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Aguas oscuras

Aguas oscuras

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4344445,274 (3.9)6
When seventeen-year-old Tess Davies, a ladies' maid, meets handsome Alec Marlow aboard the RMS Titanic, she quickly becomes entangled in the dark secrets of his past, but her growing love puts her in mortal peril even before fate steps in.
Titel:Aguas oscuras
Info:Publisher Unknown, 345 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Fateful av Claudia Gray


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Pretty good. Pretty good.

It's always funny reading a book loosely based on a historic diaster.

I knew the book was going to sink, I knew it was coming. April 14th. But when that part of the book came I was scared. I wanted to know what was going to happen next. But I knew!!

It definitely held my attention. Throwing in a werewolf too. It's a book after my own heart. I loved it.

I wanted the love story between Alec and Tess to work sooooo bad. Class barriers need to be broken. Even in fiction. ( )
  Shahnareads | Oct 22, 2019 |
Due stelle e mezza.
Mi aspettavo sicuramente di più visto quanto mi è piaciuta la saga di Evernight.
La causa si può forse attribuire all'ambientazione, ovvero la nave del Titanic, in quanto anche il film non è stato uno dei miei preferiti.
Inotre i due protagonisti si innamorano fin troppo in fretta, senza contare che tutti i personaggi sono assolutamente prevedibili. C'è però da dire che in un paio di scene mi sono lievemente commossa. L'autrice è riuscita anche questa volta ad esprimere al meglio sia i momenti di tensione che quelli più romantici, e sono presenti anche alcuni colpi di scena (sebbene l'ultimo mi abbia lasciata piuttosto scettica perché sconvolge un po' troppo la figura del lupo mannaro).
Resta il fatto che Fateful è una storia senza troppe pretese, dalla trama lineare che forse sarebbe meglio rendere più complicata per coinvolgere il lettore.
( )
  Shay17 | Mar 30, 2018 |
Fateful. It is fate that I found this book. Seriously, it rescued me from fallen angel hades and took me back in time. To something I have always been fascinated with. The Titanic. I was in fifth grade when the movie came out. It was the first actual adult movie I was ever interested in, I was never interested in TV much as a kid. My grandmother took me to see it, I cried like a baby. I can't even tell you the kinda feels that movie gave me. Even now at 28 I still die a little inside everytime I watch it. Reading this book, gave me those same kinda feels..except, thank God, *spoiler alert* this book had a happy ending.

This book takes you on the incredible journey of the Titanics's voyage and sinking. But by the time the actual sinking occurs you will be so engrossed by the unfolding story, that you will be taken by surprise. Also did I mention that this book has werewolves? Because it does. And it is magnificent.

This is the story of 18yr old Tess. A ladies maid to a wealthy family. Tess doesn't plan to be a maid forever. As the family she works for is sailing to America on the Titanic's maiden voyage. She plans to ditch the family as soon as the ship docks and rebuild her life in America. What her plans don't include: falling in love.

Alec is a first class passenger. Born into wealth, his life seems to be that of any other young heir. That he will marry well and take over the family business. However, normal is not in the cards for Alec. He harbors a dark secret, one that will deter the course if his life forever.

If you haven't figured it out yet...he's a werewolf! Yay!

On the run from a brotherhood of werewolves that seek him out, to join their pack. Alec wishes to remove himself from his family's name and live a life in solitude. However strange circumstances throw Tess and Alec together and over the course of a few days they fall in love. But the road to happily ever after for these two will not be met without obstacles.

A fight for freedom against a crazed brotherhood, the improbability of two different classes of people mixing, during a time when wealth and titles were everything and tragedy that will shake the world or its very core. Two young lovers stand to lose everything they've hoped and dreamed for. Even their lives.

This was a good one y'all! I liked this even better than The Siren. And that happens to be my favorite book, so I guess I have a new fave!

Nothing melts my heart more than a historical romance. I know I've said that before and I will most likely say it again. But it's something that will always ring true for me. The romance portrayed in this book was literally heart pounding. Tess and Alec may have fallen in love over the course of a few days, but this was no insta love I assure you. Annnd my favorite part... unlike most ya books, neither of them hated each other to begin with. Alec wasn't a jerk to her, he didn't try to make her stay away from him bc of what he was. In fact quite the opposite. They knew how they felt about each other and they were happy to show it to the other. Thier romance established beautifully. And the inevitable doom that lie ahead of them made it that much sweeter. My heart twisted in hope and heartbreak everytime they were together.

This story had plenty of twists and unforseen circumstances to keep you on your toes, wondering what would happen next. The actual sinking and Titanic storyline was tastefully done. I like how the author mixed enough reality and fictional aspects together to tie the two stories together. While the story of the Titanic is fascinating on its own, this was very fun and unique twist.

Action is this book was on point. There was never a dull moment. And can I take a few to talk about the characters in this book? Tess. Is my all time favorite character, she had actual thoughts. He mind didn't dwell on Alec 24/7. While she does love and miss him and want to be with him, she's a practical girl and knows that the chances they have of being together are slim to none. Alec was a great character as well. This story is told from Tess's pov, so while we don't see what happens to him while Tess isn't around we see enough to know the kind of man he is and that he's genuinely a good person that truly loves Tess and would do anything to be with her and protect her.

The secondary characters were very well done also. I basically just loved this book and everything in it.

The historical aspect of this book is what drew me in, but the fantasy part kept me reeling. Absolutely a worthy read! ( )
  alliecollins8488 | Oct 8, 2016 |
This novel, as you can tell if you've read the summary above, is set on the Titanic. I thought this was a really cool and unique setting for a novel, as I haven't read any fantasy/paranormal novels set on the Titanic. The author has obviously spent some time researching this, as the historical accuracy was impressive.

The novel revolves around a girl called Tess who is a ladies maid to the Lisle family, who are travelling to America. The plot was ok, it wasn't anything wonderfully special, nothing very unique about it. It was quite fast paced, however, I started and finished it in one day. The descriptions were ok, not too frequent as to break up the flow of the novel, but enough to make sure you knew what was going on.

The main character is Tess, who was an ok main character. She was quite practical and wasn't as weak as normal YA female characters tend to be. She was sensible and quite brave and level headed. The only problem I had with her was how easily she coped with seeing boys turn into werewolves right infront of her. If that had been me, I would have been freaking out, but she hardly batted an eyelid.

The romantic love interest in this novel was Alec, an upper class passenger, that saves Tess from another werewolf. He again was an ok character, but he doesn't reallystand out in my mind thinking back on the book.

The villain of the novel was Mikhail, another werewolf. He was a pretty cool baddie, he was quite menacing but again he wasn't anything special.


The ending of this novel really annoyed me. I felt it was really cliched, I would have prefered it if she hadn't put in the "happily ever after" I can't believe she brought them back to life. It felt like a bit of a rip off.


I felt that some of the things the two main characters, Tess and Alec said were sickly sweet, and not things that a normal teenager would say, even taking the time period into account.

This novel is written from Tess' point of view, which allows us to read exactly what she is thinking, and I think the author made good use of the reader's intimacy with Tess' thoughts and feelings to really develop the novel.

Overall I thought this was an ok novel (apparent by the number of times I've said "ok" in this review! 4 times if you're interested!), I gave it 3/5 stars. ( )
  ACascadeofBooks | Oct 5, 2016 |
Considering this is a book about werewolves on the Titanic, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed "Fateful". The story is quite a page turner, especially once the ship starts to sink. However, I did find the relationship between Alec and Tess not really believable. They seemed to lack chemistry and I never felt they truly loved each other despite what they said and did. Regardless, this will be a popular book for girls who enjoy paranormal romances. ( )
  HeatherLINC | Jan 22, 2016 |
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When seventeen-year-old Tess Davies, a ladies' maid, meets handsome Alec Marlow aboard the RMS Titanic, she quickly becomes entangled in the dark secrets of his past, but her growing love puts her in mortal peril even before fate steps in.

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