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Diva (2006)

av Alex Flinn

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20911124,980 (3.43)3
Despite her mother's objections, sixteen-year-old Caitlin determines to pursue her dream of becoming an opera singer by attending a performing arts school in Miami.

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Caitlin wants to be an opera singer, and she is good; she gets accepted into the performing arts high school in Miami. The problem will be convincing Mom to let her go.

This is a sequel to Breathing Under Water and follows Caitlin after her break up with the abusive Nick. She’s still dealing with weight and Mom issues. I haven’t read the first one and don’t feel like I needed to have read it first. Caitlin’s growth into an acceptance of herself made this a good read.
( )
  readingbeader | Oct 29, 2020 |
"Diva A Novel" by Flinn is about a popular sixteen year old girl. Caitlin has a super good voice and can sing all right, but has an abusive boyfriend whom she cannot forget about. He punches her in the face and then apologizes and then they finally break up. Now ex's, they still start to think about each other especially when they see each other from time to time. She learns that her friend is gay and gets really angry, some of her other friends even suggested suicide. A good book for High school kids because it relates. ( )
  sabdelaz | Feb 16, 2014 |
This is not the reworking of a fairy tale. Instead, it is the story of a approximately a year in the life of a teen-aged girl who happens to love opera and learns a few valuable life lessons along the way. Geared toward young readers, this book was still enjoyable for this adult. ( )
  ABShepherd | May 15, 2013 |
In this book there is a lot of drama, music, and singing which are thing in a lot of people life’s that they can relate to. That makes the book fun and stress relieving. I read this book because the giant treble cleft on one of the first pages and the fact that I too am kind of a diva.
  edspicer | Mar 31, 2013 |
Reviewed by Lynn Crow for TeensReadToo.com

DIVA tells the story of Caitlin McCourt, a sixteen-year-old opera fan and singer, as she attempts to break out of her old life by transferring to a performing arts school. Among the things Caitlin is escaping are an abusive ex-boyfriend, vacuous "friends" who don't understand her interests, and the advice of her overbearing and superficial mother. However, her new school comes with its own share of difficulties. She has to learn to dance and act as well as sing, and she's afraid she's too "normal" to fit in with the artsy students.

Caitlin is an incredibly sympathetic character. Despite being burdened with a mother who's more interested in flirting with Caitlin's guy friends than supporting her daughter, and a father who has started a new family that rarely includes her, she manages to believe in and look after herself. Her voice is realistic and open, letting the readers in on all of her insecurities (which many teens will share). Her decisions make sense for her, even if readers don't always agree with them, and throughout the story she comes more and more into her own.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Caitlin's story is how her relationship with her mother evolves. Much of Caitlin's personality appears to be a product of her mother's hot-and-cold attitude toward her daughter. As Caitlin steps out from her mother's shadow, she sees not only her own needs and desires more clearly, but also her mother's. Caitlin's discovery that there's more to her mother than she realized is poignant and believable.

DIVA will be enjoyed by any teen, especially girls, struggling with the pressures of friends and family. With its colorful and well-developed characters, it's an easy story to get drawn into. The only criticism I could make is that the novel doesn't offer a great deal more than other good titles with similar subject matter, but what it does offer is so involving that it's hard to complain. ( )
  GeniusJen | Oct 10, 2009 |
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Despite her mother's objections, sixteen-year-old Caitlin determines to pursue her dream of becoming an opera singer by attending a performing arts school in Miami.

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