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Worth The Chance av Vi Keeland

Worth The Chance (utgåvan 2014)

av Vi Keeland (Författare)

Serier: MMA Fighter (2)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner
584363,244 (4.03)Ingen/inga
Liv Michaels is almost there. She's smart, determined and weeks away from landing the job she's dreamed about for years. Time healed old wounds, even her broken heart from the devastation of being crushed by her first love, Vince Stone. When fate brings Vince and Liv back together again, there's no denying the chemistry is still there. But can Vince erase the old scars their past left behind? Or will Liv hurt him instead?… (mer)
Titel:Worth The Chance
Författare:Vi Keeland (Författare)
Info:CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (2014), 300 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Worth the Chance av Vi Keeland


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Visar 4 av 4

I really like Vi Keeland's books - great dirty little escapes from real life. But I started with later books and came to this series (her first) expecting the same brisk pacing and fun dialogue I saw in latter books. I was disappointed. The first book in the series drew a 3-star from me despite liking the characters because the writing was just so clunky. As I read this book I expected my review would be the same. Vince and Liv are characters with lots of potential (Vince might be a little more caveman than I would like, but I know people like that sort of thing), and there is a good story buried in here but the pacing sucked. There is a central story here - to avoid spoilers I will just say that Liv is a reporter and she is secretly working on a story that could adversely impact Vinny -- and it is mentioned and then it disappears for like 100 pages and then comes back up and ends up being a primary driver of the narrative. The writing is just bad. Also there is some very purple prose and some very wooden characters (Summer and the editor Live woks under are REEEdiculous.) Even with all of that I might have still rounded this up to a 3 except Liv's actions at the end really pissed me off. [Vince runs to her at the airport to sweep her off her feet as she is getting on a plane to go to a job she has accepted in NYC. Then she leaves with him, just blows off the job and leaves even though she has made clear that if she did not get a job at the paper where she was interning there was nothing really for her in Chicago. Really? No struggle, no thought, no discussion of Vince moving to NY. She just ditches the job (that she has taken and let others be rejected for) and screwed her career that she has been studying and working toward for years. Yeah. No. Not even in romance.]

I listened to the audio, and the female reader was terrible. She cannot act to save her life. She would say things like "he licked her nipple" in exactly the same tone and cadence as "he ordered bacon with his pancakes.") I think I listened to another book with the same reader and hated her there too but can't recall what book it was. Anyway, avoid the audio if you chose to pick up this book. ( )
  Narshkite | Oct 29, 2020 |
Vince 'The Invincible' Stone! I liked Vinny in the first book, Worth the Fight, and loved reading his story here. I love how the story moved, how they learned to put each other first at the end. This is a fun read, and once I hit the half way point, I couldn't out it down! ( )
  Shadow494 | Jun 20, 2016 |
5 Worth The Chance Stars!!!!!

Vince-Vinny “The Invincible” Stone is an up and coming MMA fighter and ladies man. We first met Vinny when he was a teenager and was taken under the wings of both Nico and Elle. He has been training with Nico since he was a teenager. He is working on training for his upcoming fight for the title. He has never forgotten about his high school tutor Olivia (Liv) Michaels.

7 Years ago Liv was in High School with Vinny. She became his tutor and feelings started to develop between the two. That is until one day Vince was just gone. Now 7 years later Vince and Liv come face to face again for the first time.

“I want you, Liv. I wanted you seven years ago. Want you even more now. So much that I can’t think about anything else. Need you.”

Liv wants to be a writer and is currently doing her intern ship at the Daily Sun Times which is also her dream place to work. In order to get the job she must write a story. Easy enough she thinks until she finds out that the story she has to get is about an MMA fighter who also happens to be the same guy she had a major crush on in high school where she tutored him.

Vince and Liv come face to face while she is attending one of his self defense class' at the gym, from there things change for Vince and Liv.

“I lean my head into his chest, still feeling conflicted, although the close proximity tips the scale slightly on the side of seeing this beautiful man naked."

I will say Vince will take not take no for an answer. He intends to right the wrong he did with Liv all those years ago.

“Trust me about one thing, Liv…whatever is going on between us, it’s going to happen. You can make it as difficult as you want, but we, Liv, are going to happen. Neither one of us can stop it.”

There are secrets revealed, people that want to hurt both Vinny and Liv. There are some ups and downs. It is not going to be an easy road for these two and I would expect no less from Vi. She does an amazing job of bringing us one hell of a story. This Series If you have not read it yet, I suggest you put it on your TBR list and get to it soon. You will not be disappointed.

I can not wait to see what Vi brings us with Jax's story.

Just got my ARC I am so flipping excited !!!!!!!

  Chris.BlogEmporium | May 6, 2014 |
Worth the Chance by Vi Keeland
(Book #2: MMA Fighter Series) or HEA Standalone
Source: ARC from author
My Rating: 5/5 stars
My Review:

Liv Michaels is driven and there is nothing, come Hell or high water that is going to keep her from achieving her goals. Liv is not a good writer, she is an excellent writer and with her degree and current internship, she is sure to land her dream job. All she has to do is keep her head down, outshine Little Miss Kiss Ass and nail her research and writing over the next several weeks. Consider it, done!
Vince Stone is determined and there is nothing, OK, maybe there are a few things that can distract him from his goal. For example, on more than a bajillion occasions a nice rack and ass have distracted him, alcohol and for a brief amount of time drugs have proven more than up to the challenge of distracting Vince and, worst of all is his addict mother. Though Vince is in beautiful shape and trains relentlessly, he knows the distractions are hindering his progress and could very well keep him from becoming a title holder in his weight class – after all, MMA is not a very forgiving sport.

Both Liv and Vince, though in very different arenas have their work cut out for them. Imagine their immense surprise and utter shock when their two very different worlds collide. Though it isn’t the assignment she had hoped for, Liv is determined her profile of the MMA fighter will secure her new job. Armed with a load of confidence and questions, Liv heads to the gym to meet her interviewee. In one single instant, everything in Liv’s world turns upside down when she realizes her profile is meant to be about the man who devastated her seven years ago and left her heartbroken and alone. In a moment of pure panic, Liv turns and runs hoping beyond on reason that Vince did not recognize her.

In a moment of pure panic and followed instantly by pure delight, Vince not only recognizes Liv but feels everything in his world shift into place. For the first time in seven years, Vince feels clear, committed, and absolutely determined to get back into Liv’s good graces. With no time to waste, Vince launches his assault on Liv and discovers that she is even more irresistible than she was back in high school. For Liv, Vince being back in her life is both exciting and overwhelming: she longs to be back in his arms but the risk of becoming involved is so very great and she isn’t sure her heart can take another blow.

Once Liv and Vince become entwined in one another’s lives, the drama and sexual intensity escalate quickly. One of Vince’s greatest distractions, his mother is in trouble yet again and this time it is big and ugly. For Liv, the excitement of Vince and his world is quickly overshadowed by her rat-bastard editor who has informed her of a nasty little bit of history that threatens to tear apart her life, Vince’s, his mother’s and, one seemingly spotless politician. By the time all is said and done, Liv is having the best sex of her life, Vince is convinced Liv is the one, there’s a career on the line for both Liv and Vince and a relationship that is seemingly doomed to fail, yet again.

The Bottom Line: I didn’t think it was possible to like a book so much but I am slutty in love with this developing series. Far and away, Vince is my favorite character: he is gorgeous, slightly damaged and so very in love with Liv. His background is dark but Liv is his light and he fights to keep her by his side. Even when he behaves badly, Vince is still committed to Liv. A further bit of awesome for me in this read was the appearance of Nico and Elle from book one, Worth the Fight. Nico is as grumpy as ever as Vince’s coach and Elle is as funny and calming as she ever has been. Though you don’t have to have read book one to appreciate book two, the knowledge from book one makes the appearance of Nico and Elle and the evolution in their story all the more special. As I have now come to expect from Vi Keeland, the plot is twisty and fun, the naughty bits are steamy (did I mention Vince is a master dirty talker?) and, the writing is smooth and easy and will take the reader from cover to cover in no time flat! ( )
  arthistorychick | Mar 2, 2014 |
Visar 4 av 4
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Liv Michaels is almost there. She's smart, determined and weeks away from landing the job she's dreamed about for years. Time healed old wounds, even her broken heart from the devastation of being crushed by her first love, Vince Stone. When fate brings Vince and Liv back together again, there's no denying the chemistry is still there. But can Vince erase the old scars their past left behind? Or will Liv hurt him instead?

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