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Coming home; a story of Josh Gibson,…

Coming home; a story of Josh Gibson, baseball''s greatest home run hitter. (utgåvan 2001)

av Nanette Mellage, story, illustrated by Cornelius van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu

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Biography of Josh Gibson, member of Negro League baseball team the Homestead Grays.
Titel:Coming home; a story of Josh Gibson, baseball''s greatest home run hitter.
Författare:Nanette Mellage, story, illustrated by Cornelius van Wright and Ying-Hwa Hu
Info:no place Bridge Water Books/Troll Communications 2001. (2001), Paperback
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek
Taggar:Non Fiction, Baseball, History


Coming Home av Nanette Mellage


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a story of Josh Gibson and his greatest home run. This is a good read for students because it not only tells a life story it tells how students can do anything they put their minds to and be successful. ( )
  Jeholmes10 | Nov 14, 2017 |
I really like this book for several reasons, two including the language and plot. The book is about a father who tells his son the story of when he saw baseball star Josh Gibson play in Yankee stadium. The language used to recall the game and baseball season leading up to the big day, was very descriptive. In addition, the use of dialog strengthens the language, as the author incorporates conversation between characters. One example of dialect in the book was towards the end when the author writes, “Pop must have heard it too, because he got mad – real mad. He stood up right in the middle of everybody and yelled, ‘Look out now! Thunder’s comin’!’”.

Another thing I like about this book is that the plot is very organized and there is a clear conflict and resolution. This plot keeps the reader interested and the excitement up. The climax of the story is when the boy and his father attend the big baseball game. Towards the beginning, Josh Gibson is not having his best game; this is the conflict. As the game continues, the other team trades in their pitcher and Josh hits the ball out of the park; this is the resolution and everyone is cheering with excitement. With that being said, the big idea from the book is that hard work and a strong support system can get you far, Josh was a great baseball player and his fans were always there for him. ( )
  gretchencompere | Mar 6, 2016 |
.This was a great book that could aid in an American history lesson as a piece of authentic literature. This book is about an African American baseball player who played for an all-black team in a time of segregation in the United States. Students are introduced to the idea of racial discrimination and the amazing feat of an African American player who was able to make a name for himself in a time of segregation: “Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard, and Smokey Joe Williams were as well known to Negro League fans as Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, and Ty Cobb were to major-league fans.” The story is written in a narrative format and is not how a biography is traditionally written. It only mentions one game in this player’s career that was a defining moment for him. The story is written in the voice of a grandparent telling a story of the great player to his grandchild. Although, it was not very informative about Josh Gibson’s past and background, it was a very enjoyable read and was good for teachers or parents who are trying to inform their children/students about a specific figure in time through an authentic piece of literature. Finally, I really enjoyed the faded water color artwork throughout the book as they really added depth to the story and created a soft mood for the events of the book to unfold. ( )
  EmilyXia | Dec 2, 2015 |
The story was a biography on a famous baseball player named Josh Gibson who played for the Homestead Grays. In the story, Pops talks to his son about how great of a baseball player Josh is and how he made it to the best African American baseball league.Josh's nickname is Thunder because he hits baseballs with great force. The Homestead Grays played so well they made it to the big leagues and maintained a wining streak. As the team gets closer to the championship, the game takes place in New York. Pops has to see the team play and takes his son with him to New York where the team is playing in Yankee Stadium. They are able to meet Josh before the game starts and wish him luck. As the game goes on, the Homestead Grays were not doing very well until Josh comes up and hits a home run. Josh slowly walks to each base and shakes the other team players hands. Pops and his son are extremely excited for the win.
Personal Reaction:
I enjoyed the story because even though it takes place during the time of segregation, the characters maintained a positive attitude. I am not a baseball fan but I like reading biographies on people I am not familiar with.I liked how close Pops was with his son and took him to New York to see his idol. I have been to Yankee Stadium so it's amazing to know that famous baseball players have played there throughout the years.The end of the story displays Josh with good sportsmanship and which is a good moral to teach readers.
Classroom Extension Ideas:
1. Lesson plan on civil rights (Martin Luther King Jr.)
2. Discussion on good sportsmanship. (Staying positive)
3. Students can write a biography about themselves.
  rmewife | Mar 29, 2015 |

This book was about Josh Gibson. Actually it is tells about his life through the premise of a grandfather telling a story of his youth to his young grandchild. The grandfather tells the child about how his great grandfather and him visited the Yankees stadium on the day Josh Gibbons hit he longest homerun on record.


I liked this story as a story but not as a biography. The grandfather s story focuses on his and his dad's experience event though the tittle of the book says the book is a about Gibson. After reading the book i still do not know even the most basic facts about Gibson like when was he born or where he came from or if he had family or how he became a baseball player. The Grandfather's story however had a very nostalgic feel and was really well told. ( )
  ycinto1 | Oct 28, 2014 |
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Nanette Mellageprimär författarealla utgåvorberäknat
Hu, Ying-HwaIllustratörmedförfattarealla utgåvorbekräftat
Wright, Cornelius VanIllustratörmedförfattarealla utgåvorbekräftat
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Biography of Josh Gibson, member of Negro League baseball team the Homestead Grays.

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