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Iced: Fever Series Book 6 av Karen Marie…

Iced: Fever Series Book 6 (urspr publ 2012; utgåvan 2012)

av Karen Marie Moning (Författare)

Serier: Dani O'Malley (1), Fever (6)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
9417317,397 (3.77)28
Dani O'Malley uses her rare talents and the powerful Sword of Light to survive Dark Fae attacks in Dublin, where she is also challenged by a murderous former friend and a police force head who covets her sword.
Titel:Iced: Fever Series Book 6
Författare:Karen Marie Moning (Författare)
Info:Delacorte Press (2012), Edition: 1st, 512 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Iced av Karen Marie Moning (Author) (2012)


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2.5 stars.

Thank God, it's over!
I didn't have great expectations for this book, but it really disappointed me.

Ok, let's try writing a valid review.
The plot would be nice and enjoyable if not overshadowed by the characters and their relationship.
The book is set in Dublin, of course, and it occurs that some spots of the city are deadly frozen and our characters want to investigate the cause, the "modus operandi", the criteria and why.
I'd say: "great! what a good idea to come back to Dublin!", but here are the problems.


1. Dani: a 14-year-old girl whose speaking consists of repeated "dude", "feck/fecking", "i am the Mega/the superhero". I CAN'T stand her. I tried, she improved a little bit, but eventually I managed I don't stand her.
2. Ryodan: if he is more faster than Dani, more experienced than her, is everything more than her, WHY did he hire her for the investigation? The author seems not give a valid explanation for this. And why did he take also Jo under a fake contract? Just to have a beautiful waitress in his club and have sex with her -just with a nod-?
3. Three adult men that clearly have a kind of love interest in Dani! Ryodan, Christian and Dancer
WTF is this S**T?
I wanted to know about the investigation, about hidden information, not a "love-square" T.T
4. NOT contextualized sex scenes, such as the ones between Ryo and Jo, just to put sex however. It's not for me. Now I understand all those romance chicks who only care of Dani's HEA. I don't care. SHE IS 14, HELLOOOO!
5. The chapters from Kat's POV and the fact that in order to repay one of Ryodan's favors, he hires Kat's boyfriend as a waiter (he has to work almost naked!!! Whaaaat?!). What kind of repayment is that?
And why do we have to read so many boring chapters about Kat (casual sex is in it, of course!). Once we are told that Cruce tries corrupting her over and over, there's nothing more to say.

I just hope that Burned will be better, because for now I lost my interest in reading it.
( )
  Sara_Lucario | Oct 19, 2021 |
It's a great continuation of the Fever series with over-the-top Dani as the heroine of this story. All edge-of-your-seat action and intriguing characters. However, it did bother me to read about the erections and other sexual stuff that older guys had for this 14-year-old. I don't think Moning thought about that when she added Dani to the Fever books. So, this in not a young adult story, but Dani would certainly hold her place proudly in the legion of spunky, bad-ass heroines that have come along in the last few years in the YA market. ( )
  MariaGreene | Jun 30, 2021 |
  5083mitzi | Mar 13, 2021 |
UGH....I want to give it more than 3 stars for it had what we've all come to expect. Evil faeries, Unseelie Princes, a cast of assorted weird things, good guys, the girls at the abbey, Ryodan and his boys BUT....and it pains me to put her in this light since with Mac I thought she was going to be another good one I could root for Dani "Mega" O'Malley but most of this book I cringed when she was involved.

I get it, she's only 14 cut her some slack. Yes, but when everyone around her is offering advice and telling her to grow up a bit one would think it might get through that huge ass ego of hers. I know it's probably going to turn out to be some mechanism so that she can get through her life and troubles. It sucks her mom kept her in a cage and what not but damn....enough already. I don't care how awesome she thinks she is. I don't care if she wants to think she's some sort of superhero. Or should I say after the first half a dozen times she related this I stopped caring.

And this could have been so much better considering Ryodan has decided that he needs to keep an eye on Dani. That she will be working for him and helping him solve the mystery of all the freezing going on around Dublin. Freezing as in....people and things turned into popsicles and after a time, they just explode. That's it nothing more.

We get more insight on Christian McKeltar and his transforming into an UnSeelie Prince. And what is this, could he be falling in love with the promise of the woman Dani might grow up to be? (Sounds a little weird to me too). Dani's buddy (who also has a thing for her) Dancer is one smart kid. I know there is more to him than we are being told right now and I can't wait to find out just what his whole story is.

Do I miss Mac and Barrons...yes, a bit. When heard they weren't figuring greatly in this book I thought, cool we can learn more about his guys and their ways. What's going on with Kat and the survivors at the abbey. But Dani annoyed the hell out of me from the start so I just didn't enjoy this as much as I hoped to. I honestly considered skimming it and just not even finishing it but since I don't know if it impacts the rest of the books that follow I don't want to risk missing something.

Now time to get a snack, a cold drink and get ready to start the next book. ....in a day or two when my disappointment has dwindled a bit. ( )
  ChachaJ | Feb 1, 2021 |
For most of the book this was a 2 star read. I felt the same about Darkfever when I first read it. I hated Mac. I wanted her to die, immediately, bloodily, and possibly get resuscitated just long enough to die again. Remember Dani from the Fever series? Well she's just as annoying now. Rather than getting to deal with her in snippets, you get full blown Dani, with a drop or two of Christian throw in. It was Darkfever all over again. Dani is Mac - so irritating you want to kill her. Ryodan is Barron - dark, sexy, clearly capable of eating (nearly) all that's evil and dark and using the remains to pick out his teeth. Christian is Vlane - only not so good at hiding the sex fairy-demon thing.

The problem here is that Dani is 14. Mac might have been immature in Darkfever, but she was at least an adult. While in Darkfever there were times I wanted to scream at Mac to run from these creepy dudes, at least she was an adult in a fucked up adult world. Too bad Dani is a kid, who has never once had any adult just take care of her because they loved her with no alternative motive. Oh, except Mac who she refuses to have anything to do with for reasons we already know.

If you're reading my little blurb here I'm assuming you get the spoiler that lots of boys just lurv Dani in this book. I finally came to terms with the pedophile vibe for 2 reasons.

#1: Christian. I think we are supposed to be creeped out by Christian and not accept peacefully the fact that he is lusting after pretty, young Dani. He is losing himself into the Sex Fairy Princes. The Christian we first met might have been capable of loving Dani like a sister. He's being eaten away by what he's become. We're not getting him back. The most positive, powerful emotion he can feel toward a woman is lust. Other fun fact - that's also pretty much the only emotion he can feel towards a woman now. He's fixated on Dani now, so she's stuck with his Lust-power creepiness. I don't think KMM is dumb enough to think we should find this to be a sexy love triangle. Rather, here lies poor Christian buried in this creature and because everyone still thinks of him as a Highlander, no one's gone and ripped his head off yet. Personally I hope Dani's the one that ends the creature he's become. Preferably soon.
#2: Ryodan. He's a "whatever-the-heck-we-decided-Barron-is". He's lived how many millenia? Once upon a time 14 year old Dani would have been just right for marrying. In fact, not so long ago and even in some parts of the world she's considered a full grown woman. Yes, we're all lucky enough to be first-world readers and we believe a 14 year old deserves to be a child a while longer. Agreed. Ryodan's following those rules but it could be considered that he's doing it to humor the world because he knows he can't put his mitts on what he covets yet. I don't like it but I will let it ride from now as long as he keeps his grubby . What I also consider is that it plays into Ryodan's plan to covet and seem to lust after Dani because she is incredibly useful and powerful and it makes Christian insane. It is not awesome. It has pedobear all over it. If pedophilia is a trigger for you DO NOT TOUCH THIS BOOK.

I won't go over the rest of the book. It runs down the same lines as the Fever series. I think if you could stomach Fever, and hated Mac just like I did and found yourself sucked in anyway, you can get through this, read it, and possibly even enjoy it too.

The pluses I will give you:

#3 Boy #3 is at least semi age appropriate for Dani and I don't think his secret persona is evil.
#4 Dani proves she can talk like a normal individual, so there is promise that the drivel that is Dani's point of view is really just a mask the damaged young girl is hiding behind and as she matures and heals she will become more bearable, ala Mac.

This is why, rolling into the last chapters, I finally remembered why I liked the Fever series and was glad I stuck it out. So, in the end I gave it a 4 star. I'm looking forward to Burned. We'll see if it's worth my excitement. ( )
  lclclauren | Sep 12, 2020 |
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Dani O'Malley uses her rare talents and the powerful Sword of Light to survive Dark Fae attacks in Dublin, where she is also challenged by a murderous former friend and a police force head who covets her sword.

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