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Broom Mates av Margie Palatini

Broom Mates (utgåvan 2003)

av Margie Palatini

Serier: Gritch the Witch (3)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner
514389,713 (3.5)Ingen/inga
Gritch the Witch is not pleased when her sister, Mag the Hag, shows up early for the party.
Titel:Broom Mates
Författare:Margie Palatini
Info:Hyperion Book CH (2003), Edition: 1st, Hardcover, 32 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek
Taggar:Halloween, witches, sisters, humor, sequel, HB Picture Book


Broom Mates av Margie Palatini



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No, you don't need to have read [b:Piggie Pie!|138053|Piggie Pie!|Margie Palatini|http://photo.goodreads.com/books/1172092177s/138053.jpg|3351011] first (though that is a good book). You probably do need to like witches or monsters, or have some serious sister rivalry issues, to fully appreciate this. (Neither apply to me, hence my relatively low star rating.) The littlest will enjoy the slapstick, but much of the word-play is better for the grown-ups.

Gosh Palatini is prolific. I love her books, but I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get to the end of them.... ( )
  Cheryl_in_CC_NV | Jun 6, 2016 |
Margie Palatini is one of my favorite authors! I love this illustrations in her books, and I love her fictional characters! This book was about Gritch the witch's sister coming to visit for a party! The two witchs become competitive. ( )
  malindahodgson | Sep 23, 2013 |
This is another top-notch piece of writing, Halloween-based in this case. Two quarreling sisters have a day long battle for supremacy as they prepare for a holiday party. The writing is what makes this so impressive. The illustrations by Howard Fine are incredibly intricate as well. Funny and beautifully wordy. ( )
  matthewbloome | May 19, 2013 |
Gritch the Witch - whose story began in the hilarious Piggie Pie!, and continued in Zoom Broom - returns in this, her third adventure. Exhausted after a long day preparing for her upcoming Howliday party, Gritch is less than thrilled when the doorbell rings just as she's going to sleep. She's even more perturbed when she realizes that it is her bossy older sister, Mag the Hag, on the doorstep, and a series of conflicts - over the bed, about what to cook for the party - develop. Can these two broom-mates learn to co-exist, or will their Mummy have to intervene...?

Perhaps I'm simply becoming a little tired of "witchy" stories - I've read sixty-four so far this season! - or perhaps Palatini has already mined all she can out of this character, but I found myself much less amused by Broom Mates than I was by the preceding two tales about Gritch the Witch. Puns and wordplay still abound - Mag is from "Maliboo," the two sisters have been fighting since they were little "ghouls," their mother is a "Mummy" - and Howard Fine's illustrations are just as colorful and exuberant as ever, but somehow I just wasn't as entertained as I'd expected to be. Still, fans of this author/illustrator team, or of the character, will probably enjoy it. ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | Apr 16, 2013 |
Visar 4 av 4
PreSchool-Grade 3-Gritch the Witch has worn herself out with the preparations for her big Halloween party. Awakened by her doorbell the night before the gala, she discovers that her sister, Mag the Hag, who "just flew in from Maliboo" for the fun, has arrived 24 hours early. They've never gotten along "since they were little ghouls" and this time is no different. A pillow fight, differing tastes in decorating, some competitive spell casting, and a cooking contest pit the sisters against one another in a skirmish of sibling rivalry. When "Mummy" arrives, it's finally time to party. The paintings offer varying perspectives, close-ups, bright rich colors, and grossly humorous details. The large pictures spill over from one page to the next and even the text is highlighted with colorful onomatopoeic outbursts. Silly puns, inventive wordplay, and wonderfully creative illustrations combine to concoct a splendid "howliday" read-aloud.
tillagd av Dpadelsky | ändraSchool Library Journal, Maryann H. Owen

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Författarens namnRollTyp av författareVerk?Status
Margie Palatiniprimär författarealla utgåvorberäknat
Fine, HowardIllustratörmedförfattarealla utgåvorbekräftat

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Gritch the Witch is not pleased when her sister, Mag the Hag, shows up early for the party.

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