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The Hope Factory

av Lavanya Sankaran

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9519287,380 (3.77)17
Anand, the proud owner of a small factory, finds his future uncertain when it collides with urban forces out of his control and a woman named Kamala who is determined to make a better life for her son.
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    The Space Between Us av Thrity Umrigar (ashmolean1)
    ashmolean1: These both compare and contrast the lives of the employer and employee in India in well written highly readable styles.

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This is an interesting novel about two Indian families tied together through circumstance. It took me a while but once I had read about 100 pages, I was hooked.
Good read. ( )
  SusanGeiss | Mar 24, 2019 |
The Hope Factory chronicles the lives of Anand, a wealthy factory owner and Kamala, a poor maid who works in Anand’s household. The difference between the classes in Bangalore is striking. Kamala lives in a one room building without electricity or running water. She thinks that the fact that American housekeepers live in multiple room houses and even have cars is a myth. She desperately wants her son Narayan to stay in school and off the streets so he can have a better life than her.

I love books about India and Indian culture. This book was a reality check about the wide income disparity and heartbreaking poverty that exists in the country. The lives of both main characters were not romanticized. The characters had depth and even though they all had flaws I was able to empathize with most of them. The situations they were in had my stomach in knots – especially Anand trying to get more land to expand his factory. It’s a sign of great writing when it evokes such an emotional response in me. Even if you’re not as intrigued by all things Indian like me I think you will enjoy this book. ( )
  mcelhra | Jun 18, 2015 |
Eine exemplarische Geschichte aus dem modernen Indien: In
der aufstrebenden Metropole Bangalore erhält der
erfolgreiche Unternehmer Anand aus Japan den Zuschlag für
ein großes Geschäft, was ihn zwingt, eine größere Fläche
Land zu erwerben. Auf der anderen Seite Kamala, seine
langjährige Haushaltshilfe, die sich seit dem Tod ihres
Mannes alleine durchs Leben kämpft und sich um die schulische Zukunft ihres Sohnes sorgt. Während Anand in
eine Ehekrise schlittert, sieht sich Kamala zusehends
hilflos ihrer tyrannischen Hausherrin, Anands Frau, und
dubiosen Geldgebern ausgesetzt. Beide versuchen auf ihre
Art, die Gefahren ihrer Träume abzuwenden. Ohne die
gesellschaftskritische Schärfe eines Aravind Adigas ("Der
weiße Tiger", BA 9/08), entwirft Sankaran stilistisch
elegant und mit viel Sympathie für ihre Figuren 2
gegensätzliche und dennoch typische Lebensentwürfe, die die
Hoffnung nach Wohlstand und Glück eint. Ihre an Vikram Seth
erinnernde Liebe zum Detail verleiht ihren Charakteren
Tiefe, der sehr behutsame Aufbau bremst jedoch gelegentlich
das Erzähltempo. Empfohlen für alle Belletristik-Bestände. ( )
  Cornelia16 | Oct 27, 2014 |
I received this book for free as a Goodreads First Reads giveaway. I've been losing pace in my reading, so unfortunately I'm just finishing it.

I say "unfortunately," because this is a lovely book. It took me about 100 pages to really learn all the characters and feel connected, but I have flown through the last half. I just couldn't put it down. I wish I'd opened it up the day I got it.

The Hope Factory is the first novel by Lavanya Sankaran. She has published a work of short stores, along with pieces for many American and international publications. In reflecting, it seems this book even passes the Bechdel Test, though I should take more notes and drink less wine when I read so I could give examples.

It is set in Bangalore, India, and it follows several characters facing the obstacles of daily life and the occasional life crises that fewer of us face. Once the tension picked up after the characters were developed and their relationships established, I found myself racing through the pages, praying for a happy ending. (It's called The Hope Factory! It has to end well!) It's truly a remarkable first novel, and I would recommend it. I'm looking forward to Sankaran's next release already! ( )
  sarahlizfits | Jun 23, 2013 |
This book describes two very different lives in a parallel existence. A servant, extremely poor, single, with a child to care for: and a young, successful factory owner who outwardly has a perfect life, with a lovely wife, home and children. Under this picture, is a woman who has the will but not the means or education to rise above her lowly station, and a man with an empty marriage, an attraction to another woman and a large sense of right and wrong which makes operating in a corruption-filled political and business environment extremely difficult. Add to this a overbearing in-law and an uncontrolled temper and you have an interesting story. Although I felt many of these issues were not well resolved at the end of the somewhat overly long book, it still was a good book. ( )
  bibliophileofalls | Jun 16, 2013 |
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Anand, the proud owner of a small factory, finds his future uncertain when it collides with urban forces out of his control and a woman named Kamala who is determined to make a better life for her son.

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