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The Stars Never Rise (Stars Never Rise…

The Stars Never Rise (Stars Never Rise Duology) (utgåvan 2015)

av Rachel Vincent (Författare)

Serier: Nina Kane (1)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygOmnämnanden
2301089,426 (3.61)5
In a world ruled by the brutally puritanical Church and its army of black-robed exorcists, sixteen-year-old Nina tries to save her pregnant younger sister from the Church's wrath and discovers that not only is the Church run by demons but that Nina herself is one of the very few who can genuinely exorcise them.… (mer)
Titel:The Stars Never Rise (Stars Never Rise Duology)
Författare:Rachel Vincent (Författare)
Info:Delacorte Press (2015), 368 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


The Stars Never Rise av Rachel Vincent


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I rather enjoyed this book. It's a pretty dark dystopia about a future America plagued by demon possessions, run by a totalitarian church. Our heroine Nina is a resourceful & brave girl who finds out she has the rare ability to exorcise demons. And she has complexity to her, a survival instinct and some darker moments, which really round her out as a character. There were some moments, particularly towards the beginning, where I was on the edge of my seat and really getting into Nina's life. And it has a nice world building style, which gives lots of information whilst seeming natural. It follows some of the tropes/cliches of YA- a mysterious boy coming along to explain the heroine's powers and sweep her off her feet- but in a refreshing way. I did feel like the book sizzled out towards the end. I think it was just like an overload of drama/action, and that maybe the plot jumped fifty levels in 10 seconds, when I would have been happier for the grander scale stuff to be introduced in the sequels. But overall, a very good addition to the dystopian genre, and my favourite of Rachel Vincent's books. ( )
1 rösta Sweet_Serenity | Mar 14, 2019 |
Sixteen year old Nina Kane is one tough teen. While feeding and clothing her self and her younger sister, keeping a low profile from the Church and avoiding her drug induced mother as much as possible. Nina has other problems…. She’s reaching maturity and a slew of degenerates are after her. And by degenerate, I mean demons. Yep, in Nina’s world the church is in control, demons run rampant and people you think you know may be more than you bargained for. This is most definitely
the book you are looking for if you want a fast paced plot, lots of action including fighting, soul jumping and burning bodies. Yep that is exactly what you will get.
( )
  greergreer | Mar 1, 2019 |
I was kind of expecting to be bored with this book, but I definitely was not at all! It was phenomenal! Taking the whole theocratic government and demonic possession idea to a whole new level! Definitely worth reading! ( )
  kat_the_bookcat | Feb 7, 2019 |
The paranormal story trope of demons and exorcists in YA has been done many times before but Vincent makes her story novel innovative and fully action packed. Though I enjoyed the story I still felt like something was missing and I wanted a little bit more from the novel. I would have like to seen more character depth from all of the main characters and for them to be a little more dimensional than flat. Maybe it’s because the “runways with superpowers” story line has been done plenty of times before?

I was also a little annoyed that Nina (main protagonist) and Finn instantly fell for each other at first sight. They just met each other in a short period of time, Nina is still somewhat trying to grasp her new status as an exorcist as well as and Finn’s “condition” and suddenly we’re almost dropping the l-word?

Though those two things bothered me I thought the paranormal aspects and action scenes were exciting. It was cool how the story was set up as the church being the one with all the power to make every decision. The whole city had this “big brother is watching” vibe and citizens felt like constantly had to be good or face the consequences. I would say more, but I don’t want to give a lot away.

Devi is by far the worst of the exorcists/demon fighting runaway group. Readers are supposed to dislike her nasty attitude, but all I could think about whenever she spoke was putting duct tape on her mouth to get her to shut up. Her comments were unnecessary and uncalled for, but on the positive side she does have awesome fighting skills. ( )
1 rösta Rlmoulde | Nov 25, 2017 |
Vincent's latest trilogy is a dystopian fantasy mash up dream. The only weak plot development point for me was the middle third, which slumped a bit in comparison to the first and final segments. However, we had a perfect suspenseful buildup of a demon infested and religious extremist run world, a badass group of exorcist rebels, and plenty of lively fight and chase scenes.

The Stars Never Rise carries us through the intricacies of Nina's reality as she navigates life as a teenager in the Church controlled town of New Temperance while looking out for her younger sister and dodging their volatile, drug-addled mother. However, everything Nina has come to accept about her dim but relatively predictable future is about to change drastically. For what the brutally controlling Church has been feeding its citizens about the state of the world and the war with the soul stealing demons is far from the truth.

My primary complaint about this otherwise grand book is the presence of an insufferable secondary character. Unfortunately, Devi being a jealous and bitter infernal bitch every other page distracted me from the greatness of this novel. I'm not sure what she was supposed to add to the story, but playing mean girl did not make her more interesting for me. Hopefully her character improves or gets munched by a demon in the next installment. ( )
1 rösta GennaC | May 9, 2017 |
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In a world ruled by the brutally puritanical Church and its army of black-robed exorcists, sixteen-year-old Nina tries to save her pregnant younger sister from the Church's wrath and discovers that not only is the Church run by demons but that Nina herself is one of the very few who can genuinely exorcise them.

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