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The Obsessive Sadist

av Anonymous

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Senast inlagd avCliffordDorset

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This appears to be a ‘vanity publishing’ item, which is presumably why its title isn’t particularly commercial. In fact, the work is no more sadistic than a large fraction of the so-called Victorian or Edwardian literature that gets reprinted regularly, or indeed some of the works of Penny Birch. True, it involves non-consensual sex, which is undoubtedly rape, but in most cases the raped party is converted by his treatment into a state of mind which is essentially gratitude. It also involves the use of electricity, applied via the victim’s nipples. Its principal character is the spoilt son of a rich American. The fact that most of the travel described is by boat, including a transatlantic trip, suggests that the narrative is based in the earlier, rather than the later twentieth century.
It may be significant that he implies that several of his women had lesbian tendencies, which he appears to use as justification, at least in part, for leaving them and moving on when he gets bored with them.
The book opens with abduction of a prostitute, who is immobilized before being beaten on the buttocks with a leather strap, then treated to a combination of electric shock and anal intercourse. After this, she asks to be beaten (again). The book then flashes back to the origins of the author’s sensuality, when aged twelve, at the hands of a German governess. He observes her engaged in sexual activity with the chauffeur, and some time later his uncooperative attitude provokes her into spanking him. They make it up afterwards and she visits him that night when he’s in bed, sucking him awake until he comes. Over time, her willingness to relieve him progresses to full penetration, and their arrangement continued until it was discovered at age fourteen by his father.
He goes away to school, where he is humiliated by the Headmaster’s daughter, a cockteaser. He had to wait three years for his revenge, but when the moment arrived he drugged her, undressed her, tied her up and deflowered her. When he untied her she thanked him.
His next girlfriend actually admitted to him, at an early stage, that she liked to be treated roughly, needing a whipping or spanking to become aroused. He obliged by taking her into the country at night, and whipping her in the moonlight with a sapling before fucking her. He and a friend then started a relationship with a girl that they captured and raped on their boat. They began by playing with her erotically, and then they raped her in the vagina and anus. After a severe spanking with a slipper, she begs them to take her again in the anus, and she then becomes their regular partner, each time asking to be tied up before being fucked and buggered.
The next episode involves buggering a homosexual man, after first giving him a hot-pepper sauce enema. Then he is joined by a number of similar-minded young men who regularly picked up low class prostitutes. One of them is spanked with a ping-pong paddle before being engaged in all her apertures, and once again she is truly grateful afterwards, since they bought her some new clothes.
He goes to Europe, and in London meets up immediately with a shop girl, who moves into his apartment. Sex is high on the agenda, and soon he persuades her to let him whip her with a riding crop, until blood is drawn. He eventually leaves her and goes to France where, again, he acquires a woman as soon as he lands. He goes with her to her apartment, where he ties her up, beats her with a broad leather belt until she pisses herself. Eventually she begs him to bugger her, and he obliges. They drive together across France, with him occasionally tying her to a tree and whipping her.
After a few escapades in other countries, essentially glossed over in the narrative, he returns to the USA. Opportunities for amorous entanglements were limited to chance encounters. One of these is a girl who essentially throws herself at him, and invites him to her boat. She agrees to make love, but after she comes quickly she rejects him. He doesn’t react well to this, and slaps her, before giving her a good spanking with a rubber-soled slipper. He fucks her, and she fellates him.
He goes to work in the family business, and quickly starts interacting with the women there, taking one of his secretaries to her apartment and indulging in (straightforward) sex. Later, she declares she is pregnant to his father. They then have a brief, uneasy few hours together, when she asks to be whipped with his riding crop. However, he refuses to whip her, and calls her bluff, sacking her in front of his father. He then leaves the company abruptly to drift around the world. When his father dies and he inherits a fortune he becomes engaged to a nurse who had once helped him in his drifting. She is a virgin, and he takes his time introducing her to his preference for spanking, but eventually she is begging to be whipped. They live together, but she has problems spending an idle life. She humiliates him in public and he beats her savagely with a whip, drawing blood. He gives her electric shocks and takes her savagely.
The book ends enigmatically, suggesting that this is the author’s true story, and that he is writing it as ‘a patient’, presumably in a mental hospital. As a story it rings true in many places, and it lacks the structure expected of a novel, being more of a roughly connected narrative. It also lacks the invention, variety and repetition normally present in a fantasy, so it may well be the author’s true story. ( )
1 rösta CliffordDorset | Feb 1, 2012 |
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