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Name that book

sep 25, 5:23 pm

I read a short book, less than 100 pages, and it is driving me insane trying to find it or figure it out. I cannot remember the name or the author. It was a historical romance with a highborn lady, needing to marry, and has a secret lover, with a hidden identity, and they write secret letters to one another. They meet up at a party or something with masks and have several secret encounters before she figures out who it is and I think it is her enemy. Can you name the book because it is driving me crazy and I have googled everything I can think of. PLEASE HELP ME FIGURE OUT THIS BOOK!!!!

sep 26, 4:27 am

I suggest you read the posting guidelines and follow the hints there.

Please also ask for a change to the title of your post; that will help others identify your book for you more easily.

sep 26, 9:04 am

Was it part of an anthology of short stories? If so, can you remember any of the others? When did you read it?