Inherent Vice: Quotes

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Inherent Vice: Quotes

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Redigerat: jul 31, 2009, 8:59 am

The following two sentences from Inherent Vice are, maybe not the best, but the ones most obviously being written by Pynchon I've come upon so far, having read about half of the book:

"Agent Borderline closed the folder abruptly and slid it into a pile of others on the credenza, but not before Doc saw a blurred telephoto shot of himself out in a parking lot, probably Tommy's, sitting on the hood of his car holding a gigantic cheezburger and peering into it quizzically, actually poking through the layers of pickles, oversize tomato slices, lettuce, chili, onions, cheese, and so forth, not to mention the ground-beef part of it which was almost an afterthought--an obvious giveaway to those who knew about Krishna the fry cook's practice of including somewhere in this, for fifty cents extra, a joint wrapped in waxed paper. Actually, the tradition had begun in Compton years ago and found its way to Tommy's at least by the summer of '68, when Doc, in the famished aftermath of a demonstration against NBC's plans to cancel Star Trek, had joined a convoy of irate fans in pointed rubber ears and Starfleet uniforms to plunge (it seemed) down Beverly Boulevard into deep L.A., around a dogleg and on into a patch of town tucked in between the Hollywood and Harbor Freeways, which is where he first beheld, at the corner of Beverly and Coronado, the burger navel of the universe..."