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Dark Prince: Author's Cut Special…

Dark Prince: Author's Cut Special Edition (utgåvan 2011)

av Christine Feehan

Serier: Dark Series (1)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner
4471741,382 (3.62)Ingen/inga
In a special edition that includes one hundred pages of extra material that was cut from the original, a vampire romance set in the Carpathian Mountains features a mysterious stranger who appears in the life of an unsuspecting American psychic.
Titel:Dark Prince: Author's Cut Special Edition
Författare:Christine Feehan
Info:William Morrow (2011), Hardcover, 496 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek


Dark Prince: Author's Cut Special Edition av Christine Feehan


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hb ( )
  5083mitzi | Apr 26, 2020 |
Carpathians are immortal warriors who hunt vampires. If a Carpathian male doesn't find his lifemate he loses his ability to see in color, to feel emotion. The race is nearly extinct when we find the Prince of Carpathians contemplating his fate. As he thinks to himself a woman invades his thoughts and begins speaking to him. A human woman.
Amazed and intrigued he locates her to find that, as he sees her, his ability to see color returns.
These are fun, romantic books in this series. This book is the first in the series. ( )
  SheilaEnglish | Mar 24, 2020 |
First off I want to talk about the cover, I absolutely adore the older covers more than Feehans more modernized cover for Dark Prince. This cover show more sensuality and connection between Raven and Mikail. I have always chosen to listen to Dark Prince, since my local library has most of the Carpathian Series on Audio form, and I prefer it that way. It is read by Juanita Parker, which she has such a great way about her in that she portrays the emotions so well. The story literally comes alive for you as you listen to it. I strongly recommend listening to this in Audio form, you won't regret it.

It starts out with Mikael who has lived hundred of years, and is a Carpathian. Carpathians are very different than vampire although they have similarities, but the big difference is that Carpathians are good, and Vampires are evil and have no soul. Mikael is the prince of his people, who are a dying race, with not many Carpathian women around, and with only sons being born to the women they are literally going extinct. Once during the time of the Crusades, many of their people defended the humans that were being threatened but in doing so many of them were slaughtered, since they become weak during the day. Some of the Carpathians were able to flee and escape. Those included in the slaughterings were Mikael's parents, his father being the leader of his people. Mikael has always taken huge responsibilities on his shoulders. In present day, he is tired and exhausted and wants to seek the sun and end his existence. Without a life-mate, he fears the darkness within him with take over his soul and he will turn into a vampire. He refuses to let that happen. However, when he is feeling desolate, he hears a womanly voice in his head comforting him. He is amazed to find that it is a mortal woman, and he seeks her out. Raven has always had psychic abilities, she comes to the Carpathian Mountains to find peace, she has recently hunted three killers using her psychic ability. She feels drained and at a loss. She is in pain when another touches her physically, and she yearns for solitude and peace among the beautiful Carpathian Mountains. However, hearing Mikaels bleakness she calls out to him, offering aide, knowing she couldn't refuse doing so. Upon talking with Mikael she finds him arrogant and Alpha Male 100% all the way, but she can't refuse him. Upon seeing him, a connection surges between them and neither one of them can resist. Raven is Mikael's life-mate, he starts seeing colors, when for hundreds of years he has only seen in grey. He also starts feeling emotions again, which are clear signs in finding one's life-mate. A journey begins, with Mikael and Raven finding their way, making mistakes along the way, but finding true love and a sensual passion that neither one of them can control or deny.

The Carpathian series, is my up most favorite paranormal series of all time. It always has been since I have started reading from Christine Feehan. The first book I read from her was Dark Challenge, which is my favorite in the series. However, I really have fallen in love with Dark Prince, I have loved reading Mikael and Raven's story. I have fallen in love with both characters. Mikael is typical Alpha Male (Which I love) and he is the leader of his people, and at the beginning of the book is very arrogant and believes everything he says is law. However upon meeting Raven, he finds himself at odds, having met the one person who has no problems with arguing with him, much less a woman. No one ever argues with him, apart from his best friend Gregori who has been at his side since they were young. Raven has lived in solitude most of her life, except when she hunted the killers. But ever since she was little, she has been despised for her gift. Once she comes to the Carpathian Mountains, and meeting Mikael, who is the one person whose touch doesn't cause her pain but pleasure and the likes of which she has never known. It has truly been a pleasure to listen to Dark Prince I can never get bored with Feehan's books I could read her over and over again. I truly loved the characters, the plot and the witty come backs in the conversations, also there was some suspense and mystery has well toward the end, which definitely made it a astounding and enthralling read. ( )
  addictofromance | Mar 23, 2019 |
Dark Prince
3 Stars

Dark Prince is my third attempt at reading a Christine Feehan book. Although her plot premises are usually good, the execution leaves much to be desired as her writing style tends toward telling rather than showing, and this results in endless pages of unnecessary description.

Feehan’s book was originally published in 1998, however, reading it now means that there is nothing truly original about the story as, these days, the paranormal romance genre is inundated with dark, tortured and suicidal vampires who can only be saved by their fated mate.

Mikhail and Raven’s romance is the focus of the book and is quite entertaining as they have an interesting dynamic and solid chemistry. Many reviewers have taken objection to Mikhail’s sexist possessiveness. However, this type of behavior is not uncommon in the genre so it is easy to just go with the flow. Raven’s passivity and TSTL behavior is far more annoying as my preference is for kick-ass heroines who don’t wander into danger and then wait for rescue.

The secondary story element revolves around a group of fanatical vampire hunters who have targeted Mikhail and his fellow Carpathians. There are some good action scenes, but the villains are on the stupid/incompetent end of the evil scale and it is difficult to take them seriously.

In terms of the world building, the concept of the Carpathians has potential but there is insufficient background on the origins, natures and abilities.

All in all, there are better written vampire series out there such as Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed and Tina Folsom’s Scanguard’s Vampires. ( )
1 rösta Lauren2013 | May 24, 2018 |
I seldom write reviews but for this one I had to. It is an interesting concept but I will admit it took me a while to really get into it. The main reason I kept at it were all the foaming at the mouth bad reviews of it and I was not disappointed. For those of you who condemned how Mikhail dominated Raven you have to stop looking at this like a mortal/mortal romance story. He is an Ancient. His people and his ways are completely different than the domesticated man on the street and for good reason. After about page 100 the story opens up and it becomes very good, very engaging even if you are not into this type of literature. ( )
  book_cat9 | Aug 29, 2016 |
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In a special edition that includes one hundred pages of extra material that was cut from the original, a vampire romance set in the Carpathian Mountains features a mysterious stranger who appears in the life of an unsuspecting American psychic.

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