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Storm of Ambition (Willowdale Book 2) av…

Storm of Ambition (Willowdale Book 2) (utgåvan 2020)

av Lily Black (Författare)

Serier: Willowdale (1)

MedlemmarRecensionerPopularitetGenomsnittligt betygDiskussioner
1061,491,636 (4.14)Ingen/inga
Titel:Storm of Ambition (Willowdale Book 2)
Författare:Lily Black (Författare)
Info:Red Adept Publishing, LLC (2020), 250 pages
Samlingar:Ditt bibliotek
Taggar:2nd in a series, mystery, romance, read 2020, contemporary, fiction, Genre Minx Reviews


Storm of Attraction av Lily Black


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Enjoyable but…
3 stars

When I first started this book, I actually had to go back just to make sure I wasn't reading the second part of a dreaded duet. She’s in love with him - he’s in love with her and they’re engaged. That’s the end, right? Wrong! This is a complete standalone (although the second in the Willowdale series) and things are about to go wrong for our couple before they (hopefully) go right. Excellent! Can’t have the characters having it too easy, after all!

We’re into the story and I’m trying to put things together in my head with the blackmailer, Grace’s reasoning for coming to find Aaron, for hiding out. My head started to hurt as I tried to understand what was going on. Then I decided that I didn’t really need to know what was going on to enjoy the book, so I just didn’t think too hard about the blackmailer’s motives - just content in the fact that Grace was being blackmailed. So that was all fine.

That was, however, a little bit of a theme with this book. Lots and lots of detail. I can’t fault the author for trying to really build the world of the town Willowdale and all the colourful characters that lived there. But with the blackmailer, Grace and Aaron’s past, the cast of characters, Grace’s dreams of being a dancer, Aaron’s PTSD and injury and the winter festival… it was a lot.

I was still enjoying myself. The writing carried me forward, I was rooting for our characters to get together again - I do love a second-chance love story - and in terms of the the blackmail plot, see above. And then, at 26%, it all came to a screeching halt when a guy from Grace’s past turns up. Oh, that’s right, he just happens to be the man that had “persuaded” her to cheat on Aaron when she and Aaron were a couple. Yuck. Yuck, yuck yuck. What kind of heroine is this? Why do I want her to get her happily ever after? At that point, I was so uninterested in continuing the book AND my face was tripping me whenever I thought about it.

When I finally started the next chapter we get a caveat. “It’s okay - they weren’t exclusive at that point and Aaron had slept around a bit, too.” Okay then. So it was a cheap plot trick that nearly backfired! But still, I want my characters to love each other so much that they don’t even look at another person. Or at the very least, have some loyalty and integrity. Sadly, this was indicative of Grace and Aaron’s relationship as a whole. They didn’t have the spark that I wanted them to have - and I felt that both of them, but especially Aaron’s, reasoning for not being with the other, were flimsy and easily surmountable if you really wanted to be with someone. Fear not, though - this is still a happily ever after. Phew!

This is a romantic suspense story so we obviously have the blackmailer and the ‘suspense’ element of our story along with the romance. It worked because it was a little convoluted, and there was a wide range of characters who could be the blackmailer - so it’s a while before you finally get ‘the clue’ that makes you realise who it is. But kudos to Ms Black for then turning things so I doubted myself! There’s suspense, true, but there’s not a lot of peril or fear. I wasn’t scared or anxious and I’m the easiest person in the world to scare!

There were a few niggles that irritated me throughout the book. “Off of” - please just don’t! “Till” instead of “until” or “ ’til” is a personal irritant of mine. But the worst is continuity errors - the most glaring of which was that Grace’s father gave her the nickname “kitten” which she hated. This ended up being slightly pertinent point in the story, yet the next thing we know, the nickname is “Princess”. Just annoying.

There was a lot of instances of characters doing shift changes in relation to how they felt about other characters. I suppose it’s possible, but it didn’t help with how I felt about how these characters came across. For example, before Grace came to town, Aaron had gone on a few dates with/was seeing someone. At the end of the book he’s suddenly saying he always knew she was selfish, childish, and they didn’t have much in common. Similarly, Grace was suspicious of a character being her blackmailer right up to the end. Then, she’s suddenly saying he’s become like a father to her. Dizzying 180s!

For those interested, I don’t recall much (if any) swearing/ foul language, and the sex was limited to a one-liner description.

I had a lot to say about this book and feel I can really only award it 3 stars. However, I read it to the end and genuinely wanted to know what was going to happen - both with the blackmailer and with Grace and Aaron. The writing was engaging and, as I mentioned previously, Ms Black has a talent for building detailed worlds and characters that really come to life. I enjoyed my time living in the world of this book and wouldn’t be averse to reaching for another Lily Black romantic suspense novel again in the future. ( )
  joreadsromance | May 21, 2020 |
Storm of Ambition was the second in the Willowdale series but is a stand-alone novel; you do not need to read the first before picking this up. The book centers around Grace Meredes, her ex-fiancee Aaron and her Senator father. Second-chance romance isn't always my favourite genre but I found this to be a pleasant read with the mystery of the blackmailer providing sufficient intrigue to keep me going. For me, the mystery had to make up for the lack of chemistry or romance between Grace and Aaron. The romance took a back seat throughout the book and the resolution seemed to be Grace accepting everything Aaron had put her though, being very understanding, whilst Aaron wasn't required to put in a lot of effort or apologise for his actions.

This is an honest and voluntary review based on a complementary copy I received of this book. ( )
  xxLCxx | Mar 18, 2020 |
Storm of Ambition revolved around politics but the story itself did not delve too deeply into said politics. The focus was centered around Grace Meredes and her fight to make things right, not only for herself and her future but also for a community that had seen its tough times. Grace had spent her entire life being a Senator’s daughter and she was very committed to being a good and dutiful daughter but when a blackmail scheme brought some things to light, Grace began to question if she knew everything about her father. It also forced her into close proximity with her ex-fiancé, Aaron, the wounded Vet that broke her heart. Grace was trying to find out the truth behind who was trying to blackmail her and she also wanted to finally know why Aaron broke off their engagement in the first place. I liked that Grace was trying, for the first time in her life, to figure things out for herself and that took courage.

There was a nice little mystery surrounding the blackmailer and I liked how Grace was trying to narrow down the suspects with some investigation. There was little in the way of sleuthing but there was definitely enough to keep my interest piqued. My feelings on Grace and Aaron was mixed. I wasn’t a fan of Aaron because how he treated Grace in the past and when she came to town, he was not nice. I also thought that Grace should have fought harder for him when they had previously broken up, instead of accepting his decision so easily. With her history I did understand, she had an entire lifetime of being trained to rein in her true emotions and pick her battles and when Aaron dumped her, she just retreated. I liked that as the story developed so did Grace’s character. Overall, Storm of Ambition was a wonderful second chance romance that had nice elements of mystery and suspense and I found it to be a very satisfying addition to the Willowdale series!

This review is based on a complimentary book I received from Author, Lily Black. It is an honest and voluntary review. The complimentary receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating. ( )
  TheGenreMinx | Mar 4, 2020 |
REVIEW: “He didn’t want to make love to her because she was frightened. He wanted her to be swept away by more than passion. Real and abiding love was what he wanted – love that they would build on until it would last forever.” However, he screwed up when he left five years ago. Now Drew has to fight his way back into her heart while a stalker pursues her too. Good tension, great characters and a terrific first book! This is my voluntary review of an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.

DESCRIPTION, NOT REVIEW: Love is worth fighting for.

Alexa Wolving has just one rule: never give a guy a second chance. That works just fine in the safe life she’s built. In the charming town of Willowdale, her day job as a librarian balances perfectly with her evening job as a black belt instructor. But when she attracts the attention of a stalker, Alexa’s carefully built world begins to crumble.

Drew Cosimo knows he broke Alexa’s heart five years ago when he took his first Ranger assignment and disappeared from her life. Now that he’s out of the army, he’s moving back home to Willowdale. He’s not looking for a fight, but making peace would be easier if Alexa hadn’t told the entire town he was a money-grubbing jerk. Despite the tension between them, Drew is quick to offer his protection when a stalker forces Alexa from her home.

As the stalker’s attacks escalate, Alexa and Drew are forced to face their painful past and the simmering attraction between them. They must fight to save each other before everything they care about goes up in flames. ( )
  treehousereader | Dec 6, 2018 |

Alexa Wolving, black belt martial arts instructor at night and librarian by day, has a full life without men. Five years previously, Drew Cosimo, Army Ranger, broke her heart. Since then, her principle's simple: never give men a second chance. But that trusty rule's about to be tested. Drew Casimo, has come back to Willowdale; opening a karate school in competition with Crouching Tiger.

Angry, determined to ignore Drew, and all he stands for, Alexa will find fate's her master. For Alexa has a stalker bent on having her at all costs. Drew and Alexa are drawn together as the stalker comes closer and closer. My suspense romance book reviews of Storm Of Attraction follows.


Storm Of Attraction's filled with suspense, mystery, emotion, and romance. A fast paced read, it grabs the reader immediately and does not let go. Lily Black drew the suspense and mystery out; not revealing the stalker's identity until the last possible moment. What a surprise; I had no idea he was the stalker! The romance in Storm Of Attraction's slow and easy; a sweet romance with heavy kissing, a little grabbing, and intense emotion. Lilly Black stated: it was given a four on the blush scale. For those of us who do not like descriptive or graphic sex, Storm Of Attraction hits the romance spot. Black did not rush her characters into a relationship, as Alexa has issues she must resolve. Will she ever forgive Drew? You will have to read the book to find out.

I loved Alexa's character; strong, determined, independent, and caring. As Black developed and matured Alexa, I could feel her confusion, anger, and questioning. While Drew is uncertain of his feelings, he can not help his attraction to Alexa. He's a strong man with morals and principles; a man of honor who matured and regrets his past actions with Alexa.

With a mixture of romance, suspense, mystery, and martial arts, Storm of Attraction's a solid well-written book. Also, Black included secondary characters which enrich the story-line. Black's characterization and creation of the stalker's truly vile; I rooted for him to get his " just desserts". What a sick man Lily Black skillfully crafted. Black's writing's solid, easy to follow, and her scenes transition smoothly from scene to scene. With an explosive ending, you will close this book with satisfaction. A perfect read for a lazy afternoon in your favorite chair with a beverage by your side.



Additionally, I received this book from the author. I chose to voluntarily review the book with honest suspense mystery romance book reviews. Lastly, book reviews of any novel are dependent on the book review author’s opinion. Consequently, all book reviews on-line and on my blog, are my opinions. In addition, no one influences my voluntary suspense mystery romance book reviews. ( )
  vera_mallard | Sep 8, 2017 |
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