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Found: Asian Historical Fantasy Book about Assassin Girl

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I originally read this book on Wattpad sometime around 2018 and it was in the process of being published. I remember the name was something like either "the jade dragon" or "glass mirrors" or something to do with Jade and Glass and Mirrors.

In the book the girl was an assassin tasked by the king to find and kill some other prince. There were two distinct types of energies, one started with H and one started with Y. The H energy was used by mostly men and it was golden. The Y energy was seen as an evil thing in society and it was more common in women (was also a silver color). The main character had an almost even balance of both, with Y being dominant.

The girl becomes a spy and joins an energy/magic bending academy to eventually find and kill the prince. She actually starts the energy training and goes through intense courses with a seemingly misogynistic master. They bond through their training and their personalities are slowly revealed. She becomes a true bender, falls in love with her master who actually turns out to be the prince she had to kill. I think the guy's name was Shen, or Shay.

The king turns out to be the bad guy and the girl is forced to betray her teacher.

Despite being a spy and a liar, the ninja girl passes through the judgement of the mystic jade dragon.

I know this post is a mess but i remember the book so vividly BUT I CANT REMEMBER THE NAME OF IT. All i need is the author


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Well done!

There's currently no LibraryThing link but I found an interview with the author about her book.