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Who Are We? was founded by two avid fans of science fiction, fantasy, comics, and gaming who also happen to be software developers. Our site went live in June of 2003, and we quickly expanded. We have just opened our first brick-and-mortar store, Sci-Fi Genre Comics & Games, in Durham, North Carolina in July of 2006.

Why shop at Sci-fi Genre?

Most of the retailers offering our products online are brick-and-mortar stores who have decided to make a few extra bucks by opening a web site "on the side." Their sites are slapped together, generic, and difficult to navigate. Their online customer service is an after-thought. What's more, each site tends to offer only a narrow niche of products. grew up as a web-only store. We are devoted to serving our online customers with fast order processing and immediate customer service response.

Since our background is in software, our development team is in-house. Our web site is custom-designed to facilitate ease of use, and we are constantly adding new features. Our comic book subscription service is unparalleled by any other service on the web. If you run into something that confuses you, or if you can think of a way to make the site easier to use, e-mail us. Customer suggestions have helped us improve the site for three years running.

We have a wide array of interests ourselves, and we enjoy passing all those hobbies along to our customers. At Sci-Fi Genre, you can get a vast array of products, all in the same place. Want to add war games to your comic book subscription? No problem!

We believe that just because you want the convenience of online shopping doesn't mean you should have to pay shipping. We offer free shipping on all domestic orders over $75. That includes orders shipped to US Military addresses overseas!

We hope you will give us a chance to impress you!
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