Have you curled up with your BARBARIAN today?

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Have you curled up with your BARBARIAN today?

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okt 5, 2010, 1:52pm

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Dear fellow couch-mates...

My third novel BARBARIAN is finally here! I can now stop talking about it and simply offer up Nick and Evan’s story to your eyes, your libraries and most importantly your hearts…


Nick Paris is a world-class photographer who is just returning to work after the tragic murder of his lover and partner, Cannon Ashford.

Nick has accepted a job photographing an archaeological dig in the Ukraine led by Professor Evan Dyer, a man Nick quickly finds is nearly impossible to resist. Refusing to get involved with another man on the job, he allows himself to be seduced by Rissa Johns, a woman with a dark secret and lethal ties to the Russian mafia.

As Evan fights for Nick, and Nick fights himself, both men are embroiled in a dangerous, international plot to steal Evan's finds: the ancient gold of the Black Sea Barbarians.

With breathtaking excitement, red-hot passion, and a thrilling conclusion, Barbarian will leave you aching for more!

BARBARIAN is available through all the usual suspects including my publisher (Ravenous Romance), Amazon and...


Please, please enjoy this story. I promise it will bring you tears, laughter and life-affirming love... not bad for a few dollars, huh? *grins*


Chloe Stowe... (who is currently cartwheeling through a neighbourhood near you.)

okt 10, 2010, 11:19pm

Im reading it right now. i got it the day it released but didnt get to start it until today