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The Lion and the Mouse av Aesop

The Lion and the Mouse (utgåvan 2007)

av Aesop (Författare), Bernadette Watts (Adapter)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
240984,812 (4.26)5
A tiny mouse helps a mighty lion, who had once showed him mercy, escape from a trap.
Titel:The Lion and the Mouse
Författare:Aesop (Författare)
Andra författare:Bernadette Watts (Adapter)
Info:North-South Books (2007), Edition: Reprint, 32 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek
Taggar:fable, animals, k-3, fiction, friendship, humility, picture book


The Lion and the Mouse av Bernadette Watts


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This book is about a young lion cub who takes a nap on a hot day after playing to cool down and rest. While the lion cub is napping, a mouse crosses his paw and wakes him up. The mouse quickly apologizes to the lion cub, in fear. The lion cub tells the mouse that he won't hurt him so the mouse thanks the lion cub and tells him that he will repay his kindness one day, so if the lion cub ever needs help, the mouse will help however possible. The lion cub laughed because the lion is much bigger than the mouse. Why would a strong and big lion need help from a small mouse? Years later, the lion cub grew into the biggest and strongest lion making him the king. One day when the lion went to his normal resting spot, he fell into a trap. None of the animals could help him. The next morning the mouse appeared and offered to fulfill the promise he made to the lion years ago by helping him out of the trap. The lion doubted the mouse. If nobody else could help him, the mouse surely couldn't either. Then the mouse started to nibble at the net eventually chewing a hole into the net to free the lion. The lion thanked the mouse and vowed to never doubt someone based on size and strength and promised to always protect the mouse.

I remember a different version of this story from when I was a child. From time to time, I'll recall this book and the message that stuck with me since I was young. It's definitely a must-read for students because it provides such a heartfelt message at the end. ( )
  m.curtis | Feb 5, 2020 |
When a mouse accidentally runs across a sleeping lions paw, the lion wakes with a roar but sets the harmless mouse free. Out of gratitude, the mouse promises to always be there to help if the lion needs anything. The lion laughs believing he could never need help from a mouse, until one day he does. I love the message this book offers to readers. We should never laugh or belittle someone "smaller" or "weaker" than ourselves. ( )
  D.Callais | Mar 18, 2019 |
The Lion and the Mouse
Bryan O’Keeffe

I remembered reading this book as a child and I remember the book a little bit differently. In this version of the book the Mouse helps the Lion escape from a hunter’s net. I remember the Mouse helping take out a splinter in the Lion’s paw. Regardless of the differences in the stories, I did enjoy reading this book. The writing of this book was very easy but done really well. The flow of the book was nice and went along with the pace too, I was able to breeze through this book very quickly but was still able to understand the story.
My one complaint about this book would be the illustrations. They do go with the story itself but the drawings are done very poorly and I feel do not go well with the written text. In my opinion slightly more complicated illustrations could have enhanced the story just a little bit more. The illustrations seem like a first grader made them and just take away from the story a little bit. I did like how the story was in the third person view as told by a narrator. For a children’s story the third person view always seems to be the best.
The story was eventful but I feel even when the plot had suspense and conflict, they were not stressed on enough to make the reader feel as if the Lion was struggling with conflict. Which also had to do with the fact that the characters were not made believable and were not well developed at all. You were thrown into the story without any background information or much character development. The one thing that was apparent at the end of the story was its message; “You never know when you will need the help of someone like me.” ( )
  bokeef2 | Sep 22, 2014 |
Everyone needs to hear an Aesop fable now and then. This one is very nicely done. ( )
  mosbor | Sep 12, 2014 |
This tale shows the relationship between a lion and a mouse and teaches a lesson to the reader. The mouse by accidentally wakes the lion. The lion lets the mouse go and in return when the lion gets trapped by a netting the mouse returns to save him. The mouse proves his size doesn't matter and he can indeed save the big lion. Giving and getting is a lesson to be learned.
  Danielle_Rumsky | Dec 12, 2012 |
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The lion was free! He stood before the mouse and bowed his head. "Thank you, little mouse," he said. "I will never again laugh at someone weaker or smaller than myself. To repay your kindness, I promise I will always protect you."
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A tiny mouse helps a mighty lion, who had once showed him mercy, escape from a trap.

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