223. The Kiss of His Blade by Romeo Alexander 7/25/23 7/27/23 387 pages Kindle Dane and Tristan 2022
224. Always the Groomsman by Raleigh Ruebins 7/27/23 7/27/23 253 pages Kindle Zane and Sebastian 2018
225. To Love and Protect by Romeo Alexander 7/27/23 7/28/23 330 pages Kindle Marcus and Adrian 2022
226. Help Me Remember by Romeo Alexander 7/28/23 7/29/23 277 pages Kindle Eric and Dylan 2022
227. Cupid Hates Me by Romeo Alexander 7/29/23 7/29/23 111 pages Kindle Brendan and Ryan 2020
228. Escort by Romeo Alexander 7/29/23 7/30/23 189 pages Kindle Jacob and Max 2021 Greenford 1
229. The Case of the Disappearing Hero by Romeo Alexander 7/30/23 7/30/23 118 pages Kindle Trevor and Cole 2019
**abandoned Stubbed Toes and Dating Woes by Dahlia Donovan** 38 pages

230. Distraction by Kelly Fox 7/31/23 8/1/23 248 pages Kindle Hopper and Liam Mobsters and Billionaires 4 2022
231. An Unexpected Kind of Love by Hayden Stone 8/2/23 8/2/23 277 pages Kindle Aubrey and Blake When Snow Falls 1 2021
**abandoned Romantic Rescue by Blake Allwood** 99 pages
232. Curious by R.G. Alexander 8/3/23 8/3/23 232 pages Kindle Jeremy and Owen The Finn Factor 1 2015
233. Liar's Gambit by KellyFox 8/3/23 8/4/23 90 pages Kindle Nigel and Wilhelm The Elite 5 2023
234. Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall 8/4/23 8/6/23 425 pages Kindle Luc and Oliver London Calling 1 2020
235. Obsession by Beth Laycock 8/6/23 8/6/23 269 pages Kindle Eli and Dominic 2019
236. How to Bang a Billionaire by Alexis Hall 8/6/23 8/7/23 350 pages Kindle Arden and Caspian Arden St. Ives 1 2017
237. How to Blow It With a Billionaire by Alexis Hall 8/7/23 8/8/23 355 pages Kindle Arden and Caspian Arden St. Ives 2 2017
238. How to Belong With a Billionaire by Alexis Hall 8/8/23 8/10/23 452 pages Kindle Arden and Caspian Arden St. Ives 3 2019
239. Love Always, Wild by A.M. Johnson 8/10/23 8/11/23 386 pages Kindle Wilder and Jax For Him, 1 2020
240. Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus 8/6/23 8/12/23 386 pages Hardcover
241. Glitterland by Alexis Hall 8/12/23 8/13/23 286 pages Kindle Darian and Ash Spires 1 2013
242. The London Chance by Lane Hayes 8/12/23 8/12/23 77 pages Kindle Chance and Roman 2023
**abandoned The Boss by M.D. Gregory** 48 pages
243. Waiting For the Flood by Alexis Hall 8/13/23 8/24/23 98 pages Kindle Adam and Edwin Spires 2 2018
244. For Real by Alexis Hall 8/14/23 8/16/23 427 pages Kindle Laurie and Toby Spires 3 2018
245. Pansies by Alexis Hall 8/16/23 8/18/23 438 pages Kindle Alfie and Fen Spires 4 2018
**abandoned Yours to be Forgiven by Hayden Hall** 115 pages
246. Reese Holt: The Dark Side by Laura Baumbach 8/18/23 8/19/23 236 pages Kindle Reese and Alex Reese Holt 1 2016
**abandoned A Bit of Rough by Laura Baumbach** 100 pages
247. Dear Mr. Brody by A.M. Johnson 8/19/23 8/20/23 402 pages Kindle Van and Parker For Him 3 2021
**abandoned Forever, Con Amor, by A.M. Johnson** 233 pages
248. The Endless Road to Sunshine by Nicky James 8/21/23 8/22/23 351 pages Kindle Jason and Skylar 2021
249. The Christmas I Know by Nicky James 8/22/23 8/23/23 145 pages Kindle Xavier and Andrew 2018
250. Adrenaline Jake by Louise Collins 8/23/23 8/23/23 93 pages Kindle Jake and Maddox Jake & Maddox 1 2017
251. Mad Dog Maddox by Louise Collins 8/23/23 8/23/23 117 pages Kindle Jake and Maddox Jake & Maddox 2 2017
252. Bye Baby by Louise Collins 8/23/23 8/24/23 157 pages Kindle Eliot and Donnie 2020 Flowershop Assassins 1 2020
253. Lethal White by Robert Galbraith 7/12/23 8/28/23 audiobook 22.5 hours 2020
254. So Pathetic by Louise Collins 8/25/23 8/26/23 249 pages Kindle Yates and Dylan Flowershop Assassins 2 2022
255. Raging Ranger by Louise Collins 8/26/23 8/26/23 243 pages Kindle Ranger and Troy Flowershop Assassins 3 2022
256. Rocked to Death by Louise Collins 8/26/23 8/28/23 307 pages Kindle Stone and Robin The Bakery Brothers 1 2023
257. My Cowlick Cop by Louise Collins 8/28/23 8/29/23 320 pages Kindle Jude and Luck The Bakery Brothers 2
**abandoned About Last Night by Aimee Nicole Walker** 93 pages
258. Halo by E.M. Lindsey 8/30/23 8/31/23 239 pages Kindle Victor and Oliver 2023

259. Rapture by E.M. Lindsey 8/31/23 9/1/23 239 pages Kindle Poe and Alonso 2023
260. Not Dating Material by Saxon James 9/1/23 9/2/23 281 pages Kindle Seven and Molly Accidental Love 2 2023
261. Aisle Be There by Charlie Cochet 9/2/23 9/3/23 246 pages Gage and Jett Kindle Runaway Grooms 1 2023
262. The Reprobate by Silvia Violet 9/3/23 9/4/23 284 pages Kindle Fox and Darren Texas Safehouse 5 2023
263. Takers by Casey Cox 9/4/23 9/4/23 246 pages Kindle Bremmer and Kelsey Upper Echelons 2 2023
264. My Fake Boyfrenemy by Casey Cox 9/4/23 9/4/23 Kindle Marnus and Pierce Elysian Escapades 3 2023
265. His Model Lover by Brendol James 9/4/23 9/5/23 200 pages Kindle Mika and Leo 2023
266. Taming the Tattooist by Brendol James 9/5/23 9/6/23 222 pages Kindle Isaac and Sean Sweet Ink 1 2022
267. Checking Out Love by R. Cooper 9/6/23 9/7/23 41 pages Kindle Jeremy and Benj 2015
**abandoned The Billionaire's Assistant by Silvia Violet ** 157 pages
**abandoned The Brat and the Bossman by Rebecca James** 9/8/23 9/9/23 Blaze and Lake
268. The Charmer by Riley Hart 9/9/23 9/10/23 249 pages Kindle Corbin and Spencer The Vers Podcast 4 2023
**abandoned Scandal by T. Ashleigh** 145 pages**
269. Heatwave by A.D. Ellis 9/11/23 9/11/23 173 pages Kindle Grant and Avery 2023
270. Return of the Chauffeur's Son by Tara Lain 9/11/23 9/12/23 223 pages Kindle Luca and Dylan Movie Magic Romances 1 2020
**abandoned Imperfect by Ali Ryecart** 160 pages
271. His Brutal Heart by Leighton Greene 9/13/23 9/15/23 400 pages Kindle Alessandro and Teddy West Coast Mobsters 2 2023
272. His Fatal Love by Leighton Greene 9/15/23 9/17/23 410 pages Kindle Leo and Julian West Coast Mobsters 2 2023
273. Will & Patrick Wake Up Married by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths 9/17/23 9/18/23 128 pages Kindle Wake Up Married 1 2016
274. Will & Patrick Meet the Family 9/18/23 9/18/23 121 pages Kindle Wake Up Married 2 2016
275. Will & Patrick Do the Holidays by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths 9/18/23 9/19/23 117 pages Kindle Wake Up Married 3 2016
276. Will & Patrick Fight Their Feelings by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths 9/19/23 9/20/23 141 pages Kindle Wake Up Married 4 2016
277. Will & Patrick Meet the Mob by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths 9/20/23 9/20/23 153 pages Kindle Wake Up Married 5 2016
278. Will & Patrick's Happy Ending by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths 9/20/23 9/21/23 140 pages Kindle Wake Up Married 6 2016
279. Mr. Naughty List by Leta Blake 9/21/23 9/23/23 312 pages Kindle RJ and Aaron Mr. Christmas 2 2019
**abandoned Husband Material by Alexis Hall** 97 pages
**abandoned Pretty F*cked by J.R. Gray** 173 pages
280. Mr. Jingle Bells by Leta Blake 9/23/23 9/26/23 421 pages Kindle Ashton and Walker Mr. Christmas 3 2021
281. A Little Bit Like Love by Brooke Blaine 9/26/23 9/26/23 314 pages Kindle Jackson and Lucas South Haven 1 2017
282. Bedhead by Brooke Blaine 9/26/23 9/27/23 238 pages Kindle Hudson and Drew Hate to Love You 1 2023
**abandoned Bring on Forever by Leta Blake** xxx pages
283.Falling for the Florist by Brendol James 9/27/23 9/29/29/23 157 pages Kindle Henry and Dylan Sweet Ink 2 2023
**abandoned His Argentinian Billionaire by Avery Mist** 71 pages

**abandoned Made to Order by Brigham Vaughn** 171 pages
284. The Anonymous Hookup by Jax Calder 10/1/23 10/2/23 121 pages Kindle Sam and Lane 2022
285. The Roommate Proposal by Jace Hadley 10/2/23 10/2/23 287 pages Kindle Alexsei and Logan Perfect Opposites 2 2022

Currently Reading:
Pilgrim by Timothy Findley 6/20/22 486 pages hardcover 1999
Troubled Blood by Robert Galbraith 8/28/23 audiobook 2020
The Running Grave by Robert Galbraith 9/27/23 Hardcover and Kindle 2023 945 pages
EWB (Enemies with Benefits) by N.R. Walker 10/2/23 Kindle Valentine and Marshall 2023
Straight Boy Summer by Jace Hadley 10/x/23 Kindle Eddie and Hatch Perfect Opposites 3 2022
The Making of Biblical Womanhood by Beth Allison Barr 6/2/23 trade paperback 218 pages 2021
The Federalist edited by Jacob E. Cooke 5/28/22 656 pages hardcover 1961

Redigerat: sep 26, 1:27 pm

adds - last year was 371, with way too many Kindle books. Kindle Unlimited will reduce that number significantly this year. I hope. We'll see.

1. Kindle - Dangerous Books For Girls: The Bad Reputation of Romance Novels Explained by Maya Rodale
2. Kindle - The Mechanic and the Surgeon by Steve Milton
3. Kindle - Hot Boss by Scarlet Blackwell
4. Amazon - Livid by Cai Emmons
5. re-added - A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle
6. Amazon - The Dead Sea Scrolls by Betsy Bennett
7. found - New Testament by
8. FoCCL - The New Testament: Greek and English by Kurt Aland
9. Amazon - Everything You Need to Know When I'm Gone: After Death Planner by
10. Amazon - Gun, with Occasional Music by Jonathan Lethem
11. Amazon - What Is Left the Daughter by Howard Norman
12. Amazon - Desperation in Death by J.D. Robb
13. Amazon - No Plan B by Lee Child and Andrew Child
14. FoCCL - Oldtown Folks by Harriet Beecher Stowe Quality Issue
15. Amazon - Call for the Dead by John le Carré
16. Stasia Doster - The War Against the Jews, 1933-1945 by Lucy S. Dawidowicz
17. Kindle - Fake It 'Til You Make It by Louisa Masters
18. Kindle - Eurotour: Age Gap MM Romance by Jaberona BL
19. Kindle - Powder & Pavlova by Jay Hogan
20. Kindle - The Golden Asse by Lucius Apuleius, translated by William Adlington
21. Kindle - Baby Shark by Robert Fate
22. Kindle - Adrenaline Jake: Jake & Maddox by Louise Collins
23. Kindle - The Fresco by Sheri S. Tepper
24. Kindle - Remember Him by Steve Milton
25. Amazon - The Fresco by Sheri S Tepper
26. FoCCL - The Golden Age by Kenneth Grahame
27. Karen - Writers and Their Cats by Alison Nastasi
28. Karen - Call of the Cats: What I Learned About Life and Love from a Feral Colony by Andrew Bloomfield
29. FoCCL - Moby Dick; or, The Whale by Herman Melville
30. found - Days with Frog and Toad by Arnold Lobel
31. Amazon - The Christie Affair by Nina de Gramont
32. Rhoda - Whoever I Am by Eileen Dewhurst
33. Rhoda - 1222 by Anne Holt
34. Rhoda - Pull of the Stars by Emma Donoghue
35. FoCCL - Halley's Bible Handbook: An Abbreviated Bible Commentary by Henry H. Halley
36. FoCCL - Resurrecting Jesus: Embodying the Spirit of a Revolutionary Mystic by Adyashanti
37. FoCCL - Jesus, Interrupted: Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Don't Know About Them) by Bart D. Ehrman
38. FoCCL - Abraham Lincoln The War Years by Carl Sandburg
39. FoCCL - The Word Bible Handbook by Lawrence O. Richards
40. FoCCL - The Complete Idiot's Guide to American History by Ph. D. Alan Axelrod
41. Jenna - Le Petit Prince: Avec Dessins Par L'auteur , Antoine de Saint Exupery by Antoine de Saint Exupery
42. FoCCL - Grasshopper Jungle by Andrew Smith
43. Amazon - The Red Sea Scrolls: How Ancient Papyri Reveal the Secrets of the Pyramids by Mark Lehner
44. Rhoda - Bill Slider Omnibus by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles
45. Amazon - The Making of Biblical Womanhood: How the Subjugation of Women Became Gospel Truth by Beth Allison Barr
46. Karen - Thrust: A Spasmodic Pictorial History of the Codpiece in Art by Michael Glover
47. FoCCL - The Tao of Zen by Ray Grigg
48. FoCCL - God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything by Christopher Hitchens
49. FoCCL - Misquoting Jesus: The Story Behind Who Changed the Bible and Why by Bart D. Ehrman
50. FoCCL - A Treasury of American Folklore: Stories, Ballads, and Traditions of the People by B.A. Botkin
51. FoCCL - Jewish Participants in the Civil War by Harry Simonhoff
52. FoCCL - The Bible in Pictures by Rev Ralph Kirby
53. Kindle - Sugar and Sawdust by Debbie McGowan
54. Kindle - Checking Him Out by Debbie McGowan
55. FoCCL - Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights by Salman Rushdie
56. FoCCL - The Monks Of War. The Military Orders by Desmond Seward
57. Kindle - Say It by Sky McCoy
58. Kindle - Los Nefilim by T. Frohock
59. FoCCL - The Obsidian Chamber by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
60. FoCCL - Still Life with Crows by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child
61. Amazon - Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
62. Amazon - Slow Horses by Mick Herron
63. Amazon - Bleeding Heart Yard by Elly Griffiths
64. Kindle - The Boy in the Field by Margot Livesey
65. Kindle - Cinderella in the Sheets by Reece Pine
66. Amazon - Salmon Fishing In The Yemen by Paul Torday
67. Kindle - Power Plays: MM Stories of Sin City by Tricia Owens
68. Amazon - Vera Wong's Unsolicited Advice for Murderers by Jesse Q. Sutanto
69. Kindle - Ruth by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell
70. Amazon - Fatal Shadows by Josh Lanyon
71. FoCCL - Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
72. FoCCL - Slaughter-House Five or The Children's Crusade A Duty-Dance with Death by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
73. FoCCL - Back Home by Bill Mauldin
74. FoCCL - The Travels of Marco Polo by Marco Polo
75. FoCCL - Sapho by Alphonse Daudet
76. Amazon - The Decagon House Murders by Yukito Ayatsuji
77. Amazon - Encore in Death by J. D. Robb
78. Amazon - Armageddon: What the Bible Really Says about the End by Bart D. Ehrman
79. McIntyre's - Metropolis by B. A. Shapiro
80. McIntyre's - Double Whammy by Carl Hiaasen
81. McIntyre's - Squeeze Me by Carl Hiaasen
82. McIntyre's - Palo Alto: A History of California, Capitalism, and the World by Malcolm Harris
83. Karen - Yellowstone View by Thomas Lee
84. Amazon - My Search for Warren Harding by Robert Plunket
85. Amazon - The Bigger They Come by Erle Stanley Gardner
86. Karen - The Kingdom New Testament: A Contemporary Translation by N. T. Wright
87. Karen - The Beauty of Living: E. E. Cummings in the Great War by J. Alison Rosenblitt
88. Karen - The Journey to the Mayflower: God's Outlaws and the Invention of Freedom by Stephen Tomkins
89. Karen - Dinosaur Lives: Unearthing an Evolutionary Saga by John R. Horner
90. Karen - Librarian Tales: Funny, Strange, and Inspiring Dispatches from the Stacks by William Ottens
91. Karen - Scribe by Alyson Hagy
92. Karen - The Zen of Home Water: True Tales of Adventure, Travel, and Fly Fishing by Jerry Hamza
93. Karen - David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell
94. Karen - Melted Cheese: Gloriously gooey recipes, from fondue to grilled cheese & pasta bake to potato gratin by Ryland Peters & Small
95. Laura - Exiles by Jane Harper
96. Louise - A Field Guide to Western Birds by Tory Peterson Institute Roger
97. Laura - An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
98. Jenna - The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant by Drew Hayes
99. Jenna - Full Service: My Adventures in Hollywood and the Secret Sex Live of the Stars by Scotty Bowers
100. Kindle - Our Secret Wedding by H J Perry
101. Jenna - The Crow Trap by Ann Cleeves
102. Jenna - Telling Tales by Ann Cleeves
103. Jenna - Hidden Depths by Ann Cleeves
104. Jenna - Silent Voices by Ann Cleeves
105. Jenna - The Glass Room by Ann Cleeves
106. Jenna - Harbour Street by Ann Cleeves
107. Jenna - The Moth Catcher by Ann Cleeves
108. Jenna - The Seagull by Ann Cleeves
109. Kindle - Off Plan by May Archer - thank you Richard, for sending me the $0.00 link
110. Kindle - Moving Maverick by Lucy Lennox - thank you Richard, for sending me the $0.00 link
111. Kindle - The List by Felice Stevens
112. Kindle - Why Love Matters by Jay Northcote
113. Kindle - Masked Ball at Broxley Manor by Rhys Bowen
114. FoCCL - Donald Has a Difficulty by Peter Neumeyer and Edward Gorey
115. FoCCL - The Dinosaur Hunter by Homer Hickham
116. FoCCL - Regeneration, The Eye in the Door, The Ghost Road by Pat Barker
117. FoCCL - The Library Book by Susan Orlean
118. Amazon - Birnham Wood by Eleanor Catton
119. Kindle - Mission:X by Alan Kim
120. FoCCL - Once Again to Zelda: The Stories Behind Literature's Most Intriguing Dedications by Marlene Wagman-Geller
121. FoCCL - Simon the Coldheart by Georgette Heyer
122. Amazon - Ascending Peculiarity: Edward Gorey on Edward Gorey
123. FoCCL - Letty by Clare Darcy
124. FoCCL - The American Duchess by Joan Wolf
125. Kindle - Husband Material by Alexis Hall
126. Kindle - Glitterland by Alexis Hall
127. Kindle - Farthing by Jo Walton
128. Kindle - Waiting for the Flood by Alexis Hall
129. Kindle - For Real by Alexis Hall
130. Kindle - The Shattered Gates by Ginn Hale
131. Kindle - Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
132. FoCCL - Gandhi's Religious Thought by Margaret Chatterjee Quality issue
133. FoCCL - When the Emperor Was Divine by Julie Otsuka
134. FoCCL - Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck - mass market paperback
135. FoCCL - The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck - mass market paperback
136. FoCCL - Giant by Edna Ferber Quality issue
137. FoCCL - Babbitt by Sinclair Lewis Quality issue
138. FoCCL - Demon Copperhead by Barbara Kingsolver
139. Kindle - For Real by Alexis Hall
140. Kindle - Pansies by Alexis Hall
141. FoCCL - Simon the Cold Heart by Georgette Heyer
142. Kindle - Artifacts by Mary Anna Evans
143. Amazon - The Origin of Satan by Elaine Pagels
144. Amazon Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
145. FoCCL - My Religion by M.K. Gandhi
146. FoCCL - The Mind of the South by W.J. Cash
147. FoCCL - A History of Britain Vol 1 by Simon Schama
148. FoCCL - A History of Britain Vol 2 by Simon Schama
149. FoCCL - A History of Britain Vol 3 by Simon Schama
150. Amazon - Secret Power Wikileaks and Its Enemies by Stefania Maurizi
151. Kindle - Indigo Field by Marjorie Hudson
152. Thrift Shop - Writers & Lovers by Lily King
153. Thrift Shop - Hussein by Patrick O'Brian
154. FoCCL - Village Creek by Gordon Baxter
155. Amazon - Feminist Interpretation of the Bible edited by Letty M. Russell
156. Amazon - The Corinthian by Georgette Heyer - trade paperback
157. Kindle - Checking Out Love by R. Cooper
158. FoCCL - The Abduction Of A Limerick Heiress by Toby Barnard
159. Amazon - Payback in Death by J.D. Robb
160. Amazon - Shy by Max Porter
161. FoCCL - The Sabbath by Abraham Joshua Heschel
162. Amazon - Baking Yesteryear: The Best Recipes from the 1900s to the 1980s by Dylan Hollis
163. Dutch & Kay - Collier's World Atlas and Gazetteer by Son Corporation
164. Dutch & Kay - Japanese in Thirty Hours by Eiichi Kiyooka
165. Dutch & Kay - Stirrin the Pots on Daufuskie by Billie Burn
166. Dutch & Kay - The Birds of America by James Audubon
167. Dutch & Kay - The Poetical Works of John Greenleaf Whittier by Greenleaf Whittier
168. Dutch & Kay - What If There's a Rainbow? by Johnston-Hale
169. FoCCL - A Disappearance in Fiji by Nilima Rao
170. FoCCL - A New History of the American South by Fitzhugh Brundage
171. FoCCL - Afternoons with Harper Lee by Wayne Flynt
172. FoCCL - Alexandra Petri's US History: Important American Documents (I Made Up) by Alexandra Petri
173. FoCCL - An Honest Man by Michael Koryta
174. FoCCL - Big Gay Wedding by Byron Lane
175. FoCCL - Black Flags, Blue Waters: The Epic History of America's Most Notorious Pirates by Jay Dolin
176. FoCCL - Born to Be Hanged: The Epic Story of the Gentlemen Pirates Who Raided the South Seas, Rescued a Princess, and Stole a Fortune by Keith Thomson
177. FoCCL - Deliberate Cruelty: Truman Capote, the Millionaire's Wife, and the Murder of the Century by Roseanne Montillo
178. FoCCL - Gardening Can Be Murder: How Poisonous Poppies, Sinister Shovels, and Grim Gardens Have Inspired Mystery Writers by McDowell
179. FoCCL - Hitchcock's Blondes: The Unforgettable Women Behind the Legendary Director's Dark Obsession by Laurence Leamer
180. FoCCL - Homegrown: Timothy McVeigh and the Rise of Right-Wing Extremism by Jeffrey Toobin
181. FoCCL - I Have Some Questions for You by Rebecca Makkai
182. FoCCL - In the Act by Rachel Ingalls
183. FoCCL - Jerusalem: The Biography by Sebag Montefiore
184. FoCCL - Kappa by Ryūnosuke Akutagawa
185. FoCCL - Most Delicious Poison: The Story of Nature's Toxins―From Spices to Vices by Noah Whiteman
186. FoCCL - Myth America: Historians Take On the Biggest Legends and Lies About Our Past by M. Kruse
187. FoCCL - Oh William! by Elizabeth Strout
188. FoCCL - Peaces by Helen Oyeyemi
189. FoCCL - Rich White Men: What It Takes to Uproot the Old Boys' Club and Transform America by Garrett Neiman
190. FoCCL - Roadwork by Stephen King
191. FoCCL - Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies: How Doubting the Bard Became the Biggest Taboo in Literature by Elizabeth Winkler
192. FoCCL - Soldiers Don't Go Mad: A Story of Brotherhood, Poetry, and Mental Illness During the First World War by Charles Glass
193. FoCCL - Speak of the Devil by Rose Wilding
194. FoCCL - The Book of Longings by Monk Kidd
195. FoCCL - The Country of the Blind: A Memoir at the End of Sight by Andrew Leland
196. FoCCL - The Last Devil to Die by Richard Osman
197. FoCCL - The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict
198. FoCCL - The Other Dr. Gilmer: Two Men, a Murder, and an Unlikely Fight for Justice by Benjamin Gilmer
199. FoCCL - The Paris Mystery by Kirsty Manning
200. FoCCL - The Reality Meltdown by Dan Cray
201. FoCCL - The Secret Book of Flora Lea by Callahan Henry
202. FoCCL - U.S. Official Pictures of the World War by William E. Moore Late Captain USA and James C. Russell Late Captain USA
203. FoCCL - Zero Days by Ruth Ware
204. FoCCL - Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World by Ella Frances Sanders
205. FoCCL - The Last Enchantment by Mary Stewart
206. FoCCL - The Devil's Company by David Liss
207. FoCCL - Sacre Bleu: A Comedy d'Art by Christopher Moore
208. FoCCL - Do Penguins Have Knees? by David Feldman
209. FoCCL - I'm Too Young To Be Seventy: And Other Delusions by Judith Viorst
210. FoCCL - My Friends by Hisham Matar
211. FoCCL - The B.S. of A.: A Primer in Politics for the Incredibly Disenchanted by Brian Sack
212. FoCCL - Absalom, Absalom by William Faulkner
213. FoCCL - Did Jesus Exist?: The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth by Bart D. Ehrman
214. FoCCL - The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot: A New Look at Betrayer and Betrayed by Bart D. Ehrman
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220. FoCCL - Reading Judas: The Gospel of Judas And the Shaping of Christianity by Elaine H. Pagels
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222. FoCCL - The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles by Anne Savage
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225. FoCCL - Art and History of Egypt by Alberto Carpiceci
226. FoCCL - Amedeo Modigliani by Jacques Lipchitz and Alfred Werner
227. FoCCL - What Life Was Like in Europe's Golden Age: Northern Europe, Ad 1500-1675 by Steven E. Ozment
228. FoCCL - The Hours of Henry VIII: A Renaissance Masterpiece by Jean Poyet by Roger S. Wieck
229. FoCCL - Teotihuacan: Art from the City of the Gods by Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
230. FoCCL - Bloodline of the Holy Grail: the Hidden Lineage of Jesus Revealed by Laurence Gardner
231. FoCCL - Australian Family Circle Heritage Cookbook by Joy Hayes
232. FoCCL - Furious Hours: Murder, Fraud, and the Last Trial of Harper Lee by Casey Cep
233. FoCCL - Nothin' but Good Times Ahead by Molly Ivins
234. FoCCL - TILT : A Skewed History of the Tower of Pisa by Nicholas Shrady
235. FoCCL - Crowned Masterpieces of Literature That Have Advanced Civilization - Vol. X. by David J. Brewer
236. FoCCL - Grimm's Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm
237. FoCCL - The Best Liberal Quotes Ever: Why the Left Is Right by William Martin
238. FoCCL - The Drifters by James A. Michener
239. FoCCL - The Source by James A. Michener
240. FoCCL - Caravans by James A. Michener
241. Amazon - The Letters of Dorothy L. Sayers: 1899-1936: The Making of a Detective Novelist by Dorothy L. Sayers
242. Dutch & Kay - 'Tis Sixty Years Since: A Story of the University of North Carolina in the 1880s by James Lee Love

Redigerat: aug 29, 7:38 am

culls - only 88 last year. I hope for more this year with my resolution to completely inventory my catalog yielding books that need to be rehomed.

1. The Truth According to Us by Annie Barrows
2. American Sphinx by Joseph J. Ellis
3. The Wandering Fire by Guy Gavriel Kay
4. The Summer Tree by Guy Gavriel Kay
5. The Darkest Road by Guy Gavriel Kay
6. The Chameleon's Shadow by Minette Walters - duplicate
7. Montana 1948 by Larry Watson - trade paperback - duplicate
8. The Bishop's Secret by T.C. Fairley
9. The Billionaire's Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace
10. Closer Than You Know by Brad Parks
11. Sons by Evan Hunter
12. Loving Frank by Nancy Horan
13. The Player by Brad Parks
14. The Fraud by Brad Parks
15. Say Nothing by Brad Parks
16. Eyes of the Innocent by Brad Parks
17. Faces of the Gone by Brad Parks
18. The Politics of Rich and Poor by Kevin Phillips
19. The Forgotten War: America in Korea, 1950-1953 by Clay Blair
20. A History of the Twentieth Century by Martin Gilbert
21. Waking Raphael by Leslie Forbes
22. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury - mass market paperback, 50th anniv edition, duplicate
23. The Autobiography of Henry VIII by Margaret George
24. Complete Works of Lewis Carroll - yellowed
25. Fowler's Modern English Usage - everything I'd ever need is online
26. Lily White by Susan Isaacs - will never read again, Jenna will never want or read
27. The Winner Stands Alone by Paul Coelho
28. Four Spirits by Sena Jeter Naslund
29. Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
30. The Fever Tree and Other Stories of Suspense by Ruth Rendell
31. The Killing Doll by Ruth Rendell
32. The Secret Mistress by Mary Balogh
33. All Florence In Colours by Edouardo Bonechi
34. The Boy in the Field by Margot Livesey - trade paperback, given to a friend
35. The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz - references to LotR? Seriously?
36. Half the Sky by Nicholas D. Kristof
37. The Melaleuca Wellness Guide 2005
38. The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury
39. Telling Tales by Ann Cleeves - dup of new one given to me by Jenna
40. Hidden Depths by Ann Cleeves - dup of new one given to me by Jenna
41. Divisadero by Michael Ondaatje
42. Half Broken Things by Morag Joss
43. Bridget Jones the Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding
44. Cause Celeb by Helen Fielding
45. In The Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje
46. Neither Here Nor There by Bill Bryson
47. Royal Escape by Georgette Heyer - duplicate
48. Doctor Zhivago by Boris Pasternak - I will never, ever read this
49. A History of Britain : At the Edge of the World, 3500 B.C.-1603 A.D by Simon Schama

Redigerat: aug 29, 7:39 am

YTD Statistics through July

229 books read
2 of them on my shelves before 1/1/23 and not rereads
63 books abandoned, 6755 pages abandoned, 1 audiobook, .45 hours abandoned

87.25 audiobook hours
Avg pages read per day, YTD = 277
Avg pages read per book, YTD = 256

Book of the Month: Tie: Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith
Until You by Briar Prescott

Books by Month
January - 33 e-books, 19 books abandoned for 1711 pages
February 34 e-books, 1 paper book, 1 audiobook, 6 books abandoned for 718 pages
March 18 e-books, 7 books abandoned for 443 pages, 1 audiobook abandoned for .45 hours
April 35 e-books, 9 books abandoned for 974 pages
May 32 e-books, 1 audiobook for 16 hours, 8 books abandoned for 1,112 pages
June 39 e-books, 1 audiobook for 17.5 hours, 7 books abandoned for 948 pages
July 36 e-books, 1 audiobook for 18 hours, 8 books abandoned for 849 pages

Male 11%
Female 83%
Undeclared * 4%
Non-Binary 2%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Living 100%
Dead 0%

US Born 49%
Foreign Born 29%
Undeclared * 22%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Hardcover 1%
Trade Pback 0%
Mass Market 0%
Audiobook 2%
e-Book 97%

My Library 4%
Library 0%
Kindle Unlimited 95%
Borrowed from a friend 1%

Re-read 1%
Series 64%

Fiction 99%
NonFiction 1%

Author Birth Country
Australia 8%
Canada 3%
Cuba 1%
England 12%
Ireland 1%
Philippines 1%
Portugal 1%
Scotland 1%
UK 2%
Undeclared * 22%
US 48%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Original Decade Published
2010-2019 33%
2020-2029 67%

Contemporary Fiction 97%
Crime Fiction 2%
Informational Nonfiction 1%

Acquisition/Source Date
Kindle Unlimited 216
2014 1
2015 1
2018 2
2022 2
2023 6
Borrowed 1

Average Rating
1.5 - Very Bad 2
2.0 - Bad 4
2.5 - Average 10
3.0 - Good 21
3.5 - Very Good 42
4.0 - Excellent 111
4.5 - Outstanding 39
5 - Masterpiece 0

Average Rating 3.78
Books acquired YTD 118
Books culled YTD 46

Redigerat: aug 29, 7:41 am

July Lightning Round

Captive Hearts by Ali Ryecart 6/30/23 7/1/23 Kindle
This book could have been about 175-200 pages, 100 less than it was, without all the repeat scenes of emoting and abuse by Frankie, the man Billy lets ‘keep’ him in order to pay his gran’s 24/7 care facility bills. Dashiell rescues Billy from a rape situation and when Frankie asks what he can do to thank Dashiell, he asks for a job. Frankie’s a very bad man, there are crooked dealings going on in the house on top of Frankie being abusive to Billy. There’s sparkage between Dashiell and Billy which they have to keep secret. There is also an undercover sting going on in the house, and Dashiell finally figures out that he knows the agent under over… too much, too long, too drawn out. However, I liked Dashiell’s protectiveness of Billy and how good they are together, regardless of appearing to be so different. Caveat emptor re sex and physical abuse.

LOL by Lucy Lennox and Molly Maddox 7/1/23 7/2/23 Kindle
Slapstick humor, serious sparkage, and a very happy ending made this book take after its name for me. Roman, a movie star, is having a panic attack, rushes off the movie set, and dressed as a cop commandeers a horse carriage in Central Park. Scotty sees a copy and goes. Mayhem ensues, real cops arrive, and Roman gets off scot free but Scotty is fired from his job, loses his medallion, and ends up homeless and more important, barn-less for his cherished Nugget. He arrives at Roman’s NYC townhome and barges in with Nugget in tow, who patiently waits in the foyer while Roman feeds Scotty and realizes the damage he’s done. He offers to take Nugget up to a Vermont ‘cottage’ his friend Oscar is letting him escape to. Scotty takes him up on it, but being homeless with no money figures hiding with Nugget is better than being homeless in the city. Roman finds him, and the sparkage starts. Lots of folks show up, all very eccentric relatives/friends of the cottage’s owner. Eventually Scotty’s mother, a grifter, just released from prison, arrives, ready to rip Roman and Oscar off. More mayhem and sparkage ensue, and I love how Scotty controls the paparazzi to get what they need while giving Scotty and Roman their privacy. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Step Bro Situation by Jesse H Reign 7/2/23 7/3/23 Kindle
Jessie’s mother divorces Jessie’s father and takes Jessie with her to her birth country of Australia. Greg marries Luke’s mother Rachel and Jessie is at the ceremony but returns to Australia. COVID hits. Then things ease up and Jessie comes for a visit. Luke lives in the Guest House, and that’s where they have Jessie stay. Jessie does not remember the sparkage with his step brother but Luke’s been waiting for Jessie to come back for 3+ years. Jessie has serious issues with his father, and anger at the world, and I learned about Parental Alienation - Parental alienation is a theorized process through which a child becomes estranged from one parent as the result of the psychological manipulation of another parent. The child's estrangement may manifest itself as fear, disrespect or hostility toward the distant parent, and may extend to additional relatives or parties. The child's estrangement is disproportionate to any acts or conduct attributable to the alienated parent. – Wikipedia Jessie and Luke become close and sex turns to love. What I loved about this book was how Luke was patient with Jessie and overcame any and all issues that would prevent them from being together. Greg and Rachel knew all along that they’d had crushes on each other, so blended family support. Jessie eventually stands up to his mother’s manipulation and control, and Luke and Jessie get their HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

How to Say I Do by Tal Bauer 7/3/23 7/5/23 Kindle
Oh my. Romance to the nth degree. Noël is dumped at the altar and is drunk and waiting for his flight to Cancun to celebrate his honeymoon alone and lick his wounds. Wyatt is waiting for the same flight in order to have a bit of a vacation and help make sure things are perfect for his brother’s wedding, sees Noël in dire straits, feeds him, and they sit together on the flight with Noël passed out with his feet in Wyatt’s lap. He invites Wyatt to share the limo to the resort. This is a gay-for-you trope, with Noël being dumped by a woman, and Wyatt being gay but being a mostly virgin. They have a wonderful time, serious sparkage and romance, yet Noël just knows he’s going to mess it up and likes Wyatt too much to ruin his life. Noël returns to hi high-level PR work, and needs the perfect wedding venue, and knows that Wyatt’s ranch and fledgling vineyard is it. Fast forward to lots of ups and downs and lots of emotional angst on both sides, and the HEA is absolutely perfect. Caveat emptor re sex.

Sainted by Jesse H Reign 7/5/23 7/6/23 Kindle
Saint is hired to kidnap Damon and hold him for a week until money is exchanged for his safe return. Damon’s a brat, Saint is attracted. Hijinks while waiting for the money/Damon exchange, yet Saint feels something’s not right and sure enough – it’s a bogus kidnap with murder the intent. Saint keeps Damon alive and eventually there’s the HEA. Caveat emptor re sex. Damon’s brattiness is a lot of fun.

The List by Felice Stevens 7/6/23 7/8/23 267 pages Kindle
Win bought the house next door to Eliot’s, and one night on the way home from his police detective job sees a burglar going into Eliot’s house. He follows him in, takes him down, and sees a list Eliot and his friend Spencer created for Eliot’s perfect man. Win is only out for friends with benefits, Eliot is only out for a relationship and HEA. Both have baggage but there’s just something there, and after lots of miscommunication and hurt feelings, we get the HEA. Caveat emptor re sex, of course.

Stick to the Script by Lane Hayes 7/8/23 7/8/23 Kindle
Novella wherein Jamie comes to Wyatt’s parents’ bed and breakfast to meet up with two porn stars to photograph a naughty series of scenes. A raging storm keeps them away, leaving Wyatt and Jamie stuck together for two days. They read the script to each other and act it out and there’s serious sparkage and interest. Jamie’s high maintenance and all over the place, Wyatt is older and calmer yet the sparks fly. They spend a week together and then as Jamie’s leaving we get the beginnings of their HEA. Caveat emptor sex with a bit of relatively mild kink.

The Real Baxter by Lane Hayes 7/8/23 7/9/23 Kindle
A substantial novel that takes a very high maintenance and insecure movie studio owner, Sebastian, and through a spontaneous offer of a lift to the just-fired stunt man Trent, starts a relationship that’s not a relationship and an attraction that on both sides that grows and becomes meaningful. I particularly liked Sebastian’s growth in realizing that his past relationship with ex Gray has completely morphed into best friends only, and the way his sons Charlie, 28, and Oliver, 12, are written with knowledge of boys and young men and their relationship with their father. Trent has been burned emotionally and is happy for a friends-with-benefits relationship until the PR operation of Seb’s studio makes it untenable to continue that way. A sweet and romantic and hot and sexy read. Caveat emptor re sex.

Spreadsheets by Jaclyn Quinn 7/9/23 7/9/23 Kindle
Jeremy and Griffin meet up at college, Griffin as an IT guy and Jeremy has just arrived at a thinly-disguised UNC Chapel Hill to begin his master’s degree and decides to walk on the wild side and go into a store that has handcuffs on the sign. Griffin’s there, they say hi, and that’s supposedly it. However, Jeremy’s dorm room faces onto Griffin’s bedroom somehow, and they have some hot sexy times via phone sex and watching each other. Griffin has to set Jeremy’s computer up, more sparkage and attraction and they’re a couple. The end. Caveat emptor re sex. Sweet and a short novella at 88 pages.

Baxter's Right Hand Man by Lane Hayes 7/9/23 7/10/23 Kindle
Second in The Baxter Chronicles has Pierce Allen, star of Sebastian’s Baxter movies, meeting an attractive man during a photo op, Lorenzo. Lorenzo works in a shop that provides Mr. Gowan, the elderly widowed gay man who may be Pierce’s mother’s cousin, with all sorts of antiques and boutique items. Lorenzo initially hates Pierce, but a text message invitation for albondigas soup from Lorenzo and ending up in the sheets and leads to secretly meetings as they are seriously attracted to each other and trying to hide from the paparazzi and figure out how much they care and how they can make it work. Pierce is supposed to be dating women, Pierce needs to maintain a low profile, and things are angsty. HEA, but frankly a bit forced. Caveat emptor re sex.

Up to No Good by Annabella Michaels 7/10/23 7/10/23 60 pages Kindle
Miles calls Cole names in high school, supposedly because he’s confused about his sexuality and acts like a stupid teenager. Years later when Cole returns home to live and also to be in his brother’s wedding, he’s forced to spend time with Miles, his brother’s best friend, planning the bachelor party. Kisses and grinding at a club, invitations home, the wedding, and moving in together with a proposal at the end all accomplished in 60 pages. Whew. Some people can write really good sexy times scenes, some just miss making you feel the heat. Unfortunately, Michaels just misses. I won’t read any more by her, even though that might not really be fair after only reading 60 pages. Oh well. And, of course, caveat emptor re sex.

Career of Evil by Robert Galbraith 6/6/23 7/11/2023 audiobook
Third in the Cormoran Strike/Robin Ellacott series is, IMO, the most macabre of the series, with Robin receiving a severed leg at work. Strike identifies 3 men from his past who he thinks could have done this, which in his opinion is retribution to what he's done to their lives and/or who he thinks wants revenge. Tracking these men down while trying to keep Robin safe is a juggling act. In addition, a very strange condition called BIID is brought up and explored, something I really wish I didn't know about. Strike and Robin's attraction to one another continues, all the while Robin's trying to keep her marriage alive while Matthew doesn't want her to work for Strike. Glad I re-listened to it, glad I've been able to move on to the next, Lethal White.

Explicit Transactions by Hayden Hall 7/10/23 7/11/23 215 pages Kindle
Oh, how I wanted to like this book. The beginning was luscious, with things hot and steamy, then we got Feelings and Luca’s weird adopted family crime family obligation. The middle and end were sickening sweet AND weirdly bizarre as Luca is kidnapped and Austin, twink that he is, part of the rescue squad. Caveat emptor re very hot and steamy sex.

Rent Boy by Peter Styles and J.P. Oliver 7/11/23 7/12/23 Kindle
Evan is a rent boy, duh, and Jacob hires him to relieve him of his pesky V-card. Jacob keeps shying away, they both develop feelings, and eventually get their HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Right Wrong Number by Katie Warren 7/12/23 7/12/23 Kindle
This book was wonderful, with the right amount of emotional truth and more than the right amount of fun. I mean, how many books have a chapter from a cat’s diary at the beginning and end? Fishsticks is the cat, unhappy after Julian’s husband James doesn’t come home. He’s been dead a year, Julian can barely get out of bed every day, but James’s best friend and Julian’s now-roommate Nora finally makes him start trying to deal with his grief. She tells him to talk to James, which is what she does. Hilariously, Julian decides to text James’ cell phone, not realizing that the number’s been used again. Liam is surprised at texts from ‘Jules’, assumes Jules is a woman because Liam’s nominally straight, and they forge a relationship via text, with a surprising sexting episode. They decide to meet after that, and Liam is blown away by the fact that Jules is a man. They decide to be friends, but Liam is curious based on his initial physical attraction to Jules – a man, to his surprise – and there are fireworks on both sides. There are a few ups and downs, Julian works through his grief although it’s always still there. Liam also gets along wonderfully with Fishsticks, a sure sign that he’s meant to be in Jules’ and Nora’s lives. Marvelous “I love you” scene, HEA, and caveat emptor re sex.

The Jerk Next Door by Mia Monroe 7/13/23 7/14/23 Kindle
Very sweet gay-for-you story of artist Reign and new neighbor straight Ace, who’s just moved to town to get a fresh start. Immediate antagonism and childish battles, then Reign needs a fake date favor to a family do. Turns out Ace’s new boss is Reign’s father. Much Reign and Ace sparkage and eventual sex, HEA. Reign’s former boyfriend gets his come-uppance when he tries to come back into Reign’s life. I liked it and finished it, but by the end there were too many coincidences and just too much everything. And really. Reign and Ace? Caveat emptor re sex.

The Easy Way by May Archer 7/14/23 7/15/23 Kindle
First of The Way Home series, finds Cam reeling from the plane crash that killed his parents and his brother’s fiancé. The pilot’s body was never found. Cort is an FBI agent, brother of the dead pilot, who starts receiving things that only his brother would know about. Cort thinks Cam’s the place to find out the truth, so meets and seduces Cam. It becomes real quickly for both of them, though, and on an isolated island looking for Cort’s brother they find out the truth behind the plane crash. Sweet yet action-filled story with a good HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

I Do (Not) Anni Lee 7/15/23 7/15/23 Kindle
Jake is a desk clerk for a fancy hotel owned by the Craig Family and managed by Aaron Craig. Aaron tasks Jake with ‘babysitting’ his wayward brother during the stockholders meeting week. Meanwhile, Jake and Aaron both realize but don’t communicate to each other that during the previous weekend where Jake attended his sister’s wedding and Aaron attended a family meeting they drunkenly get married. In the meantime, Trevor and Jake are wildly attracted to each other. Aaron feels pressure from their father to marry a woman and do what’s expected to continue the family, whereas Trevor’s bluntly told their father he is sterile because he had a vasectomy and is gay. Jake’s trying to choose, Aaron’s conflicted, Trevor becomes more and more attracted. Almost too much ut author Lee carries it off nicely. There’s a great HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

See Me by CeCe Bennett 7/16/23 7/17/23 Kindle
Ben is the driver for Oliver. They grew up together since Ben’s father is Oliver’s father’s driver. Ben has been in love with Oliver since he started driving for him 4 years ago. There’s a lot to unpack in this novella, but it turns out that Oliver’s bisexual and in love with Ben. Ben’s apartment gets flooded and Oliver insists that Ben move in with him temporarily, and the attraction is mutual and sparkage turns into sexy times. Oliver’s father William tries to set Oliver up with women to date and settle down, but Oliver’s been in love with Ben for 9 years, and once this is out in the open, William backs down and we get our HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Trained by the Boss by Charlotte Storm 7/17/23 7/18/23 Kindle
Hmm. Once I realized it was a boss/PA, dom/submissive, I wasn’t inclined to finish it. However, Aiden’s parents were trying to force him to marry a woman, didn’t know he was gay, and I wanted to see how that was going to play out once Griffin and Aiden started having their dom/sub relationship. Gay for you Aiden gets beaten up by his father, Griffin’s son betrays them both in a very public way. However, eventually we get our HEA. A tad too age gap-y and kinky for me but still. True love is true love, right? Caveat emptor re sex.

Marry Me by Mia Monroe 7/18/23 7/19/23 Kindle
Roommates Briar and Jude have a good thing going – Briar is a gay baker, Jude is a straight tattoo shop owner. They hang out and are best friends. Briar’s last relationship ended badly and Briar’s invited to a friend’s wedding where the nasty ex will be and doesn’t want to show up alone and pathetic so asks Jude to go as his fiancé. In the three months before the wedding they practice boyfriend stuff, up to and including kissing and a bit of etc. At the wedding, Briar is convinced that Jude is going to tell him they’re going back to normal, but Jude has had a life-changing realization and we get a very sweet HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Not So Sincerely, Yours by A.M. Johnson 7/19/23 7/20/23 Kindle
Ethan and boyfriend Chance use Anders’ bathroom for their … ah… reunion after being parted for months. Anders takes offense and hates them both for it. But then Ethan comes back home after breaking up with Chance, staying with friends Jax and Wilder and Anders, Jax’s best friend, does Jax a favor by offering Ethan a part-time office job. Sparkage, clever, LOL emails, and angst on both sides with an eventual HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Laws of Attraction by Peter Styles 7/20/23 7/21/23 Kindle
Ugh. I kept reading to try to figure out how the author was going to convert high school homophobic bullying Jay into a valid romantic interest for bullied in the closet Tom. Ten years later Tom gets a paralegal job at the law firm Jay’s dad cofounded. Shallow, cheap backstories… just short enough for me to finish it before abandoning it. It makes me appreciate well-written short novels. Caveat emptor re poorly written sex.

Until You by Briar Prescott 7/20/23 7/22/23 Kindle
I couldn’t get enough of this book. It started with a mystery when Jude overheard his parents saying they were going to have to move again even though they’d promised him they wouldn’t before he graduated high school. They imply that he’s adopted, so he takes a DNA test and all hell breaks loose. Fast forward 10 years. Jude is distrustful, isolated, and is only interested in hookups. He meets Blake on the roof at a party, and after his dad’s watch goes missing Blake gets in touch after finding it. Jude’s like a feral kitten – fascinated but won’t get close. Blake will only have relationships, but won’t and can’t with Jude. The feral kitten starts snuggling, figuratively speaking, and soon they’re living together and Jude’s just ready to tell Blake he loves him. Then the unthinkable occurs – betrayal – and Jude isolates again. Fortunately, there’s a wonderful HEA. The backstory on each of them is stunning and to say more would be to spoil it. Caveat emptor re sex.

My Boss With Benefits by Casey Cox 7/22/23 7/23/23 Kindle
Kyler has a panic attack based on a childhood trauma while he and his boss are returning home after a conference. They get a room at a resort instead of driving through a hurricane, but there’s only one bed… you can see where this is going and that’s where it goes. Kyler loves Miles’s “hefty” self, and it's a major theme in the book. Sparkage, romance, HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Long Way by May Archer 7/15/23 7/23/23 Kindle
Second in a series has Damon come back from the dead, having survived a crash that killed 3 people. Cain is the son of a U.S. Senator who was friends with 2 of the 3 people killed. Damon wants to prove that he was not negligent in the crash, he and Cain have sparkage. A tad preachy and drawn out. The Senator is a piece of work. Caveat emptor re sex.

Wrong Message, Right Valentine by Romeo Alexander 7/23/23 7/23/23 Kindle
So sweet – Sebastian and Trevor have the hots for each other, yet they are boss and employee and have never crossed the line. While finishing up a weekend’s worth of exhausting work, Trevor accidentally sends Sebastian a d*** pic and invitation that were supposed to go to a friend with benefits. Sebastian admits that he wants to take Trevor up on the invite. They do, sparkage and romance over weeks and weeks. While on a business trip with Seb’s boss and her assistant Rachel, they are discovered in a compromising position, but HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Right-Hand Man by T.S. Ankney 7/23/23 7/23/23 Kindle
Wildly improbably story of Eli’s first day of work and Dante, the owner of the business coming in and liking Eli’s work when his immediate boss doesn’t. Sparkage on both sides, romance, and sex. Dante makes him his assistant, then there’s the HEA. Caveat emptor re the sex, although the romance and Dante’s caring for Eli were very sweet.

Asking for a Friend by JJ Harper 7/23/23 7/24/23 Kindle
I do not get the title on this one but really loved it. Lando is a MM romance author who writes in a local coffee bistro. He and Hesketh collide and coffee goes everywhere. Lando is extremely shy, and Hesketh slowly tries to woo him with gifts of tea, a tea cup, a saucer, etc. All of them have his phone number inside the boxes, which Lando never opens. Lando wonders why Hesketh doesn’t get in touch, ditto Hesketh. They finally figure THAT one out. Lando has been hurt so many times by boyfriends leaving that it’s his hard limit, and during a planned book signing weekend Hesketh’s brother Rory, who hasn’t been in touch for 15 years, turns up. Hesketh makes a serious mistake in turning off his phone, Lando thinks he’s been ghosted. They finally come back from that, and we get a very sweet HEA. Caveat emptor re bossy bottom sex…

The Kiss of His Blade by Romeo Alexander 7/25/23 7/27/23 Kindle
I love assassin books – Tristan works for a secretive non-governmental agency and is hired to kill Dane. Dane’s the son of a US Senator, is a decorated war hero, head of a charity, and having a rough time reintegrating to civilian life after being, what Tristan eventually calls him, a jarhead (Marine). The first attempt fails because Dane is highly trained. The second attempt also fails, and Tristan’s organization has a rule that if the contract was taken out for illegitimate reasons, the contract is null and void, but the proof of innocence has to be solid. Tristan and Dane have a highly-charged attraction and sex at the end of this episode and have to escape, looking for proof. Chase scenes, confrontations with family members, sharing of history, and etc., and we get our HEA. I really loved this one a lot, including the unexpected reveal of who took out the contract. Caveat emptor re sex.

Always the Groomsman by Raleigh Ruebins 7/27/23 7/27/23 Kindle
Zane goes as a groomsman for the 10th time for his friend Colby. Sebastian is Colby’s best friend, but has never met Zane. Over the course of two weeks there’s sparkage and hurt and misunderstandings on both sides. Lots of sweetness, some heat, a nice HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

To Love and Protect by Romeo Alexander 7/27/23 7/28/23 Kindle
Adrian is in the Witness Protection Plan and has gone through more agents than imaginable, along with escaping 3 attempts on his life during that time. He gets new agent Marcus, stuck in Pennsylvania suburbia. They drive each other crazy until they don’t, and have to escape another murder attempt. Lots of explosions, bad guys chasing them, brief respites with sex and patching each other’s injuries up… lots of fun. Eventual HEA and caveat emptor re sex.

Help Me Remember by Romeo Alexander 7/28/23 7/29/23 Kindle
Dylan shows up at a clinic in his home town, although he doesn’t know it’s his hometown because he has amnesia. He’s been shot, concussed, and otherwise injured and is recognized for former best friend and nurse Eric, who under Dylan’s insistence that he not go to a hospital, takes him home to look after him. Local gang members and eventually Russian Mafia come after them, and they go to the police, and of course there’s a bad guy embedded in the police there too, with more chasing and hiding and etc. Lots of explosions, bad guys chasing them, brief respites with sex and Eric patching Dylan up, and just like the one before this one, lots of fun. Eventual HEA and caveat emptor re sex.

Cupid Hates Me by Romeo Alexander 7/29/23 7/29/23 Kindle
Sweet novella. Brendan is a chef, Ryan is one of the paramedics called out when Brendan is stabbed in an alleyway while trying to save a boy. Ryan gives him his phone number, Brendan waits a while to call but eventually does. Three dates later, they are boyfriends. Romantic and caveat emptor re sex.

Escort by Romeo Alexander 7/29/23 7/30/23 Kindle
Max is a college student living in the family home with his sister and nephew. He is also an escort, and Jacob needs someone as a fake boyfriend to keep people off his back. He hires Max for ‘dates’ and social events that Jacob has to attend in his role as businessman and member of the Board. They immediately hit it off, and they both keep getting more and more involved although things stay official through the escort service until Max is threatened with expulsion from the college because of one Board member. Jacob and another Board member Hannah bring it to the attention of the Dean that the threat of expulsion is motivated against Jacob, and we get our HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Case of the Disappearing Hero by Romeo Alexander 7/30/23 7/30/23 118 pages Kindle
Trevor is a Sheriff in a small town, who in his off hours rescues 3 girls from traffickers. Cole is the reporter Trevor invites to tell his story. Trevor is in the closet, Cole’s out. There are mysterious efforts to harm Trevor, a homophobic mother to overcome, and true love to win out. Caveat emptor re sex. Okay for a novella, but it just didn’t speak to me as much as other books by Alexander.

Redigerat: aug 29, 7:42 am

324 books read

1 Masterpiece
51 Stunning
181 Excellent
48 Very Good
30 Good
9 Average
4 Bad
0 Very Bad
0 Don't Bother
0 Anathema

Best Fiction
The Guncle by Steven Rowley
The Adults by Caroline Hulse
Should We Stay or Should We Go by Lionel Shriver
Anxious People by Fredrik Backman
Hopelessly Bromantic and Here Comes My Man by Blake Lively

Best (only) Nonfiction
Woke Racism by Dr. John McWhorter
The Book of General Ignorance by John Mitchinson
The Story of Human Language by Dr. John McWhorter
Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow
Washington: A Life by Ron Chernow

Top five overall for the LT Top Five Books of 2022 list:
The Guncle by Steven Rowley
Anxious People by Fredrik Backman
Woke Racism by Dr. John McWhorter
The Adults by Caroline Hulse
Alexander Hamilton by Ron Chernow

Redigerat: aug 29, 7:43 am


aug 29, 7:37 am


aug 29, 7:41 am

Happy new one, Karen. I recently learned that ginger tabbies are most often male. I wonder why, and how Zoe got around that!

aug 29, 7:45 am

Hi Shelley, and thank you. Hmmm about gingers. Zoe has more white than Wash, on her chest and paws, and is about half Wash's size. I'm trying to remember if my family or I have ever had another female ginger, and don't think so. We had a male named Taffy when I was little. Your ginger boy is gorgeous.

aug 29, 8:00 am

I am still a bit behind from your last thread, but I am here now!

Happy new one :)

aug 29, 8:17 am

>11 karenmarie: - Thanks, Karen, re Theo. He is a BIG boy, too, though still young (3 and a half). I can't remember where I heard about the ginger tabby male thing but I thought it interesting. The way most torties are female. My previous 2 were torties and both were girls. Life is mysterious! ;-).

aug 29, 8:38 am

New 🧵 orisons, Karen! *smooch*

aug 29, 1:32 pm

Happy new thread Karen!

aug 29, 1:40 pm

Happy new thread, Karen!

>7 karenmarie: Congratulations on passing 4 x 75!

aug 29, 1:52 pm

Happy New Thread!

aug 29, 3:04 pm

Karen, you might want to saunter over to Caroline's thread. She took lots of photos of an exhibition she went to of Freddie Mercury's personal things, soon to be auctioned off.

aug 29, 3:08 pm

Happy new thread, Karen! Maybe I will actually keep up with this one. . .

aug 29, 3:57 pm

Happy lucky number, dear Karen. xx

aug 29, 4:43 pm

Happy new thread, Karen. Hope it's a lucky one to go with the number.

aug 29, 7:50 pm

>12 figsfromthistle: Hi Anita, and thank you for visiting. I completely understand being behind on threads.

>13 jessibud2: He’s about Wash’s age. Wash weighs about 12 pounds or so. I’ve had one tortie, a female, and two calicos, also females, plus various and sundry tabbies, Siamese, and etc.

>14 richardderus: Thank you, RD! *smooch*

>15 quondame: Thanks, Susan.

>16 FAMeulstee: Thank you, Anita, twice.

>17 streamsong: Hello Janet. Thank you.

>18 jessibud2: Thanks for remembering how much I love Freddie Mercury. Off I go!

>19 alcottacre: Thanks, Stasia. Heh. Keeping up is a serious challenge for me these days, so I can understand if my thread gets away from you.

>20 PaulCranswick: Thank you, Paul. Eights just make me feel good.

>21 Familyhistorian: And thank you, too Meg. I’ve always had 8 as a lucky number. Jenna’s lucky number is 8, too, because when she was about 7, a school carnival had a cake walk and she won a cake on lucky number 8. *smile*

aug 30, 7:18 am

Morning, Karen. Happy New Thread. Funny, I stopped by yesterday but you were making up your new thread and then I completely missed it when I came online later. Hey, I found you now. All good here. Getting out on some bird walks and enjoying those books. Hope all the book fondling is going well.

aug 30, 7:46 am

Morning, Karen! Happy new one! As always, I love the photos up top - especially the one of Wash. When I was growing up, we had a stray cat that we called Sally that was a ginger tabby - I remember one year she had a litter of kittens under the rose bush on the side of our house. My mom was not best pleased, but they were so sweet, and we managed to find homes for all of them. I had wanted so badly to keep one, but no. Finally got my own first kitten for my ninth birthday from my oldest sister and her husband - I have no idea how they talked my mom into it, but she was the best gift I have ever received.

Hoping today is kind to you, my friend!

aug 30, 8:31 am

Lessee...what's today again?...oh yeah. Happy Mittelwoch readings, chère Horrible. *smooch*

aug 30, 9:31 am

Happy new one, Karen!

aug 30, 9:45 am

>23 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and thank you. I know – timing. Good to see you here today. Yay for bird walks and books.

All four bird feeders have food, but right now there's not a single visitor. I did see a Carolina Chickadee a bit earlier.

>24 Crazymamie: Mamie! Nice to see you here. Thank you re the new thread and Wash. Yay for your sister and her husband.

>25 richardderus: Yup. 'tis Wed-nez-day. I need to start Indigo Field for September’s book club meeting, plus am continuing with my MM romances. *smooch*

Wordle 802 2/6* adieu, audio. *happy dance*


The book fondling took 'til almost 11, so 8 of us had lunch at Virlie's. i brought home to-go orders for both Bill and Jenna. Got 3 sessions of the brace in, read, and got caught up on Lightning Round reviews.

Today is treadmill, drive-through pharmacy to pick up a prescription, bank, brace sessions, reading, and etc. I need to go out early, because we're expecting weather from Hurricane Idalia, possibly as early as noonish. Rain and some wind only, most likely.

aug 30, 9:46 am

>26 drneutron: Hi Jim, and thank you!

aug 30, 9:47 am

Karen, when you go visit Caroline's thread re the Freddie Mercury exhibit, she has now also added a short video. Amazing

aug 30, 10:30 am

>27 karenmarie: Stay safe! I hope the hurricane does not hit you too hard!!

aug 30, 10:33 am

Happy Thread! More later!!! (((((Karen)))))

aug 30, 11:07 am

>27 karenmarie: Your Wordle-in-two is wunderbar! Congratulations!

Karen O

aug 30, 5:44 pm

Happy new thread, Karen! We haven't seen much here from Idalia yet. I don't want high winds, but we could sure use the rain! I hope you got all your errands run and are now settled in.

aug 30, 7:52 pm

>29 jessibud2: Hi Shelley, and thank you for sending me to Caroline’s thread. I looked at her pics and the video. Absolutely amazing. Mary is doing the best thing for herself and his memory.

>30 alcottacre: Thanks Stasia – we may get some rain tonight but it keeps tracking further east so we might not get anything at all. Peggy’s going to get quite a bit of rain, I think.

>31 LizzieD: (((((hugs))))) Stay safe.

>32 klobrien2: Thanks, Karen. The luck of my first word.

>33 atozgrl: I don’t want much rain here, because the ground’s wet and I don’t need any trees down on our property. Can’t control it, though, so here’s to you, Peggy, and me staying safe and dry and with power.

I used the treadmill for 37 minutes. I chatted with a man who, sadly, never remembers who I am although we’ve spoken quite a few times in the last month or so. He warned me it would happen. He’s mostly cheerful although today he said he wished he had someone to worry about him when I said I needed to get home ‘cuz Bill was expecting me around a certain time and I’d already pushed it by chatting.

aug 31, 1:41 am

Happy new thread, Karen! Hope you're having a lovely week. 😁

aug 31, 5:10 am

Happy Thursday, Karen!

Thought of you and Peggy hearing about Hurricane Idalia. Glad it won't hit hard around you.

>34 karenmarie: Sad when memory fails. It was nice of him to warn you about it, but it still is sad...

aug 31, 7:41 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. I had a good hike with my birding buddies yesterday. We saw about 30 species. I have my annual physical early this AM and then I will help with Jackson for a few hours. Sue will watch him tomorrow and then bring him back here again for an overnighter. Lots of Jack time.

I wish there was more to report on the feeder front. It certainly is busy- just nothing special.

aug 31, 8:35 am

Morning, Karen! Bright and sunny here today after yesterday's rain. Nothing much on the agenda except to run Mercy to the vet. She has a front claw that is suddenly much thicker than the others - have you ever come across this before? It's really wide and tough. I'm hoping it's nothing serious.

So sad about the man who cannot remember your previous chats, and how kind and considerate of him to warn you about it.

Hoping that today is kind to you.

aug 31, 9:54 am

>35 PlatinumWarlock: Hi Lavinia! Thank you. So far so good – treadmill work, brace work, reading and etc. Idalia report below – no problems, thank goodness.

>36 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita, and thank you. It curved off the coast, fortunately.

I enjoyed chatting with him. He uses a treadmill for 1 hour, 15 minutes on/3 minutes off. Fortunately, there are two treadmills. I was already on my favorite one when he came in. I’m not one for casual conversations, but he really seemed to want to chat and I wasn’t adverse. I hope you are having a good Thursday, too.

>37 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and a very sweet Thursday to you, too. Wow 30 species. As always, I’m impressed. Good luck with the physical – mine’s at the end of November – and then yay for it being a Jackson day AND week. I have a female cardinal on the feeders, that’s it, but there’s a hummingbird eyeing the feeder from the Crepe Myrtle – AND we just had two males fighting each other off.

>38 Crazymamie: ‘Morning, Mamie! I’m glad the storm tracked east and south of you. A thicker claw? Never heard of it. Is it giving her fits or is it just something y’all have noticed? I guess it could mean an infection underneath, but after that and with only three sips of coffee under my belt, I’ve got nothing. I’ll visit your thread in a bit. I hope that today’s kind to you, too. Plans for today below.

Wordle 803 3/6* adieu, tried, bride


Yesterday - treadmill, check. 3 x brace, check. Reading, check.

Idalia brought bands of rain late, say perhaps 9ish, then was done by 1:30 when I turned the light out. No damage as I look around this morning. A few wispy clouds and a light breeze. The advantage of the storm is that today's high will only be 80F, 68F now, and the humidity is not bad at all.

I'm having a late lunch with friend Jan today at Taziki's Mediterranean Cafe. Other than that brace, reading, puttering, and etc. Since I'll be eating a large late lunch, no plans for dinner. Everybody will be responsible for feeding themselves, what we call 'winging it."

aug 31, 10:33 am

Good morning, Karen, and it is a fabulous, bright, cool one here! We haven't checked the rain gauge, but we got some nice rain and not too much wind. I had expected the rain to linger, so I slept in for a glorious half hour and missed the best walking morning in months. I can take it.

You are the WORDLE WOMAN! Today took me 5 tries. I still can't figure why it was so hard for me. Anyway, I'm hanging in.

Enjoy your day!

aug 31, 10:44 am

'Morning, Peggy! So glad you weathered the storm and have been rewarded with fabulous, bright, and cool.

Wordle isn't always easy for me, and as you know, I shamelessly use the list of 2,309 words AND the list of words already used. Some days just go better than others, and I was skunked several days ago.

I hope you have a wonderful day.

aug 31, 10:46 am

Morning, Horrible. It was a much better August for me than I'd expected, thank goodness. My recovery seems to be continuing like yours...put in effort, get out results.


aug 31, 11:51 am

I'm back from the vet, and luckily it seems to be just some sort of trauma that damaged the claw which should grow out. The vet trimmed it up and removed what she could of the extra thick sheath that resulted from whatever happened. We just need to keep an eye on it and make sure it doesn't get infected. And go back to let her do the next nail trim on it. I am so happy it was nothing major.

aug 31, 7:52 pm

Happy new thread!

>39 karenmarie: We also got rain last night and this morning but the rest of the day was very nice with low humidity. Fall may be coming after all.

aug 31, 10:24 pm

sep 1, 6:25 am

>43 Crazymamie: Hi Mamie! Whew! I'm so glad it was 'just' trauma and not anything worse. Yay for dodging a kitty sickness bullet.

>44 witchyrichy: Hi Karen, and thank you. It's 55F here now, only going to a high of 82F. Not bad for a mid-Atlantic summer. We'll take all the non-vicious days we can get.

>45 SilverWolf28: Hi Silver, and thank you.

Wordle 804 4/6* adieu, cleat, reach, space


Yesterday was an enjoyable lunch with Jan, with solid listening time going to and coming back from lunch, Troubled Blood, 5th in the Cormoran Strike/Robin Ellacott series. Not so enjoyable was my 2nd Shingrix shot. My arm's noticably more sore than the first dose, and yesterday afternoon I felt weird and overheated for a while. Other than that, so far no side effects.

Today's agenda includes treadmill and brace. And reading, and possibly enticing Jenna into playing Yahtzee. We play 6-dice Yahtzee, with this fun scorecard. Villa is 3 of one number and 3 of another number. Tower is 2 of one number and 4 of another number.

sep 1, 7:46 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Friday. I passed my annual with flying colors, which is always good news. I enjoyed my few hours with Jack too, so a fine day. I plan on taking Juno on a longer trail walk this AM, while Sue scoops up Jack. I hope to squeeze in a chunk of reading too.

What is the "Shingrix shot."? The shingles?

sep 1, 8:43 am

>46 karenmarie: Shingles vaccines are amoong the things Biden's adminiatration is adding to the Medicare-paid list. This delights me.

Have a lovely Friday, smoochling!

Redigerat: sep 1, 10:03 am

>47 msf59: 'Morning, Mark, and happy Friday to you, too. Congrats on passing your annual with flying colors. Yay Jack day. Glad you and Juno will hit the trail, and Jack coming back for Grandma/Grandpa/overnight time.

Shingrix is the 2-dose shingles vaccine. I had the original one-dose shingles vaccine, Zostavax, this one came out in 2017 and my doctor said I should get it. He told me to do this about 5 years ago, but I finally decided this was the year, especially with Diane Feinstein's complications - encephalitis and Ramsay Hunt syndrome.

>48 richardderus: Hiya, RD! Shingles is nothing to sneeze at, for sure.

So far my Friday is good. Time for a quick nap, believe it or not - I only got about 3 hours of sleep last night - don't know why - so am whupped. I'll probably go use the treadmill later on.


sep 1, 10:40 am

>39 karenmarie: I am very glad to hear that you took no damage!

Have a wonderful weekend!

sep 1, 4:22 pm

>46 karenmarie: Happy Friday, Karen! It sure is great to have some nice weather for a change!

We love Yahtzee, but I've never seen that version of it. Very interesting! I've got an alternate version called Kismet, but this one is new. I'll have to look for it.

Better to have a sore arm than Shingles. My husband got Zostavax, then several years later got a rash, went to the doctor, and was told he had shingles. It was fortunate that he had the shot or it would have been much worse. He finally got Shingrix this year. In my case, the doctor told me to wait until I was 60 before getting vaccinated, then I wound up putting it off for a bit, and when I was ready to go get vaccinated, the new vaccine came out. So I checked with my doctor and she said to get the new one. But when I went to the pharmacy, they didn't have it yet and also said that it was unclear what insurance would pay for it. So I spent some time investigating to see if my insurance covered it. By the time I got back to the pharmacy, there was a months long waiting list to get vaccinated. I put my name on the waiting list and eventually got it.

Yay for the treadmill, and I hope the brace isn't too uncomfortable. Have a great weekend!

sep 1, 9:00 pm

>50 alcottacre: Hi Stasia, and thank you. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too.

>51 atozgrl: The weather has been gorgeous for the last two days for sure, Irene. If you want the PDF of the Yahtzee Scorecard for 6 dice, I can send it to you as a PDF that you can print. You'll need 6 dice, of course.

I'm glad both you and your husband have gotten the Shingrix vaccine. My husband got his first dose last week and was pretty miserable for about 3-4 days, but he's always been more sensitive to vaccines than I have.

I used the treadmill for 38 minutes today, a new world record, and have already used the brace twice today. It's not too uncomfortable, but after about 20 minutes or so I can definitely feel it as a 3 of 10 on the pain scale. Thanks re my weekend, same to you!

Redigerat: sep 1, 9:01 pm

YTD Statistics through August

258 books read
2 of them on my shelves before 1/1/23 and not rereads
69 books abandoned, 7443 pages abandoned, 1 audiobook, .45 hours abandoned

109.75 audiobook hours
Avg pages read per day, YTD = 275
Avg pages read per book, YTD = 259

Book of the Month: Tie: Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus
Love Always, Wild by A.M. Johnson

Books by Month
January - 33 e-books, 19 books abandoned for 1711 pages
February 34 e-books, 1 paper book, 1 audiobook, 6 books abandoned for 718 pages
March 18 e-books, 7 books abandoned for 443 pages, 1 audiobook abandoned for .45 hours
April 35 e-books, 9 books abandoned for 974 pages
May 32 e-books, 1 audiobook for 16 hours, 8 books abandoned for 1,112 pages
June 39 e-books, 1 audiobook for 17.5 hours, 7 books abandoned for 948 pages
July 36 e-books, 1 audiobook for 18 hours, 8 books abandoned for 849 pages
August 29 ebooks, 1 audiobook for 22.5 hours, 6 books abandoned for 688 pages

Male 11%
Female 83%
Undeclared * 4%
Non-Binary 2%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Living 100%
Dead 0%

US Born 47%
Foreign Born 31%
Undeclared * 22%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Hardcover 1%
Trade Pback 0%
Mass Market 0%
Audiobook 2%
e-Book 97%

My Library 9%
Library 0%
Kindle Unlimited 90%
Borrowed from a friend 1%

Re-read 2%
Series 66%

Fiction 99%
NonFiction 1%

Author Birth Country
Australia 7%
Canada 4%
Cuba 1%
England 15%
Ireland 1%
Philippines 1%
Portugal 1%
Scotland 1%
UK 2%
Undeclared * 21%
US 46%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Original Decade Published
2010-2019 34%
2020-2029 66%

Contemporary Fiction 97%
Crime Fiction 2%
Informational Nonfiction 1%

Acquisition/Source Date
Kindle Unlimited 238
2012 1
2013 3
2014 1
2015 1
2017 1
2018 7
2020 2
2021 1
2022 3
Borrowed 1

Average Rating
1.5 - Very Bad 2
2.0 - Bad 4
2.5 - Average 12
3.0 - Good 21
3.5 - Very Good 48
4.0 - Excellent 120
4.5 - Outstanding 50
5 - Masterpiece 1

Average Rating 3.81
Books acquired YTD 155
Books culled YTD 49

Redigerat: sep 1, 9:11 pm

August Lightning Round

Distraction by Kelly Fox 7/31/23 8/1/23 Kindle
From Amazon:

Look, no one's ever accused me of being sane, y'know? So when I say that I am crazy over this RICO agent, know that I mean business.

Sure, I'm responsible for getting him fired from the job he's wanted his whole life, but his grandfather just died and left him 13.1 billion dollars. Dude deserves a break, is all I'm saying. And yeah, I'm a violent mobster with a savior complex, but that shouldn't get in the way of our epic love story.

Besides, a little gunplay in the bedroom is good for the soul.

Distraction is a Mafia romance that features a frustrated RICO agent-slash-reluctant billionaire, a delightfully deranged mob enforcer with questionable boundaries, and a simple takedown that ends up a little...explosive.

Fun and crazy and only works if you can handle moral gray areas – like murder and torture and betrayal. I laughed out loud. I also like Hopper’s backstory. Liam the former FBI agent is a bit less understandable and how quickly he falls in love with Hopper not obvious. However, HEA and definitely caveat emptor re sex.

An Unexpected Kind of Love by Hayden Stone 8/2/23 8/2/23 Kindle
A very sweet romance with angst and temporary setbacks. Blake is in London playing a bit role in a movie. Aubrey owns a bookstore that the filming company wants to use for some of the scenes. Aubrey goes to one of the trailers to talk with Alice about the situation, but third trailer could mean left or right and he goes left not right… and has an explosive romantic encounter with Blake. They start spending time together but things get in the way. We get a wonderful HEA, though, and Aubrey and Blake’s love and happiness are beautifully written. Caveat emptor re sex.

Curious by R.G. Alexander 8/3/23 8/3/23 Kindle
Jeremy is bisexual, Owen is straight. They’ve been friends for almost two decades. Jeremy and (girl)friend with benefits Tasha and an unnamed man don’t lock the door at a party and Owen watches Jeremy and the unnamed man and lock eyes before he leaves. He can’t forget about what he saw, and for his birthday the next week asks Jeremy to experiment a bit with him. It changes their entire relationship, of course. Jeremy has loved Owen for almost as long as he’s known him and is petrified that this will end their friends relationship. Owen falls in love with Jeremy, there are complications with Owen’s sister’s fiancé, Tasha, and one of Owen’s brothers, but we get our HEA after lots of steamy sex and eventual discussion of feelings. Caveat emptor the steamy sex.

Liar's Gambit by Kelly Fox 8/3/23 8/4/23 Kindle
This was a lot of fun, with Nigel being hired by Wilhelm to help him assassinate a bad guy and rescue a young woman. Immediate sparkage, lots of banter during the rescue and after, satisfaction of the sparkage, and a clever and fun ending. Caveat emptor re the sex and violence.

Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall 8/4/23 8/6/23 Kindle
Slow burn, fake boyfriend, with Luc needing a boyfriend for a work fund raiser and Oliver needing a fake boyfriend for his parents’ wedding anniversary party. Neither is good at relationships, Luc remembers Oliver dissing him a long time ago and doesn’t think anybody would ever be in a boyfriend relationship again, Oliver doesn’t believe he’s worthy of having a real boyfriend period flat. Over time, over upsets, over miscommunications, each comes to realize that they’ve found the right one. I’m trying to remember if there’s sex to caveat emptor re – perhaps, perhaps not. There were so many laugh-out loud moments, so much clever conversation between Luc, Oliver, and their friendship group.

Obsession by Beth Laycock 8/6/23 8/6/23 Kindle
Too shallow, too many soapbox issues – schizophrenia and animal cruelty, children raised by single moms – and too many coincidences. Eli is a bartender/student, Dominic is a policeman – ‘copper’ is way too frequently used in a jarring way. It’s all over the place, this book, but of course with a HEA. Caveat emptor re sex. No more of this author for me.

How to Bang a Billionaire by Alexis Hall 8/6/23 8/7/23 Kindle
The prologue gives a hint of things before Arden reaches out on a cold call to Caspian – billionaire – and Caspian is entranced with Arden, promising to come to the fundraiser at the college. Arden is fascinated with Caspian, never thinking that Caspian could be attracted to him. And thus it begins, Arden agreeing to live in an apartment owned by Caspian, trying to love a man who doesn’t seem to even really want to be touched, much less loved. Arden is full of love and life, which attracts the cruelty and need in Caspian. Lots of esoteric arguments about ownership and caring and love, lots of sexy times. Arden tries to leave, Caspian tracks him down and they try again. Caveat emptor re sex.

How to Blow It With a Billionaire by Alexis Hall 8/7/23 8/8/23 \Kindle
Caspian can only give Arden so much of his time, Arden is at loose ends after finishing up at Oxford and waiting for the results. He wants to go into journalism but is curiously insecure but won’t take help from Caspian. They become closer. Caspian’s sister Ellery comes onto the scene, a very unhappy young woman who Arden starts spending time with, in a platonic way. But it makes Caspian crazy. Then, Arden’s best friend, temporarily in the US, is in a serious car wreck and Caspian makes sure Arden can go to him. After, there is conflict with Ellery, a party at which Arden and Caspian take their sexy times to a new and potentially disturbing level, and then finally Caspian ends it. Caveat emptor re sex. There are hints that Bellerose, Caspian’s PA, knows more about things than he's letting on, yet he tells Arden to keep in touch.

How to Belong With a Billionaire by Alexis Hall 8/8/23 8/10/23 Kindle
Final book about Arden and Caspian, has Arden getting on with his life. He has a relationship with a person from work, moves in with Caspian’s sister Ellery and has a platonic relationship with her, and Caspian gets re-engaged to Nathaniel. Arden’s emotions are all over the place, and Caspian keeps showing up in his life although they’ve broken up. Arden’s bio dad, a bad man, turns up and causes havoc requiring Arden to turn to Caspian as the only person who can protect Arden’s mother, his second mother and her husband. Arden finds out that Nathaniel wants to harm Caspian emotionally at a BDSM scene, gets in with a little help from a friend, and things resolve. I was very pleased with this series. Arden and Caspian finally get their HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Love Always, Wild by A.M. Johnson 8/10/23 8/11/23 Kindle
Wilder’s out, Jax is in the closet. They’re lovers in college until Jax has to go home to deal with a family tragedy and ghosts Wilder, supposedly the love of his life, for 9 years. Wilder, an author, writes about their story with a different ending, gets it published, and Jax sees it in the horror that is his still-closeted life, taking care of his brother, who was oxygen deprived in a car accident that killed their father. Jax is still afraid to come out to his mother and deal with the homophobia of small-town Florida. He writes to Wilder, pretending to be someone called Jordan, and for a month the correspond until they decide to meet. It goes to hell pretty quickly, but eventually there’s the HEA, angst that is quickly overcome, more trust issues. I liked it but didn’t love it. Caveat emptor re sex.

Glitterland by Alexis Hall 8/12/23 8/13/23 Kindle
Ash picks up Darian at a stag party and there’s romance and sparkage and opposites attract. Ash is bipolar and Darian is a glottal-stop guy from Essex and you have some serious ups and downs before we get the HEA. This edition of the Kindle book has footnotes where Alexis talks about things he was thinking about while writing the book or other interesting tidbits. Caveat emptor re sex. Caveat emptor powerfully written emotions.

The London Chance by Lane Hayes 8/12/23 8/12/23 Kindle
Chance signs up for a dating app while drunk out of his mind and is surprised to get a hit the next day. For the next month he and Roman text and flirt. Chance makes the opportunity to go to London for a business deal but really to meet Roman. The date is a dud, but after saying good-bye to each other Roman runs across Chance at a karaoke bar. Chance is once again drunk out of his mind and Roman takes him home out of a sense of responsibility. Sparkage the second time around, romance, and HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

Waiting For the Flood by Alexis Hall 8/13/23 8/24/23 Kindle
Edwin lives alone in the house he lived in with his boyfriend, sad and defeated. An emergency crew comes by and Adam, a civil engineer, helps Edwin protect his house. They are attracted and as the weather worsens and they start sharing more of themselves it turns into sparkage. Very sweet, very innocent, barely a caveat emptor re sex. Alexis Hall writes very compelling characters.

For Real by Alexis Hall 8/14/23 8/16/23 Kindle
Laurie also lives alone in the house he lived in with his boyfriend, sad and defeated. He is persuaded to go to a club with friends Grace and Sam, where he meets 19-year old Toby, who surprises the heck out of him by saying he’s a Dom when Laurie tries to tell him to be careful of some of the Doms in the club. Laurie takes him home because Laurie’s submissive and the age gap is nothing compared to the dom/sub sparkage. Laurie’s his own worst enemy because he feels guilty for keeping Toby from living the life Laurie thinks Toby wants/deserves, where Toby wants a life with Laurie and is trying to figure out the adulting bits. Caveat emptor re dom/sub stuff and sex.

Pansies by Alexis Hall 8/16/23 8/18/23 Kindle
Alfie is a successful London banker come back to North Shields to be in his best friend’s wedding. He leaves partway through after unintentionally outing himself as gay, goes to a bar, and picks up a man who he had bullied when they were young. There’s sparkage and ups and downs and lots of angst about Alphie’s being gay and also about Fen’s grief over his mother’s passing and trying to honor her by keeping her flower shop, Pansies, going. Eventual HEA, very sweet moments and lots of serious discussion about being gay and what to do to make another person be a better version of themselves. Caveat emptor re sex.

Reese Holt: The Dark Side by Laura Baumbach 8/18/23 8/19/23 Kindle
Ex-military and ex-CIA Reese owns a security company and in the middle of a recovery operation under water, a young man, bound and gagged, appears in the water in front of him. So, what are the odds? Anyway. Reese rescues him and gets involved in keeping the billionaire’s son alive. Reese is closed off, emotionally remote, but Alex absolutely does something to him. Two rescues and a great denouement later, we get a HEA. Caveat emptor re sex. This is supposedly the first in a series called Reese Holt, but so far, no second book.

Dear Mr. Brody by A.M. Johnson 8/19/23 8/20/23 Kindle
Donova – Van - is divorced from a woman and with a 10-year old daughter, working as a copy editor. He just starts teaching, a class in creative writing at a small college, where he meets Parker, a potentially gifted writer. Separate from that, Van wants to explore his bisexual nature and gets on a hookup app, which just happens to be used by Parker, and coincidence!! They anonymously hook up and start sexting. They finally meet, Van is conflicted about dating a student. They are seriously attracted to each other, start falling in love. I really liked the way this author writes feelings and even if there are lots of coincidences, it rings true. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Forever, Con Amor, by A.M. Johnson** 233 pages
I’ve decided to start adding books abandoned and why I abandoned them. This one is the 4th in a series and the characters just didn’t work for me. With abandoned books there’s always the place where I either say “Nope” or “I don’t care about these characters any more.” I didn’t care about these characters any more. Improbable and I might have needed to wait longer after Dear Mr. Brody, just read above, before plunging into the 4th.

The Endless Road to Sunshine by Nicky James 8/21/23 8/22/23 Kindle
Wow. Jason woke up one morning to find his husband of 20 years, Morgan, being escorted away from their home in handcuffs, accused of killing 11 men. He loses his professor’s job because the college feels it can’t deal with the disruption to campus life caused by the publicity and Jason goes ‘undercover’ to another college as Jaxon. Skylar takes his Ancient Civilizations class and Jason, still falling apart after 18 months and with Morgan convicted and in prison, is attracted to Skylar’s sunny disposition and ability to make him smile. Skylar is initially attracted to Jason because he’s super sexy and hot, but starts falling for him immediately. He is also a giver, and realizes Jason needs a lot. Jason starts letting Skylar give – cuddles, sex, domestic sweetness. I loved the plot and action aspects (nope – get your minds out of the gutter! I mean things related to Morgan, serial killing, and a plot twist near the end), and really appreciated Skylar’s family dynamic with his mom and stepdad. A very Happily Ever After, and caveat emptor re sex.

The Christmas I Know by Nicky James 8/22/23 8/23/23 Kindle
Andrew is trying to get to his fiance’s house but his flight is cancelled, others are delayed, and he’s finally given a ride by Xavier. Andrew finally realizes Val, the fiancé, is a jerk, and falls in love with Xavier, who returns the favor. Pretty shallow, actually, with over-the-top characters and cringe-worthy dialog. Sigh. Caveat emptor re sex and way too many tears.

Adrenaline Jake by Louise Collins 8/23/23 8/23/23 Kindle
What fun. Jake is a thief on a very minor scale, taking things from work then returning them, but needing the adrenaline high. One night he gets hit by a speeding car, pushed into the back seat, then left to steer it safely to a rest after the driver is taken out with a bullet to the forehead. Jake also sees a briefcase, which, of course being Jake, he has to take. He gets on the radar of the man it was taken from, a Mafia Boss, who eventually figures out who has it. Jake won’t give it up, there’s sparkage, and etc. HEA and caveat emptor re sex and violence.

Mad Dog Maddox by Louise Collins 8/23/23 8/23/23 Kindle
The same story as Adrenaline Jake, told from Maddox’s point of view. Where in the first book Jake doesn’t understand Maddox’s eventually pushing him away, in this book we realize that Maddox is protecting Jake. Same sparkage, same lovely dialog and interesting situations, same HEA, caveat emptor re sex and violence.

Bye Baby by Louise Collins 8/24/23 8/25/23 Kindle
First in the Flowershop Assassins series, Donnie’s an almost-has been assassin – drinks too much, is overweight and out of shape. His boss, Yates, gives him one last chance, to take out Eliot. Donnie fumbles it, drinking whiskey when he shouldn’t, and wakes up tied to a chair in Eliot’s now-vacant apartment with a note that says Bye Baby. The hunt begins, Donnie starts getting back in shape courtesy of another assassin Ranger, and the book is just lots of fun and sparkage. Eliot’s backstory is interesting. I expected it to play a bit in the ending, but it's never mentioned and the reasons Eliot became a target aren’t resolved. Caveat emptor re sex and violence.

Lethal White by Robert Galbraith 7/12/23 8/28/23 audiobook
Fourth book in the Cormoran Strike/Robin Ellacott series has a mentally ill man convinced that he witnessed a murder a decade or more earlier, Robin going undercover in a government minister’s office, a possibly rare painting, something illegal that once was legal, Strike breaking up with his girlfriend of 10 months, Charlotte having twins, and Robin’s marriage disintegrating. As brilliant as the first time I read it.

So Pathetic by Louise Collins 8/25/23 8/26/23 Kindle
Dylan comes to Yates and hires him to kill him after Dylan’s boyfriend breaks up with him again. Yates refuses, Dylan keeps coming around, and Yates gives him a desk to study at. Second in the Flowershop Assassins series, more of the same screwball comedy and over-the top situations and characters. I love it. Caveat emptor re sex and violence.

Raging Ranger by Louise Collins 8/26/23 8/26/23 Kindle
Third in the Flowershop Assassins series has Ranger, completely different since he took a bullet to the head a year or two ago wanting love and forever after. He can’t find it until Troy comes into his life. Troy says he’s bad for Ranger but keeps sticking around for non-date dates. There’s more of the Eliot backstory, involving Dylan and Ranger, Yates, and Donnie all come to the rescue. Nice finish to a funny/crazy series. Caveat emptor re sex and violence.

Rocked to Death by Louise Collins 8/26/23 8/28/23 Kindle
First in the Bakery Brothers series. The Bakery is across from Yates flower shop, Blooming Bloomers, and many of the characters are in both series. Jude Stone is the oldest of 4 brothers. He’s back from prison after accidentally killing a man he strikes in anger. He and two of his brothers have Stud Muffins Bakery, which is actually a front for more nefarious business. His other brother is a cop, who looks out after his miscreant brothers. Stone meets a priest… well. Instant sparkage. It’s another screwball comedy, unbelievable yet fascinating situations, dialog, and characters. Caveat emptor re sex and violence.

My Cowlick Cop by Louise Collins 8/28/23 8/29/23 Kindle
Second in the Bakery Brothers series. Jude, the police officer brother gets roped into being lookout for a man, Luck, after a video of Jude and a paid escort is used to blackmail him. Luck, who runs an illegal gambling/boxing business is immediately attracted to Jude, and his sister Hope, has 31 cats and instantly becomes Jude’s bestie, as she puts it. Another strange plot, with Jude feeling unloved and unworthy. All’s well that ends well, and I can’t wait for Mickey’s and Newt’s stories. Cavet emptor re sex and violence.

**abandoned About Last Night by Aimee Nicole Walker** 93pages.
All the tropes, none of the crisp/funny dialog or interesting plot. 36-year old police detective Topher (really, Topher?), nominally straight, falls for family friend Julian after 3 years of knowing him. Julian has always been attracted. He’s a fashion designer, Topher’s sister is his bestie. I didn’t even get as far as any sex, but there’s probably a caveat emptor re sex if you finish it. I mean, how many people come out to their parents at a charity ball by sticking their tongue down a guy’s throat in front of the entire family and everybody else at the ball?

sep 1, 10:55 pm

>52 karenmarie: Ooh, I'd love a copy of the Yahtzee Scorecard! I think I already sent you my e-mail address; let me know if you need me to send it again.

I had my annual physical last week, and they gave me one of the pneumonia shots. Outside of some soreness in my arm, I didn't experience any ill effects. My DH got Tdap, I think, this afternoon. His physical was this morning, and he was due for a booster. (Apparently Medicare only pays for that one if you get it at the pharmacy, not the doctor's office.) And we've got flu, COVID, and RSV shots to look forward to this fall.

Hurray for 38 minutes on the treadmill! I'm glad you can tolerate the brace without too much trouble.

Thanks for the weekend wishes, I hope it's good for all of us!

Redigerat: sep 2, 6:13 am

Hi Irene!

PDF of two 6-dice Yahtzee scorecards per page sent. I hope you enjoy it.

Yes to your annual physical, mine's in November. I've already gotten the two-dose pneumonia vaccine regimen, and now I've gotten ditto for shingles. My doctor said to hold off on the RSV vaccine so we can discuss it in November. I always get my flu shot in October, and since I got a Covid booster on May 23rd, I'll discuss another booster with my doctor in October via mychart.

Thanks re the treadmill and brace. I've had insomnia the last 3 nights, and this morning I used the brace from about 5 - 5:30 a.m. 🙄

I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend. Arsenal plays Man United tomorrow at 11:30 a.m., other than that SSDD (same shit, different day).

Wordle 805 3/6* adieu, blink, onion


sep 2, 7:54 am

Morning, Karen. All good with Jackson so far. They are still sleeping up there. He had a very active day yesterday and so did Sue. Bree will scoop him up later on.

I did get both of my shingles shots, with no issues. My doctor didn't mention the RSV shot. I may have to ask him about that.

sep 2, 8:31 am

>54 karenmarie: Obviously I need to get acquainted with Louise Collins's œuvre. Sounds like rollicking good times are had by all...and that has appeal I just can't ignore.

Saturday *smooch*

sep 2, 6:57 pm

>56 karenmarie: I hope you've seen the last of the insomnia.

sep 2, 8:21 pm

>57 msf59: Hi Mark! Yay for Jackson time. Glad you had your shingles shots with no issues. My left arm’s still a tad sore, but that’s it. Good idea to ask about RSV.

>58 richardderus: Hi RD! Yes, I like Louise Collins. Rollicking describes her stuff well. *smooch*

>59 quondame: Hi Susan. Thanks, I hope so, too. We’ll see.

sep 2, 10:29 pm

>54 karenmarie: One of these days, I really must read the Robert Galbraith books. I really need to. One of these days :)

sep 3, 6:38 am

From your last thread (yes, that is how far I am behind) where you listed the 269 books that your bookcub ave read..I like almost all of your choices! Apart from The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger ...for some reason I really disliked that book. Tastes huh? They are so ...subjective ;)

Also, I like that your Caveat emptors have expanded beyond sex to dumb stuff, tears, and other things as well. It makes me smile.

sep 3, 7:52 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Sunday. Of course, we enjoyed our time with Jack. We also had a very nice dinner and drinks with friends last night. It was a beautiful evening to socialize on the patio. We will hook up with a different set of friends later this afternoon, for the same deal. I plan on cramming in some reading beforehand. Gonna be HOT today. 95F.

Enjoy your day.

sep 3, 7:55 am

>63 msf59: NINETY-FIVE DEGREES!! Horripilation...I sure hope that this is the last time the Weather Goddess turns on the pizza oven over y'all in 2023.

sep 3, 9:33 am

>61 alcottacre: Hi Stasia! Please read The Cuckoo’s Calling, first in the series, soon. I like them so much, and given that you like mysteries, I’d be surprised if you didn’t like it and want to continue on.

>62 LovingLit: Hi Megan. I’m glad you enjoyed that list. Interesting that you didn’t like The Time Traveler’s Wife. I remember loving it, but perhaps a re-read might not make it seem so good. Ah, good to know about my Caveat Emptors. I’ll keep adding when appropriate.

>63 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! Happy Sunday to you, too. Yay for Jack and friends and socializing. Your 95F has our 93F beat. Enjoy your books.

>64 richardderus: Hiya RD! Your 83F for today makes me envious.

Wordle 806 5/6* adieu, affix, anvil, attic, await


No insomnia last night, got in 3 30-minute sessions of the knee brace. Read and etc.

Arsenal plays Man United today at 11:30. We plan on making a new kitty condo before then so the kitties will stop getting on the kitchen table to look outside. Reading, brace, and etc.

sep 3, 9:39 am

>65 karenmarie: It's too hoooot, he whined. 83° is unthinkably unkindly hot when the summer should struggle to get to 75° at theabsolute all-time maximum. The breeze from the ocean's the only thing I see that makes this awfulness endurable.

My ancestors were not from globally-southern climes, it's clear. *smooch*

sep 3, 9:48 am

83F at the beach is pretty hot, agreed. Being from SoCal and going to the beach a lot when I was a kid and then when I lived a block and a half from the Redondo Pier in the mid 70s brings back fond memories.

I don't have a single ancestor that I know of from anywhere further south than Bohemia, now part of the Czech Republic.


sep 3, 9:48 am

... off to build the kitty condo...

back to visit threads later.

sep 4, 12:03 am

>62 LovingLit: >65 karenmarie: I could easily see why The Time Traveler's Wife was well liked without much liking it myself. I felt rather manipulated.

sep 4, 6:42 am

Hi Susan! I chose The Time Traveler's Wife for my RL book club in 2004 and everybody except Nancy - our resident sci fi/fantasy lover - loved it. I honestly can't remember enough about it to comment, sad to say. Oh how I wish I'd kept a reading log over my lifetime. I've got my reading history here on LT (and in a spreadsheet, 'natch) from 2008 onward, and I remember pretty much whether I've ever read a book or not, but not much detail. I have my book club books, listed on my last thread, from 1997 forward, but that's only book club books and not everything I read during that time period.

Wordle 807 5/6* ovoid, ditch, biddy, giddy


Jenna built the Kitty Condo yesterday and I have a lovely collage I made yesterday. I've tried posting since yesterday afternoon and finally went to the Bug Collectors group and there's a thread from Tim about a DDoS attack, but I can't post that link here either.

Arsenal beat Man United yesterday - yay! - (sorry/not sorry, John), had an otherwise mostly relaxing day.

The Senior Center is closed today, what with it being a US holiday and all, so today will be rather quiet with possibly a small grocery store run.

sep 4, 8:12 am

>70 karenmarie: The running contest that Long Beach has every Labor Day is cranking up ouside my window...the bad part comes in the hour they give the prizes, but that's later on.

Apart from that, I enjoyed Matthew Venn's latest outing (!) and am wending my way through a how-and-why book on chaining up Big Tech in honor of Labor Day. Apart from that, the DDoS was the most irritating thing that happened to me this weekend. Forza Arsenal!


sep 4, 8:45 am

Morning, Karen. Busy weekend visiting with friends and more of it this afternoon. With the temps pushing 95F again, we will be indoors playing games. This AM- some house chores and lots of reading.

We counted 5 blue jays in the backyard yesterday. Otherwise, nothing much.

sep 4, 10:12 am

I'm here at last, (((((Karen)))))! Hooray for your treadmill and good for you with the brace! You remain The Woman.

My DH was as ill as he gets (chills, fever, aches, lassitude) with both Shingrix shots, but now we hope he's protected. I got the earlier 1-shot deal, and that will have to do for now. I can't volunteer to be out of action for several days. My doc also advised waiting a bit for the RSV. I think he's interested to see how it goes. We will get flu and COVID vaccines in the fall.

That's a LOT of Love you have had going on! I'm worse. I'm busily and happily rereading the first Ishmael space opera for at least the 6th or 7th time. No guilt. Other things call, but this is what I want to do. Retirement is good that way. Enjoy yours and stay cool.

sep 4, 4:23 pm

>70 karenmarie: I have a pretty complete list of books read from 2007, but until I started on LT or unless I read it on Kindle and rated it for GR until late 2017 I don't have ratings or reviews. There are many books and authors I read in the 70s-90s that I can't be sure I read.

In the 70s and 80s I was always looking for S&SF books authored by women to add to the club library and I read many of those, but also many written by men and have probably forgotten as many of one as of the other. Not to mention not always paying any attention at all to title or author after I picked it up.

sep 5, 7:42 am

>72 msf59: ‘Morning next morning, Mark! Happy Tuesday to you. You were and are a very social creature compared to me, that’s for sure! I’m glad you had a good holiday weekend. Yuck for 95F. We had about the same. I love Blue Jays – their coloring and markings are so striking.

I’ve got one House Finch right now, and that’s all.

>73 LizzieD: Hi Peggy! I’ve figured out that I can either read on my Kindle or play on my cell phone while using the brace, and it makes the time go more quickly. Thank you for your encouragement.

I’m sorry your DH had such a bad reaction to both Shingrix shots. I also understand your reluctance to get them because you can’t be out of commission because of your dear mama. I always get a flu shot in October and will figure out the new Covid vaccine in October or November.

I’m glad you’re getting comfort from your current reading, as I am getting comfort from my MM romances. I’m up to 264 books this year, almost all MM romances.

>74 quondame: It’s amazing that both of us never kept a lifetime reading log, given how much we both love to read, Susan. I have lots of reviews that I’ve put in my threads but not added as an official review here on LT for two reasons – I’m lazy and quite a few books that I read I do not add to my catalog. My catalog is only the books I physically have here at the house or the ER books I must keep even if I’ve gotten rid of them to keep the ER Gods happy.

Wordle 808 3/6* adieu, split, birch


Louise came over for a bit yesterday so we could write a cover letter to send with a check, and other than that it was brace, grocery shopping, making dinner, and etc.

This morning is book sort, brekkie or lunch depending on when we finish up, then a few errands in town and then my cleaning ladies are coming about 12:30.

I really need to at least start Indigo Field by Marjorie Hudson for Sunday's book club meeting. Sigh.

And in other news, I was finally able to upload the collage I made of the Kitty Condo Jenna put together on Sunday. Wash loves hiding in the 'cave', and after Zoe's initial 2-hour stint in the top nest, neither she nor Inara have expressed interest in it. However, they're not hanging out on the breakfast table to look outside anymore, so I count it as a win.

Redigerat: sep 5, 8:09 am

Morning, Karen. Love the Kitty Condo. Go Jenna. We ended up being a bit under the weather yesterday, (allergies & a bug, who knows) so we ended having a chill day at home. Drinking tea and getting in lots of reading. Another hot & humid one here so I am so glad I don't have to deal with Rehab duties today.

I am doing an Andy Warhol exhibition here, at a local college this AM. Something we have been trying to do together for weeks but the timing didn't pan out. It ends this week and it is supposed to be excellent. Juno and the books in the PM.

sep 5, 8:14 am

'Morning, Mark! Morning on the actual day you post, too! Happy Tuesday again. Glad you don't have Rehab duties anymore.

Thanks re the Kitty Condo, and yes, my kid's pretty wonderful. I'm sorry you and Sue were under the weather - tea, reading, and chilling are all good. Yuck for the continuing heat. It's supposed to get to 99F, possibly even triple digits, and the heat index will definitely be in the triple digits. Thank goodness for AC.

Yay for the Warhol exhibition, Juno and the books.

sep 5, 8:52 am

Happy book-fondling day, Horrible.

You're onto something with that kitty thing...they'll be all over it before long, though I'd guess Inara will be last to care because of her age.

I'm trying to keep myself from combusting over the reading that I'm doing for my reviews I've targeted for tomorrow. The laziness and cynicism of those thr hoi polloi have placed in charge is more and more clear. *sigh* I remind myself it was ever thus and any progress made is always made in the teeth of noisy and ugly opposition...always always always, and that this is not new.

Doesn't seem to help my sense of outrage.

sep 6, 7:59 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Wednesday! I was surprised that LT was out again early this AM. Glad it is back up and hopefully stays that way. We woke up to storms this AM but it will quickly move out, bringing cooler temps on the flipside. Back in the 70s for the weekend. Yah!!

sep 6, 10:22 am

>78 richardderus: Hiya, RDear, and happy mid-not our concern anymore-work-week.

I appreciate you mentioning the you-know-whats, and here's proof that it's a total hit with the youngsters. I haven't put Inara near it yet, simply because she has never in recent memory hung out in the other one and this one would be harder for her to get onto/into than her current favorite haunts. Zoe's on the perch, Wash is in the cave.

I hope you get your reading in, your reviews polished, and your emotional sense of inner strength and calmness stronger than the outrage.

Outrage is always simmering underneath things for me, frankly, with things in the world, but I try to not fan it too much. Hence (one of my favorite words), my reading of romances and non-outrage-y nonfiction these days.


>79 msf59: Hiya Mark, and happy Wednesday to you. It was out late last night, too, and I realized they were back under attack. Tim and Company are doing a wonderful job of keeping LT up and running, given the constantly-changing ways websites can be attacked. And not giving into the criminals simply means a bit of downtime now and again as they plug additional holes. Having been a programmer/systems analyst, I can tell you that no matter how strong you think a program is, once it's released, users and in this case trolls, will find ways to 'break' it. Yay for 70s in the weekend. It's going to go to 98F again today, 81F now with humidity at 83%. I do not envy the electrician who is working at our barns today.

Wordle 809 6/6* Alphabet soup. adieu, boast, crash, flash, awash, gnash


Book fondling went well yesterday and we finished up about 9:45 - early enough for brekkie instead of lunch. I had iced tea with lemon (ordering as "unsweet tea" because ... South... and had a plain egg biscuit. When I first moved to NC I didn't realize you could order plain egg biscuits and when someone would order biscuits at work I'd order a plain one - and they called it a wish for biscuit because I'd wish for bacon or sausage or cheese. *smile* I eventually figured out the egg biscuit bit and still got eye rolls and amused looks.

As mentioned above, Nicholas is out at the barn working on the electrical problems so that Allie can bring her horses. She's scheduled to bring them on Saturday, haven't heard back differently, but I'm not worried either way.

I'll head out in a while to use the treadmill and pick up yet another prescription. Thank God I'm out of the donut hole. For a while 3 of my expensive prescriptions were ~$130/each each month, now they're back down to ~$140/150 for three months through the rest of the year. And then it starts all over again.

sep 6, 10:32 am

>80 karenmarie: UGH "sweet tea" UGH

My goddesses it costs a lot to be old! My meds keep me alive and functional, and after the strokes there are even more of 'em. If I lived where you do, I'd be dead because I can't pay co-pays on the "money" my disability brings in. Yay for liberal-land.

The trolls are at bay for the present, so that's all good. My reviews are up now, and my outrage reined in (I think), so I feel like today's a net-good one already.

sep 6, 11:13 am

>65 karenmarie: The cuckoo's calling is already in the BlackHole. I just need to dig it out. Thanks, Karen!

Have a wonderful Wednesday! Let us hope that LT stays up today.

sep 6, 2:14 pm

Glad you survived the Great LT Labor Day Outage! It seems odd to me that a book site would be a hacker target, but there are a lot of odd notions about books these days.

Got the Wordle in three today but used the Wordle Words list because for the life of me, I couldn't think of a word starting in g with an a and an n and without the other letters in my primary two words - alien, gourd, gnash.

Love the cat condo - Jenna is super creative.

Cree is busy ignoring the new litter box system. Time to take the old one out altogether I guess.

But I'm having much better success with the micro fiber hair towels you also recommended and that I ordered at the same time. Several people have commented on my 'cute new haircut' when the only difference is the towels.

sep 7, 3:54 am

Happy Thursday, Karen.

Not much to say. It is way to warm here, at least 5 more heat days to go...

sep 7, 8:07 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. I did some solo birding yesterday and it was nice being out. Still seeing towhees, thrashers and catbirds. They will all be heading south soon. I get Jackson for the afternoon today. At least I can hang with him outside. Only 70F today. Yah! Sorry to hear about your continuing heat.

Redigerat: sep 7, 8:17 am

Sorry about this, Karen. I thought this was my thread. LOL.

Redigerat: sep 7, 8:18 am

Ditto! DUHH!! I better go back to bed.

Redigerat: sep 7, 8:27 am

>81 richardderus: Hiya, RDear. I agree about sweet tea, but everybody has their own preference, and I try to keep my mouth about drink choices. Jenna and Bill both like sweet tea but both rarely drink it.

Bill and I are in a reasonable position financially, and pretty much every time I pick up a prescription I express gratitude to the universe that I can actually afford the drugs I’m told I need for survival.

I’m sorry that you’re in a care facility/glad that you’re in a care facility. It’s just too bad that you basically have to get rid of everything you owned to qualify and can’t earn any additional money after the fact.

At the hospital 2 days after my stroke, my doctor came in and told me that there were quite a few drugs they wanted to put me on, 3 of which were very expensive. She told me they’d be about $135/month/each and I told her I was fortunate and to prescribe them. She told me about many of her patients who left the hospital knowing that there were drugs that could help them but that they could not afford.

Yay for Tim & Co. continuing the good fight against the criminals. I feel so bereft when LT’s down.

>82 alcottacre: Hi Stasia, glad The Cuckoo’s Calling is in the black hole. I hope you dig it out soon. I also hope your Wednesday was a good’un.

>83 streamsong: Hello Janet. We all had to survive it, didn’t we? I was quite restless without LT, frankly. Plus with all the reading I’m doing this year, it took a bit more time than it would have otherwise taken to get my Books Read message back up to date.

I had to use the 2,309 word list for Wordle, too. I always check a word I want to use against the Words Used, which I downloaded last year sometime and have kept up to date.

Thanks re the kitty condo and Jenna. Wash in particular seems to love what I call the cave. I guess it's his Man Cave? 🙄

Well, darn it, Cree. I forget – what type of litter are you using? Every time I tried anything except old-timey sand, fine clumping sand, or eventually the Tidy Cat Breeze System pellets, either the cats boycotted it or it was a disaster.

My brain has died – micro fiber hair towels? What did I recommend?

>84 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita, and happy Thursday to you, too. The heat is atrocious in quite a few places, and I’m sorry you’re having to deal with it. It will be ‘cooler’ today at only 95F.

I think it got to 98F again yesterday, but the humidity wasn’t vicious, only awful. I even went outside to the barns to see if our house keys were keyed to the tack room door lock – they aren’t – and today will go out with possible tack room keys to see if we already have one as a backup to the one Allie will be using. She’ll keep it at the barn in a hidey-hole-type place, but I’ve got it in my mind that we need a backup, so will make sure we have/get one.

Bonus to going to the tack room: I see that we still have a wonderful wrought iron table but only one of the chairs, umbrella is in the garage. I'm thinking about moving it out to the back deck for fall. I also found Jenna's 'missing' Radio Flyer wagon, a present from Bill's Mama when she was about 3.

>85 msf59: Good morning, Mark! Sweet Thursday to you, and also sweet Jackson day. 70F is wonderful. I'd be in the hammock if we were that cool, for sure. I haven't seen too many birds recently, even though the feeders are filled. Perhaps natural food is more available right now? Nobody's on the feeders, nobody's in the Crepe Myrtle. I am bereft of birds. *smile*

Wordle 810 3/6* A spreadsheet victory, alas. adieu, drone, dwell


I managed 40 minutes on the treadmill, my new world record. I also went in the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, which I could have done via the drive-thru, but also got more BioFreeze. Jenna and I are using a lot of it, but I'm going to start ordering it through Amazon because it's significantly cheaper. 3 sessions with the knee brace, not much else except making more Golden Milk. I think it's helping with general inflammation and stiffness. I don't particularly like the flavor, but needs must.

Today will be treadmill and picking up just a couple of things at the grocery store, eggs and milk (for Golden Milk), among them.

sep 7, 8:39 am

>88 karenmarie: Morning, Horrible. It's sunny as all get-out and ten degrees hotter than in the past. Ickughptui.

Being here has costs to me, the system even in relatively enlightened NY isn't set up for people to enjoy their lives just keep living. That's still a huge step up from the utter indifference in much of the country. The huge afvantage to me is that the wifi improvements they've made mean I spend less emotional energy on being angry that my connection is unstable. Much to be grateful for, and still recognize that the system's needs always trump my personal ones.

sep 7, 3:15 pm

Happy Thursday, Karen!

sep 7, 9:53 pm

sep 8, 7:36 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Friday! Hooray for the treadmill progress. Nice. As expected, I had a fine time with Jack yesterday afternoon. I still can't believe how smart he is at the tender age of two. Probably surpassing grandpa already. Sue takes her turn today. I have lots of running around today, so no birding for me.

Sorry to hear that your feeders have been quiet. Mine are swamped with house sparrows, with a few doves thrown in. I did see chickadees and another blue jay or two.

sep 8, 9:51 am

>90 alcottacre: Hi Stasia! Thanks – it was a good day. I hope your Friday’s a good one.

>91 SilverWolf28: Thanks, Silver.

>92 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and happy Friday to you. I’m glad Jackson Thursday went well, hope your running around today is productive. ☹ to no birding. Speaking of which, mine are empty except for two house finches. I need to put out fresh hummingbird food.

Wordle 811 4/6* fluke, truce, rouse


I used the treadmill for 40 minutes again yesterday. I only wore the knee brace twice, but that was timing and not inclination - the last time was 11:30 p.m. Other than that reading and etc.

I've got a 60-minute massage at 11:30 today - I am thrilled. Treadmill, quick run to the grocery store maybe.

sep 8, 10:27 am

Hi, (((((Karen)))))! I can't catch up, but I love the Kitty Kondo and predict much use.

Wordle in 2 for me today - almost unheard of!

OOOOooo. Enjoy that massage!

sep 8, 11:47 am

>93 karenmarie: Enjoy your massage, sweetness. *smooch*

sep 8, 1:42 pm

>88 karenmarie: Yippee! It took about a week but since I wrote >83 streamsong: Cree is now condescending to use the Tidy Cat Breeze System pellets. No odor at all, which I am very pleased with.

>88 karenmarie: Oh dear, sorry about the micro fiber hair drying towels. I thought it was part of the conversation along with your new haircut and curls, but it wasn't :( Need to figure out whose thread I saw that on.

Anyhow my hair is curly, but that usually means fffrrrrrrriiiiizzzzzz so I try to straighten it. Someone here on LT said they are very happy wrapping their hair in the MFHDT. If I wrap my wet hair in a towel for 15-20 minutes with no product, I get curls. If I put product in my hair and then wrap, I get lovely bounce without curls. There are many of these on Amazon - here is what I bought. https://www.amazon.com/Towel-Drying-Towels-Buttons-Microfiber/dp/B078HWZJWS/ref=...

sep 8, 2:21 pm

>93 karenmarie: I am getting up on my treadmill too. I just had to overcome my fear of falling again after hurting my back so badly. I take it in short spurts. Maybe one day I will work up to 40 minutes at a time, but I do not think it will be anytime soon.

Have a fantastic Friday!

sep 8, 5:24 pm

Finally working my way back around the threads, after the multiple LT outages. Drat those internet attackers!

>80 karenmarie: The kitty condo looks fabulous!

>81 richardderus: I second the "ugh" to sweet tea. I learned a long time ago after moving here that I had to order "unsweet tea" if I wanted tea at a restaurant here, otherwise I got syrup for tea. Now I always order it that way, no matter where I am in the country.

>88 karenmarie: The last couple of days it apparently got up to 100 here. Sounds like you were slightly cooler. The advantages of being out in the country. At least it only got to the low 90s today. I hope it's even cooler this weekend.

>93 karenmarie: Hooray for 40 minutes on the treadmill! Impressive! I hope you had a great massage!

Wishing you a wonderful, and cooler, weekend!

sep 9, 7:09 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Saturday. I was treated with a second visit with Jack yesterday- Sue brought him back here for the afternoon. I have an all-day driving safety class to attend to today. This is for a part-time job I am interested in. I hope to get some reading in, once I get home. Enjoy your day.

sep 9, 7:28 am

Congratulations on reading so many books thus far!

I hope your kitty likes the condo! I am trying to stop Meow, Meow (the name I gave Kayla's cat who now is my cat,) from clawing my chairs. I bought many different objects that I thought would entice her to claw, but no luck thus far. In the meantime, my living room is a hodge podge of slip covers and towels that she scratches. Sometimes, she finds her way under the covers and still manages to claw the chairs, and now the sofa.

Do you have any suggestions?

sep 9, 8:18 am

Saturday *smoochings* Horrible.

Nothing new here. My book on Paradise Lost is generating PTSD symptoms.

sep 9, 10:15 am

Good morning again, Karen. The only thing I'll say about sweet tea is that you have to add at least as much lemon as you have sugar to make it even halfway palatable. Off to breakfast and to roust my ma.

sep 9, 10:27 am

>94 LizzieD: Hi (((((Peggy))))! I love it. Hugs and salutations all rolled up together. Thanks re the kitty condo. It gets used when We want to look outside, otherwise there are blankets, furniture, beds, and boxes to hang out in.

Yay for your 2. Today took 4. Massage report below. 😊

>95 richardderus: Thanks, RD! *smooch*

>96 streamsong: Hi Janet. I’m happy that Cree is now using the Tidy Cat box. Making recommendations is always a risk, but your ‘No odor at all’ comment says it all.

My hair frizzes in humidity. In California that was the winter, in North Carolina that’s the summer. Thanks, I’ve just ordered the MFHDT. I’ll use your method and try it with wet hair no product for curls first.

>97 alcottacre: I’m glad you’re getting back to it, Stasia. I remember your fall – so very scary and how badly your back was injured. Short spurts is good. I started off at 8 minutes at the end of May and have worked up to 40 so far. My goal is 45, 3 x a week. My Friday was pretty fantastic, hope yours was, too.

>98 atozgrl: Hi Irene! Thanks re the kitty condo. It fits nicely there behind the Breakfast Room table and the kitties are staying off the table now. Wash was actually in the 2nd down 'nest' a while ago, and although there was a bit of kitty overflow because he's so huge, he was comfy and looked safe.

Yup. ‘Unsweet tea’ or you get the default of sweet tea. My default order is ‘unsweet tea’ too, now, and it gets strange looks if I’m not in the South.

We’re usually warmer AND colder than in town, but we’re weather-systemless because the one we’ve had for … 10? 12?... years , and the one he wants is $400. I told him he should just get it because we all love the information it provides. I guess I need to be more insistent.

Thanks re the treadmill, and the Massage Report is below. Wishing you the same weekend, since we only live about 30 miles apart. ~84F, but with rain and storms in the afternoon.

>99 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! Happy Saturday to you. Yay for a Two-Day Jackson event. Driving Safety Class? And eventually spill about the part-time job you’re interested in. Yay for reading, and my day will be a little busier than usual, but not bad.

>100 Whisper1: Hi Linda, and thank you. Of course almost all of it is smut as my daughter calls it and porn my friend Karen in Montana calls it. Regardless, I’m reading more than usual and very happy with what I’m reading.

Ah, I’m happy that you are Meow, Meow’s new human mommy.

Good luck with the scratching – we never had kitties who scratched furniture ‘til Kitty William, who shared the trait with Inara (who’s now too decrepit to scratch) and the gingers. Sigh. It’s almost impossible, but have you tried anything orange scented? I’ve read that kitties don’t like that smell but haven’t tried it myself. I just sprayed some Tuscan Orange scented room freshener on a chair that’s got some damage on it already so if the room freshener stains it no harm no foul. We’ll see.

I’ve tried putting down scratch pads and posts in front of areas they scratch, other scents to keep them away, spraying them with water from distance when they scratch furniture, all to no avail.

>101 richardderus: ‘Morning, Rdear! Saturday *smoochings* to you, too.

Paradise Lost itself or another book? I have a beautiful Easton Press edition of Paradise Lost which, of course, I haven’t read yet.

John Milton is my dad’s first/middle name combo, too, but the Milton was after my grandfather’s beloved brother who had killed himself in 1910. Sigh. The only suicide I know about in my family.

Wordle 812 4/6* adieu, south, funny, lucky


Yesterday's massage was as good as the previous massages I've gotten from Lynne. Relaxing, helped with my shoulder and lower back/SI joint, just scrummy all around.

I then went and worked out for 40.5 minutes (yes, I should do it in reverse order but got up too late) and then did a quick grocery store run.

Today I will be making the trash/take out run since Bill apparently got no sleep last night and I'm worried about him driving with no sleep.

Reading, brace, stretches, and etc. will round out the day.

sep 9, 6:14 pm

Hi Karen my dear, a belated Happy New Thread. I am so far behind due to my intermittent logging on here and the hacking of LT that Tim and the team had to deal with.

We are all well, me personally after my Bowel Screening Colonoscopy and we are in the midst of an unusual bout of hot weather for us in September. Today we hit 29C in Walton with the south of England having a peak of 33C, we are melting today.

Sending love and hugs to you, Bill, Jenna, Inara, Zoe and Wash from both of us and Felix.

sep 9, 9:12 pm

Hi John, and thank you. I certainly understand being behind, and am glad you've come to visit.

Sorry for the heat wave, glad after your colonoscopy.

Sending love and hugs from me, Bill, Jenna, and the kitties back to you, Karen and Felix.

sep 9, 9:14 pm

So the horses arrived today. Allie was amazed at how quickly they settled down in pasture B.

Bella's on the left, Royal's on the right.

sep 10, 6:35 am

>106 karenmarie: Hi Karen! The horses are beautiful. I think I missed the back story on this. I'm assuming that you have not taken up riding but rather are allowing someone else to keep their horses in your pasture. So you get all the beauty with none of the work. Is that right? If so it sounds like an excellent arrangement!

sep 10, 6:47 am

Happy Sunday morning! Woke to rain after a very rainy day yesterday. Maybe it will bring cooler weather as last week was pretty brutal here.

Lovely horses! And congrats on the treadmill success. I like to change up my walking workouts: outside weather permitting, WII fit, treadmill but the latter is definitely the biggest challenge.

sep 10, 7:41 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Sunday! Love the horses. Are they renting out the pasture? Something so soothing about watching horses.

Another busy one here today- I am going on a group bird walk early, hoping to see plenty of migrants. I am then meeting LT Roni for lunch at a nearby brewery. This was supposed to include Joe but he is in Columbia at the moment. Roni is visiting from Kansas. We have never met. I am then going over to Bree's later on to watch the Bears game with the boys. I will be able to visit with Jack 3 out of the last 4 days. Yah!

sep 10, 9:40 am

Happy horsey Sunday, Horrible! *smooch*

sep 10, 9:48 am

>107 lauralkeet: Hi Laura! Horse backstory below. I think we’ll all be happy with the arrangement.

>108 witchyrichy: Hi Karen! We will definitely appreciate the cooler weather, won’t we? We’re looking at mid-80s for the next several days.

Thanks re the treadmill, and good luck with your walking workouts. Yes, it’s nice to see horses in the pastures again.

>109 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and happy Sunday to you, too. It is soothing to watch horses, and we’ve got our front porch to watch them from, with porch swing, hammock, and rocking chairs.

Sounds like a wonderful day, and a meetup with someone new! I look forward to seeing a pic or two. And yay for all the time with Jackson.

Wordle 813 4/6* adieu, prune, butte, quote


The horse backstory is that our neighbors just started renting their over-the-garage apartment out to Allie, a woman coming off a bad relationship. She has two horses that she wanted to bring down from where she was keeping them in a small town about 40 miles away. Our neighbor knew we had empty barns/pastures and so Allie came over to visit. We all got on, she agreed to fix up what needed to be fixing up since we haven’t had horses for 11 years, and said she’d bring them out on September 9th. There are still things to be done, but the pastures got bush hogged and the tack room/stalls are in good shape. They’re pasture horses, rarely coming into the stalls. Some time after she finishes getting things under control and we get the electrical updates finished, we’ll start charging her leasing fees. We will do none of the work. So, yes, it’s an excellent arrangement so far. My only condition was that if strangers were going to come onto our property to text me. So far so good.

Yesterday I ran the errands, watched a bit of soccer, got in 3 sessions with my brace, and saw the arrival of the horses.

Today will be book club to discuss Indigo Field, which I stopped reading after page 3. It is something I should like, but I seriously abhor run-on-sentences/paragraphs and bailed after this one:
Col. Randolph Jefferson Lee, retired army, prepares for his daily run, which he's lied about for months, telling Anne he will stay in the neighborhood, he will call her on the cell if he gets in trouble, and he will keep it down to a stroll, a slow walk, no running.
Those of you who know that I abandoned Louise Penny's Armand Gamache series will appreciate why I bailed on this one.

Other than that, when Jenna comes downstairs, we might make Cinnamon Raisin Scones. Or maybe not, depending on how lazy we are.

sep 10, 11:03 am

Thanks for the back story, Karen. It sounds like you're a perfect fit for Allie, and vice versa.

sep 10, 6:39 pm

What a great way to have horse proximity. Of course riding is great for preventing bone loss in the legs, but that isn't a problem among my heavily boned kin. I hope they provide good watching!

sep 10, 9:58 pm

>103 karenmarie: Yes, I remember getting strange looks when I ordered unsweet tea, I think when I was visiting my sister in Utah. (Of course, the Mormons don't know how to make tea either.)

The rain seems to have missed our house today. If we got anything, it was only a drizzle, and not for long. But my rain gauge showed almost 2" from yesterday, and it was much needed.

>111 karenmarie: How nice to have horses again, without all the work! It would be fun to watch them.

As to that run-on sentence... good grief! I don't think I could read that either, if the whole book is written that way. It feels like it needs an editor. I hope there are not very many modern writers writing like that!

Wishing you a good week ahead!

sep 10, 10:02 pm

>103 karenmarie: & >114 atozgrl: I grew up with sugar and milk in my tea but have not taken either in it for more than 30 years. The local penchant here is to have very sweet tea and I am considered a Philistine for not following the local ways!

sep 11, 8:11 am

Morning, Karen. Thanks for the explanation on the horses. Sounds like a neat agreement. I had a very nice Meet Up with Roni yesterday, which isn't surprising at all. I enjoyed my time with Jack yesterday too and his parents, but the Bears looked pathetic. Ugh!

Rain here all day, which we need. Just have errands to run. We also have a camping trip coming up on Thursday, so we need to prepare for that.

sep 11, 9:36 am

>112 lauralkeet: You’re welcome, Laura.

>113 quondame: I never thought of bone loss in the legs, Susan. Hmm. I’ve got medium to large bones, Jenna’s got small bones inherited from her paternal grandmother. Having horses in the pastures again is oddly soothing. Or, better use for them than just sitting fallow.

>114 atozgrl: Hi Irene. I can imagine the looks when ordering unsweet tea in Utah. They don’t consume caffeine, do they? Yay for 2” of rain. Today, of course, is absolutely gorgeous, although it will get to 88F.

Thanks re the week ahead, same to you!

>115 PaulCranswick: Hi Paul! Being at odds with the locals has been my lot since I moved here 32 ½ years ago. I don’t get odd looks any more, and almost every restaurant/take out place does have unsweet tea. However, I just looked on their menu and there’s a restaurant about 12 miles from home in Siler City NC, Johnson’s, that apparently still only offers “Tea”, meaning sweet tea.

>116 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! Glad you had a good day even if the Bears looked pathetic. The Panthers played, Bill watched and said that their new QB threw one touchdown pass and two interceptions. Hmmm.

Yay for the rain, hope the errands and trip prep go well.

No birds to report, even though 3 of four feeders have food. I do need to put out more sunflower seeds.

Wordle 814 5/6* adieu, deter, order, odder, older


Book club was a lot of fun, and now, just like when they discussed Room and I changed my mind, I'm going to try to get through the first chapter or two to get to the meat of the book. We had a 45 minute phone call with Marjorie, the author, and I must say that I was fascinated with the things she discussed. One of the short stories in her collection Accidental Birds of the Carolinas is a precursor to this novel, and it was interesting to her talk about how characters speak to you and seem to grow on their own.

The only thing I've got going on today is treadmill.

sep 11, 9:41 am

>117 karenmarie: Happy treadmilling, Horrible.

I yownself am still wrestling with my loathing for poetry as I make my way through HEAVEN, HELL AND PARADISE LOST, the new entry in the Bookmarked series of lit-crit titles that I've enjoyed.

sep 11, 11:19 am

Thanks, RDear. Happy is not a word I apply to treadmilling as a rule. Necessary is the word.

I do know how you dislike poetry as a rule, as do I. My exceptions are some rhyming poetry and most of the works of e.e. cummings. I also wrote poetry as a teenager and have some of it collected in a file folder that I made the mistake of showing to Jenna one time. She happily reminds me of some of my more lurid phrases occasionally. The folder is currently hidden away, but she'll eventually find it again.

Redigerat: sep 11, 11:31 am

Part of the penultimate paragraph from The Federalist No 50, written by James Madison, in my copy of The Federalist, edited by Jacob E. Cooke.
February 6, 1788

To the People of the State of New York.

Is it to be presumed, that at any future septennial epoch, the same state will be free from parties? Is it to be presumed that any other State, at the same or any other given period, will be exempt from them? Such an event ought to be neither presumed nor desired; because an extinction of parties necessarily implies either a universal alarm for the public safety, or an absolute extinction of liberty.
The discussion of political parties was a hot one at the time. Other than that, this is a very specific event-related paper that I’m surprised got included in The Federalist.

However, I checked Wikipedia, and it summarizes it as follows, giving me better insight into its inclusion:
Federalist No. 50 further examines the proper means of "PREVENTING AND CORRECTING INFRACTIONS OF THE CONSTITUTION." Whereas No. 49 refutes arguments for occasional appeals of the people, No. 50 argues against a second alternative: periodic appeals of the people, occurring with a higher frequency. With this latter system, the author claims, the judgement of people to remedy infringements on the constitution would be clouded by a passion and zeal rooted in its recency, ultimately leading to a failure to reach a solution. The author propounds an example from the Pennsylvania legislature, where legislators acting as intermediaries to enforce checks and balances, were biased and thus ineffective.
I recognize that I got lost in the events relating to the Pennsylvania Legislature discussed in the paper and not the relationship to No 49.

Redigerat: sep 11, 12:20 pm

BTW, the house I was in yesterday was originally the (slave) cookhouse for a plantation here in the county. Judy and her husband bought the Alston-DeGraffenried Plantation in 1999 and restored it and added on to the back, all with Historical Society of NC approval. Her son/daughter-in-law/grandchildren live in the main house now.

Alston-DeGraffenried Plantation

And, Judy commissioned a piece of stained glass to honor the slave cooks by Gretchen Niver. The front room of the little house is the original cook house, and the stained glass uses a photo of the fireplace, still there, in the piece.

Cooks Honored

sep 11, 12:17 pm

>119 karenmarie: ...by the time she finds it again, you won't be around to care.

sep 11, 12:19 pm

You got that one right, RD! Or, if she finds it and I'm still around, she can taunt me with bits and pieces and I'll love the attention.

sep 11, 12:31 pm

>117 karenmarie: bone loss in the legs
I think what Susan is referring to is osteopenia, or low bone density. It typically afflicts people over 50, especially women, and can progress to osteoporosis. I have osteopenia, diagnosed in 2020 when my primary care doc ordered a bone density scan. "Treatment" is focused on preventing further bone loss through supplements (Calcium+Vit D) and weight bearing exercise, and repeating the scan every couple of years (I just had another one in February).

I'm not a doctor, but I play one on this thread 😊

sep 11, 12:36 pm

>120 karenmarie: ...I really do not grok this one at all. WTF is this about?! I'll hie me hence to the Wiki page to see if I'm just being dimwitted or what.

sep 11, 1:54 pm

>106 karenmarie: Oh, how lovely!

Have a marvelous Monday, Karen!

Oh - thanks for the encouragement about getting back on the treadmill :)

sep 11, 5:47 pm

>119 karenmarie: Our teenage fiction and poetry should only ever be read by that almost null set of contemporaries who shared our deepest passions - and only withing a year or two of writing.

sep 11, 5:50 pm

>124 lauralkeet: Well osteopenia probably is the cause of broken hips which are quite rare among women who have ridden regularly. My sister the MD was the one I heard this from while discussing the retirement of my favorite MD ever to spend more time with her horses off Ventura way.

sep 12, 5:52 am

>106 karenmarie: What beautiful horses! A has started riding lessons this year, so I am gradually overcoming my fear of horses (although you still won't ever get me sitting on top of one! :D ), and she is really enjoying it. I'm happy that she's got something that isn't just 'what mum and dad do' but is her own thing. It sounds like your arrangement is win:win for you and your neighbour.

sep 12, 6:59 am

>124 lauralkeet: Thank you, Dr. Laura. Good to know.

>125 richardderus: I'm somewhat relieved to know that you didn’t grok it either.

>126 alcottacre: Thanks, Stasia re the horses. My yesterday was pretty good, report below. You’re very welcome re the treadmill encouragement. Slow and steady wins the race. And, as the JAS Knee Brace rep said, “It’s a marathon, not a sprint.”

>127 quondame: I agree, Susan. I like re-reading it on occasion simply because it is a very vivid reminder of a physical, mental, and emotional space I was in during those few years.

>128 quondame: Interesting about riding and broken hips. My mother-in-law Kay’s sister was a lifelong horse owner and rider and fell off her porch in 2019 (I think), badly breaking her hip. That on top of fractured discs has given her major chronic pain ever since. Probably an exception to the rule. One of my paternal great-grandmothers broke her hip early in the 20th century. I don’t know how old she was, but do have a photo of her with my grandmother’s writing on the back – something about walking out by the roses after breaking her hip. It could be a death sentence then, but she lived ‘til she was 96 (1856-1952).

>129 Jackie_K: Hi Jackie! Lovely to see you here since I’ve abandoned the ROOTs group, at least temporarily. I’m so glad A is taking riding lessons and liking them. It’s important for children to have their own thing, agreed. I’m happy about Allie and the two horses so far, although it’s very early days. I got up on our mare Dolly one time only and was scared out of my mind.

Wordle 815 3/6* adieu, scion, whisk


Yesterday was treadmill and the stark realization that my left hip hurting so much is probably because of the success of using the knee brace. I was successfully using a 1/4" lift in my right shoe after realizing that my legs were different lengths after the surgery because of the surgeon correcting my knock knee, but yesterday I had Jenna measure my relative height standing on my left and then my right legs, and the difference is a very clear 3/8". So after book sorting/lunch today, I'll head over to the pharmacy to see if they have 3/8" lifts. If not, I'll order from Amazon.

Today is book sorting and brekkie or lunch after, then the pharmacy. I only got about 3 hours sleep last night, so probably a good nap in the afternoon, plus brace and reading.

sep 12, 7:11 am

Grandparent-hood was mentioned on Richard's thread, which reminded me of this pic I posted sometime in the past. My dad with Jenna, October 1993, when she was 2 1/2 months old.

sep 12, 7:14 am

Happy Tuesday!

>131 karenmarie: Awww. What a wonderful pic of two generations.

>106 karenmarie: What beautiful horses. A great arrangement for you with no work :)

sep 12, 7:20 am

Morning, Karen. Ooh, Accidental Birds of the Carolinas sure sounds like my cuppa. More running around today. First off, taking Sue's car into the shop. No birding planned. ☹️

>131 karenmarie: I love this photo of Jenna & your Dad. How old was he at the time?

sep 12, 7:34 am

>132 figsfromthistle: Hi Anita, thank you, and Happy Tuesday to you, too.

Thanks re the pic of my dad and Jenna, and yes, I hope this horse arrangement works out.

>133 msf59: 'Morning, Mark, and yay for your interest in Marjorie Hudson's Accidental Birds of the Carolinas. Yuck to the car in the shop, but I have always used that time to read in a quiet corner somewhere.

Dad was born in 1921, so 72.

sep 12, 8:27 am

>131 karenmarie: What an amazing blankie, to merit such adoring smiles!

...oh wait...is that a head I see peeping barely beyond the left end...?

sep 12, 9:41 am

>130 karenmarie: you might want to check with a PT or other professional to see if you have a pelvic rotation. It's pretty common, and might be complicating the leg length difference. I wore a lift on one shoe for several years, until measurements proved the problem was pelvic rotation, which is pretty easily addressed. Just a thought.

sep 12, 5:04 pm

>80 karenmarie: kitty condo looks great! And GNASH nearly got me in the Wordle that day too Grr.

sep 12, 6:34 pm

A Belated Happy New Thread, Karen! Wonderful picture of your dad and Jenna!

Redigerat: sep 13, 12:06 am

>130 karenmarie: Indeed a broken hip preceded the death of my 89 year old grandfather, a man who would have ridden in the days before automobiles but from a small college town rather than a rural home. I know that other factors were involved as I was accidentally present when my parents had to attend him at the hospital, but the broken hip was just one thing too many.
Probably some causes of osteoporosis are beyond any external factors to remedy and or caused by external factors not recognized at the time.

>131 karenmarie: What a great picture. My dad always looked more terrified than pleased when holding one of his grandchildren. They were older before they returned the emotion.

sep 13, 7:35 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Wednesday. You are right- I read for nearly 3 hours yesterday, while waiting for the car to be repaired. They had nice leather chairs to sit in too. I was able to finish Tom Lake ahead of schedule.

I am meeting my birding buddies early this AM and then heading straight to pick up the camper and bringing it back here. It gives us time to start loading it up before tomorrow's trip.

I heard Mr. or Mrs. GHO hooting a way, around 5am. Sue heard him around 10 pm last night.

sep 13, 7:44 am

>135 richardderus: Yes, there is a baby swaddled in that blankie. Jenna’s grandma, my mother, his wife, made that blankie for Miss J, incorporating the colors of her crib sheets, pads, and hanging horsie mobile. I still have the blankie and all crib accoutrements. *smooch*

>136 ffortsa: I most likely do, Judy, and thank you for reminding me. I used to always ask my previous chiropractor if I was ‘torqued’ and she’d say yes, so I just made a note to ask her at my visit next Tuesday.

>137 LovingLit: Hi Megan, and thanks. And yes, I GNASHed my teeth at that word, too. I do not like Wordle in 6, but it definitely beats getting skunked.

>138 vancouverdeb: Hello Deborah, and thank you.

>139 quondame: The straw that broke the camel’s back for your grandfather. 89 is a more than respectable age for a man. I’m glad you like the pic of my dad and Jenna. Sorry about your dad and the grandchildren – I’m getting it right that he terrified them rather than pleased them?

>140 msf59: 'Morning, Mark, and happy Wednesday to you. Yay for leather chairs for 3 hours of uninterrupted reading. GHOs are always wonderful to hear, and have fun birding and getting the camper prepped for your trip.

Wordle 816 4/6* adieu, share, renal, clear


Yesterday was the almost-always-wonderful book fondling sorting. Friend Rhoda is back after spending the summer with her husband at little cabin they have up north somewhere, but she was wearing a mask and coughing and finally took the hint and stayed out in the Library, only occasionally bringing in sort books rather than stand next to all of us in there coughing. She immediately said it's not COVID and didn't have a temperature, but she really should have stayed home and upset Ruth, who she got a ride in with. Her husband came to pick her up so Ruth didn't have to ride in the car with her on the way home.

There were only 3 of us at lunch and in some ways it's more fun that way because we had a wonderful discussion about all sorts of things. John paid for Marilyn and my lunches, and I left a tip. After John left Marilyn and I stayed for another 45 minutes or so. We rarely get a chance to chat, just the two of us, and it was wonderful.

Big change for today's agenda - our landscape guy is sending over a truck and strong guy to help us start cleaning out the garage. Cars will be out of the garage and off the concrete, but Bill has a big project due today and the only thing Jenna and I will get out of him is answers to specific 'keep/donate/trash' questions. Truck and guy are arriving at 8:30.

sep 13, 9:33 am

>141 karenmarie: Happy decluttering day! I know the book fondling was more fun than you make it sound...poor Rhoda didn't read the room right, did she. I'm gla for Ruth that she didn't have to get exposed to whatever nervous-making thing it is that Rhoda has. COVID season's here.

sep 13, 10:27 am

Oh gee. GOod luck with the garage. That sounds MAJOR! I wish you inner calm and outer control! (((((Karen)))))

I also love the picture of your dad loving Jenna!

Cousins coming this afternoon for the first time in almost 4 years. Mama and I are excited.

Redigerat: sep 13, 3:35 pm

>142 richardderus: Hiya RD. It went more quickly than we thought. Lots of trash, a few things to make decisions about keeping, a few surprise boxes to go through. Filled the truck to the brim with lots of garage stuff we don't want/need any more, some things from outside and some barn trash that Allie had. Justin did a good job and got a good tip. I think I'll have Jenna help me clean one corner where we used to keep the tractor, wipe down the stuff we're keeping, and put things back there so I can get my Escape back in the garage. We'll either do it this afternoon or tomorrow morning. Any more trash from the garage can go in my SUV at a later date.

>143 LizzieD: Major, but quickly handled with a strong young man and a strong young daughter. Inner calm and outer control maintained, with daughter making sure I didn't overdo. Thanks re the pic of Dad and Jenna.

How exciting that the cousins can come for a proper visit. Have a wonderful time.

Lots of time gained today, so more reading and etc. Inara's whining at me to provide a lap, so we'll have kitty lap and reading time for a while.

One box had a leather Swank money holder that had $150 in it - 3 $50s. One for each of us.

sep 13, 6:44 pm

>141 karenmarie: Yes, all his grandchildren were somewhat terrified of him, in fact all his children were a bit too! He achieved cranky old man quite early. Not that that's all he was - he shared a love of science and learning with all of us and he and I had mysteries and F&SF books to share plus I always loved hanging around when he did carpentry type projects - infrequently, simple and practical. I was the only one who figured out how to hang out with him before I was an adult though, the other 3 not being able to avoid expressing a need his direct attention.

While 89 was quite a respectable age to reach in the early 1960s, he probably would have had another 5 or so if not for a really nasty household accident. My uncle and aunt both lived some years past 100 and my father may well have if he'd cared for his teeth. I had a great grandmother still taking care of herself at 98. And that whole lot smoked and or lived with smokers.

sep 14, 3:51 am

Happy Thursday, Karen.

Love the picture of your dad with Jenna.
Looking at the pasture is more fun now, with the horses to look at.
Is the garage done now?

sep 14, 7:19 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. Busy day yesterday, especially for Sue, who also worked a full day. I bet she didn't get to bed until midnight. We hope to take off around 10am. 4 1/2 hr ride to Door County. We will be back on Monday. Have a great weekend.

sep 14, 8:11 am

Morning, Horrible. I'm pleased to report that the day looks pretty, and the book I'm reading is challenging. Keeps me on my toes. *smooch*

sep 14, 9:13 am

>145 quondame: Hi Susan! I’m glad the cranky old man bits were offset by his love of science, learning, books, and etc. You’ve got longevity genes for sure, and I hope you reach triple digits.

>146 FAMeulstee: Hello Anita, and happy Thursday to you, too. Thanks re the pic, and yes, it’s nice to see horses in the pastures. The garage is not done, but the bulk of the trash is gone. We still have a small storage room and the built-in workbench to clean out. I hope to spend a bit of time today cleaning up the far end (sweeping, wiping down shelves) so that we can put back things currently blocking my ability to park my SUV in the garage there. Jenna and I’ll work on that later this morning.

>147 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and sweet Thursday to you, too. Enjoy your trip, stay safe!

>148 richardderus: ‘Morning, RDear. My, my, you’re posting bright and early. Pretty day, challenging book, two major components to happiness. I do hope coffee’s in the mix, too. I’m halfway through my first cup. *smooch*

Wordle 817 6/6* Whew! A bit of spreadsheet help, but Not Skunked. adieu, cloak, savor, tarot, razor, rayon


Yesterday was the aforementioned garage clean out, relaxing, reading, and fresh salmon for dinner.

Today is a bit more garage clean out, and then I'll get a text, email, or phone call from Sarah at McIntyre's Books to come get boxes of donated books for the Friends sale. She said about 10-15, but we'll see. McIntyre's staff will load them up. I'll cull duplicates because sometimes they send a dozen or more of each title, keeping one for me and one for friend Karen if appropriate, then taking them over on Saturday for the last donations sorting before the sale. The rest will go to the Thrift Shop.

sep 14, 9:25 am

>149 karenmarie: Sounds like a lovely day, with some extra book-fondling to make it all the sweeter.

Yep, up early again...5.00...for Rob-time. My pot is empty of the Elixir of the Bean.

sep 14, 9:27 am

Yay for Rob-time, boo hiss at empty pot. How's the lad doing? What level of chef-dom is he working at?

sep 14, 10:14 am

I'm off and away, but always want to speak whether I manage it or not. Hope you can give yourself a relatively free day and that you enjoy it!

sep 14, 10:58 am

>151 karenmarie: I emptied the pot into my mouth, so it wasn't wasted. He's madly running around getting his new place set up, and putting out fires right and left. I get bits and patches of attention, as is to be expected when he's got to be so focused.

Redigerat: sep 14, 1:28 pm

>152 LizzieD: (((((Peggy))))) Today's a book O day, see pics below. Donations from McIntyre's for the Friends, no duplicates, Sarah said I could take what I want. *swoon*

>153 richardderus: Well, that's the best use of coffee, right down the gullet.

So Sarah called early, had more books than she thought (!) so I decided to go over early in case a second trip was necessary. It wasn't, and here's the haul. I'm going to look through Every Box if I can manage it between now and Saturday at 1:30, when I head over to the last book sort session before next week's sale. If there are boxes I don't get through, I'll keep 'em here at the house to take over once we start sorting again, probably two weeks after the sale.


sep 14, 1:34 pm

WHAT A HAUL!!!!!! Big Christmas! I hope you find a lot you want, but it will be almost as much fun if you don't! ((((((KAREN))))))

sep 14, 2:16 pm

>154 karenmarie: Wow, that's a serious book haul. Have fun going through it, Karen.

sep 14, 2:17 pm

Redigerat: sep 14, 5:26 pm

I'm in so much trouble... three small boxes in and here's what I'm taking, most ARCs, some not:

The Paris Mystery by Kirsty Manning
Soldiers Don't Go Mad by Charles Glass
Hitchcock's Blondes by Laurence Leamer
Peaces by Helen Oyeyemi
The Country of the Blind by Andrew Leland
Kappa by Ryumosuke Akutagawa
In the Act by Rachel Ingalls
A Disappearance in Fiji by Nilima Rao
An Honest Man by Michael Koryta
Homegrown: Timothy McVeigh and the Rise of Right Wing Extremism by Jeffrey Toobin

Believe it or not, I went through all the boxes. I got one book for Jenna, 4 for Karen, and these two books for the first person or people who ask for them. PM me with your name and address and which book(s) you want:

Burning Questions: Essays and Occasional Pieces 2004 to 2022 by Margaret Atwood
Wandering Through Life: A Memoir by Donna Leon **Uncorrected Proof**

Other books for me:

The Reality Meltdown by Dan Cray - no touchstone
Big Gay Wedding by Byron Lane
A New History of the American South edited by W. Fitzhugh Brundage
Speak of the Devil by Rose Wilding
The Other Dr. Gilmer by Benjamin Gilmer
Shakespeare Was a Woman and Other Heresies by Elizabeth Winkler
Myth America edited by Kevin M. Kruse and Julian E. Zelizer
Afternoons with Harper Lee by Wayne Flynt
I Have Some Questions For You by Rebecca Makkai
Rich White Men by Garrett Neiman
Gardening Can Be Murder by Marta McDowell
Alexandra Petri's US History: Important American Documents
The Book of Longings by Sue Monk Kidd
Oh William! by Elizabeth Strout
Born to be Hanged by Keith Thomson
Black Flags, Blue Waters by Eric Jay Dolin
Most Delicious Poison: The Story of Nature's Toxins - from Spices to Vices by Noah Whiteman
Deliberate Cruelty by Roseanne Montillo
Zero Days by Ruth Ware
The Secret Book of Flora Lea by Patti Callahan Henry

Redigerat: sep 15, 11:12 pm

Congrats on getting the garage cleared out! I've got so much decluttering I need to do, sigh.

>154 karenmarie: >158 karenmarie: That's quite a haul! Amazing that you got through it all so fast! Looks like you found some good ones. Myth America is on my wishlist.

sep 14, 10:47 pm

sep 15, 6:04 am

>154 karenmarie: OMG! That is going to be really fun to sort through. Hope you find a lot of gems.

>158 karenmarie: Now that did not take you too long to sort. You even have a few new releases there as well.

Have a great Friday!

sep 15, 9:09 am

>159 atozgrl: Thanks, Irene – we got a good start getting most of the trash out. We’ve still got the HVAC closet to clean out and the workbench to clean out and off.

When it comes to books, I’m highly motivated. Going through 25 boxes of books was fun and exciting. Of course, now Jenna has to help me repack the car to take to the Library tomorrow for the last day of sorting before the sale.

>160 SilverWolf28: Hi Silver, and thank you.

>161 figsfromthistle: Hi Anita. I had lots of fun going through the books, and won’t try to second guess my decisions by going through boxes again. I do have a few new releases, and one more new release that I’m giving to friend Karen in Montana because she’s a reporter: Undaunted: How Women Changed American Journalism by Brooke Kroeger hardcover, dust jacket has some tears along bottom of spine and upper right front of front cover, clearly remaindered – black marker across 1” of bottom pages. Published this year, so I’m puzzled at its being remaindered.

Wordle 818 6/6* adieu, clone, pesky, freer, every, exert


I picked up the donated books from McIntyre's noon-ish, so had plenty of time to go through them yesterday. I had thought I'd look at some, then look at more today, then finish up tomorrow, but ... books. I'm feeling a tad achy from moving boxes of books around yesterday afternoon.

Another busy day here in central NC. Jenna and I have 11:45 a.m. hair cut appointments in Winston-Salem, about 1 hr 15 minutes from here. We're then going to go lunch, hopefully at Village Tavern at Reynolda Village. We loved our food when we went to pick up a huge donation of art books last month. We might go to Reynolda House again, we might not.

sep 15, 10:11 am

Morning, Horrible! *smooch*

sep 15, 10:29 am

You and Jenna have fun! We'll be glad for another picture after you're styled!

sep 16, 9:36 am

>163 richardderus: Happy next morning, RDear! *smooch*

>164 LizzieD: We had a lot of fun, Peggy. New pic below.

Wordle 819 4/6* adieu, after, alley, angel


Haircuts accomplished. the young'un who cut my hair last time left already, but I have a senior stylist now named Bridget. It's REALLY short now, but I like the shape better and the curls really pop. This pic's from this morning, and there's no friz. Bridget said something about texturizing - something she doesn't do with curly hair that apparently Bayleigh did. I'm pretty happy with it for how it didn't frizz overnight.

All the boxes of books from McIntyre's will go back in the car and I'll take them over to the Library for the final day of sorting before the sale. Tomorrow Jenna's scheduled to help set up for the sale from 9-12, and I'll wander over ten-ish because the racks won't be set up 'til then, and that's when I'll help Rhoda make sure fiction's in Fiction and crime fiction (mysteries, thrillers, suspense) are in what they label 'Mysteries'. There's also a book of WWI photographs that I lusted after when it was first up-priced, but it got boxed before I could get to it. Eliza said I could buy it, so I'll be on the lookout for it tomorrow.

Today's a grocery store run, but I don't know whether I'll do it or ask Jenna to do it. Bill will make a trash run and get take out for lunch.

sep 16, 10:23 am

♥ I LOVE the hair!!!!! ♥ You look Good! AMAZING, in fact!!!!

If I ever get us to a stylist, I'll show that picture. My front hair isn't curly enough to do that, but maybe we can figure something out. Anyway, you will be flattered by a copyist.

Enjoy playing with sorting the books. I hope you find your WWII book easily!

sep 16, 12:22 pm

Thank you, my dear! I am flattered that you like my hair and would like to copy it as much as your hair will allow. *smile* I'll be helping to sort the books I looked through on Thursday, and if I find another gem that I missed, I'll take it as a volunteer book.

Relaxing, putzing with the books I acquired above, plus a few from a box in the garage and a new book I bought because I've been doom scrolling YouTube a lot lately: Baking Yesteryear by B. Dylan Hollis. He tries recipes from old cookbooks, some good (which have made it into this cook book) and some awful, just awful, frequently those with gelatin/Jello/Cool Whip, although some with Cool Whip seem to bring a smile to his face and approval of the recipe.

Redigerat: sep 16, 5:08 pm

From >158 karenmarie: above, these two books for the first person or people who ask for them. PM me with your name and address and which book(s) you want:

Burning Questions: Essays and Occasional Pieces 2004 to 2022 by Margaret Atwood
Wandering Through Life: A Memoir by Donna Leon **Uncorrected Proof**

sep 16, 12:37 pm

>165 karenmarie: Looking great, Karen! I am so overdue a haircut, but because I go to a guy in Glasgow rather than more locally, I tend to leave it for ages as it ends up being a full day out. But I really need to do something with this crone's thatch soon!

sep 16, 1:55 pm

>165 karenmarie: New hair = good and flattering.

Hands are hurting after my get-em-done review bingelet. *smooch*

sep 16, 7:32 pm

Love the new haircut, Karen. Looks like you’re getting lots done with the garage clean out and horses in the field.

sep 16, 8:15 pm

Hi Karen. I've been awol, so just catching up a bit. The haircut is nice - such lovely curly hair!!

sep 17, 6:41 am

Wow, look at that new do! I love the haircut, Karen. I hope this stylist sticks around.

sep 17, 8:24 am

>169 Jackie_K: Thanks, Jackie! “Crone’s thatch” – vivid. Jenna and I made most of the day of it – we left at 10:20 a.m. and got home at 4 p.m.

>170 richardderus: Thanks, RD! Sorry about hands hurting after your bingelet. I hope they’re calmed down by the time you read this.

>171 Familyhistorian: Thank you, Meg. You’re right about getting lots done, and it all feels good.

>172 EBT1002: Hi Ellen! Thanks re my curls. I’ll visit in the next day or so – I’ll be heading out in about 20 minutes for the first day of book sale set up. Jenna’s volunteering today, too, 9-12. Everybody loves her and always tells me so – welcome words for a mother.

>173 lauralkeet: Thanks, Laura. Fingers crossed re Bridget.

Wordle 820 4/6* adieu, guilt, curio, music


So yesterday Jenna helped me load ALL the boxes of books back into my SUV and I took them over to the Library for the final sort. John unloaded them and got them inside the Library, then I was there for an hour and a half while they and the last other donations got sorted and boxed. After that I went to the grocery store.

As mentioned above, book sale set up today. Last week was really busy, so I’ll pace myself.

Redigerat: sep 17, 10:13 am

Enjoy the set up, (((((Karen))))). When you're not enjoying it anymore, COME HOME!!!!!

(I heard a life lesson early in my first job working in a church. The minister had personal problems that he didn't mind spreading around. My dear friend, a 60 year-old woman who helped me survive, once told him, "I'm a volunteer. I don't have to listen to this. I'm going home." She did, and he let up for that one time.)

sep 17, 3:24 pm

OOO, more book-fondling! How delightful.

My hands aren't better, sad to say, but a lot of that could be the vaccines...I felt GHASTLY last night, shivering with fever and aching like mad all over. Today no shivering, but aching is very present. I'm glad it's out of the way and I've got the protection it can offer.


sep 17, 11:01 pm

>165 karenmarie: Great haircut! It looks fabulous! But Winston-Salem sure is a long way to go for a cut. I'm overdue for a cut, but I'm not sure when I'll be able to fit it in.

I hope you found the book of WWI photographs that piqued your interest so much. I'm still planning on trying to get over to the sale on Thursday morning, so I hope I'll see you then!

sep 17, 11:22 pm

>131 karenmarie: Nice and, as a new Grandpa, I want that joy of holding my granddaughter in my arms sooner rather than later.

>164 LizzieD: Also nice and curly! Where is Larry and Moe!! (Only kidding, Karen, you would never be anyone's stooge. xx)

sep 18, 11:06 am

>175 LizzieD: Hi Peggy! I had a busy, fun, and tiring time yesterday. I was on my feet for 4 ¼ hours, taking a lunch break and chatting for 45 minutes. More below.

I just shared your church life lesson with friend Karen, along with the pic below of my SCORE. She’s just getting ready to head off to her little church in Manhattan MT.

I had reached my limit and was kind to myself by leaving. There were more books to look at, fiction to separate from mystery/thriller/suspense, and various and sundry, but it was time to leave. I got safely to my car and was grateful once I got inside, got the very heavy U.S. Official Pictures of the World War in the house, got my jammies on (because I’m a jammies girl unless otherwise necessary), and sat down to watch the recorded Arsenal Everton match. Arsenal won on a brilliant goal by Troussard, 1-0. Nice middle to a good day.

>176 richardderus: Yes – I am a serious/serial book fondler. Touching, smelling, reveling in them makes me very happy. I’m sorry about your hands – which vaccines, although I guess COVID? Or did you post the deets on your thread and I missed them? Anyway, I do hope you’re getting better or fully recovered today. *smooch*

>177 atozgrl: Hi Irene, and thanks. I used to go to someone here in town, with adequate results, then she retired. Went to someone in Sanford with adequate results, then I retired. Various and sundry without luck. Then Covid, and I didn’t get a hair cut at all after the last pre-Covid cut on March 17, 2020 (burned into my brain because that’s the day the Library abruptly closed, too, just prior to what would have been the Spring 2020 book sale). I didn’t get another hair cut ‘til December of 2022, just a trim, but of course she took off way too much. Then I had the surgery in March and my previously healthy hair was not so healthy. I didn’t want to go back to This Is It! Cuts in Pittsboro because it’s just old ladies giving schleppy hair cuts and gossip. Jenna used to go to Van Davis Aveda in Wilmington, and when I looked on line for something like Van Davis within an hour or so, found Van Davis Aveda in Winston-Salem. It’s only 1 ¼ hours away, which given where we live isn’t bad, and especially with her not working right now, it makes for a pleasant break away from the house. I’m sure there are great places in Cary and Apex, but that’s still 30-45 minutes away and would be an unknown quantity.

I did find the book of WWI photographs. After the books got put out for the table categories I zoomed over to the Classics and Oldies section, hoping it wouldn’t be in the bottom of a box. But, as my friend Karen put it last night, Jesus wanted me to have it (tongue mostly in cheek, but she’s Christian, so perhaps not). It was right on top of one of the first boxes I put my baby blues on, so SCORE. Eliza priced it at $18, a bargain, and here it is. I just opened it randomly for the third picture.

I’m looking forward to seeing you on Thursday!

>178 PaulCranswick: Hi Paul – yes, I’m sure your arms are aching to hold Nami (sp?). I hope you can get in a visit soon, or are plans afoot to make the permanent move? I’ll have to visit soon – your threads move so quickly that I need to devote a lot of time when I do visit.

Having curly hair means that if I don’t find the right stylist, the curls get hidden. Bayleigh did a reasonable job although the texturizing sheers she used apparently cause frizz – overnight frizz was experienced – but Bridget didn’t use them, did various and sundry differently on Friday, and even this morning, after wetting/product yesterday and just running my fingers through it just now, no frizz.

Heh. “Larry, Moe, and Curly Joe!” I have watched a lot of the Stooges over the years, as movies, and now on YouTube. I even got an ER book about them, which was a good read, tragic, and informative, The Three Stooges Scrapbook by Jeff Lenburg. I thought I got rid of it, only keeping as a presence in my catalog to keep the ER gods happy, but it’s upstairs in the Retreat on shelf 42.

Wordle 821 5/6* adieu, cloak, track, prank, frank


I completely slept through a major scare last night – apparently my thermos was knocked off the desk by Inara around 2:30 a.m., which always registers as glass breaking with the alarm system. All well and good when the alarm system is disarmed, but Bill had armed it and it startled him AND Jenna out of sleep last night, but not me. Nope. Slept right through it, all 15 minutes of the alarm blaring as Bill fell trying to get to the wall panel forgetting he could disarm it with his phone which was right beside him and then used the wrong security code. He got 2 calls from the security system and I guess we were close to a police presence. Jenna woke up, was disoriented for a bit, checked on me – I was flat out on my stomach, light on, Kindle and cell phone on the bed next to me, probably glasses on, too – then she went downstairs, cautiously, talked with her dad a bit then came back upstairs. Bill's knees hurt but he's surprisingly sanguine about the whole thing. I only learned of it when I was going downstairs and said hi to Jenna on my way down.

Today's only obligation is to go use the treadmill. I only used it once last week, but got a great workout cleaning out the garage on Wednesday, on Thursday picking up the books and moving each box out of the SUV onto the table to go through, and then yesterday at the book sale setup for 4 hours. Not quite as good as the treadmill, but still.

sep 18, 11:13 am

>154 karenmarie: HOG HEAVEN. That may be an understatement.

>165 karenmarie: As someone who suffers with naturally curly hair, I can understand being happy that "it didn't frizz overnight."

Have a marvelous Monday!

sep 18, 11:33 am

Hi Stasia, and drooling occurred with the books.

I have suffered with naturally curly hair my entire life, and only when getting expert hair cuts have avoided it. I think I've gotten an expert curly hair cutter, Bridget. We'll see with the next appointment, mid-November, already set up.

Thanks re my Monday - so far so good. Still in jammies sipping coffee. Breakfast and meds taken, will visit a few threads, read, then head out.

I may make air fryer chicken for dinner tonight since the last time I cooked was Friday night, I think.

sep 18, 12:45 pm

My ghastly reaction was to COVID, not the flu which I got in the other arm that day. That didn't hurt even a little bit. *smooch*

sep 18, 1:07 pm

WOW! to sleeping through the alarm. I'm sorry about Bill's fall.

I hope you enjoy your mostly un-obligated day!

sep 18, 2:52 pm

>180 alcottacre: >181 karenmarie: SUFFERING with naturally curly hair!!!!!!!!! In the paradigm shift of a lifetime, mine has turned mostly curly over the past 25 years or so. You have no idea what it's like to have naturally straight-as-a-stick with-no-body hair especially in the years when nobody wanted her hair to be straight. Add thin, sensitive skin that burned through at the hairline with permanents in the 50s and 60s. Sing me no sad songs. This is better!

I'm awfully sorry about the alarm last night and about Bill's fall. I hope he isn't sore today. Meanwhile, you enjoy the treadmill, or at least the having it done. (((((Karen)))))

sep 18, 4:03 pm

>182 richardderus: Well, RDear, at least you're all boosted. What do your doctors think of the RSV vaccine? *smooch*

>183 katiekrug: Hi Katie! I know - believe me, it's hideously loud and I can't believe that first of all, I was sleeping then because that's one of my standard be-awake-in-the-middle-of-the-night times, and second of all that it didn't wake me up duration-wise or decibels-wise.

I just got back from treadmill-ing it, 42 minutes today. The senior kitty wants on my lap but I'm still cooling down and will wait a few minutes more before reading and having her crawl into my lap.

>184 LizzieD: It's rare to like what one has. I had red hair, so was a pariah, overweight, which was also pariah-making, and smart, also pariah-making. My sister always hated her very straight hair and wanted mine. I'm sorry about the perms - yeesh - and am glad you have Better Hair.

I think he's pretty sore today, especially his knees. I used the treadmill for 42 minutes and feel very good about it. I read the entire time so yay for that, too. (((((Peggy)))))

sep 18, 4:55 pm

>179 karenmarie: Hurray for finding a good stylist, even at a distance. It does sound like you don't have to go often, and can make a nice outing of it when you do go. I haven't found a stylist since I retired, so I can't make any recommendations for someone in Apex. When I was working, I went to someone in Raleigh. That stopped when the COVID shutdown happened. It was over a year before I got another haircut. We were still in work-from-home mode at that time, but I needed to go to the office to pick up a label printer and see if I could make it work. So I made an appointment with my regular stylist then. I continued with her at irregular intervals after that, until I retired last year. Unfortunately, no one in my church group had a stylist to recommend, and my husband wasn't able to find anyone local in talking to his friends either. So I've been going to Great Clips since then because they're very close and very cheap. After all those years of commuting, I don't really want to drive back into mid-town Raleigh for a cut. I guess I really need to see if I can find something better.

I'm surprised you slept through an alarm like that after all the problems you previously reported with insomnia. It seems like that might be a good sign that you're able to sleep better now. Sorry to hear that Bill fell and is sore today. I hope he recovers quickly!

Wordle in 6 for me today. At least I didn't get skunked.

I'm glad you found the book of WWI photographs. It looks like a treasure! I hope I can find some good things at the sale. I look forward to meeting you then!

sep 18, 7:46 pm

Hi Karen,

I wanted to share, knowing you're a fan, that I just finished my first Lord Peter Wimsey novel and fittingly it was Whose Body?. I absolutely loved it - what a great character he is and the book as a whole was sharp and witty. It was also my first by Sayers and I'm certainly going to read more. I have the next book on my Kindle. You had made some suggestions about the series on my thread almost a year ago. Now I wonder why I waited so long. :)

Your hair looks great! I also have curly/frizzy hair, so I know it can be a struggle sometimes.

Love the new horses in the field. Lovely to look at with none of the responsibility. Win-win!

sep 18, 10:46 pm

>187 Copperskye: While somethings in the Lord Peter Wimsey series are uncomfortably dated for me, the wit and sparkle has held up quite well. I started reading them in my teens, so it's been quite some time and many re-reads.

sep 19, 5:16 am

>186 atozgrl: Hi Irene. It was 8 weeks between appointments this time, and will be 8 weeks again. Jenna starts getting twitchy at about 8 weeks because her hair’s so thick, and even if mine barely needs it, it’s better to keep going now I’ve started.

I’ve got a friend in Apex. I just reached out to her to see if her hair stylist is in Apex or Cary. She’s not up yet – heck, hardly anybody in the US is up yet – but I’ll see if I can get a recommendation for you.

And here I am, after sleeping so well on Sunday night, awake at 4. I tried for 15 minutes to go back to sleep then finally gave up. Came downstairs, made coffee, fed the kitties, opened the kitty door, and had a visitor for a while. Poor decrepit senior kitty Inara Starbuck, 16 years and 3 months.

Wordle in 6 is still pretty darned good.

I love the WWI pictures book, although I haven’t made time to look through it much yet. I love having old books on my shelves – I think the oldest one I have is 1845, but am not sure.

I’m really excited that we’ll able to meet at the book sale. Anybody wearing a name tag will either be able to find me or find someone who can find me. I’ll be a customer from 9 - ?, probably 11ish, then I’ll be cashiering after that.

>187 Copperskye: Joanne! I am absolutely thrilled that you read Whose Body? and loved it. It’s a wonderful start to a great series, and I hope Clouds of Witness is just as good a read for you.

I read everything by Sayers as a project in 2019, including all her short stories and even some articles published in The Spectator that are not in paper book form, at least here in the US, but are available on Kindle, The Wimsey Papers—The Wartime Letters and Documents of the Wimsey Family. If you would like the benefit of my research on the order to read her books in, both novels and short stories, just PM me with your email address. Thanks re my hair, and I admit to liking the horsey view in the field. Just one time only, I hope, Allie asked if she could keep a pony here for a friend of hers – she’d already promised to look after ‘Ore’ for two weeks prior to getting settled in here, so we said yes. Jenna will meet the horses today, and I’ll ask her to take a pic, hopefully of all three. Definitely win-win. Of course, we still haven’t gotten the bill for getting the power at the barn up to snuff – his estimate was $1300. We’ll see.

>188 quondame: I agree, Susan – the racism is noticeable and persistent in almost every book, usually low-grade, but especially in Unnatural Death, where one of the heirs is a man of color. However, Peter Wimsey makes sure that the Rev. Dawson is able to cash the check sent to him to lure him to his death? Or set him up as the murderer? – can’t remember which. Always calling out if someone’s Jewish is another thing that comes to mind, but one cannot accuse her of misogyny. I particularly like two of Harriet’s friends in Strong Poison – clearly a lesbian couple – and appreciate both Wimsey and his sister, Lady Mary, marrying outside of their class.

Wordle 822 5/6* Grr. adieu, globe, clone, clove, close


Yesterday was a catch-up phone call with a friend and a 42 minute workout on the treadmill at the Senior Center. Bill and I are continuing to absolutely love Silent Witness, available on BritBox. 26 seasons and counting... Each Story is 2 episodes, 45-52 minutes each, so we watch both episodes to get the whole story each evening we're not watching Premier League.

Today is errands and chiropractor day, starting early. I need to leave around 9:30 so that I can use the treadmill and run errands in town before getting to the chiropractor at 11 - bank, Ace hardware, and the grocery store. Then my house cleaners come about 12:30, so I'll be getting home just in time for them to arrive.

sep 19, 5:45 am

>165 karenmarie: Superb hair length! Looks awesome.

Hope you have a great Tuesday. Sounds like it will be a busy one for you.

Redigerat: sep 19, 7:55 am

Morning, Karen. As you can see, I am back and sliding right into my usual routine. A fun trip, to a gorgeous location. Light rain through the AM here but I still need to walk Juno and tend to the feeders. The rest of the day will be devoted to the neglected books.

I hope all is well on your end.

sep 19, 8:49 am

>189 karenmarie: I hope your adjustment leaves you feeling better than you went in, Horrible. Inara's a lucky senior to be in such a doting kittymama's hands.

I've just gotten into a post-apocalyptic novel set in Las Vegas. How one could tell Las Vegas had suffered an apocalypse I don't actually know...it's always felt apocalyptic to me. I witnessed my one and only murder there in 1990, sitting at a stoplight. About fifty of us saw a guy getting chased into the crosswalk, knocked down, and have his head bashed in. Lots of time spent telling police the way it happened, then the calls from them as they brought the case to trial-readiness...the guy copped a plea after all that time.

I never liked Las Vegas from kidhood on up, but that will be the last time I ever go there unless ordered to do so at gunpoint.

sep 19, 7:37 pm

>192 richardderus: How ghastly! I don't gamble and avoid places where people smoke so Las Vegas has never been a draw. I have been a very few times - once when a melt and floods made us cancel our trip plans to Tahoe and a couple of times for work related things, but nothing this century.

sep 19, 9:01 pm

>188 quondame: Yeah, I know. Did every Jewish character need to be called out for being Jewish? Definitely not. But I make allowances for books that are a product of their time and written - yikes, I just realized! - 100 years ago. It can get cringy though, for sure.

>189 karenmarie: Aww, sweet older kitty!! I'll take you up on your Sayer's info, Karen, thank you!! I'll forward my email. Won't the rent for the field offset the barn electrical repair? I'd almost pay someone to keep a couple of horses near me. :)

>192 richardderus: Yikes!

sep 19, 9:15 pm

Just making rounds to catch up! And hopelessly behind on all of them. As I said elsewhere, you go away for 3 weeks and the threads explode like dandelions in the lawn when you're not there.

Anyway, looks like you've been very active and also, sleeping deeply! Through an alarm, yet! What an amazing series of actions starting with a broken thermos. I didn't know those glass-lined ones still existed.

sep 19, 11:28 pm

>189 karenmarie: Thank you! Do let me know if your friend has a recommendation for a hair stylist here. I would love to know!

Sixteen is quite an age for a cat. She's lucky to have you all to care for her. Inara looks like something has her attention in that picture.

Old books are special. I haven't finished cataloging my books on LT, so I'm not sure what the oldest one I have is. I've got some I've inherited that have some age on them.

I will probably be heading over to the book sale mid-morning sometime, and it looks like it'll take me about 1/2 hour to get there. I'll see you then!

sep 20, 7:43 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Wednesday. Meeting my birding buddies this AM. Looking forward to Jackson time tomorrow. Darn, I miss the little guy. I did get the feeders filled up yesterday, although I need to pick up suet.

>192 richardderus: Wow! Quite a Vegas story, Richard. I am not a fan of the place either.

sep 20, 10:29 am

Good morning, Karen! What another lovely day, eh?!?!!

>192 richardderus: I've never had the slightest desire to visit Vegas although I guess I'd go if somebody gave me a trip. I did enjoy the Tim Powers Vegas book, Last Call, but then I like TP.

Karen, I'm happy that you and Irene are going to meet. I might let Bobbie know that you're going to be at the sale in the morning. I doubt that she'd go, but Geoff might. At least they should know about it.

sep 20, 11:39 am

>190 figsfromthistle: Hi Anita, and thank you re my hair. Yesterday did end up being busy, but it was all good. I hope your Tuesday was good too, and hope the rest of the week treats you well.

>191 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! Glad you’re back and that you had a fun trip. I hope your Juno, feeders, and books day went well. Things are fine out here!

>192 richardderus: Hi RD! It definitely felt better, pretty much all day, and although this morning presented some stiffness, the meds have kicked in so I’m coming along.

Yipes, just yipes regarding your personal experience of Lost Wages. I’ve only been there once. That would have been … 1974… when I turned 21 and went with my parents. I ‘gambled’, if you can call sitting at slot machines gambling. Mom always played the dime machines and usually came home a winner over the course of their visit. Dad usually played blackjack, sometimes poker, and also usually came home a winner over the course of their visit. Winner, in this case, is winning enough net to cover their expenses. The worst part of the trip? Dad skimped by getting only one room with two beds. The problem? He snored. Loudly, consistently, persistently. No matter what Mom did to get him to stop, within 10-15 minutes he was at it again, and it made me absolutely CRAZY. Otherwise, a fun time. I can see no reason to ever visit again either.

>193 quondame: Glad you’ve avoided LV recently, Susan. Unless you're a native and love it for other reasons, staying away make sense.

>194 Copperskye: Hey Joanne. Definitely cringe-y, but I agree with you and make allowances for books that are a product of their time.

Eventually the barn rent will offset the electrical repairs, so looking it as a marathon instead of a sprint, as I’m doing with my knee brace, keeps it in perspective. Spreadsheet sent this morning!

>195 SandyAMcPherson: Hi Sandy. I can’t imagine three weeks away and trying to catch up, although in recent months I’m struggling to keep up with threads I don’t visit every day. Sigh.

I have been active, but the sleeping deeply rarely occurs – and it was just my luck that it occurred on a night that I needed to have been more awake.

Ah. The thermos is not glass lined – it’s a metal Thermos and I’ve had it for perhaps 20 years or so. Lost the drinking cup/cap, but it still works beautifully, even with a few dents. Part of my morning routine is rinsing it with boiling water to get it heated before putting the carafe of coffee into it. I did that 2 hours ago, and the last cup I poured out was as hot as the first one.

>196 atozgrl: ‘Morning, Irene! Alas, Diane’s stylist is in North Raleigh. And you probably don’t want to go to Winston-Salem and pay for the privilege, right?

I’d like to think Inara was actively watching, but she was dozing. She does a lot more of that recently, and we’re convinced she’s completely deaf. However, when I opened the Sunroom door this morning to go to my car to get my desk calendar which I left in there yesterday by mistake (🙄), she literally hopped down from my/her chair and trotted out and down the stairs. She’s still outside, and will come back in through the kitty door.

Yay for your coming to the sale Thursday morning! I’m so glad I’ll get to meet you in person.

>197 msf59: ‘Morning Mark, and happy Wednesday to you, too. Yay for birding buddies and Jackson time tomorrow. Bravo for getting your feeders filled. I need to put out fresh hummingbird food (two males are fighting for feeder ownership right now), sunflower seed, and a fresh suet cake.

>198 LizzieD: Oh yes, another gorgeous almost-fall day here. Books about LV are fine, and although you’ll never read them, the Dom of Las Vegas series by Tricia Owens, one of my initial introductions to MM romance, are great re LV.

Well, I just got off the phone with Bobbie. She’s WONDERFUL! She and Geoff are leaving for a trip to Western NC and will be in touch when they return. She lives in Fearrington, 20 minutes from my house, and we’ll get together after that sometime.

Wordle 823 4/6* Ugh. Alphabet soup. adieu, stare, share, snare


I only used the treadmill for 30 minutes yesterday, but it was still good. Other than that, my cleaning ladies came, yay, and I got all the McIntyre's books that I personally took (because Sarah said I could) cataloged and with the right covers. That got them off the floor, and now they're on the dresser and need to get put on shelves sometime soon. Right now they've got a tag of Sxx, meaning Sunroom not on a shelf.

Today is treadmill only, with perhaps a brief lesson in how to drive Bill's 2022 Escape. I've never learned how to drive it, but now's the time for a variety of reasons. That's next on the list.

sep 20, 1:44 pm

>199 karenmarie: Is an Escape a stick?

sep 20, 2:31 pm

Amazing that you slept through the alarm and all that came after it went off, Karen. Best of luck with the book sale!

sep 20, 3:29 pm

>199 karenmarie:, >198 LizzieD:, >197 msf59:, >194 Copperskye: It was a very disturbing event, and a long-lasting one. Months of reliving it for cops over the phone, then lawyers, then...nothing. A few months went by and I got a message on my answering machine that the case was "no longer active."

Anti-climax much?

*smooch* for you, dear Horrible.

sep 20, 5:39 pm

>200 The_Hibernator: Hi Rachel. No, it’s not a stick, but it has a start button instead of a keyed start, and you dial the gears instead of moving the lever into the right one. I needed to just get a feel for it, plus getting it in to and out of the garage – the sides are tight getting our vehicles in and out of the single-car-width garages so had to finagle that. It is just different, and I didn’t want to have to learn how to drive it in an emergency.

>201 Familyhistorian: Hi Meg. I still can’t believe it, because I’m a relatively light sleeper and only took regular drugs, not sleep-inducing drugs. *smile* Thanks re the book sale.

>202 richardderus: Hiya, RD. Serious anti-climax. *smooch*

Well, Arsenal beat PSV, a Dutch team, 4-0 in the Champions League, which made me very happy, since Man City only beat their opponent in a different group 3-0. Man U lost – sorry John.

I went out at the last minute to use the treadmill, and missed the first 11 minutes of the game, which means that I missed Saka’s goal in the 8th minute, but was there in time for Trossard’s goal soon after and two more later on.

sep 20, 5:47 pm

>203 karenmarie: UEFA's PØTM

sep 21, 4:43 am

Happy Thursday, Karen!

Like all others, I like your haircut.
That could have been me in my younger days, sleeping through that alarm. Until well into my fourties I could sleep everywhere, any time. Through telephones ringing, wake up alarms, barking dogs, you name it ;-)
Lost that ability years ago, miss it sometimes, but am happy with my 6 hours at night, most of the nights.

Arsenal did well, PSV had no chance against them.
I was very pleased that our team, Feyenoord beat Celtic with 2-0 the day before.

sep 21, 7:32 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. I had a nice walk with my birding buddies yesterday. A beautiful morning here. I will be hanging with Jack today. If it doesn't rain, I will take him to the park and hit the trails for awhile.
Fingers crossed.

sep 21, 7:44 am

>204 richardderus: Thank you, RD! Such a joy to see his sweet face and remember his wonderful playing from yesterday. Martin Ødegaard, team captain, wearing #8, my lucky number of course.

>205 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita, and thank you. And thank you re my hair cut. Yes, PSV is a Dutch team, and I knew Arsenal was supposed to win, but my goodness, the scoreline was pretty harsh. Yay for Feyenoord, at least until they might meet Arsenal in the knock off rounds.

>206 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and sweet Thursday to you. Excellent news about your birding buddy adventure. It’s hazy here, supposed to get to 82F. Not bad weather for a book sale.

Wordle 824 X/6* Ugh. I knew I shouldn't have tried ozone. adieu, evoke, phone, ozone, scone, shone. Stone.


I did not get a lot of sleep last night, a combination of insomnia and wanting to finish up a book. Sigh. So I'm operating on 4 hours of sleep.

Today's the book sale, of course, so I need to get ready to leave in 30 minutes. No time to visit threads, for which I apologize.

sep 21, 9:12 am

Have a lovely book sale day, Horrible! *smooch*

sep 21, 10:00 am

Have a wonderful day at the sale, (((((Karen)))))! I hope that you and Irene have a wonderful time, find wonderful books (and don't fight over any!), and enjoy a stellar day. I'm sorry about the sleep.

Meanwhile, I'm not sure what's going on, but I did Wordle in two again today. Unheard of!

>202 richardderus: After all that, they dropped the case????????? It would have been a kindness for them to tell you the reason.

sep 21, 11:01 am

>209 LizzieD: I wondered that same thing, Peggy. I called the detective and got the story that couldn't be left on my machine... he copped a plea deal. Got away with it, in other words. Whatever he had to trade must've been a corker.

sep 21, 10:21 pm

sep 22, 7:24 am

Yesterday was fun and tiring, and my back is reminding me of it today. It's also emotional draining for an introvert - being 'on' all day and actually TALKING with people all day.

Drugs will kick in soon, I'll be leaving in 50 minutes. I got a few good books, and Irene was a joy. We'll be meeting up sometime later this fall. Unfortunately I was cashiering when she came by, as I was when my friend Jan came by, too. Both visits pleased me, especially seeing happy faces and hearing about good books found. Thank you for coming to the sale, Irene!!

I got a few books - 2 bags worth. Mostly it was the 6-volume set of The Image of War: 1861-1865, very good hardcovers with intact and in good shape dust covers, all 6 volumes, $3 each. A few religion books for friend Karen, and one for myself: Did Jesus Exist: The Historical Argument for Jesus of Nazareth by Bart Ehrman. He's a local professor, and I'm collecting books by him for friend Karen and myself.

Coffee! Brekkie! Lights! Camera! Action! Day Two of the Book Sale.

Wordle 825 3/6* adieu, blunt, brush I surprised myself.


I'll respond to your messages when I can - I appreciate them and WILL reply.

sep 22, 8:15 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Friday. I enjoyed my time with Jack yesterday. I took him to the park and then he joined me on the trails, although he slept for a chunk of it. We were gone for 3 hours. We get him for an over-nighter tomorrow. More rain here this AM, so no outside plans.

Good luck with the book sale. Don't over do it.

sep 22, 10:04 am

I second Mark's wish for your day and have nothing much to add. I'm happy that yesterday was a good one and wish you voluminous sales!!!

sep 22, 10:36 am

>184 LizzieD: Well, we never want what we have, do we? My sister's hair is straight as a board and she has always wanted my curls, which I would happily give her!

Have a fantastic Friday, Karen!

sep 22, 10:42 am

>212 karenmarie: You get back to us when you've rested and recharged, Horrible. There needs to be something in the tank before being social here, too. Nobody who's reading your threads will be offended if it takes a while for that to happen since you're doing so very much.


Redigerat: sep 22, 5:41 pm

>212 karenmarie: I did have a wonderful time at the book sale yesterday, and I was so delighted to finally meet you! Only wishing we had more time to talk, but we can do that sometime later. We'll definitely have to try to schedule something after my DH and I get back from our trip to Mississippi in October.

>199 karenmarie: Thanks so much for checking with your friend about hairstylists. Too bad hers is in north Raleigh. I may as well keep going to my former stylist as go to someone new that far away. Sigh. Surely there's someone good in Apex! Winston-Salem is a lot farther, and that's definitely farther than I want to go. Nothing against Winston-Salem, because there's a lot to do there. I just don't want a regular trip that far from here.

Definitely take time for yourself after the sale is over. I know that all the social interaction can take a toll on us introverts. I hope today was another good day at the sale!

Redigerat: sep 23, 7:41 am

>213 msf59: ‘Morning Mark! Happy Saturday. I hope your Friday was good. I’m glad that Jackson time, as always, is a joy, and have fun with him at tonight's overnighter. I actually didn’t overdo it yesterday, more below.

>214 LizzieD: Hi Peggy! My day was quite good yesterday. I got a bag of books. Alas, sales continue to droop. We all have ideas swirling in our heads as to why, and there will be a discussion at the follow up meeting in 2 weeks.

>215 alcottacre: Hi Stasia! My sister always wanted my curls and I always wanted straight, thick, blonde hair. Thanks re my Friday – it was fantastic, actually, always excepting slow sales.

>217 atozgrl: Hi Irene, and I’m so glad to hear that your trek to the wilds of Chatham County was wonderful. Yesterday was fun and I didn’t overdo.

Sometimes it’s worth a trip to get something that works for you – I don’t know how often you get your hair cut, but a 4-6-8 week trip isn’t completely dreadful.

Wordle 826 3/6* adieu, cloak, carol


Here's the official cumulative report from the book sale. Another team member, Dav, works with the treasurer to develop it. Nice that I don't have to stay the extra hour or so. I was Treasurer for 3 years.
Here are the figures for today, Friday, the 22nd:

Book sales (cash, credit, check) less memberships:


Compare to Friday, Spring 2023: $3,259

So, today we did better percentage-wise (82%) compared with Spring than we did yesterday (58%).

Total for Thursday + Friday: $10,487 (compare to Spring: $16,548) (63%)

Eliza says that from the box count, we have sold about 50% of what we started with. As I recall, I think we usually finish with about 40% left. So let's sell a lot tomorrow on bag day!
I cashiered all day, shopping from 8:30 - 9, then only wandering through the sales room when I had to bring a book back or after a quick break. I got home about 5:10, leaving the parking lot at 4:55. I am tired, as anybody working a full day would be, but I'm not overtired.

I did manage to get a few good books - I'll report this afternoon after I get home around 3 or so. I'm cashiering again 9-2 today, Jenna is coming in to help tear down - books from tables back onto racks and into the book sort room, tables taken down and put into the Library's storage room, and etc. She's coming early to get her 3 free books.

I'll still be reporting the Square debit/credit card sales at about 2:15 today - simple to take a screen grab of the revenue/charges and text it to the Treasurer and Dav.

We're feeling the effects of Hurricane Ophelia - got quite a bit of rain last night. We'll have showers today, which unfortunately might keep shoppers away.

edited to add: I met a woman from Toronto yesterday, visiting her sister her in central NC. She bought a few books, 4 coffee table books because she stages houses to sell and she's willing to schlep them back home, and one for herself. a novel - forget what it is. She took a while to get US money correct, we had a few laughs over that, then she showed me one of the newer Canadian bills - it was absolutely gorgeous. Still with QEII.

sep 23, 7:36 am

Jenna sent this to me on Wednesday, just made the time to post it.

sep 23, 7:52 am

>219 karenmarie: Jenna's a keeper fer sher.

Too bad about the numbers decline. It's not a huge surprise though with the whole country on tenterhooks about inflation. Still, Ophelia be hanged, I hope your bag-sale sees y'all with the standard 40% or less remaining stock.


sep 23, 8:01 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Saturday. Glad to hear that you didn't overdo it yesterday. Take it easy today too. How much book talk do you do with the customers? Are you a regular chatterbox? Good luck today.

>219 karenmarie: I love it!

Redigerat: sep 23, 10:21 am

I'm glad that you didn't set off today completely exhausted from yesterday! GOOD for you!!!! I also hope that you're wearing your mask all the time. And, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, if only I were there I wouldn't swear to taking home that pesky 10%, but I'll bet I'd make a dent in it.

Friend Barbara, the almost MAGAt, called yesterday to say that our fellow bridge buddy is more ill with COVID than people were who got it this summer. She also says that our hospital is full of COVID cases. She tells me this as though it were news although I declined to go to book club for those reasons on August 30 and made sure that everybody knew what my doc had just told me. I asked whether friend was wearing a mask. "No, there's no mask mandate." This from a woman who complained bitterly during the pandemic about the damage that masks were doing to people who wore them all day and the denial of free will.
No surprise, and I am sorry that our friend is sick.

Wear your masks!!!!! Get the vaccine!!!! (I also heard lately from a UNC doctor that they are finding that people who have gotten all the boosters in a timely manner are less likely to have long COVID.)

sep 23, 3:46 pm

Hi Karen my dear, i was glad that our teams did well in Europe apart from my team, we are still in a re-build and Ten Hag is finding out who wants to play for the badge and who is just there for the money. We are still carrying a cloud over us whilst ever the damned Glazers are in charge, the two bidders are unlikely to pay more than they have offered and so with them holding the reins and poor results, the club's value slowly diminishes. They are not wanted, they have bled the club dry, put us in debt when we were clear and are slowly killing the club, just accept a decent offer and bugger off.

sep 23, 3:51 pm

>220 richardderus: Hi RD! Yes she is, and this really cracked me up. Today’s weather contributed, but I don’t know the final numbers yet. *smooch*

>221 msf59: ‘Afternoon, Mark! I didn’t overdo it today, either. I chat some with customers – since I spent most of my time cashiering I was able to discuss authors of books they bought or actual books they bought, but today was bag day so much less chatter. I am NOT a regular chatterbox, especially with strangers. Thanks, and I knew you’d love the Hummingbirds/Woodpeckers comparison.

>222 LizzieD: Hi Peggy! Sorry about your friend Barbara being a putz and, and sorry about a friend being ill with Covid. I didn't mask in the Lobby when the wind was swirling through as the outer doors were opened and closed and opened and closed hundreds of times per hour, was masked in the book sale room.

Redigerat: sep 25, 9:14 am

Home from the wars! Sales were adequate but not stunning today – it takes a lot of $5/bag sales to recover from the slow Thursday and Friday and I’m not even sure we got what we needed to keep up with previous Saturdays.


It’s been raining most of the day, Jenna came in at 1:15, looked for a book or two, then Reece asked if she could start helping, so she did. I stayed ‘til about 2:15 to give them the final Square numbers so I didn’t have to worry about them when I got home. Jenna got home by about 2:45.

One more bag of books today.

So here’s the haul:

Nothing but Good Times Ahead by Molly Ivins
Furious Hours by Casey Cep – read it but am glad to have a copy for my shelves
The Complete Idiot’s Guide to British Royalty by Richard Buskin
The Complete Household Tales of Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm Volume II, edited by Louis and Bryna Untermeyer, slipcased, Heritage Press
Crowned Masterpieces of Literature That Have Advanced Civilization volume X, edited by David J. Brewer (1908)
Tilt: A Skewed History of the Tower of Pisa by Nicholas Shrady
The Best Liberal Quotes Ever by William Martin
Jesus Did It Anyway: The Paradoxical Commandments for Christians by Kent M. Keith *
Jewish Literacy by Rabbi Joseph Telushkin *
The Lost Gospel of Judas Iscariot by Bart D. Ehrman
The Gift of the Jews by Thomas Cahill *
Born of the Eucharist edited by Stephen J. Rossetti *
10,000 Zombies stories by Alexander Cox, Illustrated by David Hartman for Jenna
Introduction to Judaism (Great Courses) by Professor Shai Cherry, CDs
Dear Brutus by J.M. Barrie
Did Jesus Exist by Bart D. Ehrman
Absalom, Absalom! By William Faulkner
Angel Answers by Diana Cooper *
The Misunderstood Jew by Amy-Jill Levine *
Comstock Commotion: The Story of the Territorial Enterprise by Lucius Beebe *
Legends of the Comstock Lode by Lucius Beebe and Charles Clegg *
Eerdmans’ Handbook to the History of Christianity edited by Tim Dowley *
Teotihuacan: Art from the City of the Gods edited by Kathleen Berrin and Esther Pasztory
The Hours of Henry VIII by Jean Poyet, edited/annotated by Roger S. Wieck, Wiliam M. Voelkle, and K. Michelle Hearne
What Life Was Like in Europe’s Golden Age: Northern Europe AD 1500-1675 by the editors of Time-Life Books
A Vanished World Roman Vishniac, forward by Elie Wiesel
Modigliani Text by Jacques Lipchitz Commentaries by Alfred Werner
Art and History of Egypt text and drawings by Alberto Carlo Carpiceci
Ancient Egyptian Art curated by Caroline M. Rocheleau, signed
Reading Judas by Elaine Pagels and Karen L. King – mine is misshelved, replacement in case it’s really gone
Christ on Trial by Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury *
North Carolina Archaeology Volume 71 2022
North Carolina Archaeology Volume 65 2016
Gay Legends of the Saints by Frances Margaret Fox, rare with dust jacket, 1942
Bloodline of the Holy Grail by Laurenc Gardner
Misquoting Jesus by Bart D. Ehrman
NIRV Adventure Bible *
The Perfect Heresy: The Life and Death of the Cathars by Stephen O’Shea *
Five Great Modern Irish Plays with an Introduction by George Jean Nathan *
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles Translated and collated by Anne Savage
The Work of Purcell and Elmslie, Architects with a new introduction by David Gebhard, PhD.
Australian Family Circle Heritage Cookbook
Mister Roberts by Thomas Heggen
The Last Enchantment by Mary Stewart
The Devil’s Company by David Liss
Sacre Bleu by Christopher Moore
Do Penguins Have Knees? By David Feldman
I’m Too Young to be Seventy and Other Delusions by Judith Viorst
My Friends by Hisham Matar
The B.**S.___ of A. by Brian Sack
The Source by James Michener
Caravans by James Michener
The Drifters by James Michener
Lost in Translation: An Illustrated Compendium of Untranslatable Words from Around the World by Ella Frances Sanders
The Image of War: 1861-1865, 6-volume set

* for friend Karen in Montana

Redigerat: sep 23, 7:05 pm

>219 karenmarie: This woodpecker approach to life can be hard on the head!

>225 karenmarie: What a haul!

Redigerat: sep 23, 8:20 pm

>223 johnsimpson: Hi John! I don’t know enough of the history of Man U (heck, I don’t even know enough of the history of my team, Arsenal!) to really understand what you’re saying, but will perhaps take a bit of time tomorrow to get up to speed with the issues you present. In the meantime, I wish Man U a good tournament and a good season.

>226 quondame: I think I have the hummingbird first, woodpecker second approach to life – flit through life and if things are good, sweet, otherwise, if things get tough, stab things with my face-knife. *smile*

I was pleased with my acquisitions overall, with several books that made me Very Happy. I'll denote them tomorrow, perhaps. Otherwise, it's time to finish drinking my Golden Milk - thanks fuzzi! - and go upstairs to read try to get a good night's sleep.

I’ve got book sale books all over the Sunroom, a book from Amazon here, too, and etc. Inara can hardly navigate from the floor to the chair to the desk to the blanket on 'her' table, poor thing. Tomorrow I’d like to get things under control although I probably won’t try to catalog books ‘til Monday or Tuesday.

sep 24, 10:01 am

Tottenham v Arsenal - beginning of second half, 1-1. Away I go!

Wordle 827 4/6* adieu, spoil, finch, right


sep 24, 10:08 am

I see that I'm just too late to speak live. I wish you good watching and a good Sunday, (((((Karen))))).

I finally got a Wordle in 3 today. I made all the connections too. WoooHooooo!

sep 24, 11:59 am

'Morning, Peggy! Just barely morning, actually. Arsenal and Tottenham tied. Boo hiss, but by the end I'm just glad they got off the pitch. I could sense another Tottenham goal had they gone on much longer.

I wish you a good Sunday too, my dear. Yay for your 3.

Today is puttering, relaxing, reading, using the brace (not much bracing done during the sale, alas), maybe starting to catalog books, and probably making chili. The problem with chili now is that I won't use canned beans, so it's a more complicated process because I use the InstaPot to actually cook the beans, then make the chili. I have to commit pretty much right now to making it - Jenna will help, of course - so just pulled 2 lbs of ground beef out of the freezer, confirmed that I have all the ingredients, and have pulled the InstaPot and 1 lb of dried beans out of the pantry.

Redigerat: sep 24, 12:49 pm

>222 LizzieD: *sigh* I'm happy to report that I got the new booster yesterday. I've been back to wearing masks indoors since I noticed an uptick in people I vaguely know reporting they had covid. According to the newsies, the current spike is now trending down, at least as measured by hospitalizations - locally anyway (California's Silicon Valley). But trending down != low, so that mask will be staying on me, at least when indoors with non-members of my household.

FWIW, last Wednesday the regular director at my bridge club was out with covid. A less experienced director who usually assists her was soloing. Both of them say she's not very sick, merely staying away from people while she's contagious.

>230 karenmarie: I've had pretty good luck making bean stews from scratch in an InstaPot, starting with unsoaked beans and frozen meat. I've no idea if this would work to make chili, as compared to my mostly recipe-free concoctions. But if it did, it would mean less work for you.

sep 24, 1:11 pm

Hi Arlie!

Yay for the new booster and good for you. I need to send a message to my doctor via MyChart. I got boostered in May in anticipation of a new formulation in the fall. So it's been 4 months now, and I'll ask my doctor if I should get it now or wait 'til I visit him in November for my annual exam.

I'm going to start masking again in almost every situation except while getting an adjustment by my chiropractor and while getting my massage tomorrow. Other than that, all mask all the time. Sigh.

Do you have a general rule-of-thumb regarding stews in the InstaPot with unsoaked beans and frozen meat? I'm pretty good at improvising liquids and spices.

sep 24, 5:51 pm

>189 karenmarie: Aww. Sweet Inara Starbuck!!! ❤️

Our last cat Abby (prior to Carson) lived to 18 years old. For the last six months I had to "water the cat" every evening. Those subcutaneous injections became really sweet time spent with the sweetest cat on earth.

I think COVID is definitely on the rise again. It can be tough but at least being vaccinated usually means a milder case. Still... This cold P and I have had has now lasted almost two weeks. We tested negative but I'm starting to wonder. We'll probably test again later today.

>225 karenmarie: What a haul!!!

sep 24, 6:56 pm

>225 karenmarie: OOO shiny haul, Horrible! I'm ever so jealous and just barely restraining my voodoo-dolly-making hand from doing dirt to some knees.


Redigerat: sep 24, 7:50 pm

>225 karenmarie: Oh man! What a wonderful haul!

>231 ArlieS: >232 karenmarie: It is a good idea that you are wearing mask indoors right now and that you received the new vaccine. In the hospital where I work, there are many covid cases and complete wings are in isolation. Never hurts to be extra cautious.

Hope the start to your week is a fantastic one!

sep 25, 8:19 am

Morning, Karen. Wow! That is a mighty big book haul you have there! I have been slowly moving books out of the house and you keep adding. LOL. Good luck shelving everything.

We had a very nice weekend, along with a perfect visit with our Jack. He is so good for us. I have Trail Watch this AM and then a few errands. Feeders are still pretty quiet these days.

sep 25, 9:34 am

>233 EBT1002: Ellen! So nice to see you here. Yes, poor old decrepit sweet kitty. I’ll be posting this one as part of my new thread header, but I’ll post it here too because she looks pretty feisty and perky as she was telling me all about it the other day:

I remember Abby, and your and P’s love and devotion to her are what’s happening here with Inara, too. Jenna gets the cat, I prepare the capsule by getting it and my fingers wet, I ‘capsule’ her, then Jenna puts her on the bed, smooches on her, then rewards her with Skinny Pop or lightly salted potato chips, both of which she loves.

Yup re Covid on the rise. Masks out! Masks on! I have masks on a hook in the Sunroom here, in my car, in my book bag. I’m sorry that you and P are both sick. Testing again is not a bad idea at all.

And yes, I’m pleased with my books. No current fiction to speak of, but what I got is cherce, as Spencer Tracy said to or about (can’t remember which, can’t find the scene) Katherine Hepburn in Pat and Mike.

>234 richardderus: Thanks, RD, and I’m glad you’re restraining yourself. No! Not the knees! Anything but the knees… wait. No voodoo at all, please. *smooch*

>235 figsfromthistle: Hi Anita, and I know! As I wrote above, not much fiction, but lots and lots of everything else.

Thanks re the confirmation about Covid on the rise.

>236 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark! Yes, although I only got … 4 bags plus a few, not up to 7-10 as I’ve been known to do.

Glad you had a great weekend, especially the perfect visit with Jack. I hope the Trail Watch and errands go well. My feeders are pretty quiet. I did see a hummingbird yesterday and a Downy, but nobody’s visiting right now even though the feeders are all filled.

Wordle 828 4/6* Aargh. I hadn't had a single sip of coffee when I typed adieu, went to another website, came back, and retyped adieu without looking. So, adieu, adieu, color, rocky


Yesterday was the Tottenham - Arsenal draw 2-2, cataloging a few books, reading, then making chili with Jenna. Low sodium version, of course, and perhaps the best one yet. The only thing I did different was add more water halfway through, taste it, then add more chili powder and black pepper. We had it with toasted sourdough bread.

Today is a massage at noon, treadmill, and probably grocery shopping. More book cataloging, and reading and puttering.

sep 25, 11:02 am

>237 karenmarie: Do you ever make your beans with beer, Horrible? A can of plain ol' beer in the IP does wonders for the taste of chili.

*smooch* for a productive but not tiring Monday.

Redigerat: sep 25, 2:52 pm

Hiya, RD!

Nope, never done anything with beer cooking-wise, although I love your beer bread recipe and used it extensively in the early parts of the Covid pandemic.

This may seem like heresy, but I do not use the bean water generated when cooking the beans in the IP in the actual chili itself - I always rinsed the canned beans off and have just continued rinsing them - I guess I could use the bean/beer water instead. So all beer while cooking beans in the IP or beer/water? And if the latter, what ratio?

I got a massage today and scheduled the next one for October 19 - she'll be out of town most of October. I also scheduled a 30-minute one for Jenna just after mine, so Jenna'll have to sit while I get mine and I'll have to sit while she gets hers. I'm already excited for her to get one.

Other than that, Bill and I are going to discuss lease fees for our horse lady Allie. And eat left-over chili for dinner. And catalog books, read, and putter.


sep 25, 3:58 pm

>239 karenmarie: All beer, no mixing...and I use the liquid in making the chili, too. Thickens it nicely.

How lurvely for y'all to get mom/daughter massages.

sep 26, 4:44 am

O dark forty-four! Coffee sipping! Cat visiting. Gads.

>240 richardderus: Hiya, RD. Flat, I assume, or my kitchen would explode, right? I've created a second version of my Word document for Low-Sodium Chili called, unsurprisingly, Low-Sodium Chili II.

The mom/kid massages will be a first. She's extremely modest, and she only consented when I told her she could keep her knickers on.

Wordle 829 4/6* adieu, loath, local, loyal


We modified a stolen-off-the-internet animal leasing agreement for a different county in NC, discussed it, and have a few changes and two new paragraphs. We agree in principle on pricing, and I agreed to allow up to $100/month bartering for services instead of lease fees, must be approved by us in advance, and taken of the next month's lease fees. Compromise sucks.

I do not know why I'm up right now, but my sister and I did have a family situation (a first cousin) that we barely knew what to do with, sat on it for 3 weeks, then because I'm the older sister, called our aunt about. She and our uncle are in the same boat with her son that we are with him as our cousin, we're all ghosting him in the pursuit of avoiding toxicity, and all's good with the aunt, the sister, and the self. One more bit of stress checked off the list. But, sleep was elusive, I got about 2 hours of it, and here I am.

Today's schedule includes cataloging the rest of my book sale haul, getting them all on the little yellow table and off the desk and floor, reading, and having Allie come over this afternoon to discuss the leasing situation.

I might also drop Bill off for his annual physical and get in a treadmill run, but in the meantime, coffee, quiet, LT, then reading.

sep 26, 6:29 am

Two important takeaways for me from The Federalist No 51, written by James Madison, in my copy of The Federalist, edited by Jacob E. Cooke.
February 6, 1788

To the People of the State of New York.

From the fourth paragraph: Ambition must be made to counteract ambition. The interest of the man must be connected with the constitutional rights of the place. It may be a reflection on human nature, that such devices should be necessary to controul the abuses of government. But what is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controuls on government would be necessary. In framing a government which is to be administered by men over men, the great difficulty lies in this: You must first enable the government to controul the governed; and in the next place, oblige it to controul itself. A dependence on the people is no doubt the primary controul on the government; but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.

From the sixth paragraph: But it is not possible to give to each department an equal power of self defence. In republican government the legislative authority, necessarily, predominates. The remedy for this inconveniency is, to divide the legislature into different branches; and to render them by different modes of election, and different principles of action, as little connected with each other, as the nature of their common functions, and their common dependence on the society, will admit.
I found much to appreciate in this paper. Madison clearly understood the problems of government, and I appreciated the clarity of this paper.

And he also waxed poetical in what I have bolded in paragraph four. It is, of course, so true.

And, re paragraph 6, I have lived my entire life under the election of U.S. Senators by members of the state they represent, but consider Madison’s insistence that the two branches be rendered by ‘different modes of election’ to have been sound and think the change forced by the Seventeenth Amendment in 1913 foolhardy now. However, the reasoning then may have been to avoid the problems inherent in state legislature composition/power/influence. Sigh. My state would not change its two senators, as we have a majority Gang of Psychos bicameral legislature which would send two Gang of Psycho senators to Washington. I have to say, however, that U.S. Senator Tillis has actually been quite heretical to the radical right recently by actually compromising and talking across the aisle.

sep 26, 7:25 am

Morning, Karen. Looks like you were up very early. I see a nap or two in your future. I finally picked up a couple of blocks of suet. Damn, they are getting expensive. I will have to watch for a bargain on a box. Feeders have been somewhat quiet. Just the usuals- sparrows, housefinch, doves, chickadees, cardinals and the occasional blue jay. Waiting for something special to pop up.

sep 26, 7:43 am

Sorry about the sleep issue. I hope you can sneak in a nap, if you feel so inclined.

sep 26, 9:37 am

>242 karenmarie: I myownself want to unfreeze the House cap, and instead hand power to the not-rural people and reduce the Senate's pro-minority bias by limiting filibuster work-arounds to none. You stand there and you talk until you can't, or it's not a filibuster. When you can't anymore, the filibuster's over and sucks to be you...no one else can take up a filibuster without the same conditions applying to them.

The GOP is really pissed off that they passed the 22nd Amendment now because it's reared up to bite them with, eg, Reagan and 43. I'll accept the tradeoff that these things will rear up and bite the centrists one day for the dilution of the bible belt's power for good and ever.

sep 26, 1:17 pm

>243 msf59: ‘Afternoon, Mark! Yes, sleep was elusive. I took a nap from about 7:30 – 9:20, woke up groggy, but drove Bill to his annual physical and then went and used the treadmill for 35 minutes. Inflation has definitely hit bird seed/suet. Nice feeder report – all I’m seeing right now are finches and one Downy who terrorized the finches. *smile*

>244 katiekrug: Thanks, Katie. I may take another one, we’ll see. It’s nice that I have that option.

>245 richardderus: Yes, let’s keep Democrats from more than 2 terms, said the Gang of Psychos, but oops! Nailed our guys, too. That part of it made me smile, and keeping Ronnie Raygun from another term made me Very Happy. *smooch*

sep 26, 8:39 pm

>242 karenmarie: When Becky was in high school she asked if she could get a massage - I was spending a windfall on weekly massages where I basically wore tee-shirts and leggings. Becky lasted about 5 minutes before her touch phobia kicked in. I had to spend 15 min consoling the massage therapist that he had in fact done nothing wrong and Becky wasn't offended just freaked.

sep 27, 7:41 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Wednesday. Joining my birding group this AM, if it doesn't get rained out. I plan on getting to Sue's work afterwards to get adjusted. I need it. Books and Juno in the PM.

sep 27, 8:12 am

>247 quondame: Hi Susan! Touch phobia - I guess that's a new one to me. Jenna is sparing in her hugs even with me, though. I can hardly imagine the uncomfortable-ness that Becky endured for 5 minutes, and poor therapist. Of course, Jenna would never, ever want a male massage therapist, and Lynne will be just perfect with her.

>248 msf59: 'Morning, Mark! Happy Wednesday to you, too. Yay for your birding group, hope it doesn't rain. Oh, a chiropractic adjustment. I had one last Tuesday and am getting them every three weeks. it's not covered by my insurance, but is necessary. I'm glad you'll get Juno and book time in this PM.

I had a hummingbird and male Downy yesterday afternoon, as well as a male Downy just now.

Wordle 830 3/6* adieu, slime, smile


Jenna and I are going to take stuff to the dump then grocery shop. Other than that, books, puttering, and etc.

Here are the dresser and little yellow table (made by Bill's great-grandfather) with my book hauls - June birthday and September McIntyre's and the book sale. 136 books, tagged Sxx.

sep 27, 8:25 am

>249 karenmarie: I don't know which induces more jealousy...the hauls, or the view, or the room of your own...

Happy puttering! *smooch*

sep 27, 8:29 am

Hiya, RD!

I love this room. Like you said - the view, that it's mine, the bookshelves not in this view, room on the table and dresser for hauls.

Are you reading enough paper books for me to look for one or two for you when we start book sorting up again? If so, genres, authors, specific titles (although we haven't been getting too many current titles this summer/fall).

All quiet here. Bill and Jenna are still both asleep. Inara is on the green chair behind me, I heard Zoe's collar bell but haven't seen her, and Wash had a bit of the food I put down and has gone outside.

I'm off to visit you next - it varies each day. You, Mark, Peggy, then other folks that have visited and/or that I'm seriously behind in visiting.


sep 27, 10:31 am

Another good morning to you, Karen. I'm happy to be on your short list!!! I also love the sunroom and ALL THOSE NEW BOOKS!!!!!
Isn't this weather great? I don't mind overcast skies if the air down here is pleasant, and it is.

Enjoy your day, my 3 Sister!

sep 27, 11:55 am

>225 karenmarie: Wow, another nice haul!

>249 karenmarie: Look at all those books! Good thing I am not the jealous type :)

Have a wonderful Wednesday, Karen!

sep 27, 1:28 pm

>252 LizzieD: Hi Peggy! Thanks re the Sunroom and all thse new books. I also just added one more to my catalog, The Running Grave, 7th in the Cormoran Strike series. I just read the first 5 pages...

And I have to leave to work out and go grocery shopping. *sob*

The weather's good - overcast and cool, and not too humid. Thanks, 3 Sister!

>253 alcottacre: Hi Stasia and thank you. I'm in a very fortunate position, in that McIntyre's said I could have books and I took full advantage of that, and I was also able to get some wonderful books at the book sale. I encourage anybody who has the time and inclination to find their local Friends of the Library group or start one up if your Library doesn't have one and they're amenable, and donate time to a worthy cause. I'm in my 8th year on the Board and 3rd year on the book sale team, and in addition to getting lots of cool books, I also feel like I'm really contributing to a worthy cause.

Off I go!

sep 27, 5:11 pm

>249 karenmarie: Nice book room! I'd love to have a room just for books. I'm not sure how you fit all the additions! I need to get some of mine out of the house.

Have a great rest of the week!

Redigerat: sep 28, 9:18 am

Thanks twice, Irene. I need to do some culling, especially of mass market paperbacks. I also can do more doublestacking.

I hope you have a great rest of the week, too.

All three kitties are in the garage - we had to Capstar them again. This is the second most vicious flea season I've seen since we built this house in 1998. I can't wait for frosts and freezes. Inara in particular has a rough time. Tomorrow morning we'll put Advantage or Frontline on them - whatever one we just bought because the other one didn't work.

No kitty cuddles tonight, sigh. Fortunately they're at the other end of the house and behind two doors so even if they're upset for a bit we can't hear them.

sep 28, 3:25 am

Happy Thursday, Karen!

>249 karenmarie: Your room is lovely, great haul, and view :-)

>256 karenmarie: That is one of few things I don't miss from having pets around: the flea and tick control. Poor Inara.

We will pack today, and leave tomorrow for a week. So I won't make it to your thread next week.

sep 28, 7:18 am

Happy Thursday!

What a great room and excellent book haul!

I am glad that you enjoy volunteering. I have often debated on if I should join my local friends of the library group. For now, I just help by donating books and buying them ;)

sep 28, 7:26 am

Morning, Karen. Sweet Thursday. Not a whole lot going on today, which is okay with me. Hoping to see Jackson tomorrow at some point. Enjoy your day.

>249 karenmarie: I love this room. The books, trees and little table. 😁

sep 28, 8:28 am

Thursday. The last one of September. How'd that happen? It's damn near 2024...wasn't this supposed to be The Future? Do you remember Walter Cronkite's show from, what...1965? 1966?...called "In the 21st Century"? I FORCED my family to watch it every week, to my sisters' disgust. It seemed utterly impossible to me that we'd have self-driving cars and now Cruise exists. Wild.

Anyway, *smooch*

sep 28, 12:31 pm

>257 FAMeulstee: Hi Anita, and thank you! Happy Thursday to you. Thanks re the room and the haul. Inara’s not a happy camper right now, but she is outside enjoying the crisp, cool air. I hope you have a wonderful trip.

>258 figsfromthistle: Hello, Anita. Happy Thursday. Thanks re the Sunroom and books. You’re doing a wonderful job donating and buying books. Keep up the good work!

>259 msf59: ‘Afternoon, Mark, just past noon here! Sweet Thursday to you, too. Not much going on is good. My day’s been busy, see below. And thanks re the Sunroom, books, and table made by Jefferson Davis Cranford (Confederate supporters much? JD was born in 1861.)

>260 richardderus: Wow. End of September. I never watched Cronkite, or if I did it was ‘cuz Mom and Dad did. Self-driving cars give me the willies. Anyway, *smooch* back at’cha.

Wordle 831 4/6* adieu, blast, crack, coach


Kitties freed from the garage and we've now also put Advantage on them. I got interrupted from this morning post by a second quote electrical company to get a working barn.

It turns out that the guy who did the first work worked backwards from the barns, not realizing that the power from the house to the barn panel has degraded over time. No more work from Nicholas... We got a company recommended by Duke Power out here and man! Mark from Thermo-Direct was good. Unfortunately, it will cost $4500, and that's with a military discount, to run fresh conduit to the barns. If Allie accepts our lease price of $200/horse/month, then we'll have to decide whether we want to actually do it. We'd need to do it to sell the house eventually, but timing's the issue. Bill also talked with the Mark about getting a new generator, and that would be ~$7K less than Bill was thinking (still, $13K plus propane line work), so we might decide to do that in addition to or instead of getting the barns fixed electrically. Whew. Mark just left. I'm weary already.

But on the upside, at least we know what's what and got a generator quote out of it, too, which is something we had been talking about for 2024.

I wanted to have Jenna go with me to the dump to take some stuff, but that will wait 'til tomorrow.

In the meantime, I've already read the first 30 pages of The Running Grave and am loving it. Time to eat a bit of lunch and read some more.

sep 28, 2:33 pm

>254 karenmarie: I joined the local Friends of the Library group last year and never heard a word from them. I am not sure what I expected, but I figured they would at least reach out to me to see if I was interested in helping out in some capacity. I have no idea how to get hold of them, but they have all of my contact info, so it is a bit of a quandry for me.

sep 28, 3:23 pm

>261 karenmarie: Sounds like an exhausting project.

sep 28, 8:56 pm

>261 karenmarie: Why are maintenance/improvement jobs always so much more than expected?

sep 28, 9:52 pm

>261 karenmarie: Yikes! I guess electrical work is always expensive. I send my best wishes on deciding what to do.

I hope Inara is feeling better by now.

sep 28, 10:09 pm

sep 29, 8:19 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Friday. Once this fog moves out, it should be a beautiful day and will kick off an incredible stretch of weather here in Chicagoland. I like starting October this way. As an added treat, Sue will scoop up Jack a little later and bring him back here for some snuggles. Bourbon tasting and cigars with my buddies tonight. Life is good.

sep 29, 9:38 am

>262 alcottacre: Hi Stasia! I’m so sorry you didn’t hear back. I just ‘duckduckgo’d Friends of the Library for Sherman Texas (your profile shows your location - I personally know it from mailings back and forth but checked before saying the town you live in), and they have a website with lots of info. Our FoL drops the ball occasionally, especially in these still-Covid-y times, so perhaps they’re in a bit of disarray, too. You might want to get back in touch with them. Do you ever go to their book sales? They have them twice a year!

>261 karenmarie: It is, Rachel, but definitely needs to be done. I’m learning to pace myself more than ever.

>264 quondame: I know, Susan. Ridiculous. We may never have even started this with Allie had we known the power was an issue. We still might not offer her the barns, depending on if she balks at what we want/need to charge per horse. It is not our job to subsidize her life.

>265 atozgrl: Hi Irene. Frankly we were surprised, but completely trust Mark of Thermo-Direct. The trenching and laying of new conduit has to go under a mulched bed, across a graveled area and (small) rip-rap area with the rocks having to be moved and then replaced, then up another graveled area, behind the decking but not too close to the deck to avoid disrupting the Spectrum cable, across a grass area and across the front of the second barn, the drive between the barns, then up into the panel.

Inara is feeling better thank you, but we had a scare yesterday – after coming back in and getting Advantaged, around 9:30 she went out the Sunroom door. By 3 Jenna and I started looking for her. Couldn’t find her, and by last night at midnight, the last time we looked anywhere we could think of, even including the tack room out at the barns since I had that door open at one point, we thought she might have gone into the woods to die. However, this morning I woke up at 6, came downstairs just in case she was outside the Sunroom door (dead or alive…), arbitrarily checked the garage since we’d checked it half a dozen times, and she was right there, anxious to come in. We do not know where she was hiding. She’s had breakfast and water, used the box, and is now asleep on the second chair in the Sunroom. Jenna called her the deaf moron, and she’s now ahead of Wash in the fewest brain cells category. He’s got one, she has half of one. We really thought we’d lost her.

>266 SilverWolf28: Thanks, Silver!

>267 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and happy Friday to you, too. Nice to hear about a good stretch of weather. Jackson time and bourbon/cigars with buddies all sound like a great day.

Wordle 832 3/6* adieu, abuse, azure


Yesterday was way too busy.

Jenna and I might take some garage trash to the dump, leaving the regular dump run to Bill tomorrow. At a bare minimum I might go to the Post Office to mail Atwood's Burning Questions to Jackie_K.

Other than that, The Running Grave and Falling for the Florist (no touchstone) by Brendol James.

sep 29, 10:29 am

Oh my, Karen. I'm vastly relieved that Inara is still among the purring. I can't tell you how many hours I spent searching our backyard for Phoebe while she watched from wherever she was hiding. It's a heart-emptying exercise, and I'm so glad she's home.

I didn't know about *The Running Grave*, and now it will be coming to me soon, but not as soon as *Enough*.

sep 29, 10:43 am

>268 karenmarie: Hi Horrible...what a happy resolution to y'all's worries.

May it be an omen for the entire weekend ahead. *smooch*

sep 29, 12:26 pm

>268 karenmarie: Getting the electrical up to snuff sounds like a lot of work. No wonder it costs so much!

I'm glad to hear that Inara turned up safe and sound. I think kitties just enjoy putting their humans under stress, and watching the people run around looking for them while they hide in some secret place.

Have a great weekend!

sep 29, 1:09 pm

>232 karenmarie: Arlie's basic InstaPot stew. Sizes suit my basic-sized InstaPot. If using few veggies, you can increase beans and grains.

This is probably far too detailed for you, but I'm not great at figuring out what to omit ;-) Maybe the extra detail will be useful for someone else with less InstaPot experience.

- if the meat is frozen and you can conveniently do so, stick its container in a container of warm water to thaw it slightly while you chop veggies; that way it may actually brown in the next step. But it doesn't matter if you can't do this.

Saute the following:
- 1 slice of bacon or a bit of any cooking oil
- whatever you want to use of: onion, celery, carrot, garlic, chopped.
- 1/4 to 1 lb of meat: I've used chicken thighs, chicken breast (with or without bone), pork stew meat, boneless pork ribs, beef stew meat, hamburger (better form it into meatballs before freezing); may be frozen or fresh

Turn off while you organize the things to be pressure cooked:
- 1 cup of any beans, rinsed. I like to use a mix of two types together. And I'm especially fond of chickpeas
- 1 cup of any grain (rice or pearled barley usually)
- 1 32 oz package of appropriate ready-made stock. I prefer unsalted
- (optional) one mini-bottle (1 cup) of wine (red for red meats, white for chicken).
- spices
- collard greens if I'm using them; they are tough enough to go in at this stage
- chopped raw almonds can go in at this point too, if using them.
- extra water if it looks like it's needed

Time under pressure should be at least 10 minutes more than the maximum recommended for the longest-cooking ingredient, which is probably the beans. Chickpeas need 45 minutes, not 35, unless you want your stew ultra-chewy.

Quick pressure release.

If you used bone-in meat fish out the bones now (the meat will be falling apart, bones may be still attached or not).

Other ingredients come in two categories - the ones that need a _little_ time under pressure, and the ones that only need residual heat.

Needs cooking (just bring the pot back up to pressure, or cook perhaps 1 min, then another quick pressure release):
- cauliflower, greens tougher than spinach but less tough than collards

Only residual heat:
- spinach, tomatoes (especially if tinned).

Yesterday's variant:
- 1 slice of bacon
- onion, carrot; dehydrated celery and garlic
- almost 1 lb of boneless pork ribs
- 1 cup mixed small white beans
- 1 cup brown rice
- 32 oz package of unsalted beef stock
- one mini-bottle of red wine
- 1 cup water (this was too much; 1/2 cup would be better)
- Approx half of a 1 lb bag of frozen chopped collard greens
- 14.5 oz tin of diced tomatoes, unsalted

sep 29, 1:11 pm

>268 karenmarie: I have not been to any of the book sales recently although I am aware of them. Because I spend so much of my time here at home alone and with COVID raising its ugly head around here, I am hesitant to go out very often.

Have a wonderful weekend!

sep 29, 1:16 pm

Electrical work is so darn expensive. We had a small job done last year and were a little bit surprised, but even more surprised by the estimate to do a larger job which we then decided maybe wasn't so necessary after all. We're looking at another round of necessary electrical work and I'm not looking forward to that estimate.

I'm so glad Inara came back! That was quite a story and I can imagine how worried you were.

sep 29, 8:08 pm

Welcome back Inara!

sep 30, 8:12 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Saturday. Jack and Co. joined us last night. We all sat out on the back deck of our friend's house. A lovely night. Jack got to meet his first kitty. Which he enjoyed. Sue is joining them later this AM for a zoo visit. I am taking care of some things around here.

sep 30, 9:59 am

>269 LizzieD: Thank you, Peggy! We are happy, too. She’s literally touching my left elbow, wanting lap time, which I don’t have right for her right now. Phoebe was being tricky, of course, and Inara just got caught in the garage as we were busy doing things the other day. Having said that, Jenna and I each checked the garage 3 times and Bill at least once.

I’m glad you are acquiring The Running Grave. I’m on page 123. It’s going to be emotional, first off because of the premise – cult, Robin going under cover – and second because, of course, Strike and Robin both admitted to themselves in The Ink Black Heart that they loved each other. .

>270 richardderus: Hiya, RDear. Yes, Senior Kitty is safe and sound. She got her capsule last night and was feisty enough to spit it out twice. 🙄 *smooch*

>271 atozgrl: Hi Irene. Lots of labor, lots of equipment, lots of material. Sigh.

Thanks re the weekend, same to you. At this point, Inara is 16 years and 4 months old, deaf, suffering from kidney issues, on the way to kitty dementia, and has kitty arthritis. I don’t attribute her getting locked in the garage as anything more than pure, bad, dumb luck, which, of course, scared us badly. We’re not ready for her to go to kitty heaven yet.

>272 ArlieS: Arlie! Thank you so much. I’ve looked it over briefly and cut/pasted it into a Word document to peruse/use as I’m watching the Arsenal game, which starts in 6 minutes.

>274 lauralkeet: Hi Laura. I’m sorry about the round of necessary electrical work you’re looking at, thanks re Inara.

>275 quondame: Thank you, Susan! Now she’s pouting near my chair. I held her for about 5 minutes, got painful biscuits for my trouble, and had to put her back down to get this finished prior to the game.

>276 msf59: ‘Morning, Mark, and happy Saturday to you, too. Yay for Jack meeting his first kitty. I hope your day goes well and that Jack enjoys the zoo. Not his first time, right?

Wordle 833 6/6* Yikes. Three Ds. adieu, broad, shade (shouldn't have used it, no E), candy, paddy, daddy


Yesterday was mostly recovery from the emotional rollercoaster of Inara's being missing. Jenna and I took a load of garage trash (as opposed to weekly house trash) then got Taco Bell for all three of us for lunch. I've figured out that I can have 2 crunchy tacos with 4 hot sauces for about 700 mg of sodium, totally doable within the context of a 2,000 mg limit for the day.

Bournemouth vs Arsenal in 1 minute.

sep 30, 10:18 am

That Wordle was a nasty one. I lucked into 5, but I could so easily have been skunked.

Hope Arsenal is living up to your hopes, and I wish you a much better, more settled day, (((((Karen))))).

sep 30, 10:48 am

>277 karenmarie: I hope Bournemouth subsides into the sea.


sep 30, 10:57 am

>278 LizzieD: It was tricksy, wasn't it, Peggy? Glad we both avoid skunk-dom. *smile*

Arsenal are up 2-0 at the half. I'm happy. Inara is wanting lap time again... so I'll have to visit threads after the second half. (((((Peggy)))))

>279 richardderus: Thanks, RD! Me, too. We need more goals to build up goal differential. *smooch*

sep 30, 2:12 pm

YTD Statistics through September

283 books read
2 of them on my shelves before 1/1/23 and not rereads
77 books abandoned, 8484 pages abandoned, 1 audiobook, .45 hours abandoned

109.75 audiobook hours
Avg pages read per day, YTD = 269
Avg pages read per book, YTD = 259

Book of the Month: The Will and Patrick series by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths

Books by Month
January - 33 e-books, 19 books abandoned for 1711 pages
February 34 e-books, 1 paper book, 1 audiobook, 6 books abandoned for 718 pages
March 18 e-books, 7 books abandoned for 443 pages, 1 audiobook abandoned for .45 hours
April 35 e-books, 9 books abandoned for 974 pages
May 32 e-books, 1 audiobook for 16 hours, 8 books abandoned for 1,112 pages
June 39 e-books, 1 audiobook for 17.5 hours, 7 books abandoned for 948 pages
July 36 e-books, 1 audiobook for 18 hours, 8 books abandoned for 849 pages
August 29 ebooks, 1 audiobook for 22.5 hours, 6 books abandoned for 688 pages
September 25 ebooks, 8 books abandoned for 1,041 pages

Male 12%
Female 80%
Undeclared * 5%
Non-Binary 3%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Living 100%
Dead 0%

US Born 47%
Foreign Born 30%
Undeclared * 23%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Hardcover 1%
Trade Pback 0%
Mass Market 0%
Audiobook 2%
e-Book 97%

My Library 7%
Library 0%
Kindle Unlimited 91%
Borrowed from a friend 1%

Re-read 1%
Series 67%

Fiction 99%
NonFiction 1%

Author Birth Country
Australia 8%
Canada 4%
Cuba 1%
England 14%
Ireland 1%
Philippines 1%
Portugal 1%
Scotland 1%
UK 2%
Undeclared * 21%
US 46%
* - can't find any info anywhere

Original Decade Published
2010-2019 35%
2020-2029 65%

Contemporary Fiction 97%
Crime Fiction 2%
Informational Nonfiction 1%

Acquisition/Source Date
Kindle Unlimited 265
2012 0
2013 0
2014 1
2015 1
2017 0
2018 2
2019 1
2020 0
2021 0
2022 12
Borrowed 1

Average Rating
1.5 - Very Bad 2
2.0 - Bad 4
2.5 - Average 12
3.0 - Good 27
3.5 - Very Good 54
4.0 - Excellent 133
4.5 - Outstanding 50
5 - Masterpiece 1

Average Rating 3.79
Books acquired YTD 242
Books culled YTD 49

Redigerat: sep 30, 2:22 pm

September Lightning Round

Rapture by E.M. Lindsey 8/30/23 9/1/23 Kindle
Kitchen sink time – Alonso is working on getting out of the Mafia, age/Silver Fox trope, Poe kicked out of family home as a teenager because he’s gay, greedy family, and hmm. Oh yes, Poe’s best friend is now gay-curious with one of Alonso’s friends, Lorenzo. Poe inherits his gay uncle’s run down/closed pub and is viciously beaten. Alonso rescues him, instantly falls in love, protects Poe, puts money into the pub, and basically, in a supposedly good way, takes over Poe’s up-‘til-now-unsuccessful life. I loved the kitten rescue, but some of the emoting was over the top. Caveat emptor re sex.

Not Dating Material by Saxon James 9/1/23 9/2/23 Kindle
Molly moves to Seattle to get away from an unfortunate old boyfriend situation, moving into a house with 5 men, next door to the woman who owns the house. He meets Seven, Seven offers dating advice – funny, actually, since Seven vows never to date – and there’s eventual sparkage and HEA. Seven was in foster care with Xander and they’re a platonic package deal, which Molly accepts. Some funny scenes, one particularly steamy scene where Seven body paints Molly ‘cuz he’s a tattoo artist and it’s not ink time yet, and it goes from there… Caveat emptor re sex.

Aisle Be There by Charlie Cochet 9/2/23 9/3/23 Gage and Jett Kindle
Gage runs away from his wedding to an influencer because of crustaceans (very funny and way over the top) and stumbles into an event with his former lover who abandoned him when a family situation got in the way 12 years earlier. He sticks with Jett and the band. Sparkage again, the requisite horrible manager trying to control members of the band’s lives, HEA. Caveat emptor re sex.

The Reprobate by Silvia Violet 9/3/23 9/4/23 Kindle
Fifth and least satisfying of the Texas Safehouse series has Fox and Darren thinking their protecting the other as they go off grid. Darren is the billionaire, Fox is the security guy. Their sexual tension is off the charts, caveat emptor re the sex. The story itself is rather ridiculous, and even giving it 3 stars is generous.

Takers by Casey Cox 9/4/23 9/4/23 Kindle
I don’t understand why billionaire
Bremmer agrees to a group tantric masturbation, self-awareness weekend with Kelsey, but he does, and then Bremmer asks him to be in a fake boyfriend situation to help with Bremmer’s appearing to be in a stable romantic relationship to help entice an investor to pour millions into Bremmer and family’s business. I ended up liking it enough for 3.5 stars but even from 2 days ago I couldn’t really tell you why. Caveat emptor re the sex.

My Fake Boyfrenemy by Casey Cox 9/4/23 9/4/23 Kindle
Sweet proximity novella about Marnus and Pierce not understanding each other’s sexual orientation (bi and/or gay) but Marnus pretending to be Pierce’s boyfriend when the man who broke Pierce’s heart comes to spend his honeymoon weekend at the hotel they work at. Sparkage turns into HFN/HEA (?) and caveat emptor re sex. Novellas are harder to make work, and Casey Cox nailed it here.

His Model Lover by Brendol James 9/4/23 9/5/23 Kindle
Mike and Leo both attend the same college and both are models. Mika is a billionaire and part of a billionaire/power family, Leo has a single mom who was seduced and abandoned by her married lover. This informs Leo’s entire life, to be successful financially, to get an advanced degree, and to buy his mom a home of her own. Mika creates a situation where Leo’s apartment’s lease ends and Leo is offered a room with Mika. I do love the sexual tension and how Leo’s feelings for Mika change and grow. Mika’s been in love with Leo forever. Family opposition from Mika’s parents and an incomprehensible attack on Leo by a professor, plus very sensually described scenes of photo shoots with Leo and Mika make for a satisfying read. The language is lush and romantic, but caveat emptor re sex.

Taming the Tattooist by Brendol James 9/5/23 9/6/23 Kindle
Isaac is an artist and owns a tattoo parlor, comes from money but hates his parents’ expectations, and never dates, only has one night stands. He likes it this way. Sean is a former band member, owns a bakery, and doesn’t do one night stands, wants dating and romance. When each’s best friend starts dating the other, they band together to make things go smoothly, there’s a one night stand to get each other out of their systems. I do not understand Sean’s motivation in this one. However, Isaac begins to want a relationship and after a few miscommunications, we get our HEA. Caveat emptor re very explicit sex.

Checking Out Love by R. Cooper 9/6/23 9/7/23 Kindle
Hmmm. Short story or small novella? Either way, R. Cooper creates vivid characters in Jeremy and Benj. The library environment is lovingly described and Jeremy’s infatuation with Benj starts right away. There is the specter of the Beast – the Librarian who kicks people out and is a rigid enforcer of the rules. A few vignettes in, both Benj and Jeremy are interested in the other, and then there’s a sweet breaking of the rules. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned The Billionaire’s Assistant by Silvia Violet** 157 pages
Almost noncon, not quite, but still not my cup of tea. Instant attraction, control by billionaire Miles, Ben got the job because his criminal family wanted him to steal confidential information. Caveat emptor re sex and strange CEO behavior by Miles.

**abandoned the Brat and the Bossman by Silvia Violet ** 177 pages
I didn’t realize this was MC – motorcycle club – until I got a bit in and decided to ride it out, as it were, to see if I could stand the whole thing. I couldn’t – bossman owns a porn company, which is okay in and of itself, but MC gangs and illegal activities make it unattractive, regardless of the attraction between Blaze and Lake. God. The names these authors choose sometimes. Caveat emptor re sex, caveat emptor re Mafia-like stuff without the Mafia-like whatever-it-is that I like.

The Charmer by Riley Hart 9/9/23 9/10/23 249 pages Kindle
Somewhat disappointing to the end of what started off as a brilliant series. Corbin is the last un-relationshipped Vers Podcast friend, body and social media obsessed as a result of being overweight as a youngster/teenager and liked but told he was going to hell by his family because he is gay. An incident from his teen years, being ghosted by Spencer, who overheard cruel remarks by Corbin and the Vers boys in an unthinking moment, has Spencer disliking grown up Corbin. However, they attend a charity event together, and, amazingly, and irritatingly, are next door neighbors in their apartment complex. Corbin’s a cuddle slut, as he puts it, so they become CBs – cuddle buddies, and then there’s sparkage, apologies, and things go from there. Pretty schmaltzy by the end, to tell the truth. Spencer is a bear of a guy who does NOT have a six pack, which keeps being brought up to show how Corbin’s grown past obsession with his body and we can all love folks who aren’t 0% body fat. *eye roll* Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Scandal by T. Ashleigh** 145 pages**
Improbable tale of a twin, Austin, with port-wine birthmarks, whose brother Aaron sets up a scandal and Austin is sent off to a rehab center/island spa for 6 weeks by his father. Mind you, this is a 24-year old man. So, no control over his personal life. Beck is a reporter sent to the same island because Austin’s there but to report on the island itself? Not clear, and the attraction/sparkage of this one just doesn’t do it for me.

Heatwave by A.D. Ellis 9/11/23 9/11/23 Kindle
Small town retirement community dietician Avery meets Grant, aging rock and roller, when Grant comes to meet his unknown-until-now grandfather. Sparkage and romance. Rather ho-hum, actually, and includes the author’s relatively unsuccessful attempt at including magic via dog – a mysterious dog shows up whenever there are significant emotions between Grant and Avery when they’re out in public. Caveat emptor re sex.

Return of the Chauffeur's Son by Tara Lain 9/11/23 9/12/23 Kindle
Chef Luca returns to his hometown and chauffeur father’s apartment and starts looking for an apartment when he takes a job as a sous chef. He’s always been in love with James, son of the wealthy man his father works for. James is straight but seems to be wanting to try the gay-for-you experiment, which Luca sort of buys into but not really (?). Meanwhile, older brother Dylan realizes little gay boy Luca is all grown up but wants to give James whatever James wants. Meanwhile, there’s a restaurant competition, a potential business merger that might include James marrying a woman, and culinary espionage. Lightweight and mostly fun, but I won’t continue with this author. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Imperfect by Ali Ryecart** 160 pages
Could have been a sweet novella, with Josh, a lawyer, being instantly attracted to Alex, a barista and student. Josh is in a relationship without a future, as he sees it, but I really had a hard time with Josh not breaking up with Dan before getting emotionally – but not physically – involved with Alex. By page 161 no need for caveat emptor re sex.

His Brutal Heart by Leighton Greene 9/13/23 9/15/23 Kindle
Violence, and crime, passion, and power plays. Yum. Alessandro is his father’s first born son, and inherits the Family when his father is murdered. Teddy witnesses crimes he commits, and Alessandro has to bring Teddy back to the mansion. Teddy’s more complex than he lets on – runs a Mafia fanboy website, and has a parentage that is not conducive to being involved with the Mafia. Sparkage, potential betrayal, solving the murder of Alessandro’s father, and power plays/etc. round out a fun book that’s probably not for hardly anyone who reads this Lightning Round. And, I’m already reading #3 in the series, with his half-brother and an Enforcer for another family, that’s even more bizarre than this one. I love it! Caveat emptor re sex, violence, murder, torture, and etc.

His Fatal Love by Leighton Greene 9/15/23 9/17/23 Kindle
More violence, and crime, and power plays. Yum. This time it’s Alessandro’s half-brother Julian, self-described as a psychopath but undiagnosed. He butts heads with Leo, Enforcer for another crime family, and there’s immediate sparkage. Julian wants to prove his mother was murdered 20 years earlier, Leo wants to win his father’s respect by controlling Julian for the benefit of their Family. Lots of Mafia politics, betrayals, and etc. Julian suffers from face blindness – prosopagnosia – and keeps it a secret. He has to identify individuals by scent, body type, voice, and etc. Interesting twist, and it does move the plot forward. Caveat emptor re sex, violence, murder, torture, and tec.

Will & Patrick Wake Up Married by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths 9/17/23 9/18/23 128 pages Kindle
Frequently used trope of two men waking up in Las Vegas married after a drunken night of wild sex. Will is the grandson of a Mafia don whose money is tied to him being married, Patrick is a world-class neurosurgeon whose life is his work. Will’s money is being used for a world-class hospital in his hometown, surprise, surprise. They both want to annul/divorce, but the terms of the will are fun and lots of obstacles are present. In the meantime, they both start caring for each other and there’s lots of snark and emotions and this first bit of the series is a joy to read.

Will & Patrick Meet the Family 9/18/23 9/18/23 122 pages Kindle
Will and Patrick hook up in Las Vegas, both in town. They have a night of wild passion and … you guessed it… wake up married. Will is in a bind because of a will that leaves his money conditional upon a successful marriage. No divorce. And, oh, by the way, his father is in the mob. Will talks Patrick, a brilliant neurosurgeon who is indiscreet in talking with his boss about the situation and gets fired, to come to Will’s home town to figure things out. Patrick is on the spectrum, has no real ties to Georgia, so closes his apartment and moves in with Will at the fancy hotel in Caveat emptor re sex.

Will & Patrick Do the Holidays by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths 9/18/23 9/19/23 Kindle
Will and Patrick continue their story in trying to figure out how to successfully end their marriage. Will happens to have a charity that he’s funneled his inheritance into and is in the process of building a world-class neurosurgery unit – surprise!. He talks Patrick into working there and helping to make it world class. They spend the holidays with Will’s family, dealing with Will’s family’s overprotectiveness, Will’s ex and his current boyfriend, and Will’s father, comes to town. Caveat emptor re sex.

Will & Patrick Fight Their Feelings by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths 9/19/23 9/20/23 Kindle
Patrick becomes friends with a young mother in town, is joyously operating on people and spending the charity’s money to build a world-class neurosurgery unit at the local hospital, all the while pretending to be wildly in love with Will. Will keeps running into the ex who dumped him just prior to the Los Vegas trip, who flaunts his new boyfriend. Will’s family keeps trying to manipulate both of them. Each is falling in love with the other, but realizes that if they don’t get the divorce, things will change, and not for the better, job-wise and finances wise.

Will & Patrick Meet the Mob by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths 9/20/23 9/20/23 Kindle
Installment 4 has Will’s father, who’s never been a real father to Will, interfering, threatening Patrick, and generally causing havoc and upset. Feelings continue to grow, living in the fancy hotel works for Will and Patrick, as does the wild sex without commitment, all the while pretending to be in love. Town politics, family politics, family interference. Caveat emptor re sex.

Will & Patrick's Happy Ending by Leta Blake and Alice Griffiths 9/20/23 9/21/23 Kindle
And finally, Patrick flees to his former foster parents in Georgia. He has loved them forever, has helped them financially as soon as he was able, and needs their comfort as he thinks the relationship is over. Will realizes as soon as he leaves that he wants and loves and needs Patrick, so follows him to Georgia. Lots of great scenes with Patrick and his foster parents, their house full of foster kids, and Will’s visit, which, of course, culminates in their reunion, commitment, and return to Will’s home town to start their lives together. Marriage, and etc. Caveat emptor re sex.

This series really worked for me, because each came to a shockingly abrupt, drunken marriage with baggage, needs, and attraction into a valid, strong marriage, against the wishes of almost every person of Will’s family. Patrick’s being on the spectrum is treated wonderfully, positively, and with a wealth of information. Their attraction and care for each other is apparent from the beginning.

Mr. Naughty List by Leta Blake 9/21/23 9/23/23 Kindle
Aaron is a middle-school teacher, sees RJ, a member of a band playing at a local bar. He recognizes him as a former student. RJ recognizes Aaron, the teacher he had in his senior year of high school. He had fantasies about him then, and fantasies about him now. The attraction is immediately and powerful. Aaron’s closeted but all the kids in his classes know he’s gay. His mother is the principal in the school he teaches in, is divorced from his father, and holds a first-year-teaching indiscretion between Aaron and a sports coach (and of course the coach doesn’t get fired or have it follow him) over his head. She’s disgusted with his being gay, and he’s never had a reason to fight her until he starts standing up to her because of RJ. RJ is a dom, Aaron is a sub, and so there’s lots of kinky sex, so REALLY beware. Aaron’s father and family are wonderful, RJ’s family is wonderful too, and as Aaron and RJ think that this might be more than a holiday fling, they start opening up to each other emotionally. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Husband Material by Alexis Hall** 97 pages
I waited too long to continue with this one, and I may come back to it. For now, as I recall, it seemed anticlimactic to Luc and Oliver’s romance.

**abandoned Pretty F*cked by J.R. Gray**
Another one where I waited too long to continue with this one. This one was a rehash of the previous book as I recall, from another angle, and it was just way too much angst, psycho-babble, and drugs, sex, and rock and roll.

Mr. Jingle Bells by Leta Blake 9/23/23 9/26/23 Kindle
Partners in a marketing firm, there is always tension between conservative-appearing Walker and flamboyant Ashton. Ashton’s apartment is being fumigated for bedbugs, and Walker, at the instigation of their third partner Casey, invites Ashton to stay with him for 3 days. They surprise each other by seeing beyond the tension at work and are attracted. There’s a fake boyfriend situation for Walker’s sister’s wedding, sparkage gets satisfied, Ashton learns something about Walker that is supposedly a deal breaker, yet we get our HEA. Lots of backstory for Ashton – abuse, homophobic and drug using relatives, abandonment – and all of it was fascinating. Caveat emptor re sex.

A Little Bit Like Love by Brooke Blaine 9/26/23 9/26/23 Kindle
Jackson ghosted Lucas just before high school graduation 8 years previously. He’s back in South Haven to make a business deal and sees metal work that interests him, is sent to Lucas’s house/workshop unknowingly. A hurricane brews up, he’s forced to spend the night, and etc. They gradually discover that they were manipulated and their attraction and never-stopped love for each other gets their HEA and Jackson’s comeuppance against the person who broke them up. Caveat emptor re sex.

Bedhead by Brooke Blaine 9/26/23 9/27/23 Kindle
Hudson and Drew broke up years ago, are both in publishing, both want the tell-all book by a rock star. Both invited to a weekend away during a bad storm, Hudson’s car breaks down, Drew conveniently drives up behind him. Only one hotel room, only one bed… it had a few moments, mostly the sexy times, but HEA too. Caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned Bring on Forever by Leta Blake**
Gray and Blaine were serious 10 years previously. Gray didn’t want to follow Blaine when he went to California to pursue his dream, and made sure the breakup hurt Blaine enough to not want to try anymore. Blaine’s in a serious but non-monogamous relationship but reconnects with Gray. I didn’t like the characters, didn’t like how Blaine broke up with his lover over the phone from Chicago to LA, just didn’t like the vibe. Caveat emptor re predictable sex.

Falling for the Florist by Brendol James 9/27/23 9/29/29/23 Kindle
Henry’s a lawyer, rich, possibly aromantic, possibly asexual. He makes wedding flower arrangements for his sister at Dylan’s flower shop and is smitten. Very sweet, with a bit of nastiness with Henry’s family manipulating and controlling him, his siblings, and his cousins. HEA and caveat emptor re sex.

**abandoned His Argentinian Billionaire by Avery Mist**
A novella, harder to successfully pull off, and this one was not a success. Too many short cuts. The writing was not vivid, and it needs to be either vivid or subtle in a novella, IMO, and this one just didn’t make the grade. Instant sparkage, the supposedly traumatized child because his nanny left unexpectedly immediately falling in love with Warren the new nanny. Details that tried to anchor it but just seemed jarring. Caveat emptor re sex?

sep 30, 3:30 pm

>282 karenmarie: Pretty solid month of reading there, Horrible! *smooch*

sep 30, 8:22 pm


*smile* and *smooch*

okt 1, 8:21 am

Morning, Karen. Happy Sunday. Mighty Lightning Round up there. We ended up going to an Octoberfest event at one of our favorite breweries last night, with several friends. A good time but far too crowded for me and long lines for beer. Laundry, books and football today.

I canceled my Iowa camping plans for a couple different reasons. Sue had other plans anyway, so going solo would not have been ideal. At least I can spend next Friday with Jack.

okt 1, 9:42 am

'Morning, Mark! Sorry the Iowa plan fell through, do you have other trips planned for the rest of the year. Heh. Bill's doing his laundry, he's watching football (soccer here in the US), and I'll definitely be doing books today.

I've done an extremely self-indulgent thing - I wanted to read more of The Running Grave last night, but cannot read a 945-page book in bed so I bought the Kindle version. How decadent is that?

Wordle 834 5/6* adieu, novel, creep, sewer, beret


Arsenal ended up beating Bournemouth 4-0 yesterday. Reading, various and sundry. I made Ritz Rolo Sandwiches - upside down Ritz on a baking sheet, a rolo centered, 350F for 3 minutes, put another Rolo on top, cool. Yum.

Today will be a small amount of work cleaning out/off the workbench in the garage, reading, and puttering.

okt 1, 6:52 pm

>286 karenmarie: Buying books feels ever so Cranswickainly decadent.

okt 1, 7:49 pm

You're so right, Susan! Even with the number of books I've bought this year so far, Paul's got me beat 365 to 242.

I feel Cranswickianly decadent. I love all things related to books except having to say I can't afford as many as I'd like, can't afford as many shelves as I'd like space-wise and money-wise. In an ideal world, I'd have this Library, which I've posted before:

okt 1, 9:44 pm

>288 karenmarie: Looks like a worthy goal! :)

okt 1, 10:07 pm

>288 karenmarie: That's utterly fabulous!

okt 2, 6:48 am

>289 figsfromthistle: Hi Anita. One can only wish.

>290 atozgrl: I know, Irene. The idea of having all my books in one room, with chairs, lamps, tables, and sofas, all on cork, hardwood, or tile, with gorgeous area rugs, makes me happy to just think about. I just thought about it, too - I would also need a system to play audio books.

Wordle 835 4/6* adieu, smoke, mercy, merry


Yesterday was gloriously lazy after spending about half an hour with Jenna cleaning off the workbench in the garage. There may have been a nap, and I read a lot of The Running Grave.

Jenna and I will be taking the rest of the things on the concrete out to the dump today and stop at the grocery store and pharmacy on the way back.

okt 2, 7:51 am

Morning, Karen. Both our Bears and Panthers lost once again. What makes it hurt the most is the Bears also squandered a very big lead. Sighs...Why do I even watch?

Trail Watch this AM. Still trying to get my volunteering in when I can. No more camping trips planned. We plan on bringing the camper home soon, to clean and winterize it. It was a great camping year.

okt 2, 9:06 am

>288 karenmarie: I want to die in a room like that. Preferably one in my own home, surrounded by staff to dust, clean, cook, drive me to the bookstore, etc.

*smooch* for a stellar week-ahead's reads.

okt 2, 4:47 pm

>292 msf59: 'Afternoon, Mark. Bill told me about the Panthers - I haven't watched them but I guess they're 0-4 and Bill's about ready to give up. I hope your Trail Watch duties went well this morning. Ah, camping season over. I'm so glad you had a great year.

>293 richardderus: Hiya, RD. That room is to die for, after all. Yes, staff to dust, clean, cook, etc. I still like driving...

*smooch* to you, too, both for the week and the week's reads

Jenna and I did get all the stuff off the concrete, put a couple of terra cotta pots back into the garage, along with 3 pallets we may or may not keep. Stuff taken to the dump, prescriptions picked up.

Book club friend Teresa came by to pick up Shy for Sunday's book club discussion. I just couldn't get into it, so will go to yet another book club meeting without having read the book. YA, along with Westerns, are one of my least favorite genres.

And then immediately after Teresa left I got a phone call from a friend checking in with me, and we'll probably be able to get together next week.

Just finished a romance, too, The Roommate Proposal.

Back to The Running Grave for a while.

Redigerat: okt 3, 7:15 am

Morning, Karen. A warm day in Chicagoland- it could hit upper 80s. It might struggle to hit 60 on Friday. Fall weather, right? I am doing a solo bird walk this AM. Not much else after that...

Redigerat: okt 3, 10:14 am

'Morning, Mark! Happy Tuesday to you. Wow. Upper 80s. It's 57 here, going to a high of 82.

I love the sun angles and hints of fall. Enjoy your solo bird walk.

Edited to add: I forgot to mention that yesterday we had a visitor: a Red-Shouldered Hawk on the pasture fence.

Wordle 836 3/6* adieu, chime, while


Today will be busy - treadmill, bank, pharmacy, flu shot, P.O., grocery store. And that's all before my cleaning ladies get here at 1 p.m.

okt 3, 10:30 am

Nice in 3!
LOVE the library and looking for the book just to see....

I'm glad that *RG* is compelling. Enjoy this gorgeous day!

okt 3, 10:44 am

>296 karenmarie: Morning, smoochling. Glad to see your scary avian predator visited without reducing your livestock count.

Hoping your flu shot's as boringly uneventful as mine was.

okt 3, 11:29 am

>249 karenmarie: Love all those windows and the rural views.

okt 3, 4:41 pm

>249 karenmarie:, Hi Karen my dear, from that photo alone i can imagine it being a lovely room to spend time in. Sending love and hugs.

okt 3, 5:02 pm

>297 LizzieD: Hi Peggy! Thanks. Yes, The Running Grave is compelling. I've had a good day so far, although Arsenal just lost to Lens in the Champions League 1-2.

>298 richardderus: 'Afternoon, RD! Everybody's safe and sound. No critters were harmed with the scary avian predator's visit. The flu shot was boring, and so far I'm not feeling it. Thanks. *smooch*

>299 SandyAMcPherson: Hi Sandy! Thank you.

>300 johnsimpson: Hello, John! Definitely my favorite room of the house. Sending love and hugs back to you and Karen, kitty skritches to Felix.

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