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Self-Portrait of a Hero

av Yonatan Netanyahu

Andra författare: 'Ido Netanyahu (Notes and Afterword), Binyamin Netanyahu (Notes and Afterword), Herman Wouk (Inledning)

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1184179,786 (4.3)Ingen/inga
Presents the personal correspondence of the Israeli war hero, who was killed while leading a mission to rescue hostages held in Entebbe, Uganda, in the summer of 1976.

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Gripping letters from this true hero. Yoni was not just a badass fighter, though he certainly was that. He was tremendously thoughtful, philosophical, and committed to Israel fully and completely.
Reading his collected letters, knowing how it all was to end, was a little depressing, but of course that's the point. ( )
  DanTarlin | Jul 26, 2016 |
NO OF PAGES: 302 SUB CAT I: Biography SUB CAT II: Arab-Israeli Conflict SUB CAT III: DESCRIPTION: At age 17 Jonathan Netanyahu was a dedicated Israeli student in an American high school. Thirteen years later, at 30, he led one of the most daring military raids in history. What transformed the deliberative student into one of the great soldiers of our time can be seen in the gripping letters collected in this book. Written without any thought of publication, but with the power of a true writer, they describe not only the external events of his intense, turbulent life, but also a rich inner world of thought and feeling. They give us perhaps the most striking insight we have ever had into the heart and mind of a hero.NOTES: SUBTITLE: The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu
  BeitHallel | Feb 18, 2011 |
Self-Portrait of a Hero: The Letters of Jonathan Netanyahu (1963-1976)
With an Introduction and Afterword by Benjamin and Iddo Netanyahu

After reading A Voice Called by Yossi Katz and visiting the Golan Heights in Israel, I set out to read more about Yoni Netanyahu. I picked up this book as well as Yoni’s Last Battle by Iddo Netanyahu and proceeded to read both books at the same time. The 34th anniversary of the Rescue at Entebbe told place when I was reading these two books.

The book is a collection of letters collected from Yoni’s friends and family after his death. Beginning in 1963 with the first letter to an Israeli schoolmate, he chronicles the time spent in America where he is forced to move because of his father’s research. He knew at a very young age that his heart and soul belonged in Israel.

In this time and age it was very refreshing to follow a man’s maturing with his written words. It was a different time when people corresponded by letters. It made me stop and wonder if in the future we will have this documentation for our records of our heroes’ thoughts, dreams and desires.

Through his own letters, we see a man that does not blindly follow all superior’s commands but finds a way to work within the system. Yoni by way of example gets his men to follow him because of their respect for the man. Yoni is very detail orientated and never leaves anything to fate; he checks and double checks.

The last letter to his girlfriend is only days before the Raid on Entebbe in 1976 during which he is killed in the line of duty. In this letter, he pours out his frustrations and doubts about losing his joy for life; he wants to spend more time with her and start to make time for a personal life. At times, we forget our heroes are also human and have their own personal desires.

Our countries would not have succeeded without the unselfish acts of outstanding men and women. Please read this book for more insight into the makeup of one exceptional person who put his life on the line for the good of the people and made the ultimate sacrifice. ( )
  memasmb | Aug 18, 2010 |
Story of Jonathan Natanyahu ( )
  IraSchor | Apr 4, 2007 |
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Presents the personal correspondence of the Israeli war hero, who was killed while leading a mission to rescue hostages held in Entebbe, Uganda, in the summer of 1976.

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Gefen Publishing House

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