Volunteers required for radio book programme - NW London

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Volunteers required for radio book programme - NW London

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aug 27, 2009, 2:35 pm

I'm a volunteer producer and presenter with one of the UK's leading hospital radio stations, Radio Northwick Park (http://www.radionorthwickpark.org/), based naturally enough at Northwick Park hospital in Harrow - within a short walking distance of Northwick Park tube station. I've just been given the go-ahead to develop a book programme to start this autumn - and I'm looking for volunteers to help me! I don't mind where you are, but it'd be most convenient for people who can be in Harrow one day a month at 6pm.

The idea is to do an hour's "book group" discussion each month - we're likely to be scheduled for Thursdays, as I say at 6, but we can pick "which" Thursday. There'd ideally be a panel of three plus me, and I'd introduce/chair/keep things going/do the technical side. The three guests would simply need to read the books and come prepared to discuss them on air! It wouldn't need to be the same three people each time.

The main audience will be patients at Northwick Park and St. Mark's hospitals, obviously but RNP also broadcasts on the web, so friends and family will be able to listen in.

We're a serious outfit - we win awards and so on. We are of course a charity, too, so anyone who takes part will be making a positive contribution to the community, too. At the moment we have little "talk" programming, but reading is of course especially important in hospital so it makes sense to develop a show about it.

Of course we'll flag in advance to listeners what books we'll be reading, then discuss perhaps three books each time - a mix of new work and classics, fiction and non-fiction, and so on. The idea's not to be too high-brow but mainly to read fairly serious/high-quality books rather than best-sellers, but of course we'd discuss and decide the books together. I may be linking up with a local book group, too.

Apart from the talk about books we've read, I'm also planning to record interviews with patients, nurses and so on about what they're reading, and with the hospital bookshop and library staff about what's being bought and borrowed in the hospital, plus finally a slot where we all mention a book we'd suggest others might to look out for.

Anyone who's interested, please e-mail me! I can't promise to make you a radio star, but I can offer you a chance to get some experience of discussing books in the media, a lot of fun and a fabulous way for bookish people to help a charity.


maj 11, 2010, 1:24 pm

Hello Carl, sounds interesting. Hope it's a success. I would be more than happy to contribute if that's possible? Please write a msg.to let me know how best to proceed. Many thanks,
Yours Sincerely, Graham(Have2read)McGill.

feb 7, 2011, 6:40 pm

Hello Carl,

too bad I'm very far away from Harrow, I live in Portugal, because I'd love to offer as a volunteer.
I'm an English teacher near Oporto and love reading, and if the author is English I very much prefer to read it in the original language. If there is any chance for me to do it from here, I'd loive to join in!

Your sincerely

Anabela Aguiar