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Have Fun, Anna Hibiscus! av Atinuke

Have Fun, Anna Hibiscus! (utgåvan 2010)

av Atinuke (Författare)

Serier: Anna Hibiscus (4)

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1413147,049 (4.8)Ingen/inga
"Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa. Amazing Africa. But she is spending Christmas with her granny in Canada. She can't wait to see snow for the first time! And how will it feel to be so far from home?"--P. [4] of cover.
Titel:Have Fun, Anna Hibiscus!
Författare:Atinuke (Författare)
Info:Kane Miller Book Pub (2010), Edition: Reprint, 109 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Have Fun, Anna Hibiscus! av Atinuke


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Anna Hibiscus leaves her home and family in Africa to visit her Canadian grandmother in this fourth installment of Atinuke's chapter-book series devoted to her adventures. Like its predecessors, there are four short stories presented here, beginning with Anna Goes to Canada, in which Anna bids farewell to her family, sleeps through most of her flight, and finally meets Granny Canada for the first time. Her worries that she will not be happy in this new place are assuaged by her first sight of snow. Anna's First Day involves a bit of culture shock, as Anna slowly makes friends with Qimmiq, her very first dog friend. In Cousins or Friends? Anna meets some of the local children, and accompanies them on a skating and sledding outing. After some initial unpleasantness - unkind comments about her lack of ability in these sports, due to her being African - Anna stands up for herself, and ends up winning new friends. Finally, in Anna's Christmas in Canada, Anna enjoys holiday baking with Granny Canada, and caroling in the snow. The book closes as she heads home, in the company of new friend Tiger Lily, who is herself visiting Africa for the first time...

Like its predecessors, Have Fun, Anna Hibiscus! is an immensely engaging title for beginning chapter-book readers. I have loved the interaction between Anna and her large extended family in previous books, and here I loved the somewhat different but equally loving interaction between her and Granny Canada. I really appreciated the way that Atinuke handled the issue of the dog, showing that in Anna's culture dogs are never allowed in the house, being considered dangerous and dirty, and are certainly never kept as companions. When Anna learns that her great-great-grandfather was a dog sledder, and was saved by a dog, she gains an understanding of new and different ways of living, and of seeing the world. I also appreciated the way in which the children's prejudice against Anna was treated: it was shown to be wrong and hurtful, it was challenged, and then it was forgiven, allowing the children to become friends. Too often I find that that last part - the idea that people who have done or said something inconsiderate can be accepted again, if they acknowledge what they have done wrong, and seek forgiveness - is missing in today's world. Well done to Atinuke, all around - this was entertaining, engaging, and ultimately heartwarming, and I look forward to picking up the next installment of Anna's story, Welcome Home, Anna Hibiscus! ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | Dec 4, 2019 |
My first Anna Hibiscus book and I loved it! What a great early chapter book series. I wish our library had the whole series. ( )
  alyson | Aug 23, 2012 |
Digging through the archives...

In her fourth adventure, Anna Hibiscus is finally taking her long-awaited trip to Canada, to stay with her maternal grandmother. Anna thinks she is completely ready and her family is sure they've given her all the things and advice she will need, although her mother looks a little worried over some of their advice!

But when Anna arrives and meets Granny Canada, it's not quite what she expected. She couldn't possibly have imagined such cold, and everything is dull and gray. Her granny lives alone, a big shock for Anna who is used to living with a big family and many relatives. Worst of all, Granny Canada has a dog. Grandfather warned her that people in cold countries have dogs inside their houses, but Anna didn't believe him. Dogs are filthy, sick animals that bite. How could you have such a thing in your house? And just when Anna thinks she may have met some new friends, who will teach her to play in the snow, they tease her and say she's not good at skating because she is from Africa.

However, with the help of Granny Canada and her own optimistic spirit, Anna overcomes all difficulties. She learns to love the snow and cold, to be friends with Qimmiq the dog, and to change the prejudices of the Canadian children she has met. Soon, Anna will be just as sad to leave cold Canada as she was to leave her beloved Africa - but she'll be taking a new friend back with her!

This is another wonderful addition to the story of Anna Hibiscus. We've seen her world from her point of view - now we see a whole new culture through her eyes. The prejudice of the other kids may seem simplistic, but it's a very simple age - and their responses are completely believable. It's a look at a culture most children are familiar with from a very different perspective and plenty of warm and happy adventures are included.

Verdict: This is a wonderful series to add to your series collection. After a while, most beginning chapter series seem to run together, but never Anna Hibiscus. Every story keeps the strength and familiarity of the characters while opening up a new world to the readers. Highly recommended.

Revisited: I love these so much. But, sadly, I simply cannot get them to circulate. These type of slice-of-life beginning chapter books only seem to be of interest to parents looking for read-alouds for their young children and no matter how much I try to promote these, they simply don't circulate. I haven't weeded them, but it's probably only a matter of time. Hopefully they will find a happier home in other libraries.

ISBN: 9781610670081; Published March 2011 by Kane Miller; Review copy provided by publisher; Purchased for the library.
  JeanLittleLibrary | Jan 15, 2012 |
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"Anna Hibiscus lives in Africa. Amazing Africa. But she is spending Christmas with her granny in Canada. She can't wait to see snow for the first time! And how will it feel to be so far from home?"--P. [4] of cover.

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