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Marvelous Mattie av Emily Arnold McCully

Marvelous Mattie (utgåvan 2006)

av Emily Arnold McCully (Författare)

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2132896,402 (4.13)2
Mattie Knight loved to make things ranging from a foot warmer for her mother or toys for her older brothers. Or, when she was 12, a metal guard to prevent shuttles from shooting off looms and hurting workers. Later, Mattie invented a machine that could cut and glue the square-bottomed paper bags we still use today. Meet the woman known as "the Lady Edison."… (mer)
Titel:Marvelous Mattie
Författare:Emily Arnold McCully (Författare)
Info:Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR) (2006), Edition: 1st, 32 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek
Taggar:Inventors, Easy, Picture Book, Grades 1-3, Women's History


Marvelous Mattie: How Margaret E. Knight Became an Inventor av Emily Arnold McCully


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I love reading books like this one about inventions that you never put much thought into that make life so much easier! This book tells the story of Margaret E. Knight who invented a machine to create paper bags with a flat bottom. The book tells about how at the time woman were not likely to be found in this line of work, and the dangerous working conditions that they faced. Mattie wasn't the average girl, and started invented things at a very young age. When a man tried to steal her invention and get it patented she was not about to let that happen!

This book would be great to use as a resource during women history month! In my school I could see this being used during our invention convention that we do each year where students are asked to invent something that would make life easier for themselves or someone in the world! ( )
  ashewert | Apr 23, 2020 |
This picture book biography tells the little-known story of Margaret E. Knight who, among other things, invented a way to easily make mass-produced square-bottomed paper bags -- and then nearly had the patent stolen out from underneath her by a dastardly man!

This book would be great in an elementary school classroom for a unit on inventions/inventor as well as for women's history month units. It's also a good one-on-one read between a caregiver and child of elementary school age. It could even be used with middle school-age children as the text is quite meaty. There's plenty to talk about and discuss from both the invention side and the equality side.

The illustrations are done in a gentle watercolor style, which works well for this historical tale. ( )
  sweetiegherkin | Feb 17, 2020 |
I never knew of Margaret E. Knight, but from reading this biography I have Learned that she was an American Inventor. When she was twelve she invented a metal gaurd to protect mill workers from shuttles that would shoot off the end of looms. When she turned eighteen she moved away from home and got a job in a factory that produced paper bags. Margaret is mainly known for inventing the flat bottom paper bag. At this time, many women were not usually inventing things, this is what made Margaret unique. The biography was very informative and gave a lot of details. The accuracy was precise and had many interesting facts about Margaret and her life as an inventor. She was a smart, creative, inventive, and ambitious woman. ( )
  dmesquivel | Jan 21, 2019 |
Marvelous Mattie is a very inspiring book. Mattie was a poor girl who didn't really see herself as that. She inherited a toolbox from her father that held various tools inside. Mattie used these tools to bring her creative ideas to life. As a young girl unafraid to explore, Mattie sketched and created inventions for her family and soon became a worker at the mill. When an incident occurred that left one girl dead, Mattie soon analyzed why and what went wrong with the machine and vowed to do something about it. She later ventured off on her own and began to start the development of the paper bag and faced numerous problems with other inventors and women's oppression. Mattie soon patented her paper bag invention and showed the world that women can create and handle the same complexities as men. ( )
  jkl900 | Apr 20, 2018 |
Marvelous Mattie is the story of a young woman Margaret Knight aspired to be an inventor. Margaret inherited her father’s toolbox, which sparked her want to invent. Her family did not have much money. She thought she could help her mother by selling her inventions. Margaret sketched all of her inventions in a small book. No one believed a little girl had such big talent. Mattie eager to invent found a moment of opportunity when a machine malfunctioned and injured a fellow worker. She replayed the mishap in her mind and sketched a safeguard to prevent further mishaps. Excited that her invention was placed on every machine within her city. Mattie wanted to leave her home in Mane to “look for a better opportunity” in Massachusetts. Everywhere Mattie went she found an opportunity to invent. While working at a factory in Massachusetts, Mattie sought to invent a machine that would improve the quality of the paper bag. She worked tirelessly after two years she finally got it! She couldn’t wait to get it patent. In the process of doing so she was discouraged by a gentleman that stole her idea and submitted a patent before she was able to. Margaret took to the courts to prove the invention was rightfully hers. After the courts ruled in her favor Margaret opened the Eastern Paper Bag Company.

This is inspiring for young children. Reading along with my daughter as a parent I was able to reflect on the relationship between Margaret and her mother. Margaret’s mother never discouraged her. When Margaret expressed she wanted to leave home her mother words “I hate to give you up…but I know you must go.” That is a moment every mother dreads but also awaits. She was able to see the fire in her child’s eyes and blessed her to go. ( )
  STerrell | Jan 31, 2018 |
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Mattie Knight loved to make things ranging from a foot warmer for her mother or toys for her older brothers. Or, when she was 12, a metal guard to prevent shuttles from shooting off looms and hurting workers. Later, Mattie invented a machine that could cut and glue the square-bottomed paper bags we still use today. Meet the woman known as "the Lady Edison."

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