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Butter av Erin Jade Lange

Butter (utgåvan 2013)

av Erin Jade Lange

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
3383658,191 (3.65)4
Unable to control his binge eating, a morbidly obese teenager nicknamed Butter decides to make live webcast of his last meal as he attempts to eat himself to death.
Författare:Erin Jade Lange
Info:Bloomsbury USA Childrens (2013), Edition: Reprint, Paperback, 320 pages
Samlingar:Nicole's Suggested Reading


Butter av Erin Jade Lange


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This is a touch one to review. Emotionally, this was uncomfortable and raw and very real. Though I am not from a rich town or know anything about living in Scottsdale, but the mean kids and cliques, and loneliness of being an outcast were relatable. As a character, Butter is a mixed bag of likable and frustrating - he's a realistic teenager. I was rooting for him even though I know that the story wouldn't have a fairy tale happy ending. I'm also glad that the author didn't take the easy way out and explored some pretty dark ideas. Excellent book, if not the happiest and easiest to read. ( )
  JustZelma | Dec 20, 2020 |
Butter is not your average overweight teen. At 432 pounds he is downright obese, too fat to even be an object of ridicule by his classmates. He is alone. Ignored. His only insight into the life he wants is through his internet crush, Anna, a girl from his school who knows him only as J.P. Behind the shield of the internet, Butter knows he can never reveal his true identity. Feeling hopeless, he posts a message on the internet saying that he will eat himself to death live on the internet on New Year’s Eve. Once his classmates realize the person behind the message, Butter’s life changes. He’s suddenly hanging with the popular crowd. He knows that his popularity isn’t genuine, and his so called “friends” are only hoping to get information about the big event, but for the first time in his life he feels accepted.

As the day of the big event draws near, Butter begins to regret his decision, but he has backed himself into a corner and he can’t let his friends down, even if that means killing himself. A YALSA Teens Top Ten of 2012, Butter is a story that lays open the day to day thoughts of the unpopular kid. Lange addresses the problem of teenage obesity in a well-crafted novel that doesn’t force an opinion on the reader, but uses the plot to guide the reader toward self-reflection. More than a book about obesity, Butter delves into themes of self-image, peer pressure, social media, teen suicide, bullying and dysfunctional families. Since these issues are central components of the teen years and Lange lays them out in such a sensational way, teen readers are likely to be eager to read Butter. Readers will have to get past the unappealing cover which shows simply a stick of butter and does little to convey the thought-provoking story that lies behind it.

Although Lange has created a compelling story, its abrupt and all-too-perfect ending falls short of reality. Readers will not be fooled by Lange’s lack of experience in effectively concluding a highly charged topic. Appropriate for readers age 13 and up. ( )
  valorrmac | May 15, 2018 |
Marshall is a shy, sensitive teen who plays the saxophone and lusts after Anna. He also happens to be morbidly obese. As the online persona, Saxman, he communicates with and builds a relationship with Anna. Meanwhile, the"real" Marshall posts online as Butter (so-called for his ability to play his sax as smooth as... , or because of the rumor that he once ate an entire pound of butter?) He plans a big reveal for Anna on New Year's Eve -- well after his plan to eat himself to death ...online! His blog, Butter's Last Meal, encourages morbid postings on what that final repast should entail. The two story lines build to a crescendo and a deus-ex-machina conclusion (Butter goes into a diabetic coma before the deed, er, meal is done). Adult characters are generally positive... mom is well-meaning but an enabler; his teacher, "the prof" encourages Butter to pursue music. The ending, while trite, does manage to convey a positive message after all the negativity. This reader found the tone and language of the book discordant at times. Swear words were casually strewn and seemed out of character for a "nice" boy like Marshall. The adults seemed a bit off and the ending too pat. Nonetheless, this book is proving to be very popular with the high schoolers I know and presents an intriguing concept. ( )
  mjspear | Nov 15, 2016 |
Another assigned read for YA Lit. At this rate this class is going to do little but affirm my opinion about YA Lit - that I don't like it. This book was akin to watching an after school special or a sitcom with a really bad laugh track. Again too much schmaltz! Cursing thrown in at odd times for shock value I guess? The writing is so inorganic it is painful. On the upside,they are really fast reads so the torture only lasts a short time. Next... ( )
  Maureen_McCombs | Aug 19, 2016 |
Well done story dealing with a serious issue of obesity and bullying. It had a very satisfying outcome with the MC coming to terms with himself and deciding to live life for himself rather than the approval of others. ( )
  Jen.ODriscoll.Lemon | Jan 23, 2016 |
Visa 1-5 av 36 (nästa | visa alla)
Butter is an inside portrait of the effects of bullying, with a sensitive and intelligent boy as a narrator. That Butter—and how he got that nickname will break your heart—isn’t particularly honest, with himself or others, carries the story forward as well. It helps, though, that he’s honest with the readers. The teens in this book are almost all privileged white kids, but that doesn’t lessen the impact that this story has—although it does offer some solutions that are not as easily available for less-well-off children, such as top-notch medical care and therapeutic environments.

That aside, though, Butter is a boy to love. He doesn’t want to be isolated and bullied, and he’s willing to pay any price to stop being the butt of the joke.
tillagd av KelMunger | ändraLit/Rant, Kel Munger (Jul 29, 2013)
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Unable to control his binge eating, a morbidly obese teenager nicknamed Butter decides to make live webcast of his last meal as he attempts to eat himself to death.

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