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NEED av Joelle Charbonneau

NEED (utgåvan 2017)

av Joelle Charbonneau (Författare)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner
3011967,916 (3.7)Ingen/inga
"In this exploration of the dark side of social media, and government control and manipulation, the teenagers in a small town are drawn deeper and deeper into a social networking site that promises to grant their every need--regardless of the consequences"--
Författare:Joelle Charbonneau (Författare)
Info:HMH Books for Young Readers (2017), Edition: Reprint, 352 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek
Taggar:young adult, social media, fiction, social networking, thrillers and suspense, multiple perspectives, first person narratives


NEED av Joelle Charbonneau


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3.5 stars, really. YA tale that is not quite dystopian, but definitely has the evil genius element of total control going on. It is frighteningly realistic, and set in contemporary times and feels like it could happen if..... The main character, Kaylee Dunham has a younger brother DJ who is in need of a kidney transplant. She has done much to try to make this happen, though not a match herself. She has lobbied everyone in her school and her small WI town of Nottawa, has tried to steal medical records, and has made a big effort to track down her father who walked out on the family when DJs condition became too much to bear. So when she hears of a new social network (NEED) unique to her high school where needs (and wants) are granted, she has to try. Initially, those who join are requesting superficial things: a new phone, a computer, concert tix, money -- typical things you'd expect from self-centered HS students. And all they have to do in return is get some others to join. That's the beginning. Once the network is saturated, the stakes get a little higher. Now to get the need, you might have to drop off a mysterious letter or package, fake a business transaction, share some privileged documents. And consequently, users begin to die. It seems accidental at first, then coincidental, until Kaylee begins to notice a pattern and evidence in the form of "proof" pictures posted to the website. When she gets the cops involved, she faces the wrath of the network and it becomes more like a Big Brother situation. But who is running NEED? And how can Kaylee prevent more deaths? At this point, the book turns down the thriller path and gets a little preposterous with Ethan, a video game vigilante, a love interest (Nate) that can't be trusted -- or can he?, and her Mom and brother leaving town, but leaving Kaylee behind and home alone -- classic set-up for teen horror and mayhem. This all takes place in the frigid WI winter -- Christmas break, when kids have a lot of time on their hands, but should've been satisfied with what Santa brought, rather than asking for more. The best concept here is the idea of need vs. want. How do we classify that in our own lives and what is the result? What would we do to get it? That is the chilling part. Using this book for 8th grade book club and interested to see the input and opinions. ( )
  CarrieWuj | Oct 24, 2020 |
4.5 stars.

Featuring a unique but socially relevant storyline, NEED by Joelle Charbonneau is a fast-paced and riveting young adult mystery/thriller. Enticed by a new social networking site that promises to give them what they want and/or need, the students attending Nottawa High School are soon drawn into a sinister web of seemingly innocuous tasks that take a menacing turn.

Kaylee Dunham typically eschews social media but after her friend Nate Weakley sends her an invitation to NEED she signs up in hopes of obtaining a kidney for her younger brother. Membership for the website is by invitation only and after the invitee signs up, they send in their request. But before the request can be granted, they are given instructions that must be followed to have their wish fulfilled. Although the assignments are innocent in the beginning, the students are then required to perform more ominous tasks. Kaylee is the only person willing to break the rules and reveal the truth about the site, but her history makes her an unreliable source of information that no one, including her mother, is willing to believe.

Kaylee is obsessed with finding a donor match for her younger brother, DJ and her desperation to help him lead her to some pretty harebrained schemes. Her relationship with her mother is quite strained and Kaylee is angry with her for not doing more to find her father, who abandoned the family soon after DJ's diagnosis. Her actions have left her socially isolated but fortunately, Nate has remained her steadfast (and only) friend.

While Kaylee's request on the NEED site is selfless, the same is not true for her classmates. The requests are mostly benign and fall into the "want" category instead of being an actual "need". No matter how outlandish the request, each one is filled as soon as the tasks are completed. Not knowing what some of these requests entail, many teenagers are horrified by the results of their actions, but fear and embarrassment make it impossible for them to tell anyone what they have done. As the situation spirals out of control, Kaylee makes a shocking discovery about who might be behind the NEED website, but will she be able convince anyone that she is telling the truth before it is too late?

NEED by Joelle Charbonneau is an intensely compelling and suspense laden young adult novel. The storyline is thought-provoking and the mystery surrounding the NEED website is quite intriguing. Unexpected plot twists, startling revelations and a pulse pounding race to uncover the person behind the NEED website culminate in a dramatic and action packed conclusion. A very clever young adult novel that I highly recommend to readers of all ages. ( )
  kbranfield | Feb 3, 2020 |
NEED is about a website that gives you things you “need” for a price. The main character is Kaylee Dunham, though the book does flip between different peoples perspectives. An unidentified person has unleashed a Nottawa High only website. This website is called NEED. NEED simply asks, what do you need? As you enter and submit your request NEED gives you a task in return for the favor. At first the requests are simple, eaml this link to five different people. But as NEED grows the tasks get harder and dirtier, even causing death. Kaylee time after time tries to show and expose NEED to the police which in the end just makes her look crazy to the police. Kaylee asks NEED for a kidney for her brother, NEED finds a donor, Kaylee’s best friend Nate. Nate to scared to go through the operation get himself in trouble with NEED and is kidnapped. Kaylee finds out and tracks him to a barn outside of town. This is where she finds the school counselor, the one behind all the death and backstabbing the town has been witnessing.

I thought this book was a good, suspenseful, and pleasing book. I read it pretty quickly but I will say it was slow. The book was very well written and had me on the tips of my toes the whole time. Another thing I will say about the book was that it seemed to be some of the same concepts over and over again. If I were to rate it I would give it a six or seven out of ten. The book was just dripping with unfortunately suspenseful mystery. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes mystery books or just wants to pass time. Again an enjoyable book, just slow. ( )
  SHall.ELA5 | Oct 21, 2019 |
"Parents need to know that this book features some fantasy violence: Pixies drain blood from boys they kidnap from the woods. A werewolf and weretiger kill two teens. Zara pulls an arrow out of a werewolf shot in the woods, and later has her arm broken when she herself is kidnapped. Characters use some light swear words, and Zara and her new boyfriend share some steamy smooches. Zara doesn't always listen to the advice of those around her, but she does rather fearlessly fight to save those she loves."
Common Sense. Retrieved from https://www.commonsensemedia.org/book-reviews/need
  Milisia | Jul 28, 2019 |
HOLY CRAP. this book is so addictive. remember how you felt when you watched the TV series 24 and you couldn't stop watching because you needed ot know what happens next? THAT IS WHAT NEED IS LIKE. it's so full of tension, and twists, and even horror! i loved every second of it and couldn't put it down. Joelle Charbonneau is one of my favourite authors because she always brings the awesome. hands down the best book i've read so far this year. ( )
  ohkamikaze | May 6, 2019 |
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To my brother, TJ, also known as AJ, Anthony, Tony, and XJ.
Sorry, but you will always be TJ to me!
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"In this exploration of the dark side of social media, and government control and manipulation, the teenagers in a small town are drawn deeper and deeper into a social networking site that promises to grant their every need--regardless of the consequences"--

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