Book seller problems

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Book seller problems

jun 7, 9:19 am

Yesterday, I went to a library book sale to get some $1 and $2 book stock for my LFL. Although I got there early, there was already a line at the door of people with big boxes and bins. When the door opened, they rushed in and began scanning things and putting any book with resale value in their bins. They were blocking the aisles and the library volunteer finally gave them 15 minutes to leave.

I also noticed a sign in my local library over the sale book shelves reading "No Book Sellers."

What's up with the explosion of book sellers? I have noticed my LFL being almost cleaned out of books overnight. I don't have a light out there, so I know that it is someone determined.

Is anyone else having this problem? Where are you getting your LFL restocks and what do you do to protect it?