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The Headmaster's Wife av Thomas…

The Headmaster's Wife (urspr publ 2015; utgåvan 2015)

av Thomas Christopher Greene (Författare)

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3442758,320 (3.74)10
Found wandering naked and mentally traumatized in Central Park, the headmaster of an elite boarding school imparts a story that is shaped by complicated memories, the evolution of a loving relationship, and a tragedy he cannot comprehend.
Titel:The Headmaster's Wife
Författare:Thomas Christopher Greene (Författare)
Info:Picador (2015), Edition: Reprint, 288 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


The Headmaster's Wife av Thomas Christopher Greene (2015)


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The Headmaster’s Wife. Thomas Christopher Greene. 2014. This book received lots of good reviews. I enjoyed it—for me it’s a no brainer as it took place in a boarding school—but I was somewhat disappointed as I do not think it was a good as the reviewers did. The headmaster of an exclusive New England boarding school is found naked, wandering around Central Park. His story is told in flashbacks as the talks to the police who arrested him. We see approaching disaster from the beginning. Half way through the narrator changes and we see an entirely different version of the events leading up to his arrest. There are some pithy good comments on marriage and parenthood. I read it in less than 24 hours so it kept my interest! ( )
  judithrs | Jan 31, 2019 |
A bit complicated but worth the effort it takes to unravel the story.
I enjoyed the prep school atmosphere, and the wonderfully true depiction of Vermont through the seasons.
The tale opens with the headmaster walking nude through Central Park—in midwinter. Then we backtrack to the events that led him to this sad situation. The first part tells his story, and the second part tells his wife’s view of the same events.
There’s a sort of mystery or hidden secret here, but the experienced reader will be able to figure that out with no problem. The language, and the exploration of how events impact people differently make up the core of this story.
I found the ending weak. I think, though, that readers will find that a matter of personal preference. Some may think it ended appropriately and well.
I liked this one enough to want to read more by the author. ( )
  bohemima | Aug 5, 2018 |
What grief can do Arthur Winthrop is the headmaster of a school in Vermont. He and his wife Elizabeth are dealing with grief that is not explained until later in the book. Arthur is found in Central Park, naked. He explains to the NYPD that he had an affair with a student, became jealous when she began to see a fellow student, framed the rival for breaking a school rule and killed the object of his affections. Doesn't exactly sound like a great protagonist, does it?
Except that's not quite it to the story. As the book moves along we see that Arthur's tale to the NYPD doesn't exactly fit the actual history of events, and without giving too much away we see how much his mental condition has affected his memory and ability to reconstruct his tale. I have to say that I somewhat suspected there would be a twist early on, but I wasn't sure and Greene's writing helped me forget as I tried to untangle Arthur's story.
It was an interesting book to read--although I sometimes have trouble following unlikeable protagonists (Arthur looks a little better as the story goes on, but he's still shady), Greene's work kept me interested and kept me going. In retrospect at the end of the book it was a little sad to see how undone Arthur was by his grief.
However, that brings me to another point: this book is very much about the headmaster as it is about his wife. And yet while Arthur gets his (just? I don't know) desserts and an uncertain ending, the other characters in this tale get a much more closed and happier one. I'm not sure if the author felt this was justice for Arthur or if he didn't know how to end his book or felt he had accomplished telling Arthur's part of the story and so it was easier to "hand wave" him off, so to speak.
Overall I enjoyed it. A quick read that I borrowed from the library, but might not be a bad purchase to read while commuting or on an airplane ride. ( )
  HoldMyBook | Feb 11, 2018 |
3.5 - went to the 4th star because the quality of the writing can stand alone- the story itself is a bit ambiguous but this was still a very good book and I enjoyed the read. ( )
  Maureen_McCombs | Aug 19, 2016 |
I hated this book. The concept was good, but not well developed at all. I found it to be watered down and borderline sappy. It felt like a book that someone wrote over the weekend using a formula they bought from a late night book writing infomercial. ( )
  ChrisWay | Jun 30, 2016 |
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Found wandering naked and mentally traumatized in Central Park, the headmaster of an elite boarding school imparts a story that is shaped by complicated memories, the evolution of a loving relationship, and a tragedy he cannot comprehend.

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