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The Golden Lily

av Richelle Mead

Serier: Bloodlines (2), Vampire Academy (8)

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1,3666710,279 (4.25)14
At a boarding school in glamorous Palm Springs, California, alchemist Sydney must protect the vampires-in-hiding from the threat of other humans, a task made harder by forbidden romances, unexpected spirit bonds, and the threat of Strigoi moving ever closer.

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I know this is juvenile, but I just really enjoy the characters in this series and enjoy the mental break I get when listening to the books I this series as well. ( )
  courty4189 | Mar 24, 2021 |
This book was better than the first part in the series. It was very exciting and even scary at times. I always like books with action in them. Of course there was also awesome characters in the book. Sydney is in a category by herself and of course there is the sweet but little bit of a bad boy Adrian. He is my personal book crush. And of course there is the big thing called forbidden love. Even though Sydney didn't realize it to me it was very clear from the start, Adrian liked Sydney in a romantic way.

This book was altogether a very good one. Way better than the first book in the series. ( )
  AllAndAnyBooks | Sep 17, 2020 |
Taken from my blog YumYA Books

My Summary:

All Sydney Sage wants to do, is go to college. Be normal. But instead she's stuck in a life of undeserved loyalty and secrets. She's an alchemist - one of a group of humans who work to keep the vampire world from the humans, resulting in keeping them safe.

Sydney's current assignment is to keep princess Jill Dragomir safe from assassins who want to create a civil war at high court, at a boarding school in Palm Springs. She's praised for her loyalty and obedience, and is held as an example of a commendable Alchemist.

Sydney had always wished for such a title, believing that what she did was important, and that all vampires are bad, but as she gets to know Jill, Eddie, and most of all, Adrian, she discovers that maybe what the Alchemists say about the creatures are wrong -- that maybe vampires can be good after all.

And then a shocking discovering is made: that Sydney's blood may be a prevention to the becoming of Strigoi - the most powerful and dangerous of vampires, the ones that don't die. She knows she should let tests be done on her blood, but what if it's true? What if her blood really is special? What if it's... magical? That's exactly what Sydney's most afraid of.

But when her loyalties is tested once again, Sydney finds herself torn.

Should she follow the Alchemists... or her heart?

My thoughts:

I love this book! A little too much, I think. I've been a fan of Richelle Mead's books for-ever, but this one just proves how amazing she is. Vampire Academy series was always a bit predictable (apart from the ending in Shadow Kiss, of course - that was completely unexpected) but Bloodlines is completely new and The Golden Lily (the second book in the series) had me hooked from the very first page, as it leaps right into the story, and even though it might seem a bit slow at places, every part is crucial for the story.

We get to know Sydney more, and love her even more, in this book, which is great.
Other characters we love from Vampire Academy series are present, like Dimitri, Sonya, Angeline and the usual suspects from Bloodlines: Adrian, Eddie, Jill, and Trey.
We're introduced to Brayden, who at first seems to be Sydney's perfect match - loves intellectual chats and appreciates everything she does. Although, I got to know him the more I disliked him. He comes across full of himself, a bit of a know-it-all, and he's just plain annoying.

I love the friendship that develops between Sydney and Adrian.
Adrian is a great character. He's hilarious - he's sarcastically witty which I love.
This is an email he wrote to Sydney when he was staying with Dimitri and Sonya...

Day 24. Situation is growing worse. My captors continue to find new and horrific ways to torture me. When not working, Agent Scarlet spends her days examining fabric swatches for bridesmaid dresses and going on about how in love she is. This usually causes Agent Boring Borscht to regale us with stories of Russian weddings that are even more boring than his usual ones. My attempts at escape have been thwarted thus far. Also, I am out of cigarettes. Any assistance or tobacco products you can send will be greatly appreciated.

--Prisoner 24601

So funny. I love the reference to Les Misérables. Adrian's definitely my favourite character.
A lot of people don't like reading about Sydney as much as other characters, but I do. Unlike feisty Rose from Vampire Academy, Sydney is studious and responsible and dedicated - although not always...
Adrian and Sydney spend most of their spare time together, and even though she keeps reminding herself that she's doing it because it's part of her job, it's obvious that Sydney just wants to spend time with him, which she feels guilty about all the time.

The story was a lot more intriguing than Bloodlines, as it's really starting to take off now. Pieces are starting to connect together, and I know they will even more in the next book.
And don't hate me for saying this, but... I actually enjoy reading about Adrian a teensy bit more than I do Dimitri.

I was glued to the pages of The Golden Lily for two days straight until I finished it, and I wasn't disappointed. The cliff hanger is massive, so now I'm counting down the days until the next book, The Indigo Spell comes out. ( )
  angelgay | Jul 1, 2020 |
I love Adrian, love, love, love him. And of course as well as the ever so sexy Dimitri. Sydney however she irritates me she's too uptight, I hope in the upcoming books she starts to relax and calm down a bit. Buut I am highly intrigued with the whole Adrian and Sydney love affair. As well as the secrets of the allchemist and the now new War over and with the Hunters. ( )
  hixxup79 | Feb 23, 2020 |
To read more reviews in this series and others, check out keikii eats books!

71 points/100 (3 ¾ stars/5)

Sydney Sage has been tasked by her fellow alchemists to protect the princess Jill Dragomir from assassins. She has a problem, though. She is growing closer to the moroi and dhampir she is helping, especially Adrian. This is putting her in danger of going to "reeducation" with the alchemists, because they abhor familiarity with the vampires. Equally troublesome, she has found herself going on dates with a human, one who doesn't know anything about the secrets available in the world.

The Golden Lily is a solid addition to the Bloodlines series. It does suffer somewhat from second book syndrome. The series knows what it wants to do by the end, and the series knows how long it wants to take to get there. It just has to find something to fill in the middle with. I can't help but wonder if this would have been a better series had it been shorter, as I was rather bored until the last five minutes of the book.

The conflict of this book was the characters and their problems. Okay, that isn't exactly true. There is a major problem, but it has almost essentially no airtime, is over incredibly quickly, has no real consequence to the rest of the series except to introduce a new secret society, and I almost completely forgot about it. Otherwise the entire book is about drama related to the characters. Every major character has a part of this neverending drama cycle.

The problem in the book is almost an afterthought. This is a first person narrative series, and that leaves Sydney running around being a mother to everyone and putting out all the fires. Every single person in this, except Sydney, needs a keeper so she ends up being it. And they get into sooo much trouble. In addition to all this, Sydney also has to play scientist and help the moroi figure out why former strigoi can't become strigoi a second time.

Then there is her "boyfriend", of which no one can even remember his book. Every single time anyone talks about him, he gets a new name. Hell, even I can't remember it now. He is an absolute asshole. He is only around to make other characters realise things about themselves. I hate him. I was glad I forgot about him until I went to write this review. He is so annoying. He is exactly like Sydney, but even more clueless when it has to deal with people. Awful relationship.

To contrast, Adrian is doing everything he can to be together with Sydney. It is so obvious he likes her. It is also absolutely adorable. I ate up every moment of it. It was the best part of the book, by far. Even if it requires Adrian to lie to Sydney. I honestly cannot wait to read more of their relationship together. Adrian has always been my favourite character, he needs someone good. I'm not quite convinced Sydney is good enough for him, but that is a high bar to hit. She is growing on me, though. And, if he thinks she'll make him happy, I guueeesss I'll have to deal with her.

Though...what the hell is it with Richelle Mead and secret societies in this world? I can't even remember how many there are now. There is so many. And no one seems to care. Someone always seems to know about them, and it is just no big deal? Bah. Now there are two more. The first is a branch of the alchemist that broke off centuries ago, and are even more violent. As you can imagine, they are exactly what you think they are. No surprises, nothing new, boring. The second is witches, of which apparently Sydney is one. Only, Sydney thinks it is unnatural. So we get the whole book of Sydney complaining how she won't do magic again and everything to do with this guilt. Yawn.

While I did tend to be bored, I did enjoy parts of this book. I'm mostly just looking forward to where the series as a whole goes. This seemed just like a small step to the end. ( )
  keikii | Jan 23, 2020 |
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At a boarding school in glamorous Palm Springs, California, alchemist Sydney must protect the vampires-in-hiding from the threat of other humans, a task made harder by forbidden romances, unexpected spirit bonds, and the threat of Strigoi moving ever closer.

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