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Tiger's Voyage

av Colleen Houck

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Serier: Tiger's Curse (3)

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4671639,563 (4.14)11
After battling the villanous Lokesh, Kelsey and the Indian princes Ren and Kishan return to India, where Kelsey learns that Ren has amnesia, and five cunning dragons try to keep the trio from breaking the curse that binds them.

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i was a little reluctant to read this book because the previous one was absolutely heartbreaking, but their adventures are still interesting and fun! ( )
  kritikags | Aug 19, 2020 |
White Tiger, Black Tiger, both beautiful, faithful and loving. One young women torn between a love is safe and one that is all consuming. The pain from the past guides her, but is it right ? A terrible triangle, both choices are good. Together then struggle on to finish the quests, to end the curse that keeps these princes in tiger form. The quest lead them into the world of dragons. It is dangerous magical and utterly beautiful. Amazing. Ending with a soft cliffhanger.
The only thing I did not like about this story was that it ended. The author's unbelievable ability to weave her words so poetically had me entranced. This is one of those books I could read many times and not tire of it. ( )
  TheYodamom | Jan 29, 2016 |
This is the third book in the five book Tiger Saga series. The fifth book, The Tiger’s Dream, is yet to be released. I have a love/hate relationship with this series. I love some elements of the story and hate others.

I listened to this on audiobook and the audiobooks for this series have been very well done. The narrator does a great job with all of the accents the different characters have and with conveying emotion as well. This is definitely a series I would recommend listening to on audiobook if you enjoy audiobooks.

Kelsey is still reeling from the events in the second book; her beloved Ren no longer knows who she is. Her and the tiger brothers (Ren and Kishan) are still dodging the evil mage Lokesh and trying to continue their journey to break the Tiger’s Curse. This leg of the journey forces them to challenge five dragons in order to find Durga’s necklace and break the next portion of the curse. However things are very uncomfortable for our heros as Ren and Kishan both try to vy for Kelsey’s favor and Kelsey becomes more confused and conflicted than ever.

I love the adventure, the magic, the exotic travel, and the mythology in these stories. We get to visit so many awesome places and I really enjoy all the adventure when our characters go into a temple to break another part of the curse. The five dragons our heroes visit are highly entertaining and I enjoyed these parts of the story a ton.

I also love how Houck researches certain aspects and teaches a lot in the story (for example we learn about yachts and scuba diving quite a bit in this book). These asides and details on different things make the story a lot longer, but I enjoy them because I get to learn a lot about different things while reading this series.

Now on to what I hate….I hate the love triangle between Kelsey, Ren, and Kishan...it is just irritating and stupid. I hate how our heroine Kelsey is strong and smart unless she is dealing with the Tiger boys. I hate how much she jerks Kishan around in this book; she does it under the pretense of being sensitive and understanding but I can't help feeling she is being cruel. I also hate the constant Ren and Kelsey arguments which are inane and immature. If you could take these parts out of the book it would be a better book, not so wordy and much more entertaining.

Overall I think I love the adventure and mythology enough to keep reading the series, but I really could do without all the love triangle drama...it is just so immature. I struggle with reviewing these books because I love the adventure so much and hate the love triangle and immaturity so much. I would tentatively recommend this series if you don’t mind plodding through immature teenage love troubles to get a good adventure story. ( )
  krau0098 | May 3, 2015 |
I really liked this book. I really liked this series. It's not perfect in writing and technique, but the author is new. And as far as new goes, it's brilliant. I got these first few when they were available on Amazon Kindle. Then, someone saw her talent and decided to take her on before she got grabbed up by someone else. As an author, she's sweet and she, or someone on her team has responded to emails and questions through various media outlets. Her writing style is growing.

For the books: I got attached to the characters and really involved in the plot. I haven't seen a lot of books about India and tigers so it was a refreshing change from most fantasy novels. Though some parts of the series were a bit on the predictable side I let myself really have fun with it and let my emotions get caught up in the swell of things. I laughed, cried, blushed, and yelled throughout this series. It brought me into a new culture that intrigued me enough to pick up some nonfiction books and learn some of the real stories behind a few characters within the series. I was immersed and loved it all. I was in our time and felt like I traveled back to ancient times with these characters. ( )
  jessica_reads | Mar 24, 2015 |
This installment was interesting and fast paced. All of the quests they went on were fraught with danger and intense. On many occasions I truly found it hard to put the book down. Well with the exception of whenever Kesley went on about why she should love Kishan and not Ren and how hurt she was cause Ren couldn't remember her. Those parts drove me crazy and made me roll my eyes and make snarky remarks out loud. I would truly adore these books if the heroine wasn't so frustrating. I really don't see why the boys fight over her. Also didn't enjoy that the author has made Kishan sorta wishy washy too. And again with the colour of their eyes and their hot bodies. I get it they are hot and Kelsey doesn't think she is good enough for them. Grow some ovaries Kelsey, seriously I want to smack you sometimes. Also obviously you want Ren, go get your white tiger and let poor Kishan off the hook. He deserves someone with more --- fire : ) like Nilima. We need more Nilima, I sorta want a story about her. Oh and Mr Kadam, I love that old guy.

I know, I know I am not the intended audience for this series, that is why I do not take off to many stars in the rating for the issues I have,

Really enjoyed all the quests they went on and the dragons were marvelous. Each quest was fraught with danger, yet some really funny parts dealing with the different personalities of all of the dragons.

Great suspenseful ending had me wanting to pick up the next book right away. Please though, no more mentions of their eyes. ( )
  mountie9 | Oct 19, 2014 |
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After battling the villanous Lokesh, Kelsey and the Indian princes Ren and Kishan return to India, where Kelsey learns that Ren has amnesia, and five cunning dragons try to keep the trio from breaking the curse that binds them.

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