Has this happened to you?

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Has this happened to you?

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feb 1, 2010, 9:37 am

There have been several series, 5 off the top of my head, that I was completely loving then out of nowhere the author takes a turn that completely turns me off. I think its starting to make me gun shy. There are a few series right now that I am reading and totally in love with and I cant bring myself to pick up the next book like I'm afraid something is going to turn me off and a series that I love will just become another one that I remember with a tinge of disappointment.

feb 1, 2010, 11:31 am

Oh, that's happened a few times for me. There you are, with a series you love, a smart feisty vampire-killing zombie-raising heroine who solves mysteries and then BAM. The author turns her into a spineless mindless blow-up doll for the entire undead/paranormal population of the midwest. Ugh. (Sorry, rant over.) But even though I may hate where an author has taken a series, I still enjoy rereading the "good" books from earlier in the timeline, so I don't feel the time I invested in reading them was wasted. I figure, if a series does turn into a dud, then it just gives me more time to discover new authors. :D

feb 19, 2010, 8:38 am

I also agree with both of you. It's put me off reading the series sometimes, I usually persevere and see where it goes, usually one or two more books into the series. Then if it hasn't returned to normalcy by then I don't read anymore. LKH is a strong example. I loved Obsidian Butterfly but nothing after that. Read up to Incubus Dreams, my OH bought me the next three as he knew I liked her writing. i haven't touched them. Micah has been on my tbr pile since it was first available and I keep going to read it and then shuddering.

Now I know some that love her later work. I think it's because I read her books years ago, when Bloody Bones was a new release and it developed my love of the genre and it went off in a way that I didn't like. I didn't mind the Merry Gentry series as it started out clear in it's plot lines, however I do like plot with the sexy scenes. I pick them up second hand to read and usually list them on bookmooch shortly after.

Reading LKH encouraged me to find other authors, like Patricia Briggs Jim Butcher Kelley Armstrong etc which are other authors that I love. I can't get enough of Harry Dresden and I love where Butcher is taking him.

feb 26, 2010, 7:55 pm

Yes! I think the best example is both the Anita Blake series and the Merry Gentry series. They both started out strong and smart with great characters and story lines and now...yuck! (I still have mad crushes on Doyle and Frost though...so cliche I know)

I LOVE series, so it bums me out when they go bad. I think that's why sometimes trilogies or other series that have a clear end in sight (like harry potter, meg cabot's ghost series, etc) are so good.

I'm trying to think of other series that have put me off but i'm blanking.

Redigerat: mar 19, 2010, 2:03 am

I have the same problem, I discovered the genre with The Killing Dance and went back and read the rest. I didn't really enjoy Obsidian Butterfly, but that's because I missed Richard and Jean-Claude. But anything after OB... utter dreck. I still have to read them at least once to check up on my characters, but I don't have to like it. On the other hand, Skin Trade was more like an old-style story; there was still sex (the way the character is now, there has to be) but it was mostly "off-screen" so there was room left for a plot. I am afraid to read Flirt because I have my hopes up that LKH has come to her senses and I don't want to have my bubble burst.

The Merry books didn't bother me because they started out that way. I didn't like them as much, but they didn't piss me off either.

I can't abandon a series once I fall in love with it, so are there other series out there that I should avoid?

apr 1, 2013, 9:55 pm

I expect that after about book 5 or so, the original story arc has been resolved and the author has transition into something else. Some authors do that well. Others don't. I have drifted away from a couple of series including LKH after about book 6, Charlaine Harris in her Southern Vampire series after book 9. I just lost interest. But I still love series though. If I loved the characters, if they are interesting then one story is never enough.

apr 16, 2014, 4:01 pm

Or when you really get into a series by an author and then you wait for the next one to come out, which is never soon enough for me, and you wait, and you wait...and nothing..for a long time. I am still waiting on a new one from Adrian Phoenix. I have been waiting, and continue to wait, and I love those books!!

Redigerat: jul 7, 2014, 12:54 am

>7 JillJennings:

Oh, I know that feeling well. I was in love in love with the Night World series by L.J. Smith when I was a teenager, and the last one in the series was supposed to come out in spring of '99. I say "supposed to" because it still hasn't come out. Every so often, she says that it's almost done, and will give a new release date. She's done that at least half a dozen times. I gave up long ago on ever getting to read Strange Fate.