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I Totally Funniest: A Middle School Story (I…

I Totally Funniest: A Middle School Story (I Funny, 3) (utgåvan 2015)

av James Patterson (Författare)

Serier: I Funny (3)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner
414447,896 (3.32)Ingen/inga
As the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic finals near, Jamie faces a whirlwind of attention at school and in the media and the fame starts to go to his head, but in Hollywood with Uncle Frankie, some of his fellow comedians quickly show him what competition and pressure are all about.
Titel:I Totally Funniest: A Middle School Story (I Funny, 3)
Författare:James Patterson (Författare)
Info:Jimmy Patterson (2015), Edition: Gift Book, 336 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


I Totally Funniest: A Middle School Story (I Funny) av James Patterson


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Everyone knows the kid is funny. He's proven he can be even funnier. But is Jamie Grimm really, totally the funniest kid in the world?

- From the back of the book

After the car accident that killed Jamie's parents and sister and left him in a wheelchair, Jamie spent time in a rehab center. The staff there encouraged him to read joke books and watch videos of comedians. They said laughter is the best medicine. Because of this, Jamie has become a comedian. He loves telling jokes. Despite the fairly grim past, this book is not sad. It is not about his parents being dead. It happened a while ago and Jamie is a strong kid. He thinks about his sister and parents but it is not the main focus of the story. The trilogy is about Jamie in school and competing in various contests to try to prove he is the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic.

I read all three of these books with my son (I Funny, I Even Funnier and I Totally Funniest). They are quick reads with short chapters. The main character, Jamie is very funny and likable. He goes through various difficulties of being in middle school including being bullied, navigating friendships and liking girls. In this book he is faced with the extra pressure of being a finalist in the contest and trying to deal with the fame that comes with it. It's a lot of pressure for a middle school kid and he has difficulties. Jamie's journey and resilience are inspiring.

My son (11) and I both really enjoyed all of the books and though the ending is predictable, the journey is still fun. I think Middle School kids will find this a fun, easy read. The entire series is a good choice to try for reluctant readers.

Recommended to:
Grades 4 through 8. Anyone who likes funny stories or stories about middle school. Reluctant readers. ( )
  Jadedog13 | Feb 3, 2016 |
This book is about how Jamie Grimm becomes the funniest kid on the planet and how he was two days away and wasn’t prepared for the Planet’s Funniest Kid Comic Contest. He also lives with his Uncle because his parents are dead and works at his diner. All of a sudden the contest was pushed back for two more weeks and Jamie has more time to prepare now. Two weeks later Jamie is now in L.A. getting prepared to perform when he finds out that in his hometown there has been a huge storm that wiped out everything in its path. Jamie is devastated and all of his friends are there and now have to live in a shelter because everything is destroyed. After the first night of competition Jamie goes back and sees that everything is destroyed. His Uncle’s diner is destroyed. Everyone has to live in a shelter in the High School Gym. After that him and his Uncle go back to L.A. and go on to win the Planet’s Funniest Kid comic Contest.

I think that this book is a great book for kids who are entering a contest because it teaches them to stick with it and keeping trying your hardest.It also teaches you do what you do best. This book also was funny and can be read to little kids too. Jamie Grimm is also in a wheelchair and shows kids that are handicap that they are normal. Just like kids who aren't in a wheelchair. Also how you can achieve your dreams.
  EliR.B4 | Jan 22, 2016 |
A good continuation to a good series. This one is pretty good for younger kids (8-10) and helps to teach a little humility. ( )
  biggs1399 | Jan 19, 2016 |
Summary:The book starts out after Jamie, the main character has won the Semifinals for the Planets Funniest Kid Comic; a contest that pits young comedians against each other for the grand prize winner. Jamie has so far made it to the final eight competitors in the competition. Since he has become a worldwide celebrity, he has abandoned his old friends and joined all the popular kids. Once he gets to the semifinals, he realizes that the other kids are treating this contest like a blood sport. After a hurricane hits his hometown of Long Beach however, he realizes the error of his ways and goes back to his friends. The Semifinals in Hollywood are postponed and after lots of preparing, he wins and makes it to the finals. There his friend Judy, who is a teenage celebrity, tries to bribe people in to voting for her.
She fails however, and only two people remain. Once there, he wins by so much it is practically unbelievable. His step-parents put half of his million dollar winnings into his college savings account and the rest of the money goes to the hospital where he lived after being in the car crash that killed his entire family.

The series in general was written very well. The main character was quite relate-able and at the beginning believable. But in the majority of this book all this new found fame seemed to get the better of him and make him a complete jerk. After that I really didn't care what happened to him. Also, the ending seemed way to good to be true and, frankly, after what he did to his friends (Who by the way supported him all through the trilogy) I didn't really think he deserved that kind of ending.
A disappointing ending to a book series that could have been SO much better.
Therefore, I rate this book 1 and a half out of five stars. ( )
  johnn.b4 | Apr 23, 2015 |
Visar 4 av 4
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James Pattersonprimär författarealla utgåvorberäknat
Grabenstein, ChrisFörfattaremedförfattarealla utgåvorbekräftat

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As the Planet's Funniest Kid Comic finals near, Jamie faces a whirlwind of attention at school and in the media and the fame starts to go to his head, but in Hollywood with Uncle Frankie, some of his fellow comedians quickly show him what competition and pressure are all about.

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