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McNally Robinson Booksellers - Saskatoon

3130 8th Street East
Saskatoon, SK, S7H 0W2


(306) 955-3599; infosaskatoon.mcnallyrobinson.ca

Typ: Bookstore — Uppgift saknas

Webbplats: http://mcnallyrobinson.com/

Händelser: http://www.mcnallyrobinson.com/saskatoon_ev… (uppdaterad februari 2009)

Tjänster: Mat/dryck

Beskrivning: Featuring McNally Robinson for Kids 955-1477
Prairie Ink Restaurant 955-3579
Regular book and music launch parties, live music. Emphasis on Canadian writers and musicians, especially those from western Canada.
Our store on 8th Street has been Saskatoon's largest independent bookshop at 23,000 square feet. Like other McNally Robinson stores, Saskatoon fields a continuing schedule of readings, book launches and other cultural events. The restaurant and the mezzanine “for Kids” store are both highly popular.

CBA Libris Award for Bookseller of the Year in 1996, 1999, 2000, 2004, 2006. Other branches in Winnipeg, Calgary, New York City, and opening in Toronto in 2009.

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Check the price online of the next book you buy there. I peomise you it will be one third more than Amazon. They used to sell at over the cover price before Indigo opened.

When did the 10% off card and 30% off stickers come into effect? After Indigo. Before Indigo opened down the street their prices were much higher.
februari 2010 av yeremenko
I find the selection and prices to be on par with other major booksellers. The staff go out of their way to help you, and by buying a membership you receive 10 percent off all your new book and item sales, other than magazines and remainders. I find the store to be a terrific place to shop, and yes, they do support local writers, and they do it in a way that other booksellers in the city don't. They also provide weekly entertainment by local musicians and have a wonderful restaurant that isn't the Starbuck's chain. Prices are generally what the books listed price is, often less promotional specials of 30% on new bestsellers, and great prices on remainders. They have a good selection in many genres, including children's, young adults and graphic novels. Overall, it's a wonderful place to shop for books. You feel relaxes and unpressured, unlike some other booksellers.

A great store, and one that I shop at often.
januari 2010 av idj
This may be the most over-priced bookstore on earth. The competition from Indigo has brought prices down a bit. Prices are generally at least 1/3 higher than other places. They have done a wonderful job of making people feel they are cultured by spending far too much for the same books available elsewhere. They do not have a particularly impressive collection; they feature standard new releases and best sellers. This store is all style and no substance.

It is amazing how people feel this price-gouging charade is performing some public service to illiterate prairie folk. The owners of this store rake in money in a way that “evil” big corporations like Amazon or Chapters Indigo can only dream of. And you know what? Mcnally is a chain too with stores in other cities.

Anyway, enjoy your smug sense of pretentious purpose while shopping at an over-priced chain store, I’ll keep my money.

Before anyone says the prices are because of the support they give local writers, I will add that those promotions cost them nothing. The authors are more than happy to promote their own books. And the extra copies they sell (with the MR 50% markup) are small compared with the extra profit the store makes.

augusti 2009 av yeremenko

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