Seeking help re. woman writer

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Seeking help re. woman writer

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maj 21, 2010, 7:37am

I'm hoping to find people here in this group who would like to help me welcome a new-to-LT author, Ilie Ruby, who wrote The Language of Trees. Since we're all about books here, it always frustrates me when authors find LT less-than-welcoming.

I'm glad that the Hobnob With Authors group was created to give us a place to talk with authors, and where they won't have to fear being flagged for mentioning their own work. But its a new group and hasn't really found its legs yet. Would anyone here be interested in joining a discussion over there about "What do readers like to know about what authors are reading?" - .

PS: I haven't read her book, nor do I know her personally; I just want her LT experience to turn a corner and become a positive one!