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Winter of Fire (Point) av Sherryl Jordan

Winter of Fire (Point) (urspr publ 1993; utgåvan 1995)

av Sherryl Jordan

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner / Omnämnanden
3391758,633 (4.31)2 / 24
A world destroyed by fire is saved from ice by a charismatic young woman who has powers beyond those of any living human being.
Titel:Winter of Fire (Point)
Författare:Sherryl Jordan
Info:Point (1995), Edition: Rei, Paperback
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Winter of Fire av Sherryl Jordan (1993)


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This is an amazing book. The journey of Elsha of the Quelled blends relevant social commentary with allegory while remaining absolutely age appropriate. It tickles the dystopic-future itch but stays a wonderful fantasy with a fully-developed world.

I especially appreciate the way Jordan approaches romance. Unlike so many YA novels, "Winter of Fire" doesn't throw Elsha into a love triangle between two dark princes. Instead, she meets a variety of men who all mean something to her in the various stages of her life. None are perfect, and I don't think any of them are ever defined as "god-like" (authors, let's never do that again, okay?). She does ultimately meet her perfect match, but she does so without throwing aside her past relationships. This seems so much more reflective of real-life relationships to me, and I was surprised to find that in a Scholastic novel from 1992. ( )
  dromedarydragon | Jan 8, 2018 |
This is one book that I tripped upon in middle school while I fell in love with it. Almost hard to find any more it has been tugging at my sleep while asking me to re-read it and since this seems to be the year of visiting old familiar friends I was more than happy to jump on this copy when I came upon it.

The story follows a fiery-spirited woman whose only known world is cold, unfair slavery and dreams that revolve around the fire needed to drive the cold. She struggles to belong and yet to be herself while living in a world where a female slave is the worst person possible, especially if you have such high dreams.

Sherryl Jordan brings to life in this book an interesting world that reflects our own while still staying apart. At the time of my first reading of "Winter of Fire" I could relate with Elsha in trying to find my place and what my talents were while being able to see how far I can push my boundary. In re-reading the book I can still emotionally set myself in her shoes even knowing how the story will end.

The characters are a sharp contrast to the bland and frigid background. They are strong, individual and interesting while coving the range of humanity. We can relate to their reactions, to their pain and triumph as well their tears. A breath-taking cast....

And yes I will be the one to admit that after my first reading I did try Elsha's new warmth. Although never getting to the level they did it does seem to work - I don't think I am disciplined enough to pursue it any further though :)

My only reason for not rating it a 5-star is since towards the end the book gets to be a bit slow before picking up again. Otherwise it is a keeper for me. ( )
  flamingrosedrakon | Aug 26, 2015 |
I read Winter of Fire for the first time in sixth grade ten years ago. I devoured the story, and it never really left me. Unfortunately, Winter of Fire is out of print, but every time I went to a used book sale I searched for it, until I finally found it for cheap on Amazon a few years ago. This was my third time reading Winter of Fire, and I have to say, it never gets old.

Winter of Fire is definitely a middle-grade book, which was a little hard to get used to after reading so many young adult books lately, but I quickly slipped back in to the story. Elsha is one of the most fiery characters I’ve ever come across in any type of literature, and she won’t leave you without a fight. She’s defiant, strong, and ruthless in her pursuit of justice and ending oppression for her people. She knows there’s more to life than what she’s been given, and she doesn’t let obstacles get in her way easily. In many ways, she's Katniss before Katniss existed.

Every time I read Winter of Fire, I see more of the themes of feminism and justice than I did during my initial sixth grade reading, but even then, I could tell that part of Elsha’s character was about deliberately being a strong female. In Elsha’s society, the female Quelled people are the lowest class of citizens, barely better than animals. They’re not even granted the title of woman–instead, they’re called “Harsha”. It may be her lot in life, but Elsha refuses to submit quietly, and I love her for it.

This story is actually less action-oriented than I remember. Elsha does have adventures and dangers ahead of her, but what’s more important is the people she comes in to contact with on said adventures. She encounters an entire spectrum of reactions. Some accept her more readily, while others look at her in contempt, and through each character, the world around Elsha is built a little more. It’s an amazing, bleak world. Sherryl Jordan isn’t the type to spend an entire paragraph describing the world around Elsha, but in just a simple sentence I was transported to the dark land where it’s always cold and firestones are the only source of warmth and life.

This is one of my most-recommended books of all time, and after another re-reading, I remember why. It’s out of print, but you can find used copies on amazon, and I highly recommend doing so. It has such powerful themes about oppression and gender equality, all the while being cloaked in an amazing story with one of my favorite protagonists ever.

Final Impression: Just an amazing, amazing book with some of my favorite characters ever. I’m so sad this book is out of print, and it is easily one of my top ten favorite books of all time. Few books have competition with it on my bookshelf. Read it if you can, whether that’s buying a used copy or checking it out from the library! ( )
  Stormydawnc | Jun 23, 2014 |
I love this book so much, but I can't find it anywhere! It makes me so sad, I really want to read it again. ( )
  Steph1203 | Mar 14, 2014 |
When I was a teenager I was in love with Sherryl Jordan's The Juniper Game. I never knew she wrote any other books, so when I saw Winter of Fire in a used bookstore a couple years ago, I immediately snatched it up - but hadn't read it until now.

Winter of Fire... is not great, to read for the first time as an adult. Elsha, the main character, is a bit too perfect - everyone who meets her who isn't blinded by prejudice falls in love with her, whether romantically or platonically. Everything essentially goes as she plans, in ways that are very predictable. The message - slavery is bad - is... not complex.

I think if I'd read this at the same age as I'd read The Juniper Game, I probably would have loved it. But with a lot more books read and a more critical view of the books I'm reading, it just doesn't hold up for me. ( )
  g33kgrrl | Apr 6, 2013 |
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A world destroyed by fire is saved from ice by a charismatic young woman who has powers beyond those of any living human being.

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