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Summit Lake

av Charlie Donlea

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13615157,074 (3.73)9
A law student's murder becomes the full-time work of an investigative reporter in a picturesque town in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains.

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This is a by-the-book-mystery, which I feel like I come across very rarely lately. As a mystery lover, this book didn't appeal to me just because it stuck to the formula as much as all aspects of the formula were done right. I did see through the red herring that led to the final plot twist, but Donlea had created so much tension and suspense that when the action ramped up at the end, I couldn't put the book down.

As far as mysteries go, it wasn't spectacular, but it was solid. The writing, character, tone and pacing melded together to make this a book I'd recommend, and this is an author I'd read again. A very nicely done mystery. 4.5 stars! ( )
  ShannonHollinger | Feb 15, 2021 |
I'm so glad it's over. Read the more recent books by the author instead and skip this one.
Unfeasible events and unlikely, over the top coincidences, a plot twist that was more of a trick than a twist. A suggestion of victim blaming, which is annoying. Instalove and instafriendship. The journalist, the doctor and the cop all acting remarkably unprofessionally. It's all in there.

Thankfully, the author's newer works are much better. ( )
  JuliaMay | Dec 10, 2020 |
Luckily, this was a quick read so I didn't have to spend much time with it. As far as crime/mystery thrillers go, it was preposterous. Kelsey Castle is a true-crime writer with a fancy magazine who hears about law student Becca Eckersley's murder in Summit Lake in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Her boss, Penn Courtney (really?) sends her there for some R&R after a traumatic personal event, and to cover the story, which it appears is really a big cover up. After only 13 days, (because they are enumerated at the start of each chapter) Kelsey is able to solve this crime, that the local and state police couldn't even crack. There are ridiculous misses all over the place -- not the least of which is another dead and decomposing body that show not just the investigators' incompetence, but also the writer's. Oh, and Kelsey is recovering from rape, which this case just happens to include and yet she's over it. Meanwhile, Becca was 5 months pregnant, but not showing at all -- "even from the side" so know one knew about it at the time of her death. The police are spending more time looking for Kelsey than for the killer, but with the help of her new trusty coffee house pal, Rae and her new handsome love interest, Dr. Peter Ambrose (who steals medical records for this woman he just met), Kelsey cracks the case wide open. In attempting to explain Kelsey's super swift healing process the author states: "...intrigued by the story she was chasing and captivated by the girl who was killed, Kelsey found an oasis from her own trouble." but she is still plagued by her memories (from just a month ago) "It was as if her mind wore an electric collar and could only go so far without hurting itself." Ugh! Where's the editor? Skip this. ( )
  CarrieWuj | Oct 24, 2020 |
I read "Summit Lake" in two days. It's a page-turner book with a plot that starts off as clever and ends up as deeply cunning. I didn't see the ending coming and I enjoyed being constantly offered the chance to guess who the bad guy was and never quite finding out.

"Summit Lake" is two stories intertwined: the story of Becca Eckersley, a student in her first year at Law School, comes to be raped and murdered in her parents' vacation home on the shores of the picturesque Summit Lake and the story of Kelsey Castle, a crime reporter recovering from her own trauma, who is sent to investigate Becca's death.

The novel is cleverly structured. It starts with the hook of Becca's brutally violent death and then alternates between following Becca's path to her death and following Kelsey's attempts to uncover that path despite an attempted cover up. Charlie Donlea uses the intertwining of the two tales skillfully, sharing and withholding information to maximise the tension in both time lines.

The strength of the novel lies in the puzzle it sets and the skill with which the layers of the puzzle are unwound. This kept me turning the pages and wanting to know what happened next.

The dialogue in the book works well but the prose plods and occasionally falls over itself. If the plot had been even slightly less interesting, this would have put me off enough not to have read to the end.

The worst of the distractions could have been fixed by a diligent editor, which somehow made them more annoying.

At the least irritating end of the distractions was the habit of regularising irregular verbs: shone becomes shined, knelt becomes knealed and so on. At the most irritating end the distractions came from the misuse of language:

"All of this transcended on her in the seconds it took to fight the door open"

"She was tapping the MacBook with efficiency"

"She never heard the front door as the knob was tried from outside. The deadbolt held and after three attempts, the door went quiet."

If things like this flow over you unnoticed, you're in for a great read.

If not, enjoy the plot and read faster. ( )
  MikeFinnFiction | May 16, 2020 |
This is a sensitive, impressive reading. It is the story of two women who have had similar experiences. While the young student is dead, the journalist survived the rape and explores the reasons why the student had to die.
The chapters alternate. One is told from the perspective of Becca, the student. This story starts in the last college year. The reader gets to know Becca and her friends. The other chapters are from the perspective of journalist Kelsey Castle, who is slowly trying to solve the murder. However, this is rather difficult because the family of the dead has obtained a closure of the files.
This book is very excitingly written. Whenever I felt I knew the killer, that assumption vanished. ( )
  Ameise1 | Mar 11, 2020 |
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A law student's murder becomes the full-time work of an investigative reporter in a picturesque town in North Carolina's Blue Ridge Mountains.

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