Research volunteers needed: Motivating knowledge exchange in online communities

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Research volunteers needed: Motivating knowledge exchange in online communities

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sep 19, 2008, 10:27am

Dear all,

* Please help in this online survey *

I am a PhD student of Hong Kong Baptist University. I am now working on my thesis about individuals' knowledge exchange behaviors in online communities and would like to invite all of you to participate in this study (

Being a place for cultural exchange and for people to share their know-how, online communities possess significant source of value for us as well as knowledge development. However, as knowledge exchange greatly depends on people's knowledge seeking and knowledge contributing behaviors, such value can only be realized when the community participants are motivated to do so.

Regarding the above issue, I have developed a research project to examine the role of technology in online communities. This research aims to understand how particular IT artifacts implemented in the online communities help to facilitate individuals' knowledge seeking and knowledge contributing behaviors.

Through the creation of a framework linking the design of online community to knowledge exchange behavior, this research is expected to provide implications for practitioners interested in knowledge management and how to leverage technology for competitive advantage. I think this survey can add value to the development of the online community website because the research findings can provide insights and pragmatic guidelines on how to build a successful online community.

Therefore, I truly hope that you can participate in this research and help to answer my online survey: Also, please help to circulate this link to your friends and invite them to participate in this research. Thanks a lot.

Sally Pui-Man Law
PhD Candidate
Department of Finance and Decision Sciences
School of Business
Hong Kong Baptist University