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Queen of the Summer Stars

av Persia Woolley

Serier: Guinevere Trilogy (2)

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237783,340 (3.81)1
In this part of the retelling of the Arthurian legend, Arthur marries Guinevere, who now begins to have strong feelings for Lancelot.



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  JosieRivers | Dec 28, 2014 |
This is the second book in Woolley’s Arthurian trilogy following Child of the Northern Spring.

Guinevere and Arthur have been married 10 years, and sadly, are still childless. While she begins falling into a slight despair about their lack of a son, Arthur doesn’t seem bothered by it. He spends his time worrying about Saxon invaders and trying to tie together a realm bent on remaining in pieces. The Round Table is coming together and the Companions are proving to be worthy of Arthur’s trust and willing to see his vision for a unified nation through. Lancelot, at first cold to Guinevere, finally admits his love but the two, out of their love and respect for Arthur, do nothing. Arthur’s sister, Morgan Le Fey, who still wants the crown for her own, has other plans though.

Arthur keeps his secrets from Guinevere so well she doesn’t even understand his family dynamics. I didn’t understand why she didn’t ask him outright; she’s not necessarily meek but she doesn’t seem able to ask questions about Arthur’s past. He was fine with hiding his family and she seemed fine with his secrets, to a point anyway. When she finally finds out about his past, it breaks her heart and understandably. In other Arthurian books I’ve read, Guinevere and Arthur are closer. In this book, they’re close but in a sort of standoffish way which I attributed to the nature of their marriage. It’s an arranged marriage of sorts; they met but it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight. For the record, Guinevere does fall first and much harder than Arthur. They get drawn closer at the end of the book but in some ways I wanted them to find that closeness earlier. I think it would have made for a more enjoyable read. Then again, maybe I’m projecting my own wants on the story instead of accepting this version fully.

It does stay close to the regular Arthurian tale with a few small changes here and there. If you’re purist, it works, if you all right with changes, it works too. I liked it but it did feel like it was lacking something and I can’t place what it is. Maybe it’s that it’s the second in the trilogy and the slowness that sometimes happens with a series found its way in here. I’m hoping that’s it. Either way, I’ll be reading the last book because I don’t seem to be able to leave anything unread that is Arthurian. Guinevere: A Legend in Autumn will find its way to me at some point. ( )
  justabookreader | Jan 13, 2012 |
This is the second book in Ms. Woolley's Guinevere trilogy. Sourcebooks is reprinting them and I, for one am very glad. These books, unlike most that give us the Arthurian legend, tell the story from Guinevere's point of view.
It is just so very refreshing!

The second book picks up with Guinevere settled into her marriage and while maybe not feeling like a Queen of her peoples, starting to feel less like that Child of the Northern Spring. She and Arthur are compatible and have even fallen a bit in love with each other. The book opens with the death of Arthur's mother Igraine and Guinevere learns the backstory of Arthur's birth. She begins to understand the family dynamics.

Arthur and Guinevere travel around the land making alliances, getting to know the people and attending the wedding of a very young and appallingly spoiled Isolde to and old King Mark. Arthur's knight Tristan has fetched her and we all know what will happen...

This book also delves more into Lancelot; his past, his personality and how Guinevere interacts with him. From his cold manner at the start to her love for him at the end. But this book ends with her hiding that love setting up the third book and her downfall at the hands of Arthur's son Mordred - a character I never liked.

The book is very well written as was the first. It is a revelation reading such a well known tale from a feminine viewpoint. I have to admit that I like it. The small details that don't occur when Arthur is the main focus - the accent on feelings, on atmosphere adds a new depth to the old legend. Ms. Woolley's writing style flows easily from page to page and she draws you in to time and place so that you don't want to leave. I will look forward to the third book but not to the end of the trilogy.

While I know the end of the story I am looking forward to seeing how Ms. Woolley tells it through Guinevere's words. Camelot was, after all, inhabited by more than just the Once and Future King. ( )
  BooksCooksLooks | Jun 21, 2011 |
The second book in the trilogy, well done. My review may be read here: http://www.rundpinne.com/2011/06/book-review-queen-of-the-summer-stars-by-persia... ( )
  knittingmomof3 | Jun 18, 2011 |
QUEEN OF THE SUMMER STARS (A QUEEN BLOSSOMS) by Persia Woolley is an interesting reissue of historical fiction and the recreation of the tale of Arthur and Guinevere. It is the second in the "Arthurian" triology(Guinevere Trilogy),but can be read as a stand alone. It is told from the perspective of Guinevere,who deserved to become a legend. It is a story of romance,myths of the round table, witchcraft, treachery,danger not seen,evil,unholy alliances,King Arthur,Lancelot,Merlin,and the perils of the human heart. While Guinevere joins forces with her dear husband King Arthur,she must also battle her heart and evil forces. This is a lively recreation of an old tale of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.It also shows us the difference between the castle life of old.The differences among the Saxon,Pict,Briton.The mixture of pagan and Christian beliefs and riturals. And the qualities of knights and servants during this time period.It is an must read for any historical,Arthurian and romance readers. This is a very vivid story that will have you wanting more. A wonderful story of Guinevere,who deserved to be a legend herself.This book was received from the purpose of review from the publisher and details can be found at Sourcebooks Landmark,a division of Sourcebooks,Inc. and My Book Addiction Reviews. ( )
  tarenn | Jun 13, 2011 |
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In this part of the retelling of the Arthurian legend, Arthur marries Guinevere, who now begins to have strong feelings for Lancelot.

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